We PREDICT the Champions League!

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    The UEFA Champions League semi finals are upon us... and the two games are ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE! It's Real Madrid vs Chelsea in the first match and PSG vs Manchester City in the other game. Huge teams, HUGE matches, almost impossible to predict... but we're going to give it a go. The OneFootball hosts predict the UEFA Champions League semi finals, finals, winner and best player in the run up to the 2021 UCL final!
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    1. OneFootball English

      Give us your predictions below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Also, lets show some love to Nico & Christoph, our OneFootball Germany hosts!

      1. R A

        @All Time Real Madrid Supporter thanks.

      2. All Time Real Madrid Supporter

        @R A atleast we did good in that champions league in 2-3 years ago we flopped there, we proved his good we can actually be in the champions league without ronaldo so I think you're a man city seeing the profile pic if so, good luck

      3. R A

        @All Time Real Madrid Supporter every thing wrong.

      4. KING JORGE

        @Keith Jacob what of streaming football

      5. Lucian Rylan

        @Keith Jacob Yup, have been using flixzone for months myself :)

    2. Utkarsh Malviya

      When will follow-up come...😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    3. swaraj bawankar

      I can safely say this video didn't age well 😂😂😂😂

    4. FRED

      These guys are seriously underrating Chelsea... And I bet they will continue to do so till they win the cup at Istanbul...

    5. Crazy Nav

      Nobody is Right !

    6. Crazy Nav

      PAG VS RMD . Both wrong !

    7. Adit Kamble

      The first guy got both results wrong lol😂

    8. Kevin Mathew

      hahahaha Real got knocked out by Chelsea!!!

    9. Biowulf

      0:06 you're not a united fan then..

    10. Lemar Williams

      Reminder! Don't jump on my Chelsea ship after we win everything. We are going to win this all. WATCH!

    11. Mathew Alani

      I'm so looking forward to the reactions to this prediction

    12. shinsuke Nakamura

      Realmadrid is trash....Chlesea would knock tjem out in 2nd leg

    13. Syed Azeem

      Shows you how none of them know ball. Bandwagon merchants

    14. Alexander Coetzer

      Di Maria got a red and a assist.What a player he is

    15. Benjamin

      Di Maria definitely did something special last night. 🤣

    16. Ayush Sharma

      Man city lmao

    17. Madel HD


    18. Its Shim

      Neymar Mbappe beast mode duo can’t stop won’t stop they are unstoppable. Have to WatchKit for De Bruyne 😓 players like Mount Benzema too 🤥 if they reach the final

    19. Its Shim

      3 letters. PSG

    20. Victor Tyson

      Where is niklas?

    21. Abo Abobananooo

      5:55 Einfach Paris english very good

    22. Abo Abobananooo

      Nico und Chris als deutsche und ihre Aussprache😂

    23. ProSedat 09

      Come on city


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    25. Perpetual Morpho

      City 💙💙💙💙💙💙



    27. Ganesh K R

      Why psg ?? It's Manchester city making into final

    28. ARJUN DAS

      PSG 2-1 MCI GO FOR IT👍

    29. JJ D

      I remember when they say Real Madrid had no chance now suddenly they do? admit you were wrong, both of you

    30. Lemar Williams

      Here to remind everyone: Don't jump on my Chelsea ship after we win everything. We are going to win this all. WATCH!

    31. Jurgen Axhami

      no wei hou stiupid the are psg will win

    32. rehxur

      Psg is gonna crush man city

    33. Avi Serig

      Remember when Chelsea were underestimated in 2012?

    34. Niccolo Ruju

      Matt and Angelina predicting quarter finals: real have no chance of winning the competition Matt and Angelina predicting semi finals: real will win the whole thing

    35. Hari Haran

      Where is Kane Williamson?

    36. M3m3r_S!mps0n

      Mbappe is 10000x better than FODEN !! And that’s a FAX !!

    37. Random Clips

      I mean last time Chelsea got this far they won plus real seems in bad form plus last time city played Chelsea was only a few weeks ago Chelsea won 1:0

    38. Tsesar

      did he just say foden vs neymar?😂😂😂

    39. shady Brian

      Can't wait to see City prove some of you wrong. 💙💙💙

    40. Lawson Jeffrey

      Chelsea vs PSG

    41. clay jensen

      I think it's going to Chelsea vs Manchester city ..... People are taking Chelsea like they are nothing and i think man city would win from psg not by a big difference but they will beat psg and won the final by 2-1

    42. Christian VanHorn

      Key Battle: I would say the Manchester City defense against PSG's attack will be an important one. Even since the signing of Ruben Dias that City defense has been remarkably better One to Watch: Phil Foden. He's been doing brilliant things in the premier league this season and I can definately see it being translated into this tie against Paris MVP: Karim Benzema, he's been popping off in La Liga and he's showing no signs of slowing down, much like Lewandoski at Bayern. Biggest Result: I'd say this has to go to Paris vs Manchester; Manchester has been super dominant in the premier league this last few weeks and it shows by their massive point gap at the top of the table, where as PSG are also doing really well, although they've been slipping up in their league so I think itll be interesting to see whether Manchester city will take their domination into the UCL or if PSG can take their Ligue 1 momentum and make it past Manchester The Final: I think Madrid are going to make it past chelsea a lot easier than people think, and like Matt said. PSG vs City is anyones game, but i believe Manchester City will make it to the finals The winner: Im going to have to go against what Angelina said and go with Christoph. I think this is Manchester City's year to final win the UCL. Everyone in that team has shown why they deserve to win this years Champions League

    43. Sankhadip Mazumder

      Out of Psg , Man city , Real Madrid and Chelsea , its Chelsea that has no baggage of expectations ... Infact tuchel has already outperformed . This years Semis are really interesting 🔥 PS : Idk I kinda feel City vs Real Madrid finals

    44. Brandon Coker

      First time seeing Man city being an under dog

    45. Nevalth

      3:35 it's not gonna be at the Bernabeu

    46. Divyanshu Gadia

      How can you guys say PSG will win, they are not even first in a farmer's league. DFKM😭

    47. unun septium

      Jesus is licking his lips if he gets to torch Verane in the finals.

    48. Luyandza Bavukile Dlamini

      Also KYLIAN MBAPPE and NEYMAR are players to watch in this Champions League Semifinals

    49. Luyandza Bavukile Dlamini

      As a Liverpool fan,I want Man City to lose and PSG advanced to the final!

    50. zla Entertainment

      Chelsea vs psg final 🥰

    51. Dabu Rares

      Matt, Bayern need Lewa to score goals and Barca hit rock bottom this season while City has been getting results day in day out, plus City's defence is finally solid while Bayern's and Barca's were in absolute shambles, I predict a draw with a huge amount of goals at the parc des princes and a 1 goal difference win for City at the etihad

    52. Amah Chiboy

      Psg will win the champion league, exactly what happen to Liverpool against Madrid 2019, and they won it 2020 that's wat will happen to psg, #mother #of #football is with psg

    53. Felix- ICI C ́EST PARIS

      05:54 agreed buddy 🤝

    54. kadri erkal

      Kereereal 57

    55. Ed Chavez

      all English final

    56. Guru Raj

      "If pep doesn't do any wild experiments they are going to win it" - this is so true on so many levels 😂🧿

    57. Mr. Hannibal

      No. Bayern does not play like City. Pep knows how to play against low-blocks. PSG is a low-block. Bayern does not play against low blocks and has a very dodgy defensive. City can control Mbappe I reckon.

    58. Oka Mayen

      Angelina it's at the alfredo di stefano

    59. Reyhaan Akoojee

      Even though they think Real Madrid will win it we are the under dogs

    60. lucky wade Mwaanga

      It’s time for Chelsea!! All the stars are Aligning

    61. Abhiram Pinninti

      if psg don't address their fullback issues, the city wingers are gonna rip them apart

      1. Prem Priyan


    62. Lehlogonolo Pherudi

      Chelsea vs Man City Uefa Champions league final


      Real Madrid is gona win 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 again and again

    64. Sreedhar Srenivasan

      the praise madrid gets after one of the most conterversial ucl campaign in 2018 is unreal

    65. Aymane Oulbeid

      chelsea will lock in we got zouma

    66. Horatio hornblower

      Boycott the champions league

    67. Harish Hazard

      I am a real Fan but I am exited about psg -city game

    68. zavb9ss

      I think walker vs mbappe will be the duo to watch Them both will decide the tie Pace strength

    69. Vincent Nfiri

      Chelsea will disgrace Madrid over two legs. Tuchel' tactical prowess will make Madrid look ordinary.

    70. Arka Giri

      No matter how we are playing (real madrid) nobody underestimates us

    71. j pounds

      doubt Chelsea at your own peril

    72. Areeb Siddiqui

      As a Chelsea fan, we enjoy being the underdog. Just like 2012. People are massively overhyping Real Madrid. Watch this space.

    73. Miguel Jaques

      Thing is if Real Madrid Make it to the final, they aren’t gonna lose, they have never lost and probably will never lose a UCL final in their history despite reaching 13. For me Either PSG or real are gonna win this thing. PSG bcs it feels like destiny for them after losing in the final last year and Real Madrid bcs if they make it to the final they are invincible.

    74. The Boy Paddy

      Did she say at the Bernabeu 👀😂 3:37

    75. Thembela IIV

      If city doesnt go forward..PSG will take it

    76. Klaushimselff

      0:04 lol wtf is the world upside down or something

    77. Ses

      So glad that we are constantly being underestimated because this is when we play the best. We will shock everyone.

    78. Noof Taheri

      Chelsea midfield, Ziyech, Chelsea

    79. Mohamed Hesham

      chelsea and city going to the final, City winning it all

      1. Prem Priyan

        It's sure

    80. Noof Taheri

      The answer to every question is Ziyech!

    81. Rosa Mena

      Psg v madrid finale

    82. RC

      Benzema will be in Ruditank pocket 😂🤣😅

    83. Hancok

      All four of them picked us to beat Chelsea over 2 legs, Matt and Angelina both picked us to win the final, while Christoph and Nico both picked us to lose. I hope we haven't been jinxed...

    84. Hancok

      I don't blame Angelina for forgetting this, but we've actually been using Real Madrid Castilla's stadium (the Alfredo Di Stéfano) instead of the Santiago Bernabéu which has been undergoing reconstruction since March 2020, so our home leg will be played at the Di Stéfano instead of the Bernabéu. We used the Di Stéfano for the lockdown portion of 2019-20 (the last 11 games of La Liga) and have been using it so far for every home game in 2020-21.

    85. epic gospel

      Chelsea will go through to the final

      1. epic gospel

        We'll just have to see

      2. James Gayfer


    86. krans channel

      Psg and Chelsea are so underrated here

    87. Pritam Biswas

      Not predicting anything but I just want to see a Real Madrid Vs Manchester City UCL final. It'll be my dream final. I always wanted this to happen and now it's so close. I support both these clubs so if my wish actually comes true then in the final I'll be neutral 😁

    88. Krishna Nayak

      Benzema was underrated because of ronaldo

    89. Putchuco

      Ask five experts and you get 6 different answers ;)

      1. James Gayfer

        These aren't experts, they are just ROforrs

    90. Emmanuel Stephenson

      The real midfield is on a different level compared to Chelsea. And this is coming from a Barca fan. I’m not sure Angelina watch a lot of games in La Liga.

    91. Simak Safwan

      Allez Paris!

    92. Jormor Adjei

      As a Chelsea fan, this is just how we like it. Underdogs

      1. Raihan M.H.

        @Dirty Dan well, this didnt age well lmao

      2. Ore Oni

        @Dirty Dan we just did

      3. Dirty Dan

        Y’all not beating los blancos

    93. UniversalEcho

      I'm a simple man. I see Nico, I click th video.

    94. Khalil Jr

      Don't ever right off PSG they will win this all the way.

    95. Y Syed

      Nikòoooooooooooo yayayayay.

    96. kabelo brian

      Real Madrid have been underdogs the entire season....but what is a known fact is that against big teams...they ALWAYS...AND I MEAN ALWAYS SHOW UP. I honestly do not blame the people who once gave them no chance a solid chance now to win this.....this is because, time and time again, when the going gets tough...when the pressure is at its absolute peak.....Real Madrid is the only team in history that has proven time and time again that they are meant for such conditions....and thats the magic of it.....when it comes down to these matches..the players just showcase an extreme amount of talent that you'd swear was forgotten.....There's a reason why experience remains experience....The payers have been thorough countless teams like Chelsea and they have prevailed time and time again....I take nothing away from how good Chelsea has been thus far but with this Real Madrid team....they have beaten teams even when they had no right to due to injuries etc.....such a team cannot be defeated purely on tactics....you need HEART to stand a chance against these vets🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾

      1. kabelo brian

        @James Gayfer 🤣🤣🤣🤣👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽

      2. James Gayfer

        I refuse to read all of that, so I'm just going to agree

    97. kabelo brian

      That's the difference between Zidane and Tomas....with Real Madrid...such games are finals....no second chances...just win or lose....and Believe me when I say, After Zidane declares any match a ' final' no one can stop his side.....

    98. Miro Stenroos

      It will be be man citys year.

    99. aleksandra kekic

      First time that i don't agree eith you Matt.I think that this is City's year.Glad to se old faces.


      I really want Chelsea to go through