Real Madrid want Mbappe NOT Haaland! + How much is Rice worth?

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    On today’s OneFootball Daily News… Kylian Mbappe is Real Madrid's no.1 target if PSG fail to agree contract, Ligue 1 and La Liga title races blown open, West Ham could lose star duo in Declan Rice and Tomas Soucek, a transfer round up plus Emoji Mondays!
    00:00 Headlines
    00:19 Real Madrid target Mbappe
    02:25 Will Atletico bottle it?
    04:10 Rice and Soucek could leave
    05:37 Transfer/News round up
    06:29 Friday Feels
    06:53 Emoji Mondays
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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    1. OneFootball English

      How much is Declan Rice worth?

      1. Alan Pajuh



        50 mil bcz he is young with room to improve but also a superstar already bcz he is in the england squad and arguably west ham best player (apart of lingardinho that is 😂) so yeah 50 mil is good

      3. Johnny Johnny

        Like 9 bucks

      4. Harrison Taylor


      5. Joseph Coppola


    2. PRanxter is Gaming

      Lingard doing a fernandes

    3. Russell Mike

      hey Matt how come there was no mention of Patson Daka, the guy scored the fastest hatrick in Austrian Bundesliga, could he be the next Halaand?

    4. Edson RRodrigues

      nowadays football is just about money, player with no credibility are worth 100million wtf i miss old days when player move to club to show how big he can be

    5. The legendary Sport: Football

      Rice is worth about 60million

    6. Steven Wertyuiooo

      Yeah, like back when they wanted Ronaldo, not Kaka. Or the other time that they wanted Mcmanaman, not Anelka. And the time they wanted Figo, not Zidane... e.t.c.

    7. Shady Lad

      He thinks criticism is unfair and brutal in france? Someone tell him even Cristiano was booed in santiago bernabeu by the Real fans while he was on the pitch playing in Teal's jersey. Spain might be many things it isn't light with their criticism. One of the most impatient fans and media to face.

    8. Keelan Sham

      Imagine Haaland goes to Barcelona and mbappe goes to Real Madrid new messi vs ronaldo

    9. 9c kanish.k

      thank you for choosing my prediction

    10. Muhammad Usman

      Matt is so anti barca

    11. Monki Man

      Imagine joining real when ramos is leaving and the talents except valverde are just trash and most of the stars like benzema nearing their ends

    12. vijju k

      Neymar secretly hoping mbappe leaves, so he can finally be the no1 guy 😊

      1. Steve Laurent

        Neymar is the highest paid footballer in that team! I'm pretty sure> he is the top dog!!

    13. Eoin McEvoy

      Rice is overrated

    14. Adkano

      some Germand here?

    15. Chris Bautista

      Realistically Real Madrid can get either one but not both. It would be a dream to get both Mbappe and Haaland. But it’s a bit of impossible now since Real Madrid simply can’t compete financially against Arab state owned entities. The player must really want to for play Real Madrid for less wages than what PSG or Man City can offer.

    16. Doc T

      Florentino Perez isn't an idiot, he doesn't want Raiola's players

    17. ndongmo joseph

      Rice is worth exactly what he's worth....a bag of Rice 🌾

    18. UPSCcapfCDSpsc STUDY

      Mbaape is perfect fit for Madrid..,he is like lite Cristiano..I am not comparing him with Cristiano ,messi because they are aliens who hack the Europe and the w

    19. Gianni Mejia

      Mbappe at the right wing and bring back cris


      Trent is overrated

    21. dobby gaming

      1 more till 200

    22. i dont know _

      If mbappe leaves he should sign for hashtag United 💛💙💛💙💛💙

    23. Inderjit Singh

      no to racism

    24. Shadrach Chama

      Pochetino hasn't been amazing as PSG manager

    25. Pritam Biswas

      Matt you should have given a shout out to De Bruyne for that incredible through pass to Jesus against Leicester and that insane overhead kick goal in the Lazio Vs Spezia match in Serie A


      have u ever watched a france league match please do and u see why i consider it and the bundes liga famers league

    27. Gregg B

      Look at what some baseball and basketball players make a year.


      Best player is easily Matheus peirera

    29. Tedd MK

      Mbappe to Real!!!🤩🔥🔥

    30. NGE0219

      Neymar froze contract talks to talk to Barcelona again

    31. Finn O'Reilly

      Inter have won

    32. nolimitjay

      “And this is the Daily News” Oh yes

    33. rdfgg gghvdf

      How to bottle a league title just ask Atletico Madrid

    34. Edwin Bowah

      Chelsea lost at the cause of international duty. The players played under a different systems during the international break, they weren't going to adapt to their old ways in their game back but they should be ready for the next game

    35. Abdullaahi Ahmed

      Seriously for Mbappe to say this so early In his career is a clear sign of entitlement and how PSG really create These big egos!

      1. Dominic Fevrier

        @Abdullaahi Ahmed I'm completely hearing you, just because I disagree doesn't mean I'm ignoring you.

      2. Abdullaahi Ahmed

        @Dominic Fevrier If you dont want to hear what i have to say lets just agree to dissagree!

      3. Dominic Fevrier

        @Abdullaahi Ahmed He's been there for a couple of years. He has the right to voice his concern.

      4. Abdullaahi Ahmed

        @Dominic Fevrier Did you miss my entire point? He needs to thicken up it cant allways be sunshine and rainbows! The highs come with the lows but if he wants to leave his mark on the game, break records and achieve elite or legend status! He should not mind that and just let his football do all the talking and prove everybody wrong. Besides for him to speak up now so early in his career where is the professionality in that?

      5. Dominic Fevrier

        @Abdullaahi Ahmed He doesn't even play in Argentina though. Mbappe has to deal with the same stuff at club and country.

    36. Christian Matongoane

      Please God let Sevilla win the league 🙏🙏😭🙏

    37. Abir

      Mbappe is basically tickling Madrid's balls that's all .. he's doing all of it to get a massive pay raise , be it from psg or madrid and I fee Madrid has realised it very well . Otherwise he wouldn't have moved to paris after appearing and passing the trial for Real Madrid .. it's all about money like Neymar. I am 8/10 confident Halaand will end up with Real Madrid coz money isn't his only priority

    38. Eduardo Atiencie

      Only the best players deserve to come to Real Madrid.🤍💙 💯

    39. Owen Tymchuk

      West Ham only have 1 star player🐐

    40. Bape Productions


    41. Banglish

      UCL prediction video?

    42. Seyam Rahman

      Cr7 won real madrid 4 UCL trophies and even he was booed at the bernabeu im wondering why mbappe expects the superstar treatment he gets at psg

    43. Mr Neel

      ❗It's impossible to bay Haaland this year because of his ridiculous demands ❗Mbappe only want Real Madrid ❗So as a Barca fan I believe in Fati he will come back 💪😤 ❗I believe in koeman and Laporta 😎 let's hope for the best

    44. Jan Esser

      Imagine Mbappe at Real vs. Haaland at Barcelona for the next 10 years... You would love to see it

      1. Ødegåård 21

        Both at Real Madrid

    45. Veer Mishra

      Psg just need to bring back Thomas tuchel

    46. Ryan Bhan

      Some shitty premier league fans can't take that ligue 1 is having a better title race this season.😂😂

    47. Oliver Bozhko

      200th daily news tomorrow 👀👀

    48. Free Talking

      Matt, mate, when you talk about Racism in these videos you're doing quite the opposite of what you wish. It is counterintuitive because framing the thing that you whant in a negative construction will give you that exact thing. "No to pollution" focuses on pollution not on cleaning, once more focus on remaining a good speaker.

    49. Dhruv Someshwar

      No mention of KDB's beautiful through ball 😥

    50. serananax

      Rice costs a few cents at tesco

    51. Peace FC

      7:30 theres a fight happening and the players are smiling 😂🤣😂

    52. Jurgen Klopp

      how dare real challenge us

    53. Aazwad Fairaz

      Say no to racism

    54. Ruth Ebenstein

      Kdb made 14 ball recovreis against leciter he was motm. I think he should be player of the weekend

    55. Lobsang Namgyal

      Rice is AU $ 2 per kilo at the supermarket. Price might go up after the flood in eastern Australia.

    56. Michael Bruh

      Great video

    57. Joshua Page

      I mean mbape at man city wouldnt go a miss

    58. Joshua Page

      Cant belive he said man city would loose

    59. Magoti ya Jogoo


    60. GCD Clan

      Emoji Monday’s 🔥 Best players: Alexander Arnold and De Bruyne 💩 Worst player :Thiago Silva 🤯 Crazy moment:Neymar red card ➕3️⃣ Best result: Chelsea 2-5 West brom

    61. M I

      Greenwood played against Briton not West broom. Come on matt say the truth. Ik Spurs bottled it but come on Matt.😂😂

    62. Rusli Hadi

      𝐂𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞 ➜ 》》 𝙊𝙣𝙡𝙮 𝘼𝙙𝙪𝙡𝙩 《《 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候%^%^ 1617626420

    63. safwanU10

      Onefootball Merch?

    64. One_Thunder_Gamer

      Idk if Barça can be Champions because they lack attacking options , Fati and Coutinho out for the rest of the season, messi is a bit old so I don't think he can keep on playing 90 minutes over and Over and over again (10 games left)

    65. Fai_2nice

      If Neymar was coming back to Barca, greizman would have to leave

    66. Travis Sithisakd

      Did anyone predict West Broms win against Chelsea haha especially the bizarre scoreline

    67. Md Saad

      To be honest Mbappe is a excellent player. But he is actually overrated when people compare him with Messi or Ronaldo. Neymar was far more better than Mbappe in his 23. From a Real Madrid fan.

      1. Md Saad

        @Sanket Hande Yes he needs to be consistent for 12 to 15 years to reach their level.

      2. Sanket Hande

        @Md Saad ya but he's still not comparable to messi and Ronaldo

      3. Md Saad

        @Sanket Hande Yeah But Haaland has more upside than Mbappe. He has more hunger passion and dedication.

      4. Sanket Hande

        Same with haaland

    68. Vishakan s.k

      25 kg's rice costs 1200 rupees

    69. Swedy Njobvu

      Patson Daka!!!!!!!....

    70. Jack Price

      Love guessing the city score perfectly and then losing out on someone who just guessed a clean sheet 😂😂😂

    71. xXALLIGATORXx zz

      Mbappe hearing criticism would be nothing compared to what he might hear at the bernabeau

      1. Abdullaahi Ahmed

        @xXALLIGATORXx zz Seriously no matter how much hype and talent they possess none of it matters when all they care about is money! Some of them are asking ridiculously amounts after two seasons and when you compare it to so many great Elite top players Who have to WORK to get those options were they can name their price. Some of these think they can just walk In and say i wanna be the highest paid PLAYER? CR7. Messi. Benzema. Kane. Newmar. Griezzman. Lewandowski and many more have done the work to be In those positions when it comes to have a say! I really dont see these New Kids breaking records at all they are not even trying to do that In all honesty!

      2. xXALLIGATORXx zz

        @Jay Ecks yeah the fact that they booed cr7 made me cry . United fan here so the feelings are genuine.

      3. xXALLIGATORXx zz

        @Abdullaahi Ahmed for me it was the dive in the world cup against urugay that made me dislike him . My friends are always surprised when i say that im not a fan of him . Great player but whats the point . Hes gonna be a burden for the clubs he plays for just like paul pogba . Seriously its all about being a star and creating a brand at this point

      4. Abdullaahi Ahmed

        @Jay Ecks Yeah and that is entitlement! Instead of working on your image making yourself a brand and building your own legacy he just thinks he can cut corners! Newmar has done the work and was there before him Also he really should take a Hard look at himself. This has nothing to do with his footballing ability but his attitude is not going to get better trust me these New Kids really think they are invincible!

      5. Jay Ecks

        As a footballer you will be criticized it comes with the territory and if you don't have the mental strength to accept those critiques and move on then he'll have a very hard time going forward... but on a different note he's a great player and maybe it's abt wages at PSG than anything else he wants to be the main man but Neymar is there so instead of building together he wants his own shine and empire so basically he's doing what Neymar did when he left Barca

    72. Aditya Das

      As far as I know, rice is 1 pound per bag at my local shop

    73. Saad Khan Khan

      Rice worth in our country is ₹ 70 per kilo

    74. Only MC

      I still want to see Matt do a Spurs rant ...go on let it all out buddy, How you haven't already a bit does surprise me tbh.

      1. Only MC

        @OneFootball English fair enough lol tbh hear good rants on we are Tottenham TV & from expressions... Still like to hear your opinion on it might ask you that on a Q&A whenever you do one next.

      2. OneFootball English

        I just dont see the point of a whole video of negativity haha There's too much negative talk on social media without me doing a rant!

    75. Mr. Yeet

      As a real fan idc wether or not we get Mbappé or haaland, just replace cr7 ffs

      1. Big Am

        @Real Madrid Till I Die not true there's a lot that comes to his price his contract ends 2022, so he will be cheaper

      2. Real Madrid Till I Die

        I am a real fan too and I do want mbappe by our side but he's so expensive he's over 300mil

      3. Alan Pajuh

        Y not have both mbappe n haaland

      4. Mohammed Fazeen P N

        Haha 😂

    76. Azhar Hoosain Taliep

      Psg are a bunch of hooligans

    77. rakenbone


    78. Darkness

      If i was a manager i wouldn't by rice dudes a traitor if he can leave his home country what if you leaves that new club for something different his not a long term type

      1. OneFootball English

        What do you mean leave his home country?

    79. FM Stegen

      Mbappe vs Haaland in El Clasico would be lit

      1. Raghav Singh Chouhan

        Sadly we can't sign Haaland

    80. FM Stegen

      Rice would worth Rs.109 per kg 😂

      1. FM Stegen

        @Seetharama Shetty Araoujo and Mingueza Entered the chat

      2. Seetharama Shetty

        Which incidentally is also Barcas defensive worth😂😂

    81. Farouk.K1z

      Rice is worth £8.00

    82. Ahmed Ali

      Lingard is having a sad life he should move to a new club

    83. Steven Roilos

      Which player do you think is better for man Utd? Pogba, DVDB, Rice?

    84. Addy

      As a united fan I wouldn’t want lingard I’d prefer to get like 30 mil rather than having his wages and an other bench player which we have enough of already

    85. Carl Binns


    86. Idk Y I’m here

      Real can’t afford mbappe or halland

    87. Rida Ramlawi

      Tomorrow is #200 ❤️ I watched the whole 199 and the ones before 🙌

    88. Husnain A

      I see the title and say check the grocery store for the price of rice not me

    89. Simon Pierre

      Im i madrid fan i rather want Mbappé then haaland but i would like to get Mbappé haaland and camvinga

    90. David Garcia

      Vamos Mbappe

    91. Raahim Zuberi

      Can anybody tell me how they don't have 1 mil subs yet?

    92. Lindorm

      isn't this a football channel so why you asking about Rice price man

    93. Mohamed Garib

      Make this the most liked comment #stopracism

    94. Jared Adjetey

      How is pereira from west brom not player of the week

    95. scot mac

      Matt now you've reached 199 eps off the new setup. How many times do you think you've said " I'm your host Matt Frohlich you.......?

      1. scot mac

        @OneFootball English well I'm hoping you reach 1000 brother, keep up the great work bro, and that goes for hot Angelina aswell lol.

      2. OneFootball English

        Hmmmm, including these 199 and the ones before, maybe close to 700!

    96. west ay

      Rice is so underrated, played world class for england and west ham this year at the age of 22. id say 80 million is a fair price because he is vital to west ham

      1. Genius M

        @west ay you keep saying that Declan has 3rd highest stats in prem but what are those stats?And more importantly,are those stats justified to be compared to other CDMs?Cause West Ham are a very counter attacking team.They do not rely on goals from open play as such and try to create space down the flanks.So if u look at Rice's longball stats or his progressive passes or his passes into the final third,its naturally going to be higher than most of the top CDMs cause their teams dont reflect the same style of play.Look at Fernandinho or Rodri.They have high ball rotation statistics cause City see a lot of the ball.Look at McTominay and Pogba.They hav high progression stats cause United plainly counterattack.Kovacic has more dribbles per 90 than any other CDM in prem.Look at Ndidi and Fabinho they have very very similar stats to Fernandinho. So when you take up a comparison,compare two players who play in similar systems.Compare Declan Rice to Fabian Allen at Everton or Hojberg at Spurs.Both of these CDMs have better ball progression and long ball stats than Rice.And remember Hojberg plays for Spurs,they are struggling to find consistency.Dendoncker,Partey and Jorginho hav better stats that Declan Rice either in ball progression OR at recycling the ball. So does that mean Partey and Dendoncker are better than Rice because they hav better stats?ofc not!Ronaldinho only had a goal per 90 ratio of around 0.3,dosent mean that Suarez is better. imo Declan is behind the likes of Fernandinho,Allan,Hojberg,Ndidi and Fabinho.He is still a class player,no doubt about it.But you need to assess the whole picture before making a verdict. Edit-if you find it hard to believe my stats,look it up in transfermarkt or even the onefootball app

      2. Genius M

        @west ay first of all,Maguire wasnt worth the 80 million.U dont compare transfer fees alongside the quality of the players.ManUtd were idiots to pay that kind of money for Maguire.70 million at max.Secondly,Griezmann and Coutinho were world class players at Atleti and Liverpool.Are you gonna deny that?Coutinho was technically one of the top three CAMs in Europe at the time.Maybe 140/160 mil price tag is high but Coutinho did put a shift in at Anfield to show that he would be worth a 100 million+ transfer fee.So did Antoinne.The fact that they didnt perform at Barca due to being put out of position and poor tactics cannot be related to the transfer fee that they were priced at when brought into the club.

      3. west ay

        @Genius M 3rd highest cdm stats in the prem isntworth 80 million when maguire is being brought for 80 in this market? with griezman and coutinho going for 110+

      4. Genius M

        @west ay idk i think ur being a bit too easy with the price.Rice is a class player,there isnt any doubt about that.Having said that,he isnt even close to what an 80 million transfer should be.At most,he can cost 40 million but not any more than that given his performances with West Ham.CR7 is priced at 60,think of that as a reference. If any club is thinking of bringing in Declan(probably United) then they shudnt really be going spending big money of 80 mil on him cause his current performances at West Ham dont justify that kind of a price tag.

      5. west ay

        @Sevian Medina statistcally top 3 cdms in the prem at 22.

    97. Shahed Ali

      200 appearances tomorrow for the new look for Onefootball

    98. Dipesh Pandit

      Who would you have choose one: Bennacer, Rabiot & Kalvin Philips?

      1. Seetharama Shetty


      2. Dipesh Pandit

        Bennacer because he's got everything.

    99. Brandon Callachan

      Nice fresh trim matt am still waiting 😂😅


      Matt thoughts on spurs drawing to newcastle and who do u think will get top4 this season


        @Liverpool Football Club I think u could get 3rd only if chelsea keep dropping points

      2. Liverpool Football Club

        Top 4: Manchester City Manchester United Chelsea Liverpool