The BEST loan signings this season!

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    Matt takes a look at the 7 BEST loan signings this season across! There's players from Real Madrid, Juventus, PSG, West Ham and more! Who do you think has been the best loan signings this season?
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
    00:00 Let's go!
    03:18 Honourable mentions
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    1. OneFootball English

      Who is YOUR best loan signing this season?

      1. 69 Abdullah Naveed

        Ozan Kabak

      2. George Onyango

        Me hahaha

      3. George Onyango


      4. Fast Thinker

        1:jessie lingard 2: martin odegaard 3: Garath bale

      5. Neok Master


    2. Luke Whittaker

      i think tomori was a better loan signing but saying that bale has scored 9 epl goals which is more than wingers like mane who have had a lot of game time

    3. Brendan pjz

      when people say spurs has no youngster well say hi to skipp

    4. Louis C no 9


    5. Kingsarwar06

      Morata is shit

    6. Yobang Mwaif

      Where’s jack Harrison

    7. DaBaby

      lookman is the best a fullham on loan

    8. Justus Glodde

      3:10 Guerreiro

    9. brandon johnston

      I think joe willock should be on there

    10. Neok Master


    11. DimiTayet

      Don’t lie, you only made this because of Lord Lingardinho

    12. Valentino Rizzo


    13. Matt Earle

      Saliba ??? He’s been class

    14. Binkie

      Did he say current mate this out of date and its been 6 days dissapointed .

    15. Keanen Walters-Bayliss

      We not gunna mention Reguilon? He’s been class when he plays

    16. vaysi bozkan

      fuck the super leugeu

    17. Feboss 1246

      This guy seriously put Gareth Bale and Oliver Skipp and didn't call Jack Harrison That's definite Spurs bias

    18. AVIRAT

      there is an ad and i can already say there is lingard tomori angleino

    19. Fahri Kızılateş

      I'm a normal human when i see 🐐 i click the video

    20. Sourav Mukherjee

      Of course Lingard

    21. Daniel Noah

      Lord lingardinho ♥️ The best signing in the season

    22. Ori bracha

      What about Martin Odegard?

    23. Tiandre Charles


    24. Ihsaninator

      Its odd that when Lingard moved to west ham (on loan) everyone expected him to do worse. Now he might book a ticket for west ham in the champions league.

    25. semeon

      Luka Jovi deserves a shout‼️

    26. Tanaka Mtetwa

      jack harrison please matt

    27. Rajan Adivackal

      Bro any better Left Back, did you forget about Davies?

      1. Hadi Boi

        Not a loan this season

    28. Nissi Chapfika

      Bale is here but not tomori

    29. Vinay Pillai

      Harvey Elliot has been brilliant also

    30. bill lempidakis

      Synonyms words of but: nevertheless yet however though although still still despite that even so for all that in spite of that none the less regardless notwithstanding still. Matt & Angelina:but but but but but but but but but but but but but •1000

    31. bill lempidakis

      Matt is so insane the way he connect his speech with these phrases make me love onefootball so much 💯 times better at his job than Angelina(no hate) keep it going.

    32. Ludovico Lazzari

      the legend of LINGARDINHO

    33. Lucas Cockerline

      How about jack Harrison

    34. Philip

      Skipp is the best loan no doubt

    35. MagnificentGoose

      bale xD

    36. TheCovBoxx

      James garner has done well at Nottingham forest

    37. Ebuks Ozurigbo


    38. I'm Markeeyh

      Chiesa no doubt

    39. Bob Smith

      I mean I think Daryl Dike deserves a shoutout. Mans is on fire at Barnsley right now.

      1. Lucas-jack Eaton

        Glad someone said it

    40. fpl Light

      How about James Garner? He is tearing the midfield apart in the Championship

    41. Bubai Roy

      7:14 he deserve a better photo, in this pic he is look like a mad who's ran away from the asylum.....

    42. Million Maths


    43. Daniel Krob

      Weston McKennie wasn´t an unexpected success if you watched him enough at Schalke.

    44. Jw0rton

      forgot about harvey elliot

    45. Aomine Daiki

      Every single honorable mention is better than Bale at 7

    46. kadri erkal

      Kerem ereal 25

    47. Lebo Makhubedu

      Kean is better than richarlison, ancelotti shouldn't give in to psg

    48. ammaria hamel

      Ngl i think Federico Chiesa also deserves to be mentioned

    49. diego gonzalez


    50. Unknown

      English media is shittier to say bale to pretty good loan than fikayo tomori... Concentrate other leagues also man

      1. Unknown

        @OneFootball English but no way garath bale had a better loan than fikayo tamori

      2. OneFootball English

        Even though 4 out of the 7 are other leagues? 😂

    51. Izz Hyderrr

      Ozan Kabak?

    52. 10 ASHHWIN 9C

      Go jesse , pls make more best of the seaason videos

    53. Jensy thomas

      Lingard has 9 appearance 8 goals and 3 assist he is on 🔥

      1. Elon Musk

        @Hadi Boi 4 assists

      2. Hadi Boi

        10 games 9 goals 3 assists?

    54. Marcus Lawrence

      What the f**k about harvey elliot🤷🏿‍♂️

      1. OneFootball English

        He's been decent, but not exceptional. Certainly not better than the 7 on the list

    55. Sankhadip Mazumder

      Tbh yol could hve formatted is as "best to worst loan signings of the season" and the 2 extremes would have been lingardinho and bale 😂

    56. dmmetcalfe94

      Harvey Elliott at Blackburn from Liverpool

    57. Elmer Garcia

      I think Carlos Vinicius deserves a shout on this list. He is.smashing it at Spurs

      1. LioHenry 18

        Whut? 😂

    58. James Alfield

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    59. Orgesi Jashanica

      This video is just an excuse for Matt a video about lingardinhio

    60. CMGulia

      What about Andreas Pereira?

    61. Naser Shaik

      William saliba

    62. URLFluffy

      Where’s areola

    63. Thabo Motaung

      Gareth Bale? Mate you joking right? There are better loans out there.

    64. lonely sapien

      Messi Ligardinio is the GOAT of all the dancers

    65. Linus

      Mayoral has singlehandedly carried Roma through the Europa league and won them most games in the serie A

    66. Stamford Lion

      Matt, at times you really annoy me with your Spurd bias. How blinded can you be to include Bale in this list. Being a presenter, it's your duty to think neutrally

      1. OneFootball English

        Hahah you must be kidding right? So basically I'm not allowed to talk about any Spurs players ever? And doesnt that make you biased for NOT wanting him in there?

    67. Paul Carpenter

      The background music is much more kind on my ears this time, thank you Ryan 😂

    68. Yousef Miller

      Chiesa ??? He’d be the number one loan signed in my opinion

      1. OneFootball English

        I talked about him... watch the whole video 😂😂

    69. Stephen Hyland

      Harvey Elliott on loan to Blackburn from Liverpool, 16 or 17 g/a for a kid who turned 18 during the season is pretty good

      1. Jerzy Checinski

        Yeah he's been great

    70. Tom

      Lingardinho de best of de best love this guy, he should stay with hammers

    71. Dorian

      Jovic, you just need to watch the matches to see the work he puts in and how he shapes the team

    72. Recky

      A lot of players have had better loans than Bale this season

    73. Aids YT

      harvey elliot?

    74. heros kara

      Rachid Ghezzal 😢


      Marc guehi is another shout

    76. Josh Footy

      Harvey Elliott at Blackburn??

    77. Clpixs

      lol One Football English in the beginning it says Let's go

    78. Obed Kwadwo Adjonteh

      Lingard is definitely the best loan I'm just happy about how united will regret making him warm benches

    79. Vasco Francisco

      Skip Da Skipp

    80. Lindokuhle81 Sibeko

      Lingard definitely deserves to have the number one spot and United don't deserve him

    81. Brook Daniel



        Yes I love Bale he is so underrated

    82. Seid Abdi

      Borja Mayoral? He absolutely superb in serie as Roma

    83. Jad Nasser

      When i see Lingard in the thumbnail i clicked instantly.

    84. Calm Muffin


    85. kanye musso


    86. Will Morris

      Pedro Porro.......

    87. Tepig

      Yes skipp is on this list (I'm a norwich fan if u coudn't tell)

    88. Arpan Roy

      Lingardinho is like countinho last season... Although Bayern are a better team than west ham.. But he's pretty good isn't he?



    90. Sporting Director

      Lord Lingardinho is the best.

    91. Nesar Nadri

      Ruben dias

    92. Ugochukwu Nwokolo

      But were is tomori😞

    93. Areeb Siddiqui

      Bale has literally been an expensive cheerleader. No idea why you've put him in.

      1. Leeman

        If u took bale out and then put tomori like 4th then all of this is true

      2. Areeb Siddiqui

        @Alex Sandford Even then, this seems too much.

      3. Alex Sandford

        He’s a Spurs fan Mate. He’s a Spurs fan

    94. kushal adhikari

      where is cristian romero he is currently best defender in seria a?

    95. Ugochukwu Nwokolo

      Am i too late for a heart😞

    96. Triple_ B

      I don't wanna be that guy to say it cause I love these vids, but a Tottenham fan putting Bale and Skipp in the top 7 loan signings is just absurd. I thought you were gonna say Dike when u said championship. Such disappointment when I heard Oliver

      1. Triple_ B

        @OneFootball English the Skipp one does make sense, but I don't understand why Bale is there. It seems like he had 2 good games for Spurs and simply because that was more than he'd had in the last 2 years that's why he's on the list. The skipp one does make sense, I shouldn't have talked about that because I don't pay much attention to the championship. Sorry

      2. OneFootball English

        Why is it absurd when I clearly stated the reasons why they are there? Especially with Skipp, how can you not say he hasnt been phenomenal this season?

    97. HJT 2005


    98. ZA GRAFICKU MILE 800

      If jlingz aint no1 im unsubibg

    99. Akshat Singh

      Matt I remember u said in a daily that this loan could work as a miracle(although in sarcastic tone) and he could return to euro's squad and that what's happened😂😂