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    On Today’s OneFootball Daily News… The European Super League is here as 12 founding clubs - Manchester United, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus - layout their plans for a massive football shake up, Jose Mourinho is sacked by Spurs Flick wants out at Bayern Munich, transfer round up and Emoji Mondays!
    0:00 Headlines
    0:19 European Super League
    2:43 Jose Mourinho sacked
    4:17 Flick wants out
    6:14 Transfer/news round up
    6:48 Friday Feels
    7:11 Emoji Mondays
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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    1. OneFootball English

      Apologies for the delayed daily, its been a CRAZY day in the footballing world! Anyone got their opinion on it? 😅

      1. Theo play Sappho

        No to super league

      2. Katie Gransden

        Rip football

      3. Ruth KL

        #notosuperleague 💔

      4. OcEleven

        @R9EDITZ facts

      5. Paulo Novo

        I absolutely do not support the whole idea but imagine if it would have been the other way around and the clubs start forbidding their players to go to the World Cup in Qatar for example since it's the ultimate proof of corruption in the FIFA 🤣 Remember that clubs can't be forced to let their players go to the respective national teams since they have to pay the players and take all the risks if those players get injuries 😉 imagine if the FIFA can't get the hole money from Qatar because the clubs refuse to let their players go to the National team 😂😂😂

    2. Sanjeev Ingalagi

      Just to be the germany national team Manger?? The ignorance is baffling. The german national team Manger is the most respected position in germnay only next to the chancellor. English fans just live in there own world don't they ?

    3. Delano Jones

      Both UEFA AND The super league can work together

    4. Delano Jones

      Well the thing is that it can be beneficial being that most clubs are in a financial dilemma UEFA just sees the super league as a threat and so they are being petty about it

    5. RocketRiderYT

      Did say anything about the fa cup

    6. Diulo Ngambele


    7. Manish Dasila

      *Debts of the 12 founding members of ESL* 1. Chelsea (€1.51bn) 2. Tottenham (€1.28bn) 3. Barcelona (€1.173bn) 4. Real Madrid (€901m) 5. Inter Milan (€630.1m) 6. Man Utd (€528.6m) 7. Atletico Madrid (€494.2m) 8. Juventus (€458.3) 9. Liverpool (€272m) 10. Man City (€200m) 11. AC Milan (€151.8m) 12. Arsenal (€125.4m)

      1. Diulo Ngambele

        @Manish Dasila 🔵🔵🔵🔵⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️🔵🔵🔵

      2. Manish Dasila

        @Diulo Ngambele It's All Football Drama Beagin 😂all clubs left 😂

      3. Diulo Ngambele


    8. Singh Ranjeet

      Basically all great team fixtures will loose their prestige.They are just doing it for the casuals. Perez himself is destroying Real

    9. Theo play Sappho

      Matt forgot about the daily news because he was shocked by the super league news 😂😂😂

    10. Hari Haran

      I'm sorry Matt, you are wrong, Elclasico is Elclasico even without cr or Messi in it.

    11. David_Durinac

      Guys time to switch clubs and go support a Bundesliga or Ligue 1 club

    12. Aby Paul

      What is wrong with uefa format now?

    13. Prodator


      1. Prodator

        @Diulo Ngambele Yes we won it chelsea is out of the super league

      2. Diulo Ngambele

        CHELSEA FOREVER!!!!!!!

      3. Diulo Ngambele

        CHELSEA LEFT LETS GOOOOO!!!!!!!🔵⚪️⚪️🔵⚪️🔵🔵🔵🔵⚪️⚪️🔵

    14. Asha Gupta

      In my opinion, Mourinho should go to Bayern Munich

      1. Diulo Ngambele

        Bayern Aren’t struggling while Juve are

      2. Diulo Ngambele

        Nah he would go to Juve

    15. Em Frisch

      If there is a super league, every other team that is not in the league will be broke.

    16. Polat Kilic

      Do you Guys know the dream league soccer game on your phone that's what it is nlw.

    17. slim baby

      West Ham to win the league😂💔

    18. mbos4115

      Fully support the Super League. I think that is how the premier league got started anyway.

      1. mbos4115

        It takes time to adjust the rules, it doesn’t all happened over night. And why are people so certain that the club will move it’s location? They never confirmed that.

    19. Sarvesh K

      I think Hansi Flick want to win World Cup 2022 with German National Team. He have won everything there is to win at club level and I know he have won world cup as assistant coach for German NT but I think he wants to win it on his own as a head coach.

    20. love Islam

      No matter which club we support we all have to unite to stop the super league to start. We can't let football completely changed by the 12 egotistical owner of the 12 clubs taking part in the super league

    21. Rocr Raxe

      #StoptheSuperleague #Saynotothesuperleague



    23. NIKOLAI More

      This video is surprisingly short involving what's happening , Whats happening in the footballing world right now ✌️✌️🙇IMAGINE LALIGA WITHOUT BARCA , R madrid & ATLETICO😓😓🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️ imagine the Premier League without Man city , Liverpool, TOT,chealse , man Utd & Arsenal🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️ basically the teams that made those leagues what they are, but guys UEFA is shady too lookin pretty SUS MY WORRY IS I WONDER WHAT LIONEL MESSI THINKS and other players

    24. GDMSsam

      Does anyone remember that Upamecano is joining Bayern once the transfer window opens? Completely slipped under the radar and know one is talking about it.

    25. shakiel smith

      Where has the power rankings gone? 😪😪😪😪

    26. Adam Simpson

      Personally, I'd have waited until after the EFL Cup final and sack him if he lost that and if not, then he goes at the end of the season

    27. Kuro

      Having to see a Derbys week in week out for example El Clasico every 2 weeks makes it lose the purpose of a derby or rivalry

    28. Phyao

      This is the most intense 24 hours of my life

    29. Tugboat

      #boycott the super league

    30. Jitin Nair

      #notoeuropeansuperleague Just suspend all their games amd let others only play Fans should spam hastags in club accounts,stop supporting them ,stop watching their games,question players and managers silence on it

    31. ᴇ.ᴅ.

      why did this shit have to happen on my golden birthday 😭😭😭

    32. austin mbuvayesango

      Uefa is not fifa by the way

    33. vijju k

      Simple - make the super league only for legends aged 40+ 😊

    34. Moe Caesar

      In 10 years all of these ESL team will be playing in the U.S.A due to lack of fans!!!

    35. HotMetalPoint

      I don’t get it. Why does everyone not want this “super league” to happen. Like what’s the problem with it? Personally I would love to see Bayern v Madrid one week then Bayern v Barca the other week. I just want to understand what’s the big deal with this.

    36. Isaac the Best

      make the super league once every 4 years starting this year it would be cool

    37. Dominic Kläsgen

      There is no BUT!!!!!

    38. BizzR YT

      TO ALL FANS : No matter who you support, your rivals or what your opinions are... WE NEED TO STAND UP!! United by the one thing we all love! THIS IS OUR GAME!, PASSION creates foundations, built upon EMOTION and kept alive by LOYALTY. We are being betrayed by the billionaires pulling the strings. We are NOT puppets! This cannot happen! The death of English football, the epicentre and the most watched sport in the world!! WE CANNOT ALLOW IT TO BE DESTROYED BY FAT CATS IN THIER TALL TOWERS!! LIKE THIS COMMENT IF YOU AGREE

    39. Fluffy McFluff

      Im convinced we have just snapped into an alternate reality

    40. Katie Gransden


    41. Katie Gransden

      What I thought was crazy is that Klopp knew about it when everyone did wouldn’t the owners tell the boss?

    42. Just AJ

      This just will ruin the thrill of watching giants clash. We look at the champions league with PSG vs Bayern and the build up that had, even domestic games like Manchester Derby’s and Classico’s.

    43. Gabriel Ranieri

      Mourinho should have had the rest of the season imo

    44. Langz Mjali

      I honestly feel like people are over reacting. The super league isn't the death if football, it's the birth of something new 🏃

    45. Peter Deutsch

      Mourinho allegedly got sacked because he didnt want to play the super league. If that's true my respect for this man has grown alot.

    46. Aceariel

      Some correction needed Naggelsman plays like Jose and he is his idol, and he got sacked for not supporting esl as per his morning argument with spurs #truefootballlegend

    47. Akshiv Kumar

      I am happy that Jose is against this super league and had the guts to say to spurs thats why they sacked him a true footballing legend

    48. Harsh Singh

      ESL IS BULL Shi*t

    49. Rency Mathews

      Football is not a game , it is turned to greed . - ME 2021

      1. OneFootball English

        I think football turned to greed a LONG time before 2021 hahah

    50. Jerko cuyt

      I think the europin is super leuge and disgraceful for the small clubs and 2 I am not egt someone against the climate or something to hustle but the flying is not yellow for gzt milue I am doing like they almost every week have to fly to catar us etc I think it's a shame for football and had to make it in 10 years or so she ok nice concept but the pestate already in the grim lie the scary that these is more money for the rich clups

    51. Jefferson Z

      All players that enter the league will be banned from the world cup. Benzema: And this affects me how?

    52. Genesis TV

      When a neymar news is the most normal thing of the Last 7 days lmao

    53. UltimationDABestRA

      Imagine how OP Germany is gonna become if Jurgen Klopp joins them XD

    54. Kositar75

      I can't believe Liverpool is doing this. You'll walk alone if you do this... I am not following them into that greed monster.

    55. Flossy

      I don’t understand why people are so bent about this. Fifa is butt hurt that they aren’t gonna get a piece of the pie. Last time I checked football is a free sport to play and if teams want to create a side league they have every right too. This wouldn’t effect smaller teams if football fans just support the sport in general, I.E watch games of smaller teams, buy merchandise, etc. the current financial model isn’t sustainable and the big clubs are trying make it work by creating a league full of the elites, I’m for one gonna watch every game because every game is gonna be a banger, but I’m still going to watch the other league I enjoy and pick up new teams to support with my viewership and money. Have a nice day 😎

    56. mbarry 318

      It is destroying football

    57. Sankhadip Mazumder

      Super league could have been great had they kept the concept of relegation , where teams from their respective premiere division could qualify for the super league and likewise teams could get demoted from the super league to their respective premiere division. That way a hierarchical league tournament of super league , premiere division and second division could have co existed and all the competing clubs could have had the opportunity to generated more revenue. I fear the American businessmen might put football into the shitty NFL format where it's a closed competition . PS: I see people are applauding Bayern and PSG for their opposition towards super league . Well they have done it coz it's against their interests , it's not like they have turned into saints all of a sudden. Bayern uses draconian methods to suck out talents from Bundesliga and PSG funnels in so much cash that it makes their competitors nearly impossible to compete. Doing both would be hard in super league. They are in a happy state and hence unwilling to join the super league.

    58. Tone Mette Elstrøm Gunnerød


    59. Anupam Mondal

      Fuck this system , i hate cricket because of this , now this !!! " Capitalism will destroy every form of humanity for money " - Karl

    60. MATIME Mathabatha

      If it was up to me the European super league would be sometime during the off season as a short competition

    61. Evans Otieno

      This is a mess my favorite team Chelsea won't play in champions league, FA cup , league cup and Premier league . There also gonna ban the players who have joined it to play in Europe championship, world cup and olimpics i think this is stupid and Bayen ,PSG and Leipzig are clever to go agenst it #stopEuroSuperleague

    62. Ecek

      Plot twist: Mou went to DL and said: "I'm leaving after the season to Bayern" and DL was like "GTFO right now" xD

    63. Fabian Agolli

      The ESL is created by the boards of 12 clubs just to rause their budget with football the uefa now threated them just not to participate IDK man :/

    64. Carlos Trenkamp

      I Hope all the Teams of the superleague are forbidden to Play national and other international competitions. They distroy our Football. The Next think will be is that they will Play their Games in the US and China and the Emirates.... just throw them out and lets do a reset without Those Teams. Lets Keep our Football and let them play their soccer

    65. Anshul Singh

      No super cup

    66. Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV

      I think that the players against this should play for their national teams... it's not their fault 💔

    67. Nathan

      Spurs sacked Jose because of the ESL my respect for him 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈 Well done Jose

      1. Akshiv Kumar

        Yes 100 percent football legend

    68. Samuel

      Flick leaving is mainly down to the struggle with Hasan Salihamidzic

    69. IIT JEE

      Our life is only so short. Messi, Ronaldo playing against big teams is what we need❤️🔥😎. I'm all for it.

    70. Nathan

      Rollercoaster 24 hrs

    71. TshinavDuv

      This is destroying the game we all love

    72. IIT JEE

      UEFA couldn't even ban Man City for 2 years & you're saying they would kick out 12 giants! Nah man, not gonna happen

    73. Rishab Bantiya

      I actually don't understand how are Arsenal and Tottenham are a part of The ESL. This doesn't make sense. If arsenal and Tottenham are allowed them Leicester and Everton should be allowed too. Especially Not Tottenham Hotspur. They would simply collapse at the highest level. Weak mentality. Arsenal Can't even afford to pay their players and have to loan and buy outcasts from their rivals. Tottenham Have always been shit. It's in the history of Tottenham And Arsenal. Instead just go with top 4 teams from the top 5 league play eachother once In month.

    74. Adam Hassan


    75. Abdullaahi Ahmed

      Ryan Mason Spurs Coach 😎😎😎😎👏👏👏👏

    76. Lena Seidel

      The bigger reason Hansi wants to leave is that he's been very restricted by the sporting director and it's reached a level where he's done, unfortunately

    77. Jeremie Auguste

      Football life matter⚽️✊

    78. Hello My Friend

      If super league made the small clubs to join then it would be better. Because now there is no way that super league will be stopped.

    79. Brendon McKenna

      The super league looks fucking boring to watch the same matches every single year

    80. Saranya Reddy

      UEFA MONEY VS ESL MONEY . Just take u r time n think guys y UEFA is saying players cant play in world cup is a black mail so they will fight with there club . If these big teams leaves pl will not hav money they will lose n series n laliga as well . So its money vs money situation. Everything is money but esl rules r harsh. I love esl idea but they r disadvantages . UEFA says we care about fans why r they starting conference league only to make more money across europe

    81. Princeps

      creating an elite League without giving other teams the possibility to join it is a wrong thing but certainly Uefa and Fifa are no better than them .. they want to create an NBA style model but Europe is not US .. in Europe sport it is not only a question of business but it is also tradition and rivalry .. for fans the National Leagues will always be more important than any Super League! for example, as a Lazio fan I consider the most important match Lazio-Roma rather than Lazio-Real Madrid or Lazio-Man City LegenDJ

    82. rajnikant bhalavat

      Man this 24 hours were shitty crazyyyyy!!!!

    83. Manuel Cayetano Molico

      This is the most stupid and screwed propaganda I’ve ever heard about football 🤬

    84. Ojas Saran

      As a football fan, I just can't see UEFA giving endless rights to Oil Merchant Clubs like PSG and Manchester City by discontinuing with the FFP. I mean, UEFA is unable to limit the oil money being used for transfers to establish billion dollar squads, UEFA is unable to stop racism, UEFA is unable to keep a check on the integrity of the spirit of football. Some will come up saying heyyy how will a super league help in this cause? My friend, it is relatively easy for Oil Merchants to compete in Knockout tournaments with a billion dollar squad whereas ESL will surely be well guided by strict FFP laws as clubs themselves are executing this plan. However, I'm also not in the favor of European Super League and instead those top 12 clubs could have simply resigned from the UEFA committee as a silent revolt. This whole project is one greedy bread but I'm glad someone took the matter in their own hands to teach UEFA a lesson. Please like this comment and help it to reach Matt. No one is talking about these points, it's really important for Matt/Angelina to discuss it with everyone so PLEASE do whatever with this comment just make it visible to Matt/Angelina!!!!

    85. Peace FC

      my day went from spectacular to horrific as Leicester made the finals but I later heard the super league news

    86. Jude Hill

      ESL is terrible. Completely detracts from the footballing principle of qualifying by merit for every competition. Why? Because the american owners don't understand it. Simple as that, its a disgrace.

    87. e

      Me and my boys all hate the super league 😎

    88. Mihailo Mitic

      You didnt upload for 1 day and i was questioning what the hell is happening 😂

    89. future Footballer

      As an Arsenal I want to be up there with the top teams but not like this. For me you have to earn it. you get excited when you see two great teams Play against each other. Seeing that every week would get boring.

    90. Hasif Bin Saeed

      As a Liverpool fan I think the FA should not budge The league can go on with the likes of Burnley and palace Take all these "big six" down to the national League where they might learn some humility. As a fan I'll stick with the club until it can get back up and I think most true football fans will do the same. The only fans that are supporting this is the one's that won't stick through.

    91. Wedz Toussaint

      0:23 lol some fifa shit😂😂😂

    92. Ventus _

      How can you, as a fan, not be outraged by this??? You even seem quite happy wtf?

      1. OneFootball English

        Because I wasnt screaming and shouting on camera? Im upset, but I also dont wanna ruin the video haha

    93. Ghost David

      Too much football news in 24 hours jesus

    94. Elijah

      Rip football

    95. Lior

      No wonder Italian clubs wanted to get out of UEFA, look, at Italy here; they don't even look 1:06 like a boot 👢 1:06 LMAO

    96. 4SHK4N 666

      It feels like a nightmare... mesut ozil's tweet says it all

    97. Juan Fenandez Valencia

      Matt this superleague is shit It has 15 teams that no Matter how well they do are gonna have a spot in this competition this is an act of pure selfishness on the champions league there were 32 teams and those places are given to teams that do well un their league whil in this superleague there are 15 that arent Up for question and there are only 5 places for other teams this is a fucking disgrace these clubs should be ashamed of themselves for being so selfish

    98. R7 Football

      I am genuinely disappointed by the sport I love most... football just died

    99. Adithya V

      I would love to see Hansi Flick as BVB's manager!!

    100. Guido Polonia

      Flick wanted to leave due to issues with management