Reacting to MORE of your salty comments 😭

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    Last week Matt reacted to some of your comments, and this week it's Angelina's turn! She takes a look at some of your angriest, saltiest and down right ridiculous comments from our OneFootball videos and tries not to get too offended! We hope you enjoy it and keep those comments coming! 😂😂
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    1. OneFootball English

      Of course, a big thank you to everyone who does take the time to comment in a respectful way as we really do appreciate your support and ALL of your comments!! (Yes, even the harsh ones! 😜)

      1. DAYZEZRO

        Angelina kelly is so beautiful and nice that the comments can't touch her😚😊😍

      2. Tangeni Iiputa

        Thank you, I love you too.

      3. Yusuf I

        It gotta be PADDYS TURN AHAH

      4. Daddy_weed69

        Next time have them give suggestions instead of hate comments

      5. The Highlight Stream

        She looked beautiful today well done

    2. DMLG17

      93 errms... Lol

    3. Given Mashabela

      I actually like Angelina, I like the way she speaks, I like her large glasses and when she makes's fresh!

    4. arjun De saver

      When angelina says "but" it reminds me of Gary Neville

    5. Danilo Hernandez


    6. tiago games

      Try use also

    7. Zimba Adrian

      Angie just let the haters hate

    8. Kevin Lock


    9. Ziyad Ali

      1.9 thousandth like

    10. Minecraft Mechanic

      If she reduced on the emms the video would is be 5 minutes

    11. Ahmad Abdulla Murad Yousuf Altaheri

      FAKE If this is real they would have showed the comments but they didn’t that’s proof it’s fake

    12. Mohammad Ashik

      Angelina 👍

    13. kus

      I only watch Matt videos, he actually knows stuff

    14. Mageid Hassan

      Don't change your "but" and "amm" because that what keep you special 🤣🤣❤️

    15. Kriss Haze

      Keep doing what your doing Angelina. Keep saying all the words and keep being you. Your doing a great job. Stay safe

    16. Abdulsalam Ahmed

      I didn't notice the "EM" to much but once you read a comment about it I could notice every single one

    17. Mahmoud Alomour

      Angelina's laugh is priceless

    18. luis sosa

      I cant believe Angies got so many haters. I love her ❤❤

    19. Rocky

      Why do you look like angela rye🤔

    20. HC Playz

      I like matts videos just as much as Angelinas

    21. Rayan Aayat Chowdhury

      I don't know how you get all this 😂

    22. Urico Armagedon

      Angelica your gorgeous and I see you are a true fan of football Keep doing what you doing...

    23. Maryam

      I dont know what u do to ur hair but it looks like you never wash it 😭 and could u believe wear just a little bit of make up for ur next banner .. i m mean everyday is too much but that banner ffs 😭

    24. Sandipan Saha

      I love the accent 🤩

    25. Vedant Gupta

      TBH Angelina took salt way better than Matt

    26. Javed Williams

      Imagine how wasted you'd be playing a drinking game every time she says "ehm"

    27. Zidan TheBangladeshi

      Tbh you all love Angelina

    28. Hamad Alhosani

      I feel like when the vid ended she started to cry

    29. chris

      fun fact : nearly 80 em's in this video 😂😂😂

    30. Ishaan

      I did predict in my head that Angelina can predict😂😂😂

    31. Rajakumar Loganathan

      I love your accent!

    32. coldday4k1

      I'm so sorry but PLS STOP SAYING EMM

    33. James Wadsworth

      Don't listen to the comments:-) keep it up

    34. Charlie Ackla

      0:57, Is it weird that I love the way Angelina says but? 😅 I guess I'm jus an American who isn't used to the accent Edit: Wow, right after I finished typing this comment, Angelina explained her accent Edit 2: WTF! As I was finished typing the last comment, Angelina is asked about the way she says but 🤣

    35. Thomassist Muller

      Every 5 seconds errrrrrrrrrm eeeeerrrrrrrrrmmmmm

    36. Quagsire

      You could tell that she took offense to every comment

    37. Gabriel Knox

      The kids that leave salty comments are 7 year old kids that think there a proper hard man because they got there mums iPad and left salty comments. Pretty sad if u ask me

    38. Jack

      Stop hating on Angelina, won't hear anyone pointing out how Matt speaks

    39. KarmaS

      drink every time Angelina says EHM

    40. Akhil J

      After this video, I love Angelina so much more!

    41. TOrens

      Angelina gets too much hate

    42. Christophe Oosterwijk

      angelina you don't need to listen to the idiotic comments from those idiots who wrote them

    43. Edwin Bowah

      Those are some really salty comments. I'm about to start posting salty comments for no reasons. Ps your voice isn't annoying, your accent is but I'm used to it

    44. Danny Power

      Is she suarez's sister coz their teeths...

    45. Speedwagon Foundation

      Ratings to Angelina she’s doing a cracking job delivering the news

    46. Mehrki Doom

      That was class angelina i have been watching your videos fro full time devils days and i am so proud you r a united supporters

    47. Arnav Sajan

      Angelina's confidence on camera has actually improved so much, since she started

    48. Tangeni Iiputa

      Good content

    49. 1NFECT3D.

      7:33 Angelina:Apologizes *Literally "Ummm"s 8 Times Within The Next Minute.* 😂

    50. DW

      Angelina saying "but": would love to hear that all day long, won't mind at all

    51. 1NFECT3D.

      1:32 Angelina:"It's Very Hard To Make Predictions..." *Comments:Hold My Beer*

    52. 123anaya14

      Was expecting a lot more Keylor Navas comments. (Considering she put him in the Overrated XI)

    53. Dickie Wilken

      Screw the haters, we love you, and your voice.

    54. K Indrajit

      Can u show us your studio Studio tour

    55. Lav Jyoti

      Angii at the end of the day is sooo humble like she was apologizing everything

    56. KingGusher99

      Okay I’m confused just cuz she’s a woman she doesn’t know football? Lads football is for everyone

    57. Ihsan Jasni

      Angelina, if you’re reading this, know that you are so beautiful and you are doing a good job !

    58. Umar arif

      let me sum it up :- "BUT"

    59. Tinashe Winini

      i think you have an amazing voice Angelina, words come out crystal clear, no mumbling, neither is it annoying. Yall give great content and i love watching One Football.... Stay Blessed

    60. Aman Raj

      tbh angelina does not know too much about football

    61. Big D

      NGL At first I didn't like her at first but really grew to enjoy her videos😂😂🔥

    62. Satyadeep Gaur

      Her but is not but its "bought" :)

    63. Isaac the Best

      if I do a push up every time she says EM id be stronger than dwayne johnson by 5 minutes into the video if I drink a shot every time she says EM id be dead by the 7th minute mark if I put a grain of sand in my 1L bucket every time she says EM it'd be full by the end of the video

    64. Isaac the Best

      tbh, EM is the real problem, not BUT

    65. Antonis Stam

      Don't focus so much on transfers,as when these transfers happen you will then not care about what is actually happening on the field and you will be talking about the next transfer, if you know what I mean. That's a message for a lot of ⚽ fans as well!

    66. Priyasharan Prakash

      guys stop hating her for saying but ............. hate her for ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm like saying that 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times no offence love everyone in one football

    67. Capt. CoCo

      Other than the football talks I don't think its fair on our part to judge her based on her accent. Come on!

    68. Shabuka Willis

      Like for how much time Angelina says “eerm!”😂.

    69. AmazeGamer 2005

      Angelina says ERM more than but lol

    70. Tarang

      She is more of a ForzaHalaGGMU than just United biased.

    71. Asher Dias

      Time to yeetus the English degreee 😂😂😂😂😂 much love 🔥❤️

    72. Ankit Parajuli


    73. Allen Oommen

      Replace "but" with "ahem"

    74. Madridista Boy

      Like u angelina both are good don’t stop making videos bcoz of a small group of people we are with u💪

    75. binay raii

      Whoever asked for this reaction f you

    76. Schläfrig-Koala Yi

      "But" still didn't react to the comments with Navas whom you placed him in the overrated player category. Shame

      1. R K

        Get over it, it’s not the end of the world

    77. Icy Boi Daniel

      i love this channel but you guys should prolly try and do MLS to if it isn't too much work

    78. Juan Morales

      Better drinking game is take a shot everytime Angelina says “Emmm”

    79. Jelani Moore

      Hey A I love your voice an am from Trinidad the land of dialect so just hearing you talk sometimes make me smile f**k the ress😘

    80. Meghan Majhi

      Angelina in this video : Your hate is giving me free motivation.....

    81. radicalawesome

      u got a good voice/accent

    82. Mad Scientist

      You're doing alot better and knowing you I think with time you will get more experience doing this. So sending love to you and best of luck Always be wholesome and ignore the haters

    83. Mo AlZaben

      Just block out the haters Angelina, same thing to u Matt, toxic people will be toxic people and we have to just ignore them, u know that they say what goes around comes around

    84. Deans David Nyathi

      ii sleep during her videos, lacks watever Mack has but she is adorable though and don't kno why they say her accent is cringy, ii emediately fell with that accent... Love the emmm thing she does too hahha

    85. Simpa Baba Lawal

      In regards to the accent, that’s exactly how Rashford’s is This is really personal if you asked me I don’t get how people are comfortable calling her out for her accent and her club Bullshit

    86. Percival Smith

      This is so sad to watch but the content is amazing! Keep up the good work guys 👍🏾

    87. Peter Tobiasen

      It's not about how many times she says "but", but the way she says it.

    88. JJ Smith

      Aaaaaaammmmmm Angelina is Awesome Aaaaaammmmm 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂but, but enjoy this video....

    89. Marco Coltiletti

      You just are a bad host. Not funny, not talented, not interesting and most important NO KNOWLEDGE

    90. Carlos Arce

      The only reason I subscribe because 442oones is in it

    91. Jesus Alejandro Briceño Penoth

      Five seconds later after Angelina reading the em comment, em

    92. Musa Hlongwane

      I want to hear Angelina say "Toast"

    93. Shravan

      love you angelina and matt. i didn't expect angelina's opinion to be so bad as to put maguire and navas in an overrated XI

    94. sol porter

      I like this hosting style where she's more relaxed and bubbly it's more genuine and more entertaining, gone up in my estimations massively

      1. Matteo_XZ


    95. Filip

      ThE hAtErS, tHeY hAtIn' ThEmSeLvEs !

    96. Yoshua Simoleit

      Angelina's gonna be saying "HOWEVER" a lot lot in the coming weeks. I dont know why some people take time to comment negatively on things that are part of people that they cant change. It would be stupid to have the opinion that anyone with a Manc accent cant host online videos, so whats the point in complaining about that? My only criticism is that the hosts dont heap massive praise and arent shamelessly biased towards Bayern and Germany... Because I feel everyone should do that.

    97. Max Woolman

      Don’t disrespect Jlingz 🤘🏼 he ain’t falling of anytime soon unless he goes back to play for utd

    98. romano douglas

      People need to pay attention to the content and not the presenter. Its just like People who watch football just to criticize and not to enjoy

    99. God's Home

      Angelina looks like the leader of the flag smashers in falcon and the winter soldier.Karli Morgenthau

    100. Daniel123456789

      You have a lovely voice