Real Madrid DESERVED El Clasico victory! + Man United BRILLIANCE!

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    On Today's Daily News... Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Man United show their quality in the 1-3 victory over Jose Mourinho’s Spurs, La Liga race intensifies after Real Madrid beat Barcelona 2-1 in El Clasico, Bayern to test Liverpool’s resolve with a move for Jurgen Klopp, a transfer round up plus Emoji Mondays!
    00:00 Headlines
    00:19 United do the business
    03:30 La Liga title race
    07:17 Klopp to Bayern?
    08:36 Transfer news
    09:07 Friday Feels
    09:33 Emoji Mondays
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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    1. OneFootball English

      Who will win La Liga?

      1. Jiten Ganwani

        @Notbruhify Aged well

      2. Jiten Ganwani

        @Elijah That aged well u dropped points we have one match in hand and if we win it we would be a point ahead of u and 2 point behind Atletico Madrid

      3. Scorpio


      4. Bradley Waweru

        I might be a Barca fan but I think Athleti will pull through and win laliga

      5. Tedd MK

        Real Madrid obviously!!

    2. Omer Dvir

      It’s a very fierce rivalry so people get angry when the real loses

    3. Asaph Grave

      Hey Matt thanks for man utd recognition and the news God bless

    4. Tedd MK

      Did Matt call Messi the best player in the world?!???💀

    5. Bafana Fakude

      Messi lingard, he did not just say that 😄, I like Matt

    6. English Corner Institute

      did mat really just say messi lingard I don't blame him I mean like he is on the highest level

    7. Mayur Gianchandani

      Really Matt, not like every PL club fan is super clean and doesn't chat shit or create fake accounts to hate and joke about Liverpool/Arsenal/Spurs/Chelsea/United, it's just what toxic fans do. Barca fans have been complaining for a while now, and onefootball had an article on the Refereeing decisions too, so maybe there's a disagreement going about? The recent article said there should've been 10 mins of added time instead of the 4 apparently, and some penalty decisions have been turned off or against Barca too, not saying refrees are paid by Madrid, but the bigger issue isn't just toxic fanbases but also European refereeing, also not everyone is so nice and sweet so to say that ppl gotta accept and move is just unrealistic

      1. OneFootball English

        Not saying there isnt toxic fans in the EPL either, they are absolutely everywhere! It just seemed to me that I saw fewer fans 'accepting' the fact that they didnt do enough to win the Clasico than in other games. But that just my opinion, and giving my opinion is my job here haha

    8. Aryan Arora

      I think Pogba was this weeks best player he didn't score but was phenomenal 🔥☺️

    9. Mathematics

      Pedri is so overrated

    10. Sean

      Athleti is gonna bottle the title lmaoo

    11. Carl Binns

      Not every foul is a card ... football getting so soft

    12. BalkanMontero

      I think it was deliberate, the flick of the hand seemed intentional and i cant figure out why otherwise u would flick your hand like that

    13. FIN

      Messi Lingardinho

    14. Domenic

      Basically ibrahimovic was disputing a foul and what I read is that he said something that in Italian sounds like bastard but it wasn’t actually. The ref thought he said bastard so he gave a red

      1. Domenic

        @OneFootball English they are appealing and looking at the video. The audio I think picked up what he said so it might take the 2 games away. But it’s the Italian federation, they don’t always listen to common sense

      2. OneFootball English

        Does that mean it will be taken back?

    15. Viktor Gustavsson

      Im kinda happy Barca lost cause that means the title race will be way more entertaining

    16. Sirk

      maybe bc its a rivalry, not some manchester derby where they end the game hugging

    17. Gene Quagmire

      6:05 El Clasico is just a modern front for a very old political and identity clash. It's way deeper than football.

    18. Gene Quagmire

      Pedri became a Bayern legend when I signed him in my last FM save. Good shout.

    19. Gene Quagmire

      1:53 It also didn't contribute to him getting space really, he had already beaten Son and Son was trying to hold him back.

    20. Ganpat Dhuri

      Messi Lingardinho

    21. Lesedi

      "Felleini to Totenham, absolute nonsense!"😂😂😂💔

    22. Noah Nash

      Klopp will never be the bayern manager

    23. Christophe Oosterwijk

      Son was racially abused online which just made it worse for Tottenham. This type of utter shit has got to stop and there will be a solution to it best player - messi lingard stuart dallas crazy moment - zlatan red card best result - barcelona 1-2 real madrid

    24. Mr. Wiktor

      VAR cannot be used, according to the FA rules, to give yellow cards which is bullshit because United got a card exactly that way this season already. A yellow card cannot be issued if a referee plays advantage or allows quick restart as well. No wonder English referees don't get asked to the UCL

    25. Joe Champion

      The foul wasn’t initially given and VAR can only award red cards, not yellows.

    26. scot mac

      Klopp isn't German, he's Scottish mate.

    27. scot mac

      Matt, is that Barcas new strip for next season????

    28. Sterling Hutton

      Madrid winning once they keep buying refs and var. Just like in el classico.

    29. Soumya Saha

      Italian refrees are basically nothing but cheats.

    30. Omarie Nelson

      As a Man United fan I'm really happy for Lingard even tho he's playing for West Ham.

    31. Ike Osborne

      another anti-barca video 🙌🙌one football

      1. Ike Osborne

        @OneFootball English barca win any game and yall say nothing but when they lose yall already have a video ready for upload

      2. OneFootball English

        HA! Please tell me where I was anti-Barca? Man these fans just cant take losing...

    32. rdfgg gghvdf

      The racial abuse that happened to Son was a disgrace 😐

    33. Elster 999

      I don’t support man united but mason greenwood was exceptional, he got 20 minutes to play and got and assist and goal in that time to win and they won 3-1. Why do people call him overrated again?

    34. Thomas Hall

      9:43 ‘Messi Lingard’ Nice play on words. Was that on purpose or was it just a slip of the tongue?

      1. OneFootball English

        Its on purpose haha I said it last week too

    35. Clem Goh

      VAR can't give yellow which is why he couldn't have been sent off for 2nd yellow. VAR can give straight red though

    36. DaMb3ast 117

      I liked everything that Matt had to say about El Classico. The man understands everything from how the game went to how fans comment and complain in social media. It was a sensational game with all the injuries and the type of weather.

    37. Robin Yangfo

      Tch...i was waiting for matt reaction since iam a man united fan..hihihi..great vids btw..

      1. OneFootball English

        I did react though ahha

    38. Aditya Srivastava

      Barca fans are only knows to say that referees are bribed by real

    39. Bruno Fernandes

      Not a foul but IF it is, then it’s a second yellow. VAR is so crap and inconsistent!

    40. Hugh Rabbett

      He low-key kinda looks like Ali-A

    41. Mo Hart

      I'm sorry but Pedri had a poor game

    42. Feboss 1246

      Player of the week should've been Stuart Dallas

    43. Jason Kirby

      4:11 2013 all over again. Hoping either Koman or Simeone lifts the trophy 😶

      1. Galactico 999

        Nope, no way

    44. Ugoh Charles

      Son a whole soldier can't stand a little tickle in the face, can he even stand a bullet

    45. Nefe Jefia

      Matt putting down Braithwaite was definitely funny 😂


      The difference with lamela against arsenal was lamela looked directly at teirney and then stuck his arm out

    47. Jephter Oyaro

      I also predicted real would have won 2-1😢😢

    48. Adam S. Timung

      Lingard hands down the most in form player in the Premier League right now

    49. Ayaan Singhai

      Do be honest didn't expect matt to see after the Spurs loss , anyway good to see him😂😂

    50. Darkcrow

      6:38 barca fans need to listen to this


      👏👏👏👏👏 no penalty for Barcelona

    52. thrus shy

      Laliga? Not entertained though Coz it's between real Madrid and barca same as always And we all know Athletico will bottle it I'll not be surprise if Athletico finish 3rd with more than 9points less from 2nd(barca/real) at the end of season

      1. ToxicGas Toc

        But the EPL has literally been dominated by city for the past 5 years

    53. AJD

      Saint Maximin deserves some recognition after that performance. He was absolutely unstoppable. Better than Lingard imo

    54. Safwan Abdi


    55. UV

      Just check any barca fan account, they are crying their fucking ass off

    56. Arav Luthra

      Mctominay didn't get a yellow card because on Gary Neville's Podcast, Gary said that the referee was told by the VAR officials that the contact was completely accidental. If it was intentional, he would've been sent off.

    57. Dante Ojediran

      Day 1 of asking for a OneFootball Team of The Season from every top 5 league at the end of the seasons

    58. Ancient knight

      The first goal should have been disallowed because if it was a defender it wouldn't have been allowed

    59. Undisputed ERA Uncensored

      Was it a penalty when Langlet barely grazed the back of icardi's heel by accident? In my eyes the mendy foul on Martin should have been given.

    60. fpl Light

      How are ya feeling Mark? Do you think your team will finish top 4 ?

    61. Ayushh Garg

      9: 43 - captions say messi lingard

    62. Nduvho Phophi

      Messi Lingard 🔥🤣

    63. ryan johnston

      ole gunner made the stupid comment about not feeding his kid if he acted like son hung min Jose was defending him and saying nothing wrong why dont you talk about oles offensive comment

    64. Princewill Madugba

      Imagine a boot to the head from tarkowski, not a foul, but a tap on the from mctominay is😒, terrible refs

    65. Majdy Danaf

      Messi lingard?😹😹😹 at least say lingardinho

    66. Dinoco Blue

      Don’t think we forgot about you guys disrespecting Navas 🧐

      1. Dinoco Blue

        @OneFootball English I’m just messing guys lol. Keep up the good content 😁

      2. OneFootball English

        We? 😹

    67. Xxayvier The Third

      But when Ramos Dived against us It’s A pen? 😭

      1. Leude 99

        just stop this please... Always talking bout the refs... Btw the most clear penalty in the past was Lenglet vs. Varane did you hear anything from Zidane?

    68. Pablo Irazoqui

      Definitely a penalti, no even reviewed

    69. Kenneth Banegas

      From a Real Madrid fan, I am scared of what Pedri could become. He is already good, what a talent.

      1. Kenneth Banegas

        @JSK well yeah phoden and sancho are ten times better than him, Bruh I cry when rm lose, wdym imposter. For his age he is doing well, but I aint saying he is the next iniesta chill. He might be good he might not. I really dont give a shit though.

      2. JSK

        And plus u r a imposter of calling urself a Madrid fan . Olny Barca fan could say all these stuff to that overrated kid.

      3. JSK

        He is just overeted kid phoden and Sancho are much better than him

      4. Jillian Doyle

        @Leude 99 it's football barca need to sell lmao

      5. Jillian Doyle

        @Usmank6144 like you using your brain

    70. Yahya Fares

      LaLiga > Prem Change my mind

    71. Xxayvier The Third

      Deserved win? Bullshit

    72. Luis Panjoj

      Thank you , I am a Barca fan but that was not a pen !!!!

    73. Just AJ

      I’ve done some referee work and completed some courses in the FFA. The common rule they teach you is that “if it’s a foul that disallows a goal directly (basically if it’s a tap in or if it’s gone in) then the punishment should be card worthy.” Seeing an inconsistency like that really bugs me, and these types of calls like in the Tottenham vs Man U match are the reason I’ve gotten into refereeing in the first place

    74. Yashp

      I felt the same for the scott of yellow card but if you look son was also trying to grab him and if you look at previous videos Son actually grabs player everytime but was not successful this time. Because that's what spurs player do if you looked at rondon on cavani and lamela on martial .

    75. MoTheExpert

      Klopp: no Why would a former Dortmund legend leave for their enemies

    76. NIKOLAI More

      Yes we're barca n real fans what do you expect 😂😂😂😂😂😂n guys come on at least we had deserved one just one penalty lol 😂😂😂😂

    77. TCM City

      Ramos last El classico won a penalty by falling in the opposite direction he was being pulled in but Braithwaite is pulled by his arm and it's not a pen??

      1. OneFootball English

        That was also not a penalty

    78. Unknown

      Leicester is going to bottle it!

    79. TCM City

      El classico is just so intense

    80. Mwinyi Ali

      One football always on point 🔥🤩

    81. TCM City

      I hope Barca wins the league

    82. Lior

      4:22 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Correction, Messi hasn't got *Since Iniesta* left Barcelona... 4:22 Now it makes sense, isn't it??

    83. Ruhan Grobler

      Salah got a penalty for less contact than that

    84. JohnSmithKing

      Zlatan red carded the referee.

    85. Vivian

      the complain about braithwaiths penalty is that mendy was trying to pull him even though mendy was far from the ball, so you cant say mendy was trying to get the ball and the contact was normal. regardless there are 3 other fouls that was not accounted for by the ref but whatever.

    86. Dimitris G

      No one can say that if utd had a different start to the season we would have a tighter tittle race because city had a terrible start too

      1. Dimitris G

        @read this if u like men yes but again same with city. they deserve the title even though no team really challenged them

      2. read this if u like men

        There was so many stupid points dropped, losing to Sheffield United drawing with Everton and Sheffield United among others there would've been a proper title race

      3. OneFootball English

        Thats true!

    87. Kaleb Seiffu

      Best Player🔥: Jlingz (2 goals vs Leicester City. Overall brilliant performance from Jesse Lingard. Would be nice to see him at West Ham next season) Craziest Moment🤯: Ole's comments on Son foul (Not giving any food to your children for having people to help you up. You can tell that he is not a very good father.) Best Result🏆: Liverpool 2-1 Aston Villa (As a liverpool fan, it feels good to win at Anfield again)

    88. Mr_Die-go

      I’m mostly Barca fans saying Real Madrid spat the refs even ronald koeman they all are crybabies🤷🏽‍♂️

    89. Kamukama Calvin


    90. B 10

      What a bad picture of cavani 0:36

    91. Dilip Nahar

      Martin's still a youngster , Mat pay attention 😤

    92. Vivian

      thats kkinda sad, to know that barca players trust griezmann...hes not tht bad..

    93. Kamukama Calvin

      Barca played better when Griezmann was subbed on, Barcelona played well but Real Madrid and Zidane came and executed they're plan perfectly, karim Benzema is one hell of a player

    94. Souvik Roy

      Best player : Stuart Dallas (Leeds United) Crazy moment : Man United disallowed goal Best result : Leeds vs City

    95. Leo Spremic

      Barca fans like this if we deserved to win in el clasico

    96. David Lambrano

      I forgot pedri was even playing lmao. how are you giving him so much praise

    97. The Boy

      Lord lingardinho doing what lingardinho does best 🤩🤩🤩🤩..personally am so happy he got his form back 🥳

    98. Eirik Leikanger

      Totally agree with your opinion on the var call

    99. Miguel Jaques

      bruh, you forgot to mention benzema's outrageous and disrespectful goal against barcelona. most players dont have the guts to try that in arguably the biggest game in football along with the ucl final and wc final. he didnt just try it, but pulled it off.

      1. Miguel Jaques

        @OneFootball English true i guess, but I think most players wouldn't have done the same, maybe taken a few more touches, i doubt most players would have even thought of doing what benzema did. This season I can only remember seeing vardy do it in that position against city.

      2. OneFootball English

        It was great, but im not sure disrespectful haha It was the only real choice of shot he had with that cross!

    100. Meikles Moyo

      Best player-Lingard Crazy moment- Barca disallowed penalty Best result - Man U vs Tottenham