This season's MOST OVERRATED players are...

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    Earlier this week we took at look at this season's most underrated players from across Europe so now we tackle the MOST OVERRATED XI in Europe in the 2020/21 season. It's a thankless task. They'll be players you disagree with, players who have shone in some games - but overall these are the players we expected more from, based on their talent, such as Kai Havertz, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Anthony Martial. What do you think of our overrated team of the season?
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    1. OneFootball English

      Did we miss anyone that you would have put in YOUR overrated European team of the season?

      1. 608 Sreeyansh

        @Eyram Nyaye Rashford isn't

      2. Séñør Tåçø


      3. Séñør Tåçø


      4. Séñør Tåçø


      5. Séñør Tåçø

        Maddison(he's good but not that good)

    2. Jayraj Pareek

      Here after havertz dropped master class ran all over Ramos....

    3. tomatehd

      Imagine calling navas and hummels overrated💀

    4. Ismail Mohamed

      Vinicuios Jr is not underated

    5. Pritam Biswas

      As soon as Angelina said that Navas is overrated, I paused the video and pressed the dislike button. Sorry but I had to do it. Navas is definitely not overrated, he is actually underrated and underappreciated...

    6. Eazy E N.W.A King

      Sergej milinkovic savic has 8 goals and 9 assists from centre midfield he has better stats than goretzka and he is playing for a lesser club than leon no disrespect to lazio he is a class player not overrated


      Why did you not include Tibo Courteous In your comparison for Navas? He is better than Allison , MATS and JA

    8. 608 Sreeyansh

      how is Maguire overrated?only thing he gets is hate

    9. Frodo Baggins

      How is Maguire overrated? No one thinks he's a great defender. Do you even know what overrated means?

    10. Frodo Baggins

      1:13 Is he on the same level as Alisson when "he's in form"? Wth? How is Alisson not the overrated one then?

    11. Aloshys Alby

      Let Matt do the ratings.. Angelina you have to pick more cautiously

    12. Tomáš Dvořák

      Trent isnt overrated. He was injured. He cant be the best RB while being injured for so long

    13. Sai KarlMattias

      navas is my best gk

    14. lol

      tbh hazard should have been at the wing

    15. Sayanth S

      Keylor Navas. You don't know what you are talking about


      Wow navas is there on the list what is this video

    17. K C

      Navas and Overrated???? Someone really needs to watch football..

    18. Ευγένιος Αγγελόπουλος

      Navas Trent and milikovic savic are not overrated.

    19. Dahlia Zakaria


    20. Oluwadamilare Lucas

      keylor navas shouldnt be there

    21. Duzzi Inter

      The downhill this channel is on...

      1. Duzzi Inter

        Navas best GK in the CL by far, SMS singlehandedly holds Lazio especially this season with out of form Immobile and Luis Alberto. I can bet you've never watched Serie A in your life.

    22. Mystery

      Hardly anyone has been rating Trent this season so he Cant be overated

    23. YT Prem

      Are you out of your head Angelina?? You are counting Navas as over rated... Damn and you are a sports channel presenter 😂

    24. Fossilfuels3

      Yoh people if u actually look at the stats Navas is not having a better season then in real so your comments proves he's overrated

    25. Dennis Gabianu

      How is Kulusevski overrated?

    26. Tommy TwoShot

      Lol, that Brazzers theme music

    27. Maxi Harras


    28. Josiah Lara

      I love you and your vids but what u said about Navas is complete nonsense

    29. finley mcquaid

      dead video

    30. Carson C

      Oblak should have been the gk

    31. Glerwin Kyle Mendina

      I stopped watching the video when angelina mentioned Navas as overrated. The guy is an absolute legend at madrid and almost single handedly saved the psg defence from being roasted against bayern and barca (referring only to the second leg).

    32. Glerwin Kyle Mendina

      Why One Football English changed the title? They remove the word "DISAPPOINTING" in the title... HAHAHAHAHA you've messed with the wrong football fans...

    33. Xavier Santiago

      God I hope Manchester United don't get a proper 9

    34. Richard Stocker

      Then when premier league football return he had a good game against arsenal the had a stinker against real Madrid then scored a beauty against Aston villa

    35. Aaron Neblett

      Navas? That guy is underrated.

    36. AdAm

      0:23 Navas is the guy that won 3 UCLs IN A ROW WITH REAL If anything this guy is overrated. I think Navas would be very happy for us backing him in the comment section had he come to watch this vid

    37. Muntahim Mamun

      Navas on list!!! Where is your football sense!

    38. Aka Aka

      How the hell are you putting havertz there when Werner has been so terrible, as Chelsea fan, Werner has been the worst signing for us this season havertz has been decent

    39. Death Adder

      Ben chilwell, navas shouldn't be there

    40. Projato Chakrabarti

      How the heck is Aubameyang not there. Killing us, that man

    41. Adse Kri

      Mason Greenwood has 7 goal involvements in 38 games this season. He was also hyped massively by the media and he was supposed to do wonders in his second season. Kai Havertz has 14 goal involvements in 40 games this season. But of course, Havertz is overrated.

      1. Dinoco Blue

        She’s a Man United fan what do u expect

      2. Dinoco Blue

        It’s the English bias

    42. The Handsome Guardiola

      Allison deserves a spot

    43. Hamza Khan Yusufi

      She is comparing Navas with Ter stegen😂lol

    44. Luca Gauci

      I mean arthur has really good accuracy and his vision is pinpoint. He does some mistakes but overall he is good

    45. Luca Gauci

      Oblak overrated

    46. BackwardDuckAntics

      5:13 and that's why you put Ben Chillwell in striker because he can score open nets

    47. Aaceess Ranabhat

      Disliked the video as soon as she had the audacity to mention Navas

    48. Dinoco Blue

      I’m convinced that Angelina doesn’t know the definition of overrated..... more than half the people in this team she chose nobody even rates them... also Navas in here is just criminal

    49. Dinoco Blue

      I know she did not just say Navas is overrated 💀 he’s one of the most UNDERRATED keepers in the world

    50. No Name

      Go back to the kitchen 🚮🚮how's navas overated

    51. Darsh Menon

      she doesn’t watch football for sure how could she add navas in this team😒

    52. youssef ahmd

      Trent is a bit harsh, though I can't deny his form has fallen

    53. Adwait Sindekar

      A day after this havertz plays an impressive game

    54. Y Y

      Lok you put milinkovic-savic bcs "NO BIG EUROPE SQUAD HAS BOUGHT HIM YET"? 🤣🤣 But what about thiago and pogba? Pogba has been underachieving since ariving at old trafford for a record signing fee back then? But yet you put martial in for same reason? 🤣

    55. Balt x

      how can u include maguire?! he really made the defence better and let even Shaw play better. TAA is not underated he is just playing bad but he is called the worst back of the league and that is not true

    56. Vesper Owl

      Yeesh, a lot of dislikes

    57. You're Dead

      Well Trent isn't overrated, the media is completely trashing him for his defending and ppl r saying that he is worse than awb, trippier, James and walker which is absolute bullshit

    58. Frxdz

      Chilwell and navas shouldn’t b there!

    59. kumar Basnet

      anthoni is absolutely correct for the list

    60. Jonathan Ruhinda

      i have no words

    61. Jonathan Ruhinda

      these people only watch the premier league

    62. Jonathan Ruhinda

      alisson is not in form navas is plz make it make sense

    63. Jonathan Ruhinda

      it should have been alisson over navas

    64. Nana Genfi

      I am not a psg fan but this is the first time I disliked a video only reason why is she said Keylor Navas was overrated

    65. Nana Genfi

      Are you dumb Keylor Navas is so so so underrated🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    66. Nana Genfi

      She is just proving how underrated Keylor Navas is

    67. Nana Genfi

      I am not a psg fan but keylor navas is not overrated.

    68. Loliker Games

      Navas and Hummels are more underrrated than overrated without Hummels(and Guerreiro) Dortmund ´s defence would be 2 divison standart

    69. Abheet Menghani

      are you serious??!! Navas ? overrated ?

    70. Sooryanath Kr

      Dislike this video for Navas the legend🙂🙃🙃🙂🙃🙃

    71. Rafal Kubiczek

      I dont agree with The whole XI except of 3 players, I dont LIKE one football anymore

    72. Imlimanen Lkr

      Im sorry but this list is pathetic

    73. Death Adder

      Trent and havertz are on 🔥🔥🔥 after this video.

    74. Cobra Kai Never Dies

      Vinicius Junior? I don’t blame anyone for forgetting Hazard

    75. Cobra Kai Never Dies

      Harry Maguire is overrated? People actually think he is good to being with 😂😂?!?!

    76. Rahul Bryan

      Angelina shouldnt make any more videos ... Boooo

    77. Rahul Bryan

      Lol .. u expect us to watch the whole video starting off saying navas as overrated .. Bullshit ...

    78. Felix cm

      Hummels is still great same with Navas. Booth are still near world class. Check your football knowledge


      Havertz did you see him last night,Arnold the best right back? wtf?

    80. saket kothari

      Kai havertz is so overrated🤢

    81. Quenching spider

      Navas? 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    82. Giacomo Saracino

      "He's just doing what a defender has to do" Well, if you use that method, then Haaland is overrated!

    83. Shubash Lm10

      By your logic towards savic then grealish is overrated too. Because no big club paid him n he is above 70 mil. Just talking shit.

      1. Dinoco Blue

        Grealish is English tho so ofc he won’t get mentioned

    84. scorpion C5

      Bruh navas is right now a top goalkeeper. He has made some crucial saves even this season, he's at the level with the other top keepers, that is a fact.

    85. rishi teja

      Ru kidding me navas is amazing have u seen his performances he is literally the most underrated goalkeeper

    86. Giio _

      I’m a PSG fan and I really don’t think Navas should be in this 11 him and Mbappe are the reason we beat Barca and he had a great game against Bayern

    87. Naved Shaikh

      This did not age well

    88. Peter Kingori

      Trent and havertz scored less than 24hrs since this video was made 😂😂

    89. sheik afridhi

      This video didn't age well...

      1. Dinoco Blue

        I love how both Havertz and Trent had good games right after this video 🤣

    90. Nischith Nishanimath

      You can only be overrated if someone rates you, I don't think anyone rates Maguire anymore.

    91. Nischith Nishanimath

      Keylor Navas. Wtf? 😐.

    92. Akshat Lal

      Fun Fact : Havertz did them dirty today.

    93. TTZ Squad

      Timo Werner not in this squad *visible confusion

    94. Orlando Pero

      This is y football isn’t for women

      1. Dinoco Blue

        So true

      2. Kai Aruo


    95. mrzylinder94

      Suggestion for your next video: thumbnails that didn’t age well

    96. Meme Nation

      If you don't know football you should just keep your mouth shut....start off with Navas when Allison be selling 3 goals in one match....Virgil Van Dijk is so overrated

    97. Neo Morna

      Funny thing is Havertz just scored and gave an assist in the Crystal palace game today

    98. JMW

      dont have girls rating footballers please ever again

    99. JMW

      how has chelsea been overrated wtf

    100. Benjamin Yao

      Who is here after kai and trent scored

      1. Weeb hunter 76