PSG offer Messi UNBEATABLE contract + Sancho to replace Salah at Liverpool

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    On Today’s OneFootball Daily News… PSG offer Barcelona’s Lionel Messi an ‘unbeatable’ contract as the legend weighs up staying or leaving the Nou Camp; Jurgen Klopp will look to buy Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho if Mo Salah leaves Liverpool in the summer; Ligue 1 plans to reduce the number of clubs from 20 to 18 by NEXT SEASON; plus all the latest transfer news and rumours.
    0:00 Headlines
    0:19 PSG's offer to Messi
    3:00 Klopp to replace Salah with Sancho?
    5:05 Big changes in Ligue 1
    6:47 Transfer/news roundup
    7:15 Great Debate
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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    1. OneFootball English

      THE GREAT DEBATE: If you could add TWO more players to the Premier League Hall of Fame, who would they be? (Both must have retired by 1st August 2020)

      1. Scorpio

        Beckham and Ian Wright

      2. Angelo Kabeya

        Gerrard and John Terry

      3. Jesper Rask

        Frank and cole

      4. ThewTube

        Bainesy and Gerrard

      5. Abdullah Rafi

        FRank Lampard, arguable the greatest, if not, the greatest goalscoring midfielder of all time. Along w Lampard, Ashley Cole, arguable the greatest left-back in the history of prem, 3 PL titles and a domestic double w two different clubs.

    2. Liger Beats

      MMN,,, Messi, Mbappe, Neymar...a SUPER Team??!!? UEFA do smthing,, this is is illegal.

    3. Syed Affan

      sancho to liverpool what a transfer yaaaay

    4. B0bby Moon

      Drogba over Lampard???? You gotta be kidding me>>>>>

    5. Nadim Mohamed

      What does she mean by swapping salah for Sancho?

    6. D. BARTL

      Here at this channel I sometimes ask myself where you get your informations from. Dortmund said 100000000 times they won't sell Sancho and Haaland! Just listen to one Zorc statement!


      I hope Mo Salah stays in Liverpool. He's been such an asset to the team. He's one of the prime reasons why Liverpool is in a dignified position today.

      1. Cheers lads son's crying

        I'd say if they get sacho i would put sslah as a striker and put sancho right wing and keep many and sell firmino

    8. Remigues Rodrigues

      CR7 rumored move to PSG & Psg offering messi Is it possible 🙄🤔

    9. Aaryan Kumar Singh

      If Barca sign Deligt from Juve, this would really mean that Laporta is starting to get his form! 🙌

    10. RS

      I mean if PSG did manage to take away MESSI from BARCA That's gonna be the best front 3 ever With MNM - MESSI, NEYMAR & MBAPPE Imagine NEYMAR & MESSI linking with MBAPPE to produce countless more goals than usual Oof

    11. M Beezi

      I mean salah can come to Dortmund any day if he wants 🤔

    12. Sorin Ichim

      Messi ows everything to Barcelona and Barcelona receive the best of Messi through out the years he played for this team ! But, what Messi become right now, it will destroy Barca if he don't cut his salary pretentions ! If i were Barca president I would thank Messi for what has been done and let him decide what if he wants to continue with this team ! Barca will survive with or without him ! Life goes on !

    13. Sandro Quintanilla

      of course she does a video like fucking why

    14. Shirish Ayerkar

      Matt narrates it gracefully,, you just read a script

    15. Liila Tokpa Class 4B

      How can you sell Salah 25 goals guaranteed player per season

    16. Aarul Kolte

      Vieira and bergkamp should be there

    17. Bradvardy

      Scholes. as a spurs fan

    18. Yahweh Official

      Why are you guys so obsessed with selling Salah?

    19. Jesusthefishermen

      I’m not going lie, sometimes y’all be talking out of your ass

    20. tyheim farquharson

      Dragba an lampard

    21. Ofentse Mateta

      She is choosing united over Liverpool bcoz she biased. What has Liverpool done the past couple of years

      1. Manan Singhal


    22. Night King 48

      I hope Messi goes to PSG but if he stays at Barça that’s alright as well

    23. Mfundo Maseko

      I'm a Chelsea ...but get this Scholes came outta retirement to help United win the league ...u decide

    24. Delta Nwachukwu

      I agree Drogbaaaaaaa

    25. Gain Ta'qwa

      To many BUT

    26. Getroy

      Sancho is good, but he ain't Salah

    27. Damien Burke

      Mine would be Giggs and Gerrard

    28. Godwin kabenge

      hey angelina why isnt rooney in the hall of fame

    29. Luyandza Bavukile Dlamini


    30. Sankhadip Mazumder

      If PSG gets their hands on Messi , then we can all agree that FFP is as worthwhile as the traffic lights of GTA PS : I have always seen De ligt to take over the Ramos' mantle in Real Madrid , not sure if Barcelona will suit him

      1. Rafa Messi

        U know traffic lights in gta are so strong that u bash a car nothing happens to traffic lights


      Sancho should go to Madrid Liverpool isn't the place

    32. Marcus Gordon


    33. Edwin Bowah

      Oil clasico #442oons

    34. Sanket Pol

      I started the video, heard Angelina's Voice and in that moment I knew the video is not worth watching

    35. Lorna Nkatha

      SANCHO kloop should sell salah for about 80,100mi because liverpool need someone like SANCHO right now who can score goals and creat goals just like he is doing at BVB SALAH is just missing alot and does not creat chances for he,s team mates

    36. Lorna Nkatha

      messi will stay Barcelona he just won a cup and messi will stay because neymer wants to go to barcelona and play with him and messi will not go PSG

    37. Ninja Dog

      I swear Werner gets harder and harder to back every match as a chelsea player

    38. MAN UTD FAN #28

      What about Roy Keane???

    39. Rhaystormz 9ja YT

      Screaming madrid this.. madrid that... How can you overlook the ucl?

    40. Rhaystormz 9ja YT

      This just pure bias ... Always forgetting chelsea .... If madrid had played well... I bet it will be all over...

    41. Rhaystormz 9ja YT

      I came here to get ur analysis on the match and boom it's ligue 1 news on something that will take effect in 3 years time or never..

    42. Raghav Subandh

      if barca win la liga i dont think messi will leave

    43. Rhaystormz 9ja YT

      How didn't it make the cut... Like what the actual fuck???

    44. Rhaystormz 9ja YT

      No news on the champions league match... Are you kidding me???... Do u guys just hate chelsea??... First giroud bicycle this... Spurs and Man United channel.. bitter fans

    45. Dennis Badzi

      Wayne Rooney and Frank Lampard are the best candidates for this and statistics also prove so.

    46. Cormac Flynn

      Vincent kompany and John Terry it should be defenders

    47. Josh Boulanger


    48. Shaheed ghazi

      Why is she talking so fast?

    49. Pritam Biswas

      #GREATDEBATE My picks:- Wayne Rooney , Frank Lampard

    50. let's talk

      lingard and jones

    51. Big Branch

      Dont replace salah, get mane and firmino out and get fresh young talents like Sancho

    52. Prolific Spurs

      Michael Essien Tony Yeboah

    53. Frost Flix

      2600 like

    54. Xavier Calderon Jr

      I want messi to stay so barca can continue to stink it up

    55. Dara Ogunbanjo

      angelina kellllllllllllllllllllly u legend

    56. Benjamin Amudoaghan

      Lampard. And Hazard too.

    57. Aditya Mitra

      No talk about Chelsea Vs real Madrid . I guess they have a problem with Chelsea 😒😒

    58. Brandon Ruiz

      Barca is literally getting no big transfer anytime soon lol

    59. Getabalew Yemane


    60. Temple Nnoli

      Stevie g and frank

    61. Sahil Agarwal

      It's all Messi effect: If Messi stays at Barca, PSG retains Mbappe, Real sign Salah, Liverpool replace him with Sancho, And CR7 reunites with United But if Messi goes to PSG, PSG will have to sell Mbappe to Real, Salah stays at Liverpool, United signs Sancho Don't know about CR7..😂 Also, no matter what Haaland goes to City

      1. Jesse Pressler

        I disagree about PSG selling Mbappe if Messi arrives.. Those who own PSG are ridiculously rich. Ronaldo might also go to PSG if Messi goes. If Messi goes to PSG, we could see Real Madrid get Haaland, Mbappe, and Pogba. Salah, Depay, Aguero, Wijnaldum, and Garcia end up in Barcelona.

    62. Lesedi

      good to see you Angelina!

    63. Rawad Fayad

      For me it’s Steven Gerard and Wayne Rooney

    64. You Are Nice 53

      Would you rather play for a club with some actual history or play for a club that has won the same amount of champions leauges as Middlesbrough Messi

    65. Franco Gugiato

      GD: Didier Drogba nad Jay Jay Okocha

    66. Frank Masunda

      U would rather have raphina than sancho because he has more experience in the prem

    67. King. IX

      As a Liverpool fan I would think its better for us to replace Mane with Sancho.🤷🏽‍♂️

    68. Eyi's Channel

      David Beckham

    69. TCM City

      Messi is the GOAT

    70. Cool Josh and Cool Pheba

      Scholes has been absolutely stunning Even when he was very old his standard is HIGH!

    71. Bobby

      Sancho will replace Mane, not Salah.

    72. Cool Josh and Cool Pheba

      Sancho (or any other top talents) will want to play in the Champions League but next year it seems Liverpool will not be in. So I think Sancho is purified to United

      1. Manan Singhal

        It's not about only next year, u just can't see man utd fighting for cl next year but Liverpool with their senior CBs back would definitely

      2. Benedict Ajegwu

        Idk how Sancho would even replace Salah rn it wouldn’t make sense based on Salah performance this season

    73. Tom Gibbons

      How are you? Angelina:Like I say

    74. Amal David


    75. Jayster of the Famous CFC

      Messi will stay at Barca because they told him to hold on and wait for his 1 billion euro Super League "participation" bonus.

    76. Diwani Masters

      Typical of you guys to completely disregard Chelsea's performance against Real Madrid.

    77. Dharmadev Patel

      Scholes > Gerrard, Lampard🤔🤔 Angelina is biased Gerrard, Lampard, Scholes. In that Order

      1. Mr Jury

        Spot on tbh

    78. Jayster of the Famous CFC

      BvB doesn't buy/swap for older players. They almost always go younger or way younger (Jude Bellingham, age 17). Salah is better off at PSG if Mbappe moves.

    79. Zebilon Marunyane

      Where the hell does onefootball get their news???? Everything on this channel is hypothetical and not backed by anything or anyone when it comes to transfers.

    80. Lanzo YT

      No champions league??????

    81. Adam Saeef

      Mane and boby are the problem not Mo Mo is our best player

    82. Skillzer 5

      No one can replace salah his a goal machine

    83. MasudXㄌ

      No Sancho to Man U

    84. Ashiq Abdul

      No reaction on Real Madrid vs Chelsea ??

    85. Mark BronzeBridge

      I swear if those scousers swoops in and buys sancho while we’ve been chasing for about 3 YEARS or 4 YEARS now I want to get the glazers out and get the bankrupt because this is just now right and not even fair

    86. Nathan Vries

      Steven Gerrard and Ryan Giggs

    87. asutosh Panda

      Sancho to replace mane not salah

    88. sol porter

      Terry and schimecal

    89. Joshua Page

      Salah is the best liverpool player he has 20 goals i think that the top goal scorer in liverpool and maybe the pl

    90. Daniel Saunders

      Yaya toure

    91. Joshua Page

      Imagine if mcfc throw their hat in the ring

    92. Blazer Gaming

      I think there will be new TRIO if LM 10 joins PSG... M(bbape) M(essi) N(Neymar)

    93. J. Baker

      Liverpool will finish 6th

    94. All ABOUT the Gaming

      But,But,But,But,But 😂😂 🤣🤣

    95. Dawens Legrand

      De ligt would be great

    96. Emmanuel Lesotlho

      Scholes and Bergkamp

    97. RippsTer

      Koaman is trying to build netherlands 😒

    98. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Matt

    99. Praneel Dev

      To all the Liverpool Stan's hating on Angelina for putting Jadon Sancho with Man United, you're a fu****g disgrace.

    100. Frulick Menace

      Tbh i see Delight Moving to the EPL or LaLiga.