Predicting France's EURO 2020 line-up! Pogba IN, Griezmann OUT?

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    Kylian Mbappe, Paul Pogba, Olivier Giroud and Kingsley Coman. These are just some of the names that could be lining up for France this summer in the Euros! With this in mind, Angelina predicts which players she thinks Didier Deschamps will select in his starting XI as France go into the competition as one of the favourites to win it!
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    1. OneFootball English

      Who would feature in YOUR starting XI for France? Do you think they will win the competition?

      1. chen miki

        Gk lloris Lb digne Cb kounde Cb varane Rb pavard Cm pogba Dm kante Cm tolliso Lw Mbappe St griezman Rw dembele Bench:Thauvin Mandanda Ferland mendy Giroud Aour will be my french euro team if i was the coach

      2. Sathesh Kumar

        Is there any possibility of karim benzema comeback to france national team . He is the top quality striker than all other france squad players.

      3. Dominick Christian

        @Joziah Castiel yup, have been watching on Flixzone for since november myself :)

      4. Joziah Castiel

        A trick: watch series at flixzone. Been using them for watching lots of of movies lately.

      5. Quagsire


    2. Gershwin Alessandro Farao

      Karim Benzema's exclusion from the national team is the weirdest shyit ever lmao

    3. Manish Dulal

      Where is Zouma?? At least he deserves a mention...

    4. B0bby Moon

      England 4 : 6 France It seemed that France wasn't that strong anyway. Everyone I met said France has bunch of "WORLD-CLASS" player in any positions while can't even out-star England position wise. 1. Kane > Giroud 2. Grealish < Mbappe 3. Sancho == Coman 4. Foden < Griezmann 5. Rice < Kante 6. Mount/Henderson > Pogba 7. Shaw > Hernandez 8. Stones < Kimpenbe 9. Maguire < Varane 10. England RB > Pavard 11. England GK < Lloris

    5. Ayoayoayo oyaoyaoya

      I would take Ferland Mendy over Lucas Hernandez.

    6. Scorpio

      How is there no Benzema or Theo Hernandez!

    7. PadlizsánHD

      I should put Theo Hernández (Lucas's brother) on that LB position.

    8. Lior

      No Umtiti?

    9. Bodi

      I'd rather put even someone like thauvin than kingsley there, he's hesitating sometimes horribly, even dembele on that spot

    10. Stanley Enemuo

      I would go with a 4-3-3. Iloris, pavard, varane, kimpembe, digne. Midfield: kante, ndombele, pogba. Forwards: dembele, Griezmann as a false 9 & mbappe.

    11. Unlimited MTness

      I'm not convinced Mbappe should be in. Mbappe needs Neymar to be good.

    12. GOD GOD

      She doesn't know anything about football

    13. The Asian Sensational F.C

      Auoar needs to be called up to squad list along with camavinga, vetertout

    14. The Asian Sensational F.C

      Theo hernandez doesn't get chances

    15. The Asian Sensational F.C

      Theo hernandez doesn't get chances

    16. The Asian Sensational F.C

      Lucas hernandez, konate and jules kounde need more chances

    17. The Asian Sensational F.C

      Lucas hernandez, konate and jules kounde need more chances

    18. The Asian Sensational F.C

      Lucas hernandez, konate and jules kounde

    19. The Asian Sensational F.C

      Griezmann and mbappe is key for Les Bleus

    20. The Asian Sensational F.C

      Griezmann and mbappe is key for Les Bleus

    21. The Asian Sensational F.C

      Griezmann and mbappe is key for Les Bleus

    22. tom sommer

      This Video could have been like 1 minute: World Cup 2018 squad, but Coman and Kimpembe instead of Umtiti and Matuidi

    23. Vjoleta Krisafi

      its a shame youu dont even mention theo hernandez , is way better than all the options

    24. Mohd Hasyudin

      France is my home!!

    25. Shashwat Gupta

      Dagba can challenge Pavard for the RB position

    26. Fedeller Asadan Harmon

      It's a shame for Lacazette doe he hasn't been given the chance to play for France

    27. Sankhadip Mazumder

      rooting for the Spaniards

    28. Aditya

      Theo and Ferland> Lucas Hernandez

    29. real madrid

      what a starting 11..but i think ferland mendy would be a better lb than hernandez

    30. gamer gamung

      Lloris Pavard varane lenglet theo Kante pogba Dmebele grizzi mbappe Giroud


      Do one for Argentina.

    32. Underrated Pimp

      Oli has grt experience so no doubt

    33. French Viking

      Griezmann is currently 3rd of Europe of most goals/assists in all competitions just behind Messi and Lewandowski this season.

    34. French Viking

      Lmao “Griezmann out?” 😂👌🏻

    35. Dre' Jay

      At this point if I was Laporte I would go play for Spain..He would get a sure start and could be there for the future..He was at his best before World Cup yet no games..

    36. Zakaria Azoun

      This team is too good.

    37. Dein Biologischer Vater

      Ben yedder>>> giroud

      1. French Viking

        Giroud 🦁 Ben Yedder 🐱

    38. Dein Biologischer Vater

      She really said mbappe is THE best footballer on the planet..... I still don't think so

    39. Mr. Yeet

      You should do this for other teams

    40. Debarshee Talukdar

      Euro group of death positions after g's GERMANY FRANCE PORTUGAL HUNGARY

    41. kavya mehta

      Laca over giroud

    42. Aaron Sasmita

      Ferland mendy??

    43. Football Album


    44. lil fish

      Areola robbed.

    45. Habeeb Mohamed

      ferland mendy?

    46. Paul Grech

      Greizmann has been on 🔥 fire he will play

    47. Bleard Gashi

      Angelina send me your Instagram I will marry you

    48. Rajeshwari

      Theo Hernandez: Am I a joke to you

    49. Adam Czerepinski


    50. Humphrey Mwanza

      This was way too easy for you maybe do a video for positions some teams will struggle to fill(teams that have qualified for Euros)

    51. Shareeh Rayisoon

      Theo Hernandez?

    52. Akshay Babu

      Not even mentioning theo hernadez

    53. Shareeh Rayisoon

      Angelina engaged?

    54. kazi Imam hossain

      One of worst 11 made by one football for sure

    55. Muhammad Shahzeb Ali

      Lenglet retired ? I think he still plays for France

    56. Ashish Motwani

      France bring in benzema and euros finished before they even start

      1. French Viking

        Yeah because of his weak mentality he will destroy the unity in the group and bring a lot of drama to the National team all while spitting on the French flag.

    57. Aarul Kolte

      Don’t get me wrong but I think laca deserves a chance

    58. Ryan Jacob

      Ferland Mendy is better than Lucas Hernandez both offensively and defensively. He is one of the best lbs in the world atm, so complete

    59. Beast of football

      Do one with Germany

    60. Sabine Schaudien

      100 % Agreement! Really good lineup, Respect!

    61. Abidan

      was it just me that noticed that was the brazzers theme song

    62. Kishan Bhattarai

      Griezmann is the heart of france gameplay he should never be out

      1. French Viking

        100% he is their controller/playmaker.

    63. Coastal

      No Ferland Mendy??? Come on

    64. Sailendra S

      where is laporte ❓❓❓

    65. Sirus Datta

      Theo Hernandez ????!!???!!!????

    66. Amal Bhargavan

      From where can I get the onefootball t-shirt? I'm from India

    67. ReZwäñ Dîptö

      Angelina has proved herself after those salty comments!!!

    68. Sinan Mohammed

      "One of the if not the greatest footballer right now." LOL. Messi, Ronaldo and Lewa must be fuming. Love the content tho.

    69. Molamin Kinteh

      Ben yeder 》》 giroud

    70. Molamin Kinteh

      Coman doesn't even start for bayern

    71. Molamin Kinteh

      Kante on the decline So rabio and ndombele >>

      1. GLNY

        Pogba and Kante have proven to be better for france

    72. Molamin Kinteh


    73. Recky

      Mbappe RW Coman LW

    74. Shovit Dhakal

      This is almost the same lineup as 2018 WC except Coman and Kimpembe

    75. Marcus Lawrence

      Griezmann is the man for france how the F**K can you leave him out

    76. Nicolas YL

      So no fekir as a sub?

    77. Seid Abdi

      Please do next the Netherlands 🇳🇱 🦁

    78. Donny Don

      For everyone mentioning theo hernandez, no way he even makes the squad over his brother, ferland and lucas digne. He doesn’t have what it takes defensively and doesn’t suit deschamps style anyway

    79. Jordan Pryce

      Do Brazil 🇧🇷

    80. Dwayne Wal-e

      Yes! That's a strong starting 11. Go France!

    81. young_range007

      Giroud... Really 😂😂 Are people forgetting that Giroud played every single game of the world cup and didn't score a single goal. This man once played an entire match without making any touches. MARCU THURAM is a better option really.

      1. French Viking

        So funny to see people making statements like yours, you clearly have no clue about football and tacticts. Even without scoring a single goal Giroud was one of the key factors that France won this World Cup, Giroud is extremely important.

    82. kinggalexandre

      Ferland Mendy is miles levels ahead of Hernandez please.

    83. kinggalexandre

      Love Angelina

    84. Tommy TwoShot

      Guys, imma need you to stop using the Brazzers theme song, I cant watch these in public anymore

    85. skatertreflipable

      Luca Hernandez? more like Theo

      1. French Viking

        Lucas is better.

    86. Quinton Harte

      How has benzema not got in the squad

    87. itshahriar

      BENZEMA deserves to be back in the national team, France is missing out

      1. French Viking

        Not at all, his weak mentality was a burden for the National team, France does better without him.

    88. Filip Potočný

      Giroud: useless all season apart from one goal, Lacazette: on form and banging them in, Deschamp: Yeah so Giroud got hair so of course hes in the starting 11

      1. Filip Potočný

        @French Viking im right tho

      2. French Viking

        You know shite about football i see.

    89. Manolo 9Eleven

      what happened to the "in form" rankings on the OFApp

    90. Michael Kebede

      Good lineup

    91. Kieran Johnson

      Theo Hernandez>Digne, Mendy, Lucas. France and Juventus fan

      1. French Viking

        Lol not in a 100 years

      2. Peter Edeoghon

        He doesn't really get tested enough defensively in serie a imo

    92. Dhruv Lalwani

      I am absolutely astonished that Angelina didnt even mention Theo Hernandez, IMO he is arguably the best LB in the Seria-A

      1. Zak Westbrook

        @HenSt1985 if France played a back 5 there stupid

      2. HenSt1985

        too bad Theo and Lucas are playing in the same position, else we can have the two brothers playing together for the national team. Well, maybe if Lucas play as LCB in a back 5...

    93. David Isichei

      I actually missed u got a little tired of matt

    94. Mzamo Gagai

      Nobody: Angelina: Bot

    95. Anthony Oyungu

      Theo Hernandez as a honourable mention for left back

    96. Avi Sinha

      I will have the same I will be putting Martial in Striker position

    97. Seyam Rahman

      “Keylor Navas is overrated” #neverforget

      1. Peter Edeoghon


    98. Vishal Vinod

      No one can replace Greizmann in france.

      1. French Viking

        Litteraly no one

    99. Sandro Sompas

      The other Hernandez is a better Lb

    100. Name is just a name right?

      . Mbappe Coman. Griezmann. Dembele Pogba. Kante Hernandez or Mendy. Varane. Kimpembe. Pavard Loris