SHOCKING Premier League Hall of Fame omissions!

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    With the Premier League finally establishing a Hall of Fame, the list of nominees to join Alan Shearer and Thierry Henry has been announced. The list includes the likes of Ian Wright, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard however some absolute legends are missing! With this in mind, Angelina runs through 10 of the best names that missed out including the likes of Manchester City's Vincent Kompany, Manchester United's Ruud van Nistelrooy and Chelsea and Arsenal star Nicolas Anelka!
    Check out who is in the Premier League list of players that fans can vote for!
    The list of requirements to be in the Premier League Hall of Fame:
    To be eligible for the 2021 Premier League Hall of Fame, players must have been retired by 1 August 2020 to be considered for induction. Only a player’s Premier League career is considered in their candidacy, not their performances in other competitions during the Premier League era.
    Players must have made a minimum of 250 Premier League appearances unless they have achieved any of the following milestones:
    Made a minimum of 200 Premier League appearances for one Club
    Been selected to any of the Premier League Team of the Decade or 20-Year Anniversary teams
    Won a Premier League Golden Boot or Golden Glove
    Been voted as Premier League Player of the Season
    Won three Premier League titles
    Scored 100 Premier League goals or recorded 100 Premier League clean sheets (GK only)
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    1. OneFootball English

      Which Premier League player do YOU think should be included in the next list of nominees? (Remember there are certain requirements!)

      1. Ephraim Vincent

        @Francisco Brennan Definitely, I've been watching on Flixzone for years myself :)

      2. Francisco Brennan

        A tip: you can watch movies on Flixzone. Been using it for watching lots of of movies recently.

      3. Singapore Football Fans

        This presenter and her Man United bias. Never a big fan of her. Seriously get someone who can remain neutral and show less bias. Matt is so much better.

      4. Nathan

        King Kun and King Kevin De Bruyne

      5. Nikolol 21

        Giggs, Agüero, Rooney, Berbatov, Yaya Touré, Evra, Čech, RVP, Van Der Sar and Gary Neville should all be in the shortlist.

    2. Samson Girmay

      Ryan Giggs and Gareth Barry

    3. Hemanth Manu

      Where is Steven Gerrard

    4. Ayushh Garg

      David silva , aguero , scholes , henry , gerrard - where r they

    5. Aldi Hanif

      Feels like other than Kompany, Yaya Toure, Cech these players are more of an underrated legends. No Hall of Famers for me. 🤚🏽🤚🏽

    6. a man george

      Rudd Van Nistelrooy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    7. draco gaming

      No Gerrard?


      A lot of Chelsea legends

    9. Ahmad Jiyaad17

      Lord Lingardinho and Phil Jones will be there

    10. Srt Silence

      Is it just me or do I see 3 lots of Micah Richards in the picture 1:36

    11. Joe Coe

      Gianfranco Zola?

    12. Singapore Football Fans

      This presenter and her Man United bias. Never a big fan of her. Seriously get someone who can remain neutral and show less bias. Matt is so much better.

    13. kadri erkal

      Kerem ereal 46

    14. Dr. LingLangYT

      fernandinho will be a player there one day

    15. Dr. LingLangYT


    16. Ignas Pukas122

      Van nistelrooy over Scholes your out your mind bruh

    17. Cormac Flynn

      I never knew Jamie carragher was a whole club 🤣🤣🤣

    18. Rohaan Haque

      2:25 , not one man club, one club man

    19. SindSim cZ

      He was a one man club😂😂 maybe one club man Angelina... for angry smurfs, ot is just a joke !!!😇

    20. Kasey Escape

      Your dark hair blends so well with your clothing, at first glance I thought you were a nun. I was like, why’s a nun made a video about football?

    21. soumik mukherjee

      RVN ❤️

    22. Dali Zulu

      Where's Matt 😐

    23. Mohammed Shuraim

      Where are the Goal Keepers?!

    24. Dennis Errikson

      Cech has retired technically that’s why he’s not nominated

    25. vijju k

      Yaya toure has to be in the list just for inspiring one of the greatest songs Yaya Yayaya Yayaya Yaya Toure Yaya...🕺🏻🕺🏻💃🏻

    26. Wedz Toussaint

      Okay lets be bias and put 5 man united players on the top 10 and ignore legends like drogba etc... this list is RIGGED!!!😂😂😂😂

    27. Sporting Director

      Unfortunately some are left out:(

    28. sam covington

      Er hello Ryan Giggs 13 Premier League titles that's nearly half of the Premier League season

    29. Tim

      Torres? Makelele?

    30. Kim Prescott

      The great van persie

    31. Swisherodocus

      Aguero Salah Kane KDB David Silva Perhaps Van Dijk and Alisson if they stay for longer AMD DON'T FORGET TREBLE WINNING ZLATAN!!!!!! lol

    32. Megat Fadzli

      Where is gerard

    33. Michael Kebede


    34. Ivan Cronje

      I can't wait for Phill Jones to be in the hall of fame

    35. Ramswarup A.K

      You shoulda retired on or before 2008 to be inducted in the hall of fame this year, what a stupid post

    36. Arin Singh Kaushal

      I can understand others but how can the ignore petr chec, yaya, Gary and Vincent.

      1. James Gayfer

        @Genius M they didn't ignore keane lol

      2. Genius M

        Roy Keane

    37. AJD

      Arsenal doesn't have balls now but they had Seaman in the past

    38. kinggalexandre

      Love Angelina

    39. Infinite 135

      Kompany overrated

    40. Corey O’Hanlon

      Carragher?!?!?!? Watch him he is only a loyal b tec John terry

    41. Ene Nõlvak-Donohoe

      2:26 One-man-club? I think you mean One-club-man, Angelina.🤣

    42. Human Beings R Thinking Beings

      ESL aside Kane getting POTY with 0 Trophies Theres no Corruption in Football 😂

      1. Shine banana

        @Human Beings R Thinking Beings were you dropped on your head?

      2. Human Beings R Thinking Beings

        @Divyansh Ahuja Harry Kane This Season - 0 Titles,0 Cups,No Top4,most goals come against Small Clubs Player of the Year - Harry Kane Summary - No Corruption,Bias in Football 😂

      3. Thor Odinson

        Good things it's player of the year and not team of the year clown

      4. Divyansh Ahuja

        He is 7th highest goal scorer in pl history at the age of 27

    43. Tewodros Gedefaw

      gianfranco zola where is he?????

    44. Andrej Bekan

      Yeah no, they do not like city players do they 😂

    45. Loren

      What about Cristiano ronaldo ????

    46. Kevin Rodrigues

      Fifa should 100000000000000% make a "World Football Hall of Fame" so that they can include Pele, Maradona, Zidane, Messi, Ronaldo, etc. Plus they should make a building with the most iconic trophies, jerseys, and moments. Getting excited just thinking about it.

    47. Kees Jansma

      Why aren't Giggs and Rooney in the premier league hall of fame

    48. HYSTERIA 0161

      Don't see the problem really it's only just started. Most of these will end up in it. Kompany Aguero D.Silva will get their place eventually.

    49. Starbucks Coffee

      Carragher shouldn’t be in, never won the premier league Liverpool have hardly done anything in the premier league except last season

    50. Statistically Improbable Twat

      Man United aren’t called the Reds, that would be Liverpool.they’re called the Red Devils

    51. Steven

      It’s a disgrace. It’s a fu**ing disgrace. Didier Drogba was not included

    52. Filip Vranesevik

      You missed Ljunberg, Pires, Evra

    53. Oro Ji

      Cr7 has to be

    54. Sajjadu Zzaman

      where is matt

    55. Victor Lucas Olufayo

      Giggs? 🤷

    56. Pranav Chavare

      2:27 one man club , happens to all

    57. S C

      Sami Hyypia, such an underrated and consistently world class defender

    58. homestar52

      2:25 Anyone else notice Angelina said "One man club" instead of "One club man"? 😂😝

      1. Keren Liila


      2. Prosper Omiponle

        @Adrian Keelson that’s not what she meant. That’s a different concept. A one man team is someone who can do it all while a one club man is a player who’s loyal to one club.

      3. Adrian Keelson

        It's called one man club/ one man team

      4. _Official_ Royalty


      5. Genius M


    59. Horatio hornblower

      They have to be really top not for hall of fame not just in a team

    60. Slikz Is like

      No Le Tissier. Guy was one of the greatest players in the Premier League and definitely deserves a spot.

      1. Peter Edeoghon

        Terribly underrated

    61. Akshay Babu

      The bias is real.

    62. 13 AAHAV YADAV

      jamie carrigher is one man club - angelina

    63. Akhil Sadasivam

      There should be hall of fames for other leagues as well. Especially Serie A with legends like Nedved Del Piero Pirlo Desailly Toldo Seedorf Zambrotta etc.

      1. SonnyBlack97 Black

        @Ryan Cahill totti, inzaghi, schewtschenko, Kaká

      2. Ryan Cahill

        Platini buffon maldini baresi gullit van basten it goes on

    64. ghostt21

      🇹🇹 will never forget or forgive Peter Crouch🤬

      1. ghostt21

        Nope not for us 😭 we needed VAR back then, you know how epic that would have been for us to draw with the mighty 3 lions and zlatan in one our first WC.

      2. Jonn Stewart

        Lol tht goal was amazing

      3. Peter Edeoghon


    65. Jaka Jeršin


    66. Declan Nicholetos

      Came in at 39 mins

    67. Assassin Gamer

      Aguero Hart David Silva KDB and Zabaleta will be there one day

    68. Jack Lynch

      Rooney surely gets in next year

    69. Jayson Laor

      im sorry but i cant wrap my head on how has ryan giggs not make the nominees and not even this top 10 list. He won 13 league titles over 600 appearances, over 100 goals and 150 assists. Just how tf is not been mentioned

      1. Jayson Laor

        @Zakariya Asmall oh ok

      2. Zakariya Asmall

        It's because he is been charged with assault by British police

    70. Ezorelle

      Imagine having a gf like Angelina who loves football mate I'm never dumping her

    71. LM 10

      2:27 'One man Club' ??

    72. Ronnie Kiven

      Where the hell is Ronaldo

    73. unun septium

      How many Spurs fans want Sol Campbell in the HOF?

    74. Lee Henry

      Ryan Giggs is the most decorative player in Premier League history, can't believe he didn't make the list.

      1. Arshia Motazedian

        @G A Yes I know what the hall of fame is

      2. G A

        @Arshia Motazedian do you know what ball of fame is?

      3. Arshia Motazedian

        @Hubba Bubba it shouldn't matter

      4. Hubba Bubba

        he couldn't because of some outside of football stuff

    75. Sijan Thapa

      2:26 one man club😆😆

    76. Lewis Bates

      Some players aren't in there because to be in there the player had to retire before 2008

    77. Blocksters Inc

      Chelsea legend Ramires, the most underrated player in the world. He has soooooo much speed and energy and was very good for Chelsea. Same for Eto’o

      1. Anjali Yadav

        Even Essin is also a legend ti blues

    78. munny omoh

      Angelina good job again 💞 you from Kenya

    79. Ilyan ɯᴉʞɐɥ

      Wayne Rooney should be there

    80. ARYAN JHA

      where is park ji sung ?

    81. abbey spice fan 2007

      Is this hall of fame through out the premier league history or in the last decade?

      1. OneFootball English

        Since 1992. Loads more we could have listed too, like Solskjaer, Nigel Martyn, Steve McMananman, etc.

    82. J

      One man club ?? Or one club man

    83. Lol Gamer

      Do a video on the top ten clubs best possible summer transfer

      1. Lol Gamer

        Most likely According to Finances Fitting in the team Quality And all together

    84. ScouseGamerAndy

      “One man club”.......🧐

    85. #the_ Dream

      Angelina always gives us the best vibes💕

      1. Luka Paunovski

        @Ahyan Amin ugh

      2. Ahyan Amin

        No Matt is better

      3. Nongency Stalker


    86. The Poltical One

      Chech is still registered as a player for Chelsea........

    87. Ivar Voorel

      Anelka says most toxic was in .... RMadrid, because of fans and media how ungrateful they are or something, in documentary can find out more 8

    88. Nefe Jefia

      Robin Van Persie wasn't included too

    89. Christiano Pulinaldo

      Petr cech > Van nistelrooy Even tho they played different positions, one was clearly better than the other

      1. Peter Edeoghon

        Especially his first two seasons, but if ruud stayed longer he would've definitely been in the hof

    90. Aaron C

      As a Trinidadian fk peter crouch. The one time we were in the WC, England struggled and Peter crouch scored by pulling someone's hair. I will never see him as a legend.

    91. Arghya Dogra

      When I saw Peter Crouch was the one this video started with I stopped watching it any further.

    92. The Realistic Animator


    93. Mark Hadden

      There needs to be more players from teams lower down in the table like Defoe, Gareth Barry ect.

      1. Mark Hadden

        @OneFootball English oh fair enough didn’t know they had to be retired

      2. OneFootball English

        Defoe isn't retired but I'm sure he will be included once he does!

    94. S

      Agüero, Salah, David Silva, and Bruno will be there one day.

      1. S

        @Philip Kane and KDB and Bruno (and Lingard) everybody will vote him

      2. Philip

        Kane and KDB but not Bruno

      3. MrPotato King

        @S yeah Kane is really good

      4. S

        @MrPotato King Yeah, him and Kane too

      5. MrPotato King

        Bruno? What about kdb?

    95. Bolu Saka

      99th like

    96. ronaldohazardmessiha nobux

      do you think werner is just getting to the premier league and tuchel is playing him to get better?or is gonna be loaned to get better

      1. Sidharat Mohanty

        Don't loan him or else he will become #phil Coutinho

    97. CWE

      No one remember Cech was registered as a player after the 2020 deadline

      1. OneFootball English

        He didn't play for the first team and was a non-contract player due to COVID 19 so I thought all things considered we will keep him in here 🙂

    98. Keketso Ntsoeu

      One club man

    99. Football Days

      Kompany and wont be here because the prem said he has to be retired since August 2020

      1. Divyansh Ahuja

        He retired in mid august 2020. Not sure if that counts or not

    100. Rocr Raxe

      Hi Onefootball . I think Vincent Company , Cech should be there

      1. sergio aguero

        Cech was registered as Chelsea's 3rd keeper