Ronaldo wants Juve EXIT + Nagelsmann AGREES Bayern switch!

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    On Today’s OneFootball Daily News…Julian Nagelsmann agrees to leave RB Leipzig and become the new Bayern Munich manager, Cristiano Ronaldo could return to Manchester United if Juventus fail to reach the Champions League, Real Madrid want to keep Martin Odegaard in their first team for next season, Arsenal could be bought by former legends and Spotify found Daniel Ek, plus a transfer round-up!
    0:00 Headlines
    0:19 Nagelsmann is the next Bayern Munich manager
    2:33 Ronaldo to depart from Juventus?
    4:48 Real Madrid to keep Odegaard
    6:11 Arsenal takeover bid
    7:17 Transfer/news round up
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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    1. OneFootball English

      IT'S OFFICIAL: Julian Nagelsmann will be the Bayern Munich manager next season! Who should be his first signing?

      1. Ezorelle

        Sell Gnabry and Koman

      2. Adam Runager

        Kick bouna sarr off the team and sign a rb and a midfielder

      3. Devesh Mittal

        A Center Back

      4. Harvey Barnes FC Acc


      5. Levi Ackerman

        @KSV Abhishek breaking news nagelsman joins spurs after KSV Abhishek said so

    2. Ethan Carnell

      No other bundersliga team are not allowed to have anything good 😒😒😒😒

    3. Mîkëy

      Ronaldo shud go to Dortmund !!! 😂😂😂

    4. Sean Hangaika

      Nagelsman knew what he was doing when he gave bayern Upamacano😂

    5. Ahmad Abdulla Murad Yousuf Altaheri

      Pirlo out Allegri in Bring back Allegri >:(

    6. Aditya Shrotriya

      Poaching players and now manager also

    7. Aditya Raut

      Ronaldo 😅😂

    8. 41 SUDIP SARKI

      CR7 returnin and winnin Champions League will be a fairytale endin for his career

    9. skarsツ

      Ødegaard is gonna be the Lucas piazon of Real Madrid just watch

    10. Rishab Bantiya

      Penaldo is finshed

    11. Rishab Bantiya

      Matt you are the only option tottenham have for a manager!!1 Tottenham are finished other wise

    12. Ed Chavez

      upemacano and nagelsmann will go to Bayern it’s been confirmed

    13. Ahas Iikuyu

      if man utd sign cr7 it will be a hell of a deal as it will bring income into man utd

    14. ExecutionerYt 96

      I think taht if they took over arsenal they should have thierry henry and patrick vieria to be joint head coach

    15. Prajjwol Timilsina

      Heard a lot of Shit-talking form some weirdos that Ronaldo is conquering football across Europe after moving to Juventus, Guess what He is a flop . If some weirdos do wanna argue ,Argue this , if you turn a Champions league finalists and World beaters into an average team in the Serie A , are you a conquerer or a Flop?

    16. Christophe Oosterwijk

      I think Bayern will sign most of the best players in Germany

    17. kriis kriis

      am not fighting Ronaldo but no return to mufc we need younger players.

    18. David Rilhas

      Please please please it's not that bad to say SPORTING CLUB DE PORTUGAL 😂

    19. Aceariel

      Why are hyping a defensive style manager nagelsmann that shut down attacks all the time in all games as an attacking manager and by the way there is no difference nowadays between a defensive playstyle or offensive playstyle all teams defend as a whole when they defend and attack as a whole when they attack, hence all the managers play neither defensive nor offensive playstyle its just football collectively on both ends but you need to follow basic principles on both ends with proper players that will win you games.

    20. ale 24

      Wooooow Nagelsmann

    21. Feet Doritos

      If you are good enough then you’re old enough? Matt you good?

      1. OneFootball English

        You've never heard that saying before? It's legendary in the EPL haha

    22. yoface mnbbbvvcc

      Ronaldo to PSG

    23. Guido Polonia

      I love how Bayern just announces managers and players to spite English teams.

    24. Deans David Nyathi

      Thank God it's Mack ...ii was about to skip the vid 😅

    25. Atinder Singh

      Ronaldo in the europa loool that would be bloody brilliant 🤣

    26. Teo Dare

      please can you stop saying Sporting Lisbon, its Sporting Club de Portugal

    27. Owen Williams

      Do you know that the most expensive womens player ever cost 25 times less that nagelsmann will cost bayern. MIND. BLOWN. 🤯

    28. NDL

      Ngl as man u fan i want Ronaldo but Neymar,Ronaldo,Mbappe would be soo good and would want them to play together especially Neymar and Ronaldo because of Barca and Real

    29. Arsh Pervez

      Bundesliga has real potential for becoming best and most talented and most powerful League of Europe... but only Bayern and max to max Dortmund thing destroys this league ... it’s quite predictable that 98%Bayern will win 2%Dortmund win that’s just SICK!

    30. Sean Higgins

      its sad that bayern can just take all the rest of the leagues best players and manegers

    31. Rasheed Rose

      So Ronaldo to United No more penalty for Bruno😂

    32. JohnSmithKing

      Sporting Clube de Portugal. Not Lisbon.


      Arsenal is done

    34. Kamogelo Mamba

      Real should stop messing around with Odegaard, honestly speaking he could've catapulted to the heights of Mbappe and Haaland had they played him from his early youth.

    35. P Hrishikesh

      Im pretty sure that if Ronaldo joins United, then our fanbase would be doubled. Maybe not Everywhere but Im pretty sure that will be the case in India.

    36. Mateo El crack

      You didn’t mentioned that Neymar released his skin in fortnite

      1. Mateo El crack

        @OneFootball English OMG You responded!!!!!!

      2. OneFootball English

        Because that is not football news haha

    37. Zidane HD

      Me taking the "if youre good enough youre old enough" thing out of context 😂

      1. Double 13


    38. FM Stegen

      finally Kronkie is going

    39. the juan and only juan

      His new challenge was to make Juve worse.

    40. Kelvin

      So Spurs sacked Mourinho thinking they would get Nagelsman?? They've bottled it as usual.

      1. Kelvin

        @OneFootball English Now, they can't even get Rodgers. What exactly have Spurs gained from sacking Jose?

      2. OneFootball English

        No I dont think so, it was just rumours. There's been no concrete evidence of them even talking to Leipzig...

    41. soumik mukherjee

      Anothe clickbait title

      1. soumik mukherjee

        @OneFootball English Ronaldo I'm United fan I wanted hint join but this saga going on for years now dream return to United but never gonna happen

      2. OneFootball English

        Which bit is clickbait?

    42. Denzel Lima

      This is Daily news 😉🔥

    43. TCM City

      The fact Ronaldo is older than Nagelsman

    44. SK - 08KJ 762349 Roberta Bondar PS

      As a Man City if United actually do sign CR7 and Liverpool sign Suarez we WILL HAVE TO sign Messi. Personally of course I want him to reunite with Pep but it would be a shame to see Messi not playing for the Balaugrana. Butw I think just for the safety of his childhood club he should leave, so that Barca are more financially sustainable

      1. Mrdigbears

        True true but Messi has a contract he didn’t sign it yet but who knows

    45. Cool Josh and Cool Pheba

      Matt I love that you keep a topic related to the last one. Talking of...

    46. Kaustav Borgohain

      If you are good enough you are old - Matt 2021

    47. NBR X LØFT

      Real Madrid the President already said there not bring him back 😂

      1. NBR X LØFT

        @OneFootball English yasss

      2. OneFootball English

        Yep, we know! So thats why Man United is a possibility!

    48. Rafayet Hossain Rafat

      I think it is high time Cristiano Ronaldo should move to sporting Lisbon.

    49. Hillol Brahma

      y r u getty so hyped up...I know it's Ronaldo bt y do we need another old player when we should go for Younger talents like Halaand Sancho etc.. don't forget its the Glazer's plan to trick us n we will have the same season like we had where Managers don't get what he asked for n on that season the manager gets sacked its the trick of Glazers with every not fall these trap again......#glazersOUT #OLE_IN

    50. Sankhadip Mazumder

      If spotify takes over arsenal then I want them to play the *Coffin Dance* music in the stadium every time arsenal concedes 😂

      1. Capy_rocket_CR

        Never gonna give you up When they score 2 make it too 5-1 too there opponents

      2. Ayush Sharma


      3. alves kiki

        Not for sell

      4. Mark apolo

        You crazy 😂

      5. KadeLiverpool__

        Should right now, clubs in the grave anyway

    51. Ryan

      Guys, we shouldn't forget the fact that Dortmund also get Klopp, Tuchel, and Rose from Bundesliga teams. In the end, it's no different; and this statement comes straight from a Dortmund fans.

    52. Eazy E N.W.A King

      Odegaard should really leave madrid look at what happened to marcos llorente he moved from real to atletico no one gave a shit even thought if he moved to rival clubs and he went from being a defensive midfielder to a midfielder/striker getting double figure nearly for both goals and assists

    53. Sankhadip Mazumder

      Odegaard has a lot to blame on himself , he didn't prove enough . When you're playing for arsenal (no disrespect intended) there's not much evaluation of your skill set and temperament . He wasn't good enough to demand a first team place week in week out over modric or kroos apart from the first few games and then ended up getting injured. The striking thing about him is that he doesn't endure steep competition , he is happy to play for arsenal , finish 6th than fight for his position in Real Madrid and achieve serious trophies . Valverde , Vini , Rodrygo .. everyone had a bad patch , none wanted to run away . That's something to ponder about odegaard

    54. SneaX

      Ronaldo to old trafford? My dreams are coming true GGMU

    55. Theo play Sappho

      I think one of the reasons nagelsman joined Bayern because upamecano agreed to join Bayern in the summer

      1. C.O.U.S

        😂😂 no He is Born in Bayern and is a Big Bayern fan

    56. Roary

      Madueke is a baller , he deserves a bigger club

    57. Adithya Raj M

      Bayern getting bored after buying the best players in the league and going after the managers to mix things up😂

      1. Barun Hazard

        Lol every teams buys best players . Upamencano was having many choices but he chooses Bayern . Spurs were also trying to take nagleesman but he also chooses Bayern that’s not Bayern fault . Every club will try to make their team best

    58. Samuel Mason

      German football fans keep saying the Bundesliga is not a farmers league. It is down right a farmers league because A. One club is financed like a machine B. Clubs surrendering their biggest assets in terms of managers and players to the big dog Bayern Munich

      1. jakob Legelli

        If only"farmers league" wasn't used to insult other leagues and their respective fans. Other than that, it's quite apparent that only few teams can compete to the premier league teams in terms of spendings and It's simply practical to buy players from your own league for apparent reasons


      Give some respect for the transfer Roundup Matt!! Why you shout all the headlines in the intro then just whisper "and the transfer roundup"... A bit of consistency please 😂😂 Just joking 👊👊


        @OneFootball English you sounded like supersonic Eminem there 😂😂

      2. OneFootball English

        I think I ran out of breath 😂

    60. Naazmul Hussain

      Bundesliga ❌ BayernLiga ✔️

    61. Alex

      Damn managers are pricey soon tm - Zidane for sale, 30mil!

      1. Taseen Al Rashid

        If anybody wants Zidane their gonna have to pay a lot more. I doubt we would ever sell him.


      Odegaard definitely going to stay at arsenal

    63. Sankhadip Mazumder

      *Bayern sabotages another bundesliga gem* Me : *Pretending to be surprised*

      1. Sankhadip Mazumder

        @Austin Ridderhoff wouldn't pressurise the immediate rivals in the league and make them loose all their gems and in doing so suck out the life out of german league . How about that

      2. Sankhadip Mazumder

        @No *heavily triggered* 😂😂

      3. Austin Ridderhoff

        so bayern want to “pressurize” in the champions league. got it 😂 think for a second bro. if you were bayern what would you do?

      4. No

        @Sankhadip Mazumder "Sankhadip Mazumder" ❌ "Clown 🤡" ✔️

      5. Sankhadip Mazumder

        @Austin Ridderhoff "compete" ❌ "pressurise" ✅

    64. Mylo B

      It’s a good thing he didn’t come to Spurs ! Tottenham Would ruin his career

    65. Vusi Junior

      Mans got a whole vibe 🔥😂😭😭

    66. Nicholas Kofi

      Ronaldo to Atletico Madrid

    67. João Farias

      Which "Youngest coach to..." records can Nagelsmann break?

    68. Tech Evolution

      I'll do the impossible to send Juve to Europa League. Then by calling Man United my home will prove my fans that I'm looking for new challange - Ronaldo

    69. Travis Godfree

      So disappointing that he is going to Bayern. He'll get some trophies but who cares? Its Bayern and the Bundesliga. No shade on the BuLi, i love watching the games but looking at the table, it goes from 2 down 🤷‍♂️

    70. Jaden Smith

      Farmers league

    71. Adi Mosaraf

      Fact: Manuel neuer is older than Nagelsmann 😂😂

    72. D. BARTL

      Sorry Spurs fans but Tottenham was never an option!

    73. Jayden Fisher NCFC

      Why does Matt pronounce RB Leipzig as Air B Leipzig?

      1. OneFootball English

        I think just being over here in Germany, you get used to pronouncing it the official German way!

    74. mohamed mustafa

      Let's get him 1m

    75. Recky

      Sarri to Roma is a good move

    76. Vartexx

      #215 ???

      1. Goose

        It's the 215th episode

    77. DuckInTheMud 10

      If ron moves to utd they would 100% win the league

    78. Samved Ojha

      You didn't mention Iheanacho's stunner!!

      1. Samved Ojha

        @OneFootball English Haha no problem !

      2. OneFootball English

        Sorry I forgot! Fantastic goal though

    79. Neel Mahajan

      I don't think Ronaldo should leave Juve. Yeah they have a bad midfield and old defence and all but he was always the man who faced any challenge he faced in his life. His legacy was built around these challenges. If he leaves Juve this legacy will be damaged. Btw, good work OneFootball ❤️

      1. Neel Mahajan

        @Vaibhav then why don't players(of top clubs) score hattrick in every game against small teams of the league?

      2. Neel Mahajan

        @Vaibhav How do you know? Maybe he would've played for PSG or ManU or Bayern

      3. Neel Mahajan

        @Vaibhav I love Messi but this fanboys don't if I argue fair

      4. Vaibhav

        @Neel Mahajan lol there's Messi who provides beautiful assists,scores even more elegant free kicks and gives pens to teammates who can't score,and gets hated on by pimp fangirls like you because he is just too good for Ronaldo

      5. Vaibhav

        @Neel Mahajan if Ronaldo wasn't in Serie A or Juve rn,this debate wouldn't be taking place because he would have faded into nothingness lol

    80. Tahsin Habibi, roll 2, NGTL


    81. Nana Yaw

      This is why people won't stop calling bundesliga the farmers league. Bayern literally steals all the talents and no one else can compete.

      1. Satwik Basu

        Look even if we don't buy these talents will go and join a PL club.So still the clubs will not be able to compete

      2. Schovanil

        premier league would be the same without investors with billions of money

      3. Ghazali

        Steals for €30 million?

      4. Its Elliot Btw


      5. Alek Wilkos

        Or maybe because mid-table teams from PL can afford best players from top Bundesliga clubs. Also, I wouldn't call the world biggest transfer "a steal".

    82. w8rlds

      That would be a dope transfer ngl

    83. DENMARK


    84. Ivailo Bumbovski

      Bayern buy all the best players and managers Bundesliga fanboys:This is why Bundesliga is the best league in the world

    85. Siyagcinwa Matsenjwa

      rb leipzig were knocked out by Liverpool not PSG

      1. OneFootball English

        Last season I was talking about

    86. Mohammad zain gamer

      Good video matt

    87. Tiger516funny

      With all the Invincibles and pundits and fans behind this. If Kroenke doesn't sell, it most certainly won't go down well at all. Edit: Lehmann is also behind it. :)

    88. Abhiram Pinninti

      IT'S official: bayern are gonna win the league for the next decade as well

      1. Skull

        @Chris Wolf mate just leave it you're a Bundesliga fanboy and you'll never accept the truth that it's a farmers league

      2. Simon Muller

        @Chris Wolf I agree.

      3. Simon Muller

        @Chris Wolf yaah I know right now bye.

      4. Chris Wolf

        @Simon Muller Bundesliga has the best teams look at last year's semi final there weren't any english,spanish or italian teams plus the Bundesliga has the best player in the world

      5. Chris Wolf

        @Simon Muller haha barca 2 bayern 8

    89. Schwifty

      Hopefully Roma treates Sarri woth the respect he deserves unlike Chelsea or Juve

    90. Shantanu Thakare

      Lewandowski 32 years old. Nagellsmann 33 years old. WOW

    91. Shakibul Hasan

      ronaldo officially took juve to another level

      1. Shakibul Hasan

        @Soulless Senpai i am not crying maybe you are

      2. Skull

        @Soulless Senpai I mean ain't a hater but what is he gonna do? He is just going to score goals and that's it, which isn't going to help juve at all

      3. Soulless Senpai

        @Skull just wait and watch hater. Just wait and watch.

      4. Skull

        @Soulless Senpai yeah in Europa league right? 😂😂

      5. Soulless Senpai

        Cry some more. Remember your hate gives him fuel. He is a tailsman and he performs when other collapse. He will bounce back. Mark my word

    92. S

      I thought Atletico had bottled it, but Milan have done it as well...

      1. Pseudonymus Dosh

        Wait what

      2. Fluffy McFluff

        Atleti and milan quite literally fucked it

      3. Rg g

        @Csokops #glazersout true

      4. Csokops #glazersout

        Milan have done much worse! At least Atletico will still in a Champions League spot🤦🏾‍♂️

    93. Ayush Kapali

      If Ronaldo moves to United then maybe finally he would find his dribbling skills back


        @Ayush Kapali ik lol

      2. Ayush Kapali

        @KING DEDEDEDEDE I've been hearing these ever since he reached 30


        Its just rumours utd r always linked to any players

    94. Br Uh

      Ronaldo in UTD jersey: Siuuuuu

    95. Anirban Ray

      Leipzig were knocked out by Liverpool not PSG

      1. Mnikelo Mkwa

        He meant last season

    96. Ryan Cherian

      Am I the only one who feels matts hair looks grey

      1. Ryan Cherian

        @OneFootball English HAHAHAHA

      2. OneFootball English

        Haha Im not that old yet! 😂

    97. Syahmi Suhardie

      So nagelsmann is following upamacano.. alright got it

    98. Spaceman James

      Ronaldo back to united would be one of the biggest fuck ups of all time

    99. haisam harshad

      wtf man i am so exited for ths

    100. Séñør Tåçø

      double daily?

      1. Séñør Tåçø

        @OneFootball English for some reason i missed yesterdays and thought it was todays and then saw this and was so confused 🤦

      2. OneFootball English