Why an Aguero transfer to Chelsea MAKES SENSE! + Messi to STAY

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    On Today's Daily News - Laporta’s makes keeping Messi at Barcelona his main priority, Bayern seal a Champions League record, Chelsea keep an eye on Man City's Aguero after beating Ateltico Madrid 2-0, Dortmund plan Origi bid if Haaland leaves and a news round up!
    00:00 Headlines
    00:19 Laporta wants to keep Messi!
    01:58 Bayern's UCL record
    03:40 Aguero to Chelsea?
    05:06 Dortmund's Origi offer
    06:32 News Round-Up
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    1. OneFootball English

      Which teams do you want to see play each other in the Champions League draw tomorrow?

      1. ImaRicardo Fortes

        Man City vs REAL Madrid cf Bayern vs Chelsea Liverpool FC vs PSG

      2. Sheri Kasumu

        Dortumund vs PSG

      3. Sheri Kasumu

        Real Madrid vs Liverpool

      4. Sheri Kasumu

        Bayern vs Chelsea

      5. Sheri Kasumu

        Porto vs Manchester City

    2. Eating Maggoty bread for 3 stinking days!

      No we dont need old farts in Chelsea we have a good young squad already. Thank you

    3. Poobalan Pather

      Aguero will be a better option to chelsea. He is a finisher of class. We have a good medical team to get him up and running. Prefer him to Lukaku. Take him chelsea 💙⚽

    4. Ecek

      Any transfer, bringing in anyone to Chelsea right now doesn't make sense.

    5. My Ears Got Youth System

      Hell NO! We don't need him at any cost. Let him stay where he is or go else where, not to my team.

    6. Andrè Viljoen

      Honestly I would've love to see him take a risk and see if he can thrive on a different league. That's why I'm a Cristiano fan. He took a risk he broke some records there... he took a risk knowing it's a 50/50 that it can go either way.

    7. Shomerful

      Messi is a bit of a pu***..hes not going anywhere

    8. Vibhav

      So Barça don't want mbappe or haaland

    9. Topa Kuivalainen

      Aguero is going to Barcelona, deal done.

    10. BamGL

      Matt talking bad about Origi Origi next season at Dortmund with 35 goals in 30 games: And I took that personally.

    11. Abir Bose

      After this Chelsea can create two different teams with all these big players and play as Chelsea A and B and compete in PL , 😅😛 surely one of them will qualify for UCL

    12. Mani H

      Just dont talk about chelsea, you dont know what youre talking about

    13. sol porter

      Here's a story for you tommorow Pele to Real Madrid That's just as likely as half the stories this week 🤣

    14. sol porter

      It really really doesn't make sense 🤣, some if these stories this week have been absolutely shocking

    15. Josh Mayhew

      Watch City get Porto, bound to happen

    16. Deans David Nyathi

      RMA v BVB PSG v Chelsea BAY v LIV MNC v Porto

      1. Deans David Nyathi

        @Brenton G H yep ,much better but you know how UCL Mafia works

      2. Brenton G H

        I would rather see.... RealM vs Chelsea LiverP vs BayernM Manc vs Parissg Porto vs BvB Much better games overall tbh

    17. Sunoo Lee

      Aguero would be better off going to Barcelona or PSG rather than Chelsea because Messi will either stay at Barcelona or go to PSG in the summer but he definitely won't go to Chelsea.

    18. Emil Johansson

      Matt loves his mics😂😂

    19. Joshua Arizmendi

      What about Iniesta ?

      1. Shine banana

        What about him?

    20. Aryan patil

      Aguero to Chelsea , do Chelsea want revenge for lampard joining city ?

    21. Random Clips

      I’m sorry what

    22. Farhaan Peerbaccus

      Nah aguero to chelshit is nonsense

    23. Ayush Rathor

      as a Chelsea fan, I really don't want Aguero. Havertz is our striker at the moment and hopefully Haaland soon but I'm not sure about that yet.

    24. Ayush Rathor

      and Xavi definitely has managed a team like Barca

    25. Joel Lil-mo

      Hey Matt is back

    26. BLAINE HD


    27. Khizar plays

      Cmon chelsea wants hålaand more. Uncle Roman pls give a few Million dollars to generate this transfer.

    28. Jake SCOTT

      You know dortmund are struggling when theyre interested in origi

    29. ccr pandey

      Daily news completes the day!!

    30. J. Baker

      Chelsea will probably sell Abraham ans let Giroud go and bring in Haaland and Aguero

    31. Kxng OREL

      Matt come to Jamaica for a holiday 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 great vid

    32. Andre Anderson

      Messi will still leave things turning around at barca won't make them champions league contenders messi doesn't want la liga or Copa del rey ,messi wants the CL and I think he leaves

    33. Frank

      barca needs aguero more than anyone imo

    34. Oscar

      Dortmund should buy patsondaka20

    35. Jayraj Pareek

      They will do swap deal with Chelsea with WENER +50/60 million and working halland other way... Have divok origi from Liverpool to make up for physically No 9 which wener is not... They will get both wener origi and 60. Million plus

    36. athertzzz

      Cool mic

    37. athertzzz

      Chelsea vs Real Madrid Fcb vs Man City PSG vs Liverpool Bvb vs porto

    38. Brian Omondi

      how can i live without matt😂😂

    39. Book And Movie

      Haaland To Origi Not A Big change

    40. Nomox

      AGUERO TO CHELSEA!?!?!? Yes please

    41. Adam Simpson

      Not mic worries again 😂

    42. Sporting Director

      Aguero to Chelsea, or would he more likely go to Barcelona?

    43. Devansh Bisht

      *Arsenal We Can Do 10 Million + Mattéo Guendouzi ( On Loan ) + 10 Kg Of Rice For Aguero*

    44. Andre Marcos Mendes Siqueira

      Where is the power ranking

    45. Darshankumar Thakare

      Literally everyday waiting for MATTS videos❤❤❤

    46. The Jaw Spinner

      Don't Chelsea have their eyes on every player to exist.

    47. Jainal Miraz

      auger is a btech salah. most argentines are overrated other then Maradona, Messi and Riquelme the most overrated.

    48. Anant Gupta

      Liked the video right the second I saw Matt


      aguero will not fit at chealsea ;-; might look good in the jersey in the thumbnail but i dont think he will fit.

    50. RAGHAV MOHAN 17

      Sometimes I wonder whether I'm just a really optimistic Barcelona fan or everyone is just pessimistic about Barca

    51. Bilal Ahmed Shariff

      Matt, will tomorrow's daily news come out after the UCL draw?

      1. OneFootball English

        No probably before!

    52. Legend Rayquaza

      Agüero makes no sense. He’s old. We need young. Announce Hålaand 😂

      1. True Alpha

        @Sam Chelse richest club in world. We buy all biggest payers

      2. Sam

        @True Alpha grow up kid. Stop being delusional

      3. True Alpha

        @Sam we give billion billion dollare to him. He come to our ofice

      4. Sam

        @True Alpha no he won't

      5. True Alpha

        @Sam nooo he will go chelsea. We hav money money, billionare millionare dollars. We pay him expansive car gift. Other cub have less dollars

    53. Wizard Wolf

      The referee made a clear mistake. if there was not the penalty (which I think is correct) as Carrasco dived Azplicuate did not pull him enough to fall, then there should not have been a straight red card. Savic hit Rudiger slightly NOT FROM HIS FACE and he fell and started almost crying. Isn't it the same? Personally, I believe the referee made an obvious mistake.

    54. JohneeFizter Bottom

      Drama Queen Messi isn’t leaving. Next story please

    55. Stefan Ragossnig

      Could someone explain to me, please, why the German channel has one Daily News less than the English?

    56. Yeshwanth R

      Man city vs Bayern PSG vs Chelsea Real Madrid vs Porto BVB vs Liverpool

    57. Sam

      Bruh I don't want aguero , he is too old and injury prone . I mean Werner is 100times better than him. BUY HAALAND 🔥

    58. Sce Jop

      people who put youtube at dark mode 😂

    59. Muhammed danyaal Hassim

      Matt why hasnt laporte got any french capps and isn't good enough?

    60. Federico Valleri

      Ac Milan vs Man UTD

    61. Cool Josh and Cool Pheba

      There is no way City will sell there star to a rival

      1. Ríona Ní Shúilleabháin

        @OneFootball English but would be really disrespectful of Aguero

      2. OneFootball English

        He is on a free transfer this summer, so City dont have a say in where he goes..

    62. The Asian Sensational F.C

      Since Barcelona planning erling haaland but sadly he is 110M which is overpriced my oppion for his age but they dont want him for 75-80M then its sad to say we bound to sell alot of our players who under perform and has high wages and still cant afford alaba wages and kounde transfer money and wages sad

    63. The Asian Sensational F.C

      Sad origi barely showed up after huluminating Barcelona thanks to taa

    64. jay patel

      Straight swap origi and halland 😂😂

    65. The Asian Sensational F.C

      Chelsea wants everyone but i do t think so

    66. Abhinav Rawat

      Buying a 30 yr old striker isn't logical. We are happy with werner. If we can get haaland then it's ok otherwise no more strikers

    67. FanOfl4ndo Norri s

      @Onefootball English if dortmund lose Haaland they still have Moukokoloco right? He would be insane for the first team

    68. Soviet Bravo Six

      I thought Aguero was gonna go to Barca for a Free

      1. Soviet Bravo Six


    69. Kapil gaming419 CALL OF DUTY

      View update After 1 hour update 9.6 views

    70. rakenbone


    71. Nilesh Mehta

      I don't think there's any chance of aguero joining Chelsea.. ridiculous and fake news

    72. Fish Football

      I can't even joke about aguero going to another prem club. I'd be devastated.

    73. Sidhant Hazra

      Aguero's transfer might turn out to be a big loss for man city and a huge gain for chelsea.... Just like it was for barca when they sold suarez to athletico

      1. My Ears Got Youth System

        @Shirsh Sanstuti and as a Chelsea fan, is what I don't want. We need a generational striker not replacement after replacement.

      2. Shirsh Sanstuti

        But it will also clear the way for city to completely push for erling haaland

    74. Ahmad Jiyaad17

      haha classic "This Is The Daily News" NICE😆😎

    75. YG_小陈晨

      I Think Chelsea Are Finally Giving Up On Haaland ? I'm A Chelsea Fan BTW

    76. FM Stegen

      Hope Barcelona dont sign Aguero ,he just got 1 goal this season and that was a penalty. and hes injury prone and is more successful in Twitch tbh

      1. Sadananda 456

        @Daniel Spence If he gets the game time we will have the beast back But I don't want pep to do anything in the starting XI too ( specially at the Champions League)

      2. Sadananda 456

        Bro he had just one bad season He has been consistently performing since joining city

    77. Fahad Daniyal

      Matt Nowadays Making Videos ... You're watching one Football ! & I'm your host Matt Frohlin ,You're One footballers & Thank God my Mic is On !!! LoL 🤣🤣🤣

    78. Utsav Basu

      Chelsea will win Ucl

    79. Thomas Mehari

      Sub to GR7 JR

    80. lazaraKYS

      he could do a Tevez move on reverse and. From city to utd then join juve

    81. Dominik Kozela

      It doesn't because Giroud is better

    82. Kotza Kotzakoshi

      Chelsea linked with Aguero? Am I in 2009 again?

    83. Christiano Pulinaldo

      Aguero welcome to the best blues!!! 🐐 foreign striker in the pl

    84. TheFloatBros

      Why would aguero go to Chelsea? He wouldn't.

    85. Vipo Kennao

      Origi replacing Haaland? 🤔 I'd say there's plenty of other options, plus they've got a buy back clause on Isak.

    86. Devavrat Singh

      I am back here after 6 months Can't leave you guys 🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️

    87. tintinsimon

      Any move is an improvement for Origi given his transparent status at Liverpool. He's a capable striker, just needs minutes. Since Lille, he's been nothing but an understudy, both in his club and national team. If he gets an honest chance, he might just seize it

    88. Schaden Leland

      0:30 vom.lol

    89. Mohammad zain gamer

      Great video

    90. tintinsimon

      Dortmund are just trying to constitute a Belgian side at this point

    91. Zakaria Ben brik

      Love this

    92. Zayd Shamtally

      Haaland ➡️ Origi ⬅️ Does it make sense for Liverpool fans ?😂

    93. Trevor Zhuwakini

      Good video

    94. João Farias

      Aguero on Chelsea => Higuain II

      1. Ntokozo Sikhosana

        You might be on to something 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. João Farias

        @King Ibby Do you Aguero will better or worse than Higuain?

      3. King Ibby

        Na mate

    95. Yousif Albeer

      I though Aguero already signed for Barca 😭

    96. Pro Network

      Matt you look great with that hoodie🙌

    97. DENMARK

      No shoutout to Kante?????

    98. Johnjohn

      No I really don't want Koeman in charge next season

    99. Yusuf I

      Why is Matt worried about his Mic these days😅

      1. Yusuf I

        @Le Makak oh haah

      2. Le Makak

        In some recent times it wasnt on so he had to do the whole vid again

    100. bird man

      Hope this washed and injured Kun never plays a minute for Chelsea!!!! Please Roman do not buy him!!! If he isn't good enough for Pep then he isn't good enough for us!!! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️