The five BEST replacements for Mourinho at Spurs

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    With Jose Mourinho and Tottenham Hotspur going their separate ways, who will be replacing the Special One in North London? Could a former Liverpool legend take the hot seat, or will a Bundesliga up and comer be the best choice? Here, Matt takes a look at five replacements for Jose Mourinho at Spurs!
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    1. OneFootball English

      Who would be the best choice for Tottenham?

      1. Tax Dodger

        sCoTt PaRkEr

      2. Debarshi Pandit

        ERIK TEN HAG🙏🙏🙏

      3. Nazid Abdullah Saimum

        I know I'm late but what about Jian Piero Gasperini of Atalanata.think about it?

      4. matthew jones

        I highly doubt that Stevie would come to the prem to manage spurs when he does come to the prem it will be to take over from klopp when klopp retires

      5. Nicholas Kofi


    2. Chetan Anand

      Graham Potter?

    3. Mike Rotchburns

      I'd like to see Ralph Hasenhuttle

    4. Yassine _

      Imagine not talking about ERIK TEN HAG

    5. Tefo Ramokoka

      I'm disappointed Arsene Wenger isn't in the conversation. He made Henry

    6. Hyde Hill

      Bit out of the box, however Bielsa as manager with Scott Parker as assistant and appointed successor. Normally the appointed successor thing doesn't work however I feel like that combination might.

    7. Ghost Wolf

      Steven Gerrard is a Liverpool Legend so we should have first dibs on him

    8. Nganji Noah

      I wonder why they can’t steal the Leeds manager. He is more experienced than most and very well respected.

      1. Hyde Hill

        Yup and then maybe have an Eddie Howe or Scott Parker work as his assistant and designated successor. As Bielsa doesn't do more then 2 seasons normally.

    9. Justin Mathew

      should not have let poch go. big mistake

    10. kushal bhandari

      Frank lampard to spurs

    11. Jona Kolorz

      Bro... when do you finally understand that Nagelsmann is to big for any Prem. club and stop talking like he would downgrade to your tinpot league smh....

      1. Jona Kolorz

        ​@OneFootball English Money and high transfer sums doesn´t mean better quality lmao, your league ist just dumb enough to pay 150 mil for Havertz and Werner.... and even the second Bundesliga sells more tickets in total then the Prem

      2. OneFootball English

        You mean the league with the most money, most fans and highest number of different title winners in the last 30 years? ;)

    12. indian outlook

      What about some other up and coming manager, like Jesse Marsch ??

    13. A player named Barcelona

      Nagelsmann isn't going to Spurs...period.He is not even a suggestion

    14. Jack Gunn

      When he first joined them Steven Gerrard said he is at Rangers for the long haul. The idea with him was always fir him to use Rangers to develop before going to Liverpool after Klopp, since both their contracts expire in 2024.

    15. Christophe Oosterwijk

      I would like to see Julian Nagelsmann at Spurs as well as Sabitzer so I can actually watch him play football because I unfortunately cannot get German football on my tele as I wish to get so yeah that is the only way I can watch him play football

    16. Kevin Devlin

      Gerrard? Pfft don't me laugh please

    17. Furious Gamer

      Matt why did you lag like that LOL

    18. Max Buchholz

      How about Sergio Conceicao?

    19. Jakov Nenadovic

      NES would be great for spurs His tactical dedication is great

    20. kadri erkal

      Kerem ereal 25

    21. Abdulmumin Danmallam

      I know this might be mad but I sink Erik Ten Haag would be the best fit for this job.

    22. Aayush Srivastava

      No Gerrard won't manage Spurs.

    23. LENIN

      I would love to see nagelsmann in the premier league.spurs have to do this if they really want to make something's the perfect opportunity grab him give him a lot of backing in the transfer market and I think they will get excellent output way more than they would have expected🔥🔥

    24. The Anorak channel

      Sorry if the spelling of this name isn’t correct, I’ve never actually seen it written down so don’t have spell it. I’m totally blind… Anyway what about Marcel bielsa He’s rumoured to be leaving Leeds in the summer, he’s done incredibly well with Leeds so what about it? Will be a cheap option, and Leavy always wants the cheap option!

    25. Le Commissaire

      Day 1 of asking Matt and Angelina to do a podcast

    26. Wilson seur

      Scott Parker too can fit what tottenham want..... I really like his style of play but not as much as el maestro Marcelo Bielsa of course.

      1. Hyde Hill

        Yeah that is why I am thinking BOTH. Bielsa as head manager and Parker as assistant and designated successor. As Bielsa never stays very long.

    27. maverickM4A1carbine

      Levy should be manager, at least he knows what he wants

    28. Heena Vyas

      I likes Bilbao manager but i think amount workrate he want he need and we have lazy shit players always moning about training it not going to work out like jose

    29. deesmun

      Jurgen (no not Klopp) Klinsmann

    30. Shawn Ako-Arrey

      They should get Marcelo Bielsa

    31. Lasana Victor

      What about allegri

    32. Jackson stiphler

      Rogers? Matt stop it. He is in the conversation for top 4. And I don't think Tottenham is an upgrade from Leicester. No disrespect

    33. Luyanda Buthelezi

      I don't see the Steven Gerrard one happening. I think he's destined for that Liverpool job after Klopp leaves!

    34. Matthew Burns

      Yeah, 5 great options, but where can I get a One Football hoody?

    35. Khubaib Energy

      Andreas Villas Boas is free these days

    36. DENMARK

      Gerrard is never gonna go to Tottenham 🤣🤣🤣 Bunch of crap from one football P.s Agreed Gerrard gonna be epic at most places(after some time)

    37. DENMARK

      Allegri????? He will better the defence

    38. Rishab Bantiya

      Spurs are finished !!! Will lose the final to Manchester City. Harry Kane will leave. Same Owners.

    39. Michael Kebede

      It should be nagelsmann

    40. Bhagath Sekhar

      I am giving a big shoutout here but i think Graham Potter will be good i am not sure though 😁😌

    41. ThatSemiGuy

      Frank Lampard? This is because I'm a chelsea fan and think frank will suite Spurs Tactics. This is because Spurs really focus on The Attack Just like frank lampard loves to. 200 million on attackers and like 1 pound on defenders (Thiago Silva)

    42. Can Özalp

      Allegri,Conte,Ranieri,Sarri..🇮🇹 i think i am hungry, let me eat some pizza or pasta with pesto 😄🇮🇹

      1. Eavy Eavy

        Sack after 1 season

    43. Callum Musik

      Marcelo Bielsa maybe too??


      I don't think nagelsmann, Rodgers, or Gerrard will sign for Spurs. I don't know much about Marcelino although he is unemployed and seems to be viable, Nuno could also join. I have a feeling Spurs are going to sign someone else, someone less popular, maybe even an ex-player, or Ryan Mason could be the permanent manager. let's see

    45. I Dunno Man

      you guys gonna do where mourinho is going?

    46. Jalaj Rathour

      i think marcelino plays very good football and spurs should really try him once...cuz he took a 10th placed bilbao to a final and has won 1 trophy

    47. Vikram Gill

      When will spurs fans and the club understand that you'll aren't a big club. You'll are a decent sized club punching above your weight. You'll be wanting top level managers but can't win trophies with the best. What does that have to say about spurs as a whole?

    48. Luka Magic

      Matt, who is your personal favourite?

      1. OneFootball English

        Best - Nagelsmann Most realistic - Marcelino

    49. macxllea

      Matt who do you think is the best choice being a Tottenham fans yourself..

      1. OneFootball English

        Best - Nagelsmann Most realistic - Marcelino

    50. John Mwangi

      Steven G that can never happen

      1. OneFootball English

        How comes?

    51. Shakel Marshall

      Frank Lampard?

    52. dwrmusic

      Big call: EMMA HAYES

    53. SriVatsa Karanam

      I think Marcelo Bielsa is a good option to consider. He just signs 1 year contract everytime. If Daniel Levy can convince Bielsa with a project, Bielsa would be a perfect fit for Spurs.

      1. OneFootball English


    54. Nejdiball

      It makes no sense Gerard go to Spurs

      1. OneFootball English

        How comes?

    55. Aniket Acharjee

      Underrated opinion- Spurs should go for Ernest Valverde (ya he bottled against roma and liverpool, but he took barca to a UCL qf and semifinal)

      1. Aditya Mathur

        He had Messi and still bottled it.

      2. Eavy Eavy

        After poch, anything less than ucl final is a fowngrade

      3. Smoochie Wallace

        But it’s Barcelona . lol

    56. My life i pain

      Mybe new manager is Rayan Mason we hire along the way

    57. john craig

      it should be scott parker imo

    58. Abel Makori

      Another project manager is Ole, no disrespectful to him though it's clear Man United need to make that final step to compete with the likes of City but with him they look like they've reached the ceiling.

      1. Smoochie Wallace

        Ole is no manager, he has no idea about tactics or want he exactly wants to do.

    59. Matej Repák

      Matt, were you Josein or Joseout?

      1. OneFootball English

        I dont even know to be honest, a little of both haha but it's in the past now!

    60. Manchester Is Blue

      for solksjaer things are going very well??? no trophy and kicked out of the cl in the damn groups stages is very well now for trafford united? how the mighty have fallen lmao

      1. Manchester Is Blue

        @OneFootball English yeah it could be worse i guess but they got rid of mourinho who also got them second place anyway so there's no upgrade there

      2. OneFootball English

        Given their history yeh he isnt doing great, but considering they are comfortably in 2nd place when you consider he has little experience, he's done far better than the other former player managers we've seen recently like Arteta and Lampard

    61. Ramsey Williams


    62. Moha RB

      Spurs should sign Allegri because of his experience

      1. OneFootball English

        Too similar to Jose I think

    63. Saish Sail

      Gentle reminder that Matt once made a video on why Mourinho would win a trophy with Spurs.

      1. DENMARK


      2. DENMARK

        @OneFootball English nice counter

      3. Saish Sail

        @OneFootball English I've already watched it 😅. I watch all your videos. Great content!

      4. OneFootball English

        I did! Check it out here:

    64. Fahad Daniyal

      IF Brendan Rodgers gonna take Over Tottenham Hotspur then the formation gonna change into 4-1-2-2-1 (4-3-3 holding) He gonna buy 3 Players from Licester (Madison , Ndidi , Soyuncu)

      1. kungfem

        Don’t think Levy is gonna splash 200m

    65. No

      Nice video. Next video: 5 potential replacement for Hansi Flick ❤️

    66. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Matt

    67. Fiziks '

      Y pree!! if yall Jamaican like this comment

    68. wain reed

      You’re saying Leicester loss players in the pass like they didn’t extort the buying clubs, only player they loss was kante

    69. Abdirahman Mohamed

      What about max allegri

    70. L00kiii

      When i see Matt fröhlich i become fröhlich

    71. Shareeh Rayisoon

      I am not buying this shit. Matt wants Nagelsmann.

      1. OneFootball English

        Oh for sure, but it's not realistic considering Bayern job will be available

    72. D. BARTL

      First of all Nagelsmann won't leave, why should he?!?! RBL is way better than Spurs, so that move make no sense!! And I think he won't go to us too, because Leipzig have good chances in the next 2 Nagelsmann-seasons win the Bundesliga and RBL has no reason to give him away! And he can't leave if RBL not want!

      1. Visca El Barca

        @D. BARTL These Premier League fanboys think every league other than Their league is sh**.They don't even have a title race in England.

      2. D. BARTL

        @leon muller at least Bundesliga is fair to the Fans! And btw the title race in Buli were more exciting than the EPL race. City was surely champion sice December!

      3. leon muller

        You think rbl has chance lol . No chance its one team boring league.

    73. MoGOAT #YNWA

      Nagelsmann would win Spurs the treble of League FA Cup and Europa if for some reason he would reject Bayern, IMO he's the best in the world, taking relegation Hoffenheim to top 4. Unbelievable

      1. MoGOAT #YNWA

        @leon muller they were literally in the relegation playoffs buddy, to go from there to top 4 is nuts!

      2. leon muller

        He had very good players at hoffenheim so don't make him great.

      3. leon muller

        He is huge overrated and average manager just accept the fact .

    74. Aditya Hingorani

      Hassenhüttl would be better than Nuno, don't you think Matt?

      1. leon muller

        Leicester city 9-0 Southampton just think about it.

      2. leon muller

        Hassenhutl overrated and worst manager I don't rate him.

      3. OneFootball English

        Maybe, but I think they are similar coaches

    75. pie Head

      Steven Gerrard won’t go he wants the Liverpool job in the future and he’s really loving it at rangers the now

      1. Augusto Gouveia

        he will only go to liverpool "if" klopp leaves

    76. Only MC

      Just think for argument sake right Tottenham win the final ... Then Ryan Mason will do something José Mourinho & Mauricio Pochettino failed to do in just he's second game of managing Spurs.

      1. OneFootball English


    77. J. Baker

      Lampard is as good as a Manager as Gerrard he just has had a different path

      1. deesmun


    78. Declan Nicholetos

      Came in at 43 mins

    79. J. Baker

      If Spurs get Nagelsmann they need to spend big in the summer to get the players good enough for his system

      1. Siii R

        He wont go to spurs...

    80. Bilal Ahmed Shariff

      Matt, I know there is a 99% chance that Hansi Flick will take over the German National Team job but still, there is a possibility of him continuing managing the club. So how about him joining Spurs? He is an extremely good choice to take the Spurs to the next level and help them win trophies. I really think that Spurs should try and convince him to take over....Who knows, this could actually happen....

      1. Siii R

        As a german bayern munich fan i can tell you, there is a 0,0% chance of that happening, so dont even waste your time thinking about it. Btw the same goes for nagelsmann...

    81. Prathmesh Bojalwar

      How much happy are you doing this video matt

    82. Ene Nõlvak-Donohoe

      It's nice to see Ryan Mason doing well and enjoying managing them...maybe a future gaffer?

    83. Fifa F2P 21

      Gerrard is an liverpool legend he will not chosse spurs

    84. Sankhadip Mazumder

      I would still stick my statement , which I have been saying since Pochettino's resignation "Sign Claudio Ranieri"

    85. Soccer God

      Nice vid🔥🔥🔥

    86. TOXIC YT

    87. dhayanandh

      2:08 matt.exe stopped working

    88. Tino

      in my opinion Bredon rogers would be a good fit for Tottenham

      1. Bruh



      Please stop sending me this ads

    90. Ye Yint Naing

      In my opinion Spurs should try one of them Maurizio Sarri Ernesto Valverde Max Allegri

    91. dhayanandh

      Do one for bayern

    92. IAMProdigy 101

      Mat since your a spurs fan who do you want as a fellow spurs fan I want nagelsman

      1. OneFootball English

        Me too!


      Naglesman is the best for tottenham hotspur#COYS

      1. Sanket Hande

        He might be best fit for spurs but do you think he would join them

      2. Super Kimmich ◢ ◤

        He is a Bayern fan and his family lives in Bavaria

    94. Thapedi M

      Nagelsmann is such a reach lol.

    95. the mewtwocats show

      JULIAN NAGELSMANN he suits the way spurs play AND it is an upgrade of players like Harry kane > alexander sorloth or son> hwang hee chan thats my opinion even tho marcelinho is an option

      1. Arnav Saxena

        @the mewtwocats show spurs will qualify for conference league this season LMAO

      2. Arnav Saxena

        @the mewtwocats show yep

      3. the mewtwocats show

        @Arnav Saxena no

      4. Arnav Saxena

        @the mewtwocats show they were invited to the pl coz they are rich. Even clubs like Ajax and Atalanta are bigger than spurs right now

      5. the mewtwocats show

        @Arnav Saxena 1. theryr'e 7th and two so what matters if theyre 7th

    96. Infinite 135

      Gerrard would never go to spurs

      1. OneFootball English

        How comes?

    97. Rohan B

      Ernesto valverde deserves a chance at some team... He isn't that bad, he's at least capable of managing a mid table team .just my opinion tho

      1. HenSt1985

        @Luyanda Buthelezi possession based team always use either 433, 352/3421/343, or 442 diamond (41212). Basically formation where they can form triangles all over the pitch.

      2. Luyanda Buthelezi

        @Hasan Dadoush think is, if you're a coach going to Barca, you CANNOT use a conservative 442 formation (In my personal opinion, 442 isn't a formation to be used by teams with an intent to be possession-based, and Barca pride themselves on possession-based tikki takka football)

      3. Hasan Dadoush

        I think he should have never changed his 442 formation

      4. Hasan Dadoush

        @Rohan B the first season was perfect but Roma happened

      5. read this if u like men

        Agreed I think they could've won la liga in 19/20 if he'd stayed and I dont think bayern would've beaten barca by as much as they did

    98. Kyleツ

      i may sound deluded but i think they will make ryan mason permanent manager

      1. Gerald Bingham

        @OneFootball English AGREEEE

      2. Ma0t 321

        They won’t he’s too young and too inexperienced but I’m sure he will be an assistant manager or u23 manager

      3. Kyleツ

        @OneFootball English ok

      4. Hamza Ahmed

        Yeah, I think so too. And being a purs fan, I think it is the right decision

      5. OneFootball English

        I highly doubt it, the club want a top level coach with an identity to take over, not a young coach learning the ropes

    99. Ted Thompson

      Franck lampard

    100. Aadeeshvar Singh

      nooo plz stevie g no matter what you do don't go to spurs i don't want you to end as lampard or mourinho at spurs you deserve to stay at rangers for some years

      1. G A

        @Aadeeshvar Singh my bad forgot all their shitty Scottish prems😂😂😂

      2. Aadeeshvar Singh

        @G A stfu chelsea fan he could do something lampard didn't for your club and rangers is a big club fyi most trophies

      3. G A

        He’s shit your right he deserves to be at a small club