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    Matt gives 10 of his predictions for the upcoming season including Mbappe potentially moving to Real Madrid, Ronaldo outscoring Messi, bad seasons for Man United and Man City plus much more!
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    1. OneFootball English

      What is your CRAZIEST prediction for the 20/21 season?

      1. SuTartProz

        @Whis maybe

      2. Aryav Sinha

        Aston Villa DOMINATING the EPL

      3. Aryav Sinha

        @Jiten Ganwani You dint say WHICH FCB lol barcelona or bayern (im a barca fan btw)

      4. Helen Martin

        @Whis yeet

      5. Charlie Ackla

        @Jiten Ganwani Yup jus had to make sure

    2. Albert Gjura

      2 predictions 1. Juventus will win serie a 2. Arsenal wont win anything

    3. marcelo pear

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    4. Asher Atubra

      i wont tot to win a trophy then next season they will win champions league

    5. Florian 23

      United definitely will finish at least after a win against Psg and after smashing Leipzig

    6. That Frog

      United, beating PSG and Leipzig. Gonna top the group. Bet he feels stupid now...

    7. Jake Gill

      Man United beat PSG 2:1 and Slapped Leipzig 5:0 all Man U need is to beat 2 games and then there through Lmao 😂😂😂

    8. hi

      Whos here after Man U won 5-0 Man he was wrong

    9. chris valladares

      Who’s here then of Manchester United destroy Leipzig (5-0) and won PSG (2-1)

    10. Fn XxFawadWolfxX

      Ha bottom of the champions league group MORE LIKE TOP🔥🔥🔥

    11. Umesh Hande

      Hahaha. ManU winning both the opening matches of UCL..

    12. Magnus Dave

      thats disrespectful about united

    13. Ana Borja


    14. Mancunian Football

      We will reach a final

    15. Miguel Mangion

      Paris make it to the top of the group! United bottom. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. You look like a right prat now mate. Just joking btw. Nice vid.

    16. Thanos The Inevitable

      3:00 man united alone will get 300 pens

    17. Football Clips, Goals and Highlights

      1. Spurs won't win the league 2. Spurs won't win the caraboa cup 3. Spurs won't win the fa cup 4. Spurs won't win the Europa League 5. Spurs won't win a trophy 6. Spurs manager Jose will be sacked 7. Spurs player Harry Kane won't win golden boot 8. Spurs player Harry Kane will get injured (again) 9. Spurs manager Jose will be moody 10. Spurs will finish 8th

      1. Football Clips, Goals and Highlights

        @Fluffy McFluff yeah 😂

      2. Fluffy McFluff

        @Football Clips, Goals and Highlights i know but it is spurs lol so i wouldnt even be surprised if they do this😂😂

      3. Football Clips, Goals and Highlights

        @Fluffy McFluff yeh but don't worry I'm not salty, message is a joke

      4. Fluffy McFluff

        Just a wild guess but i think you are arsenal fan

    18. Sulekha Dhadwal

      He: UTD finish last they: Defeated paris

    19. Queen Amelya alexandria Dila

      Matt Frohlich

    20. RYAN

      I think city will win the league because of vvd

    21. devin callan

      Hahahaha the Man united prediction didnt age well

    22. Esaias chua

      dude we won PSG idot

      1. Esaias chua

        oh ya forgot no offence

    23. Tugra Larlar

      Man united won against psg lol

    24. Reee Dawggangsta

      He said that Man U will finish last when the just beat psg 1-2 but I’m a Barca fan but still 😂

    25. Ivan_Yu 7800

      Manchester United just win against the toughest opponent in the UCL group

    26. Augustas

      man utd finishes top 2 in champions league if man utd play strong if man utd paly stron you know what thei do

    27. Bhargav Guntupalli

      Is the new theme inspired by the fifa 21 theme? I feel like it is

    28. Kaiden Plays_9

      Who is a Manchester United fan 🟥⬛️⬜️🔴⚫️⚪️


      ballon d'or????? I think ronaldo

      1. Fluffy McFluff


    30. Ujjwal Basnet

      🤣🤣🤣 all fake news

    31. Nur Amelia Zulma

      a new style of OneFootball was very cool, fresh, relaxing, and viral

    32. AhnafLFC 369

      My top 10 predictions are- 1. Liverpool win PL and UCL 2. Man U finish 13th or 12th 3. Man City go trophyless 4. Barca to win nothing 5. PSG to get shocked by a team in UCL knockout 6. Spurs to win a trophy 7. Haland gets Golden boot of Bundesliga 8. Dortmund reach UCL final 9. Bayern to not win Bundesliga 10. Carabao cup scrapped in 21-22

      1. Fluffy McFluff

        Bayern to not win bundesliga?? Just no

    33. m2d3s4 gaming

      legend has it spurs finnished 6th cuase they want to win a trophy

    34. mooly gettingpro

      prediction: lingardinho wins ballon dor

    35. Alfie Moran

      Arsenal getting the Europa

    36. Marko Zivkovic

      Bold prediction...if mbappe doesn't join Real Madrid it's probably gonna be Haaland...maybe even both

    37. Sim Stander

      I really hope number 10 comes through. And this is from a rival fan

    38. Sheja Regis

      Utd finishing at the bottom, totally ridiculous! Messi will have 20+ assists. Liverpool will have this the EPL trophy.

    39. Sir Cartier

      Bayern win UCL

    40. Rueieiiei Uheheheheuwjqbbw

      My hottest prediction is arsenal to finish top 4

    41. Chinmay Das

      is your background inspired by fifa 21?

    42. GameBase

      Heres a prediction: Sheffield United will not get second season syndromed

    43. Omer Dvir

      Matt you’re overreacting there’s absolutely no way we come last in that group. And your reasons are not rational

    44. Karan Jagga

      I agree with the last one

    45. Eyilo Shitiri

      I don't think ronaldo will score more goals than messi 😒😒😒 I believe Messi will score more than Ronaldo

    46. Karan Jagga

      3rd prediction is so bad

    47. P.T Magar

      my predictions mate 1. it will not be treble for any club in top 4 leagues [premier league Bundesliga La liga Serie a] 2. It will Italian-German Ucl final 3. Hazard will be disaster again 4. Real Madrid will be knocked out of quarter finals in Ucl 5. Barcelona wont win anything 6. Dominic Calvert Lewin and Pierre Emille Hojberg will be in Premier league team of the season 7. Ronaldo will win golden boot of the year 8. Messi will not score less than 20 this season 9. Messi will again blame the manager president and higher officials for their disaster season 10. Rodrygo will be the golden boy of the year.

    48. Ozil daudi

      1.Arsenal to finish in top 4 2.Leeds to finish in the top 6 3.Sevilla to challenge for la liga title 4.Tottenham to win any trophy 5.Ronaldo to score home and away against Barcelona 6.lawy to win the ballon dor he deserved this but he will do it next season 7.Ole to be sacked 8.Arsenal to sign Hossam Auaro 9.Auba to win EPL golden boot


      Atlanta would win a would be cup or seria A and Europa league

    50. Mr Meteora

      Pep won't be sacked because its his last season in Man city

    51. victoria helburn


    52. Waseem Waadallah

      Lampard won’t be sacked he has a deal to be there at least 3 years

    53. Youssef Ayman18

      1 This is for me Atleti will win the league. 2. Arsenal will win the league 3 Harry Kane will score over 30 goals 4 Sancho To Liverpool 5 Mbappe to Madrid 6 Messi to City 7 Ron will reach the semi final of the champions League 8 Spurs will lose in the carabao and Europa League final 9 AC Milan will win Serie A 10 Ron will win Messi twice

    54. Jonathan Thomas

      You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    55. Abdulhadi Alebragim

      Mbappe to madrid is one of the most releastic

    56. Jeffrey Ogunli

      if u think mourinho can win a trophy at spurs y cant ancelotti do it at everton?

    57. Fabulous K

      Tottenham has not "an unbelievable squat"!

    58. mnm2343

      Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌

    59. Janiyah Dalton

      Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    60. Nico Battisti

      Sorry Bruv roma got the Europa league

    61. Nico Battisti

      Na Ronaldo is getting golden boot

    62. Sky Claude

      Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    63. JT Da King

      now I dont cane what planet that we livin' on messi can play center half and still score more goals tha ronaldo its just the way things work these days

    64. Chloé Matt

      Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    65. Reha Chabbarya

      I can have a bet @one football lampard will not be sacked

    66. Cameron Hukin

      Not even a Manchester United fan but I don't get how they finish 4 in their I think they studdle but maybe 3rd not 4th

    67. Kaleb Gobezayhu

      Kylian Mbappe should sign for Liverpool. As a Liverpool fan Firmino past his best.

    68. mr cr7 manager

      My season prediction is Guardiola will resign or get sacked and man u will be sacking managers non-stop.

    69. V Dawson

      Let's see what would happen this year

    70. MercatorPlayz


      1. Tashfiq Mahmud

        Yeah audi cup

    71. TheYouInar

      Feel like Liverpool vs Everton will be a draw, not a small draw... a big ONE... unless.. Mane,Origi,Shaqiri start... *Barcelona Flashback* yes it a joke, may the best win

    72. Avi Garg

      Prediction : SON HUENG MIN will win the premier league GOLDEN BOOT. GARETH BALE will have most assissts for SPURS

    73. Kripal deb Barman

      "United to finish bottom" ...... not gonna happen Matt..

    74. Arunan Aravaanan

      Matt: My big prediction is that two BIG managers will be sacked That's not that crazy, it's not even a prediction. It has happened every season for the last decade and will happen the next too. Its just the state of football right now

    75. Shushma Singh Parmar

      I will see you for the 5 prediction matt

    76. melusi hlophe

      i think your predictions are byass

    77. Ayush Somanna

      Lewandowski will finally win his first ballon d'or next year since this year ballon d'or is cancelled.

    78. Jahida Ahmed

      Juve will win champions league

    79. Kimani Nemesis

      My prediction matt will get four of ten prediction wrong mostly the Manchester united prediction

    80. Parag Shende

      Everyone saying OleOut but no one saying WoodwardOut.😿

    81. Jose Sánchez

      No Matt!! No nos pifies :(, talking about the 10th prediction

    82. MrMichael

      Fake predictetions also stupid predictetions

      1. OneFootball English

        How can they be fake when the season isnt finished yet? 😂😂😂😂

    83. Sean Lau

      I loved Matt last prediction Spurs to the top

    84. Rizkwondo

      When Liverpool won the UCL, a lot of people thought that they were gonna win it next season again, but they didn't. I don't think Bayern will win the UCL next season.

    85. Nishan Gowda

      Tottenham fans 😂😂😂😂😂 still believe in a trophy.

    86. Pavit Singh Panesar

      I think man utd should sign Adama Traore if they wanna keep up with other teams

    87. Bobb Bobb

      My predictions: 10. Juventus not to win serie A 9. Everton to win a Merseyside Derby 8. Barcelona to not reach a final 7. Ole To get sacked before January 6. Spurs to win a trophy (just saying I’m not a spurs fan) 5. Arsenal to win the Europa League 4. Inter to get to the champions league semi finals 3. Manchester United to score 50 penalties this season 2. Leipzig to finish first in the ucl group (ok maybe not) 1. Lewandowski to out score Messi and Ronaldo

    88. Anuj Gudadhe

      Spurs will win the Europa league this season

    89. Anuj Gudadhe

      Messi will not leave Barcelona at the end of the season

    90. Miguel Jaques

      I have a feeling ronaldo will win the golden boot this year. This is the first time in 3-4 years that hes started the season on a strong note. in 2017/2018 he only had 4 goals by the first half of the season but ended with 50+ goals by the end. even last year he started poorly but ended with lots of goals only behind lewa across all comps. If he starts strong, and he has proven he can score 30+ 40+ in one half of a season he might destroy the scoring charts. also last year he scored plenty despite playing for a team with the worst midfield In Europe. Now if he will have ppl creating chances for him he will score even more.

      1. Olaniyan Abdussalam

        @Miguel Jaques okay

      2. Miguel Jaques

        @Olaniyan Abdussalam pens are goals at the end of the day so it doesnt matter. also u get a pen if the opponent is illegally stopping u or ur teammate from scoring a goal. Majority of the time ronaldo was the one whose shots got blocked by the hand or he was tripped over so if the other team hadn't fouled, he would've scored anyway. so really it doesnt matter. Pens have the same worth as normal goals.

      3. Olaniyan Abdussalam

        12 penalties

    91. Asbin SOLICE

      I don't agree with suarez celebrating

    92. Asbin SOLICE

      Matt forgot mbappe for golden boot

    93. Akshat Shah

      My prediction- barça to win the Europa League😂

    94. Dhruv Dharmadhikari

      Nonsense everything

    95. Chintan Makhijani

      Ronaldo will score more than Messi but Juve will not win Serie A ? What are the odds ?

    96. Shrish Trivedi

      Jose ✌️✌️✌️

    97. Aayush Srivastava

      I didn't agree with most of the predictions but as soon as 10th one came I believe in the other 9.

    98. Puffin - One Handed Gamer

      it just goes to show you how many penalties tteams have been cheated out of before VAR was a thing. the fact that the referees are only human was the mistake, VAR isn't perfect, but it is better than before VAR

    99. SAI CHARAN

      Matt will you shave yur head if Messi out scores Ronaldo?And don't forget tht if Juve's team isn't working then Ronaldo won't have chances,wheras Messi can create his own chances as well as setup his team mates.

      1. Syed Musfiqur Rahman


    100. Football Club David

      For what Lampard means to Chelsea along with the influx of talent that has to jell with the 2020 season being so haphazard I highly doubt Lampard is fired.