Robert Lewandowski is a GOAT & here's why...

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    Robert Lewandowski arguably is the greatest striker in world football right now, and with a goal ratio of 0.9 goals per game for Bayern Munich, who can argue? But is he the greatest of all time? The Bayern Munich forward's career, from the lower Polish divisions to Lech Poznan and the Bundesliga with Borussia Dortmund and now Bayern, has been a journey most only dream about.
    Lewandowski is an eight-time Bundesliga champion, Champions League winner with Bayern (and runner-up with Dortmund), four-time DFB-Pokal winner and, with many more club trophies and individual awards, including The Best FIFA Men's Player 2020, Robert Lewandowski makes a great case for the greatest striker of all time.
    This is OneFootball GOATS - the greatest players and teams of all time.
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    1. OneFootball English

      Where does Lewandowski rank amongst the best strikers of all-time?

      1. AY Games

        He’s in top 3 fifa ratings and top three best 01. Messi / Ronaldo 02. Lewandowski 03. Neymar

      2. Thomas Suttling

        Outside the top 20

      3. Mark Wright

        He is up there but I won’t put him above Suarez anyway

      4. Inter Prise

        Top 15. Top 10: 1. Ronaldo; 2. Pelé; 3. van Basten; 4. Puskás; 5. Gerd Müller; 6. Giuseppe Meazza; 7. Eusebio; 8. Romário; 9. Fontaine; 10. Henry.

      5. UPSCcapfCDSpsc STUDY

        @Prakhar Jain yes true

    2. lucky luke

      yes...goat!another planet

    3. Jason Alvarez

      What happened to nico ? 🤔🤔

    4. RBOUZ

      1 Lewandawski🇵🇱 2 Pele🇧🇷 3 Zidane🇫🇷 4 Kane🇬🇧 5 Slimani🇩🇿

    5. Inter Prise

      He isn’t even the best striker of his generation. Some people might have lost their football knowledge over the past months.

      1. Lesh

        @Inter Prise No, I was talking about the statement about "best striker of his generation", and I think the only one that comes to mind is Suarez... But him and Suarez only have 1 year difference but clearly Lewandowski is closer to peak performance.

      2. Inter Prise

        @Lesh At the moment nobody. But they were talking about „all time“🤦‍♂️.

      3. Lesh

        It's comments like this that make me laugh. 🤣🤣 Which other striker in this entire planet is better than Lewandowski?

    6. Orane Parkinson

      Am I the only one who knows the meaning of goat?? Smh. But yea he isn't the greatest striker ever.

    7. ITS AL3X

      I love G.O.A.T.S also can you bring back the legendary teams one and also where are they now (pls do Man City’s first premier league winning team

    8. Jeremiah Palechevskis

      Try to type Lewandowski without looking at your keyboard

      1. rl 9


      2. Jeremiah Palechevskis


    9. Atılay Helvacı


    10. Darth Revan

      I'm sorry...but he's nothing more than a traitor to me

    11. •human•

      Best of all time for me: 1.lewandowski 2.Pele 3.Sergio ramos 4.Ronaldo(brazilian) 5.Cruyff 6.maradona 7.Suarez 8.Ronaldo. 9.Mbappe 10.Messi

      1. Mystic Nuke

        @•human• yeah obviously

      2. •human•

        @Mystic Nuke this comment is just a joke Imao

      3. Mystic Nuke


    12. Tony S

      We wouldn't even be talking about him if he hit his peak 4 years ago think about that

    13. Jonas

      Not the best oat for me till now, but definitley Top 5 and we'll see what happens next but for me not on the level of Müller, VanBasten and Ronaldo yet

    14. Lewy 911

      I just hope he gets well soon. I know he won't get UCL or Muller's record this year, but I'll be happy if he just gets well and countinous to play like he used to.

    15. Robert Lewandowski


    16. Akshat Khosla

      Sam Allardyce Is Laughing In The Corner

    17. Agni Bhattacharyya

      Suarez exists, lewa not as complete as him, but I flew keeps this up for a few more seasons then maybe

    18. Heul Doch

      And you will still see people who tyrna argue suarez is better just because they never see lewandowski play

    19. Txddy

      Lewa >>>>> Suarez

    20. Abir

      "Why Robert Lewandowski might be the greatest striker ever" Matt is really out of quality content at the moment lol

    21. Benjamin

      Wait ... the tiktok guy plays football?!

    22. Alexander Chronos

      The best..... Really? Top 5 maybe...... Cause there was puskas, shearer, og ronaldo, etc

    23. Lix

      Luis Suarez was always in Messi shadow

    24. Whatchamacallit guys

      We have LewanGoalski. You know, Lewangoalski? Mia San Mia!

    25. Soutrik Sarangi

      Luis Suarez is a more complete striker than Lewa. Played in more competitive leagues, won Copa America with country, outscored Messi and Ronaldo in their primes, scored 31 goals without penalties despite a 8 match ban in the best league in the world...and that's it...Not to mention R9 who was even better than Messi!

    26. Paul Grech

      Surprise you didn't talk about 5 goals in 9 mins

    27. kadri erkal

      Keremereal 8

    28. This Guy

      In the 2021 ballon d’or ceremony he should win it or it should be given to him during it

    29. Abdullah Huzaifa

      We get it matt you love lewandoski it's impossible not to

    30. Gus Kaminski

      R9 is the only striker clear of lewa

    31. M Saiful Bari

      fucking goat...!!!! he can’t even pass the ball. He is a great goalscorer though. Goat for me, who has a great ball controle, great playmaker, great scorer. and that’s leo messi.

    32. Tony Mukenge

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    33. Ahmad Jiyaad17

      Muller 2020: Robert LewanGOALski Muller 2021: Robert LewanGOATski

    34. Lukasz Sleczkowski

      RL9 THE BEST WORLD STRIKER LIVE LEGEND RL9 THE ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI Successes Znicz Pruszków Third League Championship: 2006/2007 Lech Poznań Polish Championship: 2009/2010 Polish Cup: 2008/2009 Polish Super Cup: 2009 Borussia Dortmund German Championship: 2010/2011, 2011/2012 German Runner-Up: 2012/2013, 2013/2014 German Cup: 2011/2012 German Super Cup: 2013 Bayern Munich World Club Cup, won by Lewandowski with Bayern in 2021. German Championship: 2014 / 2015, 2015/2016, 2016/2017, 2017/2018, 2018/2019, 2019/2020 German Cup: 2015/2016, 2018/2019, 2019/2020 German Super Cup: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020 UEFA Champions League: 2019 / 2020 UEFA Super Cup: 2020 World Club Championship: 2020 Individual Top goalscorer, 3rd league: 2006/2007 (15 goals) Top goalscorer of the 2nd league: 2007/2008 (21 goals) Top goalscorer Ekstraklasa: 2009/2010 (18 goals) Top goalscorer Bundesliga: 2013/2014 (20 goals), 2015/2016 (30 goals), 2017/2018 (29 goals), 2018/2019 (22 goals), 2019/2020 (34 goals) Top goalscorer of the German Cup: 2011/2012 ( 7 goals), 2016/2017 (5 goals), 2017/2018 (6 goals), 2018/2019 (7 goals), 2019/2020 (6 goals) UEFA Champions League top scorer: 2019/2020 (15 goals) Top goalscorer eli UEFA Champions League 2016: 2015 (13 goals) Top scorer of the European World Cup 2018 qualifiers: 2017 (16 goals) Top scorer in the UEFA Champions League group stage: 2019/2020 (10 goals) [284] Bundesliga runner-up scorer: 2012/2013 (24 goals) , 2014/2015 (17 goals), 2016/2017 (30 goals) Vice-king of the Club World Cup scorers: 2020 (2 goals) Third place in the Bundesliga scorer classification: 2011/2012 (22 goals) First place in the Bundesliga points classification: 2015 / 2016 (34 points for 30 goals and 4 assists), 2016/2017 (35 points for 30 goals and 5 assists), 2017/2018 (31 points for 29 goals and 2 assists), 2018/2019 (29 points for 22 goals and 7 assists), 2019/2020 (38 points for 34 goals and 4 assists) Second place in Bundesliga points classification: 2011/2012 (32 points for 22 goals and 10 assists), 2012/2013 (29 points for 24 goals and 5 assists ), 2013/2014 (28 points for 20 goals and 8 assists) The most effective scorer in international competitions according to IFFHS: 2015 (22 goals) [d] [285] The most effective scorer in the world according to I FFHS: 2020 (47 goals) [286]

    35. Vincentos1109

      In Germany, we call him Robert LewanGOALski.

    36. _Official_ Royalty

      Love Matt’s passion in his videos

    37. Mahmoud Sabouni

      I'm sorry, but plz stop overhyping him: #1: He plays in the German league, so if Messi or Ronaldo played there, they would have over 1000 goals by now. #2: He has always been reliant on service. Without it, he plays as he always does for Poland: nonexistent. #3: There are plenty of strikers MUCH better than him: namely, Ronaldo (original), Van Nistelrooy, Suarez, Daglish, and many others. Don't get me wrong he is a great striker, and should def be mentioned as a world class striker throughout history, but considering him a GOAT or anything near that level is just foolish, or that you are a Bayern fan ; )

      1. duke 14x12

        #1 What about the fact that he is the third highest cl goalscorer of all time? #2 What about his time at dortmund, he led them to two bundesliga trophies, one dfb pokal and a cl final, all that with worse teammates #3 Your own opinion

    38. Olugbenga Adeoye

      Cap cap and more cap he was always average till everyone got old fraud

    39. Filth

      Do is Modric the greatest cm ever

      1. Lesh

        Xavi and Iniesta played golf innit? Zidane played water polo

    40. Mohd Junaid

      The greatest striker ever is ronaldo nazario. Debate for the 2nd position.

    41. Ivailo Bumbovski

      If he was in the PL he would be nowhere near the goals he have today because teams in Bundesliga are not that good

      1. duke 14x12

        What about the fact that he is the third highest cl goalscorer of all time?

    42. Anand Mallick

      Easy Bundesliga 😂😂😂 Score like epl or la liga

      1. duke 14x12

        What about the fact that he is the third highest cl goalscorer of all time?

    43. Real Madrid

      Greatest striker ever ?? Lmao good joke he plays in the bundesliga ffs

      1. duke 14x12

        What about the fact that he is the third highest cl goalscorer of all time?

    44. Ethan Carnell

      Did anyone realise at the end how he did the lewandoski celebration

    45. Jamie Vardy


    46. Economic Hub

      Robert Lewan-goat-ski

      1. Jason Clapton

        You know? LewanGOALski Ja? Ahahahahaha

    47. BLUEMON YT

      Lewandowski NEW G.O.A.T❤❤❤❤👑👑👑👑

    48. armar

      Overrated player

    49. Nico Martinez

      Somehow didn't mention Lewy's scored 40+ goals in 6 consecutive seasons. Insane.

    50. Tamim

      Lewandowski having 1-2 seasons of messi/ronald's average season over a decade and now he's considered a better player than Messi and ronaldo......

      1. Sktkronos

        Messi and Ronaldo arent strikers tho.

    51. D.john cena

      Ever no way.. he is world class but still he only play for bundesliga .. lest competitive league .. brazilian ronaldo , eto, zlatan , suarez , muller list go on

      1. D.john cena

        Yes maybe

      2. Sktkronos

        Can agree on third best league tho.

      3. Sktkronos

        I mean Serie a has been shit this whole century and ligue 1 only won 1 champions league ever

    52. Chewy Suarez

      He is just a sh*t Luis Suarez

    53. Athena

      Well he isnt and he never will be no one cares about that farmer

      1. R K

        youre insane

    54. PrimeTime

      Lewangoalski.... You know... LewanGOALski

    55. tara suzanne

      OneFootball English: Lewandowski is the best striker *Zlatan* with 600 goals: Lions don't compare themselves with humans.

      1. luka brassi

        Zlatan never won champions league

      2. Jayanth Jijo

        @tara suzanne ur the one who is 12 Using zlatan convos

      3. tara suzanne

        @TJ Whisenhunt what are you like twelve? I wasnt even making a point,i just immitated zlatan,grow up dude, you are talking like a toddler *zlatan* : Get out of my face

      4. TJ Whisenhunt

        @tara suzanne and 3 things, 1. zlatan does not have over 600 goals, 2. claiming zlatan is better than lewy because lion's don't compare themselves to humans or that they don't care about the opinions of sheep is more of an opinion than having actual stats to prove a point, and 3. saying someone is better because they are more popular than the other is what a sheep would do, Lewandowski is not as popular in the media as zlatan, so therefore, you are more of a sheep

      5. TJ Whisenhunt

        @tara suzanne it's not an opinion if there are stats to prove it. For example, Ibra has a total of 546 goals in 902 appearances and a gpg of .61 goals per game in his whole career. Lewandowski on the other hand has 519 goals in 744 appearances and a gpg of .7 goals per game in his whole career. Lewandowski is significantly better in terms of overall goals per game average

    56. Priyanshu Das

      Also the 5 goals in 9 minutes. I and every Bayern fan is so lucky that he plays for our beloved club ❤.

      1. UPSCcapfCDSpsc STUDY

        Bhai dekhta hoo jab hi bol raha hu... Yes other players scores also buy 50 to 60 percent is also a big number ..if this is the reason then why people are criticising juventus in which Ronaldo scores 49 to 51 percent goals .. See mancshesyr city is totally independent ,they don't need aguero who has the best game to goal ratio ..see man United in which Fernandes is scoring more than the rashford and pogba . See real Madrid in which casemiro, kroos, benzema, Modric, Ramos all are scoring ... Although lewandaski is excellent striker but not number .. Gerd Muller, pele,Ronaldo nazario and suarez are above than him Obviously he is not at the level of Messi and cr7 ..

      2. Sarthak Singh Negi

        @UPSCcapfCDSpsc STUDY bhai pagal h kya... Bundesliga dekhta bhi h kya... Lewa has scored only 50 to 60 % of bayern goals... Goreztka muller sane musiala they all are scoring...

      3. UPSCcapfCDSpsc STUDY

        @Priyanshu Das bhai fir wahi baat, try to understand the Bayern midfielders and wingers tactics, hansi flick tactics goals are for only lewa ,rare chance for other choice for his teammates, they give accurate pass to lewa inside box and he scores I am reminding you MSN (Messi Suarez neymar),guariodola tactics allows these 3 to scores many and allows midfielders like iniesta ,xavi and vidal BBC( bale benzema Cristiano) ,zidane tactics allows them to score but mostly dependent on Cristiano and allows modric kroos casemiro varane ramos nacho to score goals Rooney Ronaldo tevez ( sir Alex Ferguson allows all of 3 to score and assist ,Ronaldo assist stats under sir Alex are just brilliant and phenomial ) and allows other players like giggs to score Guariodola Manchester city ,they are not dependent on any striker ,his full team score and mostly midfielders...

      4. Priyanshu Das

        @UPSCcapfCDSpsc STUDY Lewandowski has more goals than the names you mentioned in the Champions League ( Toughest club competition).

      5. UPSCcapfCDSpsc STUDY

        @Priyanshu Das yes but no one recognise their effort.. If Lewandaski plays and scores in la liga and premier league then he is the greatest.. Playing with team like Bayern which is giant and in bundesliga where every other team are are at it does mean that he is greatest striker.. I prefer Suarez, Rooney, zlatan and benzema..

    57. Rikku Le Deux

      Not gonna lie for a second when i saw the Thumbnail i thought that Lewandowski has rumours about joining FC Köln hahahah

      1. Schokobär Japo

        WTF 😂

    58. Srijan Mishra

      United 07/08 season next on GOATS???

    59. Mr Neel

      If Messi win Laliga and Copa del Rey for Barcelona and Winning Copa America then he will win 7th one

    60. SDB

      Im sorry, but Suarez is clear

    61. tobs

      How can he be the best striker ever, when he is not even the best in this generation

    62. Mr Neel

      No body is close to Got Messi 🙌 6 Ballan d'or 😎

    63. monis sardar

      R9 exists

    64. Nilesh Mehta

      There's a huge recency bias in this video.. Think about Pele, Puskas, De Stefano statistically and Ronaldo nazario on talent level, he's not at their level

      1. Jayanth Jijo

        Pele is CAM stefano is an all rounder Puskas played SS nazario got injured and whts ur point

    65. xomerxkhanx x

      I prefer suarez over lewa tbh

    66. archie stead

      And suarez is still better

      1. duke 14x12

        -No CL away goal since 2015

    67. Monki Man

      Bundesliga is one of the easiest leagues to score goals in , and have you forgotten ronaldo suarez zlatan r9 exist/existed so no he isn't the best striker

      1. Sktkronos

        What made u think that. It's better then Serie a or ligue 1 rn. Also he's the third highest goalscorer in the champions league. Is that a farmers league aswell

    68. shemar wilton


    69. Joseph

      Muller Van Basten Suarez and R9 are all better than Lewa

    70. Raymond Willie

      Lewandowski is So good But Gerd Muller was a Monster!!!

      1. -ADRIAN -

        @Shashwat Kamble considering how hard Lewandowski works on keeping his fitness high(visible by the fact he is for example: rarely ever injured) And with each year he seems to be getting better

      2. Shashwat Kamble

        Lewandowski has 3 years of prime left in him considering his fitness levels. He's 90 goals away from Gerd Müller's Bundesliga record. He can easily achieve that in 3-4 seasons. Thus, lamenting him with Gerd In club history.

    71. AC Music

      He is good but not the best

    72. Cbants

      delete this...

      1. IamGAIA

        I cant delete your comment..

    73. Malcolm Amaral


    74. Night King 48

      I personally am not the biggest fan of Robert Lewandowski, I respect him though

    75. Omkar 2

      Lewangoalski.... U know lewangoalski

    76. Umesh Unde

      Love to see Xavi and Iniesta next time on GOAT series beacause both are so underrated 😭😭😭

      1. Footymemesover dose

        @Umesh Unde modric may or may not be as good as xavi and iniesta but modric is one the greatest midfielders to play this game no cap

      2. Umesh Unde

        @Intel Sucks at that time Xavi is not in barca and Iniesta is at his end but still real loose almost every El classico at that time😂😂😂😂😂

      3. Intel Sucks

        @Umesh Unde lol u do realise that modric and kroos literally dominated midfield at their prime and won 3 ucl in a row whereas xavi and Iniesta were so effective when no one knew about tiki-taka

      4. Umesh Unde

        @Filth no bro Modric is good player but not that level of these goats

      5. Filth

        Modric would be more interesting

    77. Eyal Mor

      He will win Ballon d'Or even if he will play very bad the rest of the season. Just because everyone wants hom to win.

    78. I'm hOpe

      Can't wait for the iconic card of lewa🐐

    79. Anupam Mondal

      Can you make a video about " its the 🐐 factor , who will replace messi in FCB "

    80. Ronald Fernandes

      Lewandowski became my personal favourite the moment I saw him for first time playing for Dortmund...I pray that he get his reward may it be Conquering Gerd Muller's record or a Balon Dor

      1. Kacper Cep

        @UPSCcapfCDSpsc STUDY Isyour entire channel made to try to disown and make Lewandowski seem bad? That’s pretty sad man.

      2. UPSCcapfCDSpsc STUDY

        He will not grab ballondor this year and also ucl .. And definitely not EUROS with Poland

    81. Frankely Cabrera Gomez

      Robert lewanGOALski

    82. 아구찜Tryhard_

      Imagine Lewandowski, Gnarby and Son at the front...Unstoppable

      1. Intel Sucks

        Sane debatable coman is nowhere near son atm

      2. 아구찜Tryhard_

        @fpl player looks at the stas on transfermarkt, son is way ahead

      3. fpl player

        coman and sane both better than son

    83. Dipesh Pandit

      He's amazing but just below Suarez

    84. Arn Naul


    85. Thegoku101

      Do messi next on goats than ronaldo and Pele

    86. F L

      Lewa is playing in an extremely terrifying team as well. Up till now Bayern scored the most goals in the champions league, even WITHOUT Lewas goals! Bayern 24 goals, 5 of them Lewa, second best team Juve with 18 goals.

    87. Linus

      Ok relax mate hes played in the Bundesliga his whole career sit down fanboys

      1. Jayanth Jijo

        So...messi has played in laliga only Does tht mean ronaldo is clear

    88. Vipul Sehgal

      He might be the best striker in this decade but not the greatest striker of all time. Ronaldo phenomeno was on another level. 3 seasons ago we knew lewa as a great striker not even best striker in this era. But for the past 3 seasons he has been the best striker.

    89. Yash Chaudhari

      next:: SUAREZZ!!!!

    90. ilhaam ashraf

      1:46 Klopp spanking Lewandowski 😂

    91. Lets Avenge

      "Lewandowski is insanely fit, insanely healthy." When did you filmed this? Did you jinxed it? Can't wait for his knee to be back to normal 🙏🏽

    92. ilhaam ashraf

      Imagine Blackburn Rubber vs Bayern Munich in UCL final❤️😂

    93. ilhaam ashraf

      Its Robert Lewandowski!!! GOAT? Always has been❤️

    94. cheeki breeki

      Hey did you forget Ibra

    95. Demar Morrison

      Top top top striker ofc but the greatest striker of all-time can't come from the 4th strongest league..

      1. Sktkronos

        I mean there's no Italian teams in Europa anymore, again. and ligue 1 only has psg which we also beat. U OK my guy

    96. Rishabh Rai

      Some strikers better than Lewandowski 1)Messi 2)Messi without a beard 3)Ronaldo 4)Ronaldo below the age of 30 5)Suarez at his prime (Won Golden Boot in the Messi-Ronaldo-prime era) And more...

    97. Tilen Silich

      Can you do the same with luis suarez

    98. Sthita

      This was the most controversial OneFootball vid I've seen.

    99. Marc Moore

      Lewandowski my favorite player of all time he's goated my football idol

    100. Bilal Ahmed Shariff

      Not even a tiniest of all doubts about Lewa's quality - He is ever fit, always hungry for goals, more goals and more goals, has the finishing of a Robot and scores on a consistent basis which only a machine would manage to do - So that sums up, as this video proves, we are not wrong, if we call him the GOAT