UNDERRATED European XI of 2020/21!

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    With the league finales approaching and title races hotting up around Europe we decided to take a look at who shone this season when maybe it just wasn't expected of them. Forget Haaland, Mbappe and Fernandes, is this the REAL team of the season? Here's our best UNDERRATED XI for the 2020/21 season, including stars from Leeds United, Inter Milan, Porto, Leicester and more!
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    Our best Underrated team of the 2020/21 season:
    GK: Emi Martinez (Aston Villa)
    CB: Sebastián Coates (Sporting)
    CB: Alessandro Bastoni (Inter Milan)
    CB: Wesley Fofana (Leicester)
    RM: Jonas Hofmann (Gladbach)
    CM: Benjamin Andre (Lille)
    CM: Otavio (Porto)
    LM: Filip Kostic (Frankfurt)
    ST: Iago Aspas (Celta Vigo)
    ST: Patrick Bamford (Leeds)
    ST: Giorgos Giakoumakis (VVV Venlo)
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    Photo credits: Getty/Imago
    Audio: Audio Networks

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    1. OneFootball English

      Anyone we missed that you would have put in YOUR underrated European team of the season?

      1. Devesh Mittal


      2. Akash S

        Sasa Kaladjzic from Stuttgart (Ik I spelled it wrong 😂)

      3. Fares Refai

        its crotone striker simy he already scored 15

      4. gaurav ghosh

        Burak Yilmaz

      5. ZFR squad

        Araujo for barca and masip for valladolid ‼️‼️‼️

    2. Jitin Nair

      For goalkeeping there is Donnarumba who is 21 literally for 3 years now

    3. Micerson 1

      I think Andreas Christensen deserves to be in the cb role over fofana

    4. messer840 the gers

      What about Ryan Kent he's better than aspas

    5. Buwuz_

      I think Hakimi is also very underrated, he's class but I've never heard anyone say that he is class

    6. DarudeAndy

      Diogo jota

    7. Steven Roilos


    8. Mohammed Zaid

      That aspas corner tho

    9. Adem Kilinc


    10. Karel Van den Driessche

      Müller is so underated

    11. Kusal Sharma

      You missed chiesa !! most consistent juve player this season.

    12. Amna Samraiz

      Forgotten ronald aruajo the beast in barca back

    13. Grand Master Squid

      Kostic is a wing back not a winger

    14. Pranjal Pal

      Other than going for well known ones like Fofana & Bastoni... Berat Djimsiti of Atalanta or even Djene of Getafe could have been better choice... They doesn't get any limelight but these 2 have been brilliant this season !

    15. A74M JM

      its mostly people out of them prem that are under-rated

    16. A74M JM

      isnt benzema kinda under rated

    17. Limbo

      Sorry but where is Robert murhen the striker has only scored less than lewa last 2seasons

    18. xavier pinarreta

      Wow actually some great shouts in this video. Well done Matt!

    19. Finn Hoefer

      mohamed dahoud is so underrated people dont consider him underrated

    20. Forza Inter milano

      Bastoni 🖤💙

    21. Aniket Roy

      The midfield section needs to have one more name that's Riqui Puig

    22. Mohammed Naeem

      How is christian Romero from atalanta in there but the other choices are still so underrated

    23. AMM25

      GK honorable mention Eduard Mendy, since coming in he has proven to be really solid, underrated throughout his whole career.

    24. D

      Zinchenko at city? Terran Torres?

    25. thomas fieberitz

      Muller is the most underrated player in the world he is dropping better stats than kdb and bruno and still doesn't get the respect he deserves

    26. Aliando Ricketts

      Lozano is very much underrated

    27. Adi V

      That was the worst music choice ever, gave me a massive headache

    28. Paul E

      Wataru Endo is also underrated

    29. Zan Warren-Kazor

      Bono at Sevilla is criminally underrated. Emi Martinez is becoming like Thomas Muller; so underrated that he is now almost overrated. Please give the scoring goalkeeper the credit he deserves.

    30. Aidan Seymour

      i feel like underrated is someone who is considered worse than they are not someone who isnt really recognised because they are in a smaller team or league

    31. semeon

      No leon bailey?🤷🏽‍♂️

    32. Vaibhav Teotia

      Don't know why nobody is talking about him,but there's this guy called Kamada(dont know his full name) who plays for Frankfurt and he is damn good...also I think Thomas Müller has also not been publicised as much as he should have

    33. Gunner4life

      King Mitro.

    34. Asbin Zawed

      Eder Militao is the most underrated player of the history when he get's a chance it's often champions legue semi or round of 16 and still he performs well 🇧🇷😩

    35. Asbin Zawed

      I thought you gonna name Dusan Tadic he's amazing

    36. Nick Astley

      I am surprised Araujo isn’t in there, arguably the best CB this season

    37. GasimKid

      Another underrated striker for me is muriel from atalanta

    38. Srikanth

      Background music, anyone?

    39. Aniket Acharjee

      Oscar Mingueza??

    40. Harikrishna M

      Oscar Mingueza is so underrated..man is a warrior

    41. D J

      I'm happy that I know 10 of them😁

    42. Jad Ghanem

      Keylor navas is the most underrated keeper ! He is the best in the world at the moment. Emi Martinez is well rated, everyone knows he’s good 🤷‍♂️

      1. Jad Ghanem

        @Nishant Joshi yeah I know, I just stated mine

      2. Nishant Joshi

        Yeah but its his opinion anyway

    43. YT Prem

      For Goalkeeper I would say Keylor Navas is most underrated

    44. Conrad

      Wtf is up with this music by the way....

    45. Zohaib Bashir

      Belotti is not underrated but he is a very good striker and deserves a move away from Torino

    46. Ragnar Lothbrok


    47. Kasavajhala Sai Pranav

      Dear barca fans we underrate our players comparing them to our legends , our players are mostly recognised and are on the top

      1. Nishant Joshi

        @Kasavajhala Sai Pranav I am a MI fan too. Hope MI wins too

      2. Kasavajhala Sai Pranav

        @Nishant Joshi creativity levels 😝

      3. Nishant Joshi

        Your pfp tho 😂😂

    48. Demetres _77

      Of course I have heard of Giakoumakis I m from greece.

    49. Dread Man

      Emi Martinez isn't underrated, if anything he is slightly overrated. And I don't mean to say he is a bad player.

    50. Spandan - Duwadi

      Cristian Romero Atalanta Underrated

    51. tintinsimon

      Timothy Catagne?

    52. Umesh Devrari

      That background music is so lit. 🔥🔥🔥

    53. Mahir Foysal

      Like always Sergio Busquets play very well this season but doesn't get that much of a recognition

    54. Aadeeshvar Singh

      Fomration 4-3-3 GK: Meslier LB: Mendy CB: Kounde CB: Vesteergard RB: Justin CM: Barella CAM: Mkhitaryan CM: Pedri LW: Chiesa RW: Pedro Neto ST: Andre Silva

    55. George Murad


    56. Seyam Rahman

      Mitchell Bakker for PSG 🔥 🔥 🔥

    57. Mikéle

      Music a bit too loud. And maybe to high paced but mainly too loud

    58. gavin moras

      Mike Maignan is so underated he is like a wall this season

    59. Oliver Gieldon

      When you talked about st ettienne i thought it was saliba

    60. Adnan Ayyash

      Pedri and araujo robbed

    61. Adnan Ayyash

      Araujo robbed

    62. Itamar Maman

      Gerard Moreno is very underated as well

    63. SwikMaster

      I do all my research in over leagues so I know all these people

    64. Farhan A.

      This youtube channel is so underrated tho 😳♥

    65. Blem

      Alternative title: Hitc Sevens world XI

    66. Tugboat

      I heard of giakoumakis and watched him and yeah I did not like what I saw haha

    67. legendary cat


    68. PANOS X

      9:53 he has 27 goals 24 in the Dutch league and 3 in the Dutch cup😅😁

      1. PANOS X

        @OneFootball English yeah thats what im saying 😅😂😄

      2. OneFootball English

        No I think its 27 overall, 24 in league and 3 in cup :) www.transfermarkt.com/georgios-giakoumakis/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/234850/plus/1?saison=2020&verein=&liga=&wettbewerb=&pos=&trainer_id=

    69. Himalaya आफांनि बर'

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    70. Han Solo

      Kostic and aouar

    71. Ene Nõlvak-Donohoe

      Sick background

    72. Abir

      The current Real Madrid squad has couple of underrated players ... vazquez , nacho , mendy

    73. Emmanuel Stephenson

      Aspas is incredible. He turns up every season and is one of the best players in the league. He literally carries Celta.

    74. Emmanuel Stephenson

      Frenkie De Jong is quite underrated. The guy has been one of the best players this season and he played in multiple positions and have done exceptionally well but not getting the praise he deserves.

      1. Nishant Joshi

        @leon muller why do you think like that? He is not overrated, he is highly rated

      2. leon muller


    75. Edison Lewis

      Wyat cap vibes

    76. Avyukt Kochhar

      Andre Silva had to be on that list period.

    77. Incognito

      Giakoumakis isn't underrated, he just had a massive purple patch..

    78. Christophe Oosterwijk

      what is that opening music called or what is the song called?

    79. Courtious 13

      For me welghorst from wolfsburg in the Bundesliga is highly underrated

    80. Farhan A.

      Julian Brandt is highly underrated

      1. Luca

        @Farhan A. WATCH HIM? I'M A FUCKING BVB FAN, I WATCH EVERY GAME FFS. He is absolutely horrible wtf, Shit decision making, unmotivated every fucking time, no activity against the ball, error-prone and inconsistent, to one-dimensional, Combination game often does not exist with him, 0 creativity or certain of will. 99% of all Dortmund Fans can Tell you that he has talent but absolutely Shows nothing and doesn't want to Change something to become better. Awful overrated Flop.

      2. Farhan A.

        @Luca watch him play and then talk

      3. Luca

        Brandt is one of the worst Dortmund Players wtf 😭😭 Dortmund has so many Underrated Players with Guerreiro, Dahoud, Delaney etc.. and you are saying Brandt😭.

    81. Incognito

      'first ever title..in 20years' Yes

    82. Nathan

      Otavio 💎⚪🔵🔥⚡✨🤩💯🇧🇷🇧🇷

    83. Darko the Mapper

      They missed Kristijan Lovrić from HNK Gorica, 1st Croatian League

      1. Nikola Marković

        Brate zapad boli kurac za istocni fudbal uopsteno a kamoli za neke tamo jugoslovenske klubove

    84. Nathan

      Why are u guys forgetting Hakimi

    85. #the_ Dream

      Perfect intro!

    86. Sjievie

      Giakoumakis💛🖤 I am from Venlo

    87. Jonah Vinoy

      Luis murrial of Atlanta deserved a place, he is the most underrated striker in seria

    88. Rishab .B

      Love the new vibe! :)

    89. Siyagcinwa Matsenjwa

      3-4-3 formation Matt: why the hell not

    90. RPG_dinosnoi

      hey, i want you to know that it is not jiorjos jiakoumakis it is Giorgos Gakoumakis

    91. Sunil Umoh

      I made my list before watching the video and we both agreed on Aspas lol I had: Gk- Audero Cb- araujo Cb- Tomori Cb- botman Rm- Tecatito Cm- Marcos llorente Cm- merino Lm- Pedri (compromise) Lw- oyarzabal St - Toney Rw- Aspas

      1. Sunil Umoh


      2. OneFootball English

        Great team! Love Marcos Llorente

    92. kivi

      Lacroix and Arnold from Wolfsburg are so underrated

      1. Raphaelovic Strassovic

        And Schlager and Baku and casteels

    93. Oooga

      Fofana is only underrated because his career is very young and he's a CB.

    94. Tepig

      I think maybe Emiliano Buendia for norwich should be in this 11, he has 15 assists this season in the championship!

    95. Simon

      Neymar is so underrated

    96. kingzavii

      mateo kovacic this season is literly so underrated

    97. Asaph Grave

      Sick beat man

    98. niloy das

      Can I know the bgm's name?

    99. Fabrício Costa

      There are some overrated as well

    100. LEE LOONG ZHENG Moe

      Where is lingardinho?