Messi ON FIRE AGAIN + Man United set Pogba DEADLINE!

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    On Today’s OneFootball Daily News… Messi is on fine form once more as he helps Barcelona stay alive in the La Liga title race with a 5-2 victory over Getafe, Man United set a deadline for decision on Paul Pogba’s future, The Zlatan saga continues as the AC Milan striker signs a new contract, a transfer round up and today’s Friday Feels!
    0:00 Headlines
    0:18 Messi is on fine form
    3:15 Deadline date for Pogba
    5:34 The Zlatan saga
    7:57 Transfer/news round up
    8:31 Friday Feels
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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    1. OneFootball English

      FRIDAY FEELS: Let us know your predictions below! Here are Matt’s: West Ham 1-1 Chelsea Bayern win the Bundesliga with victory at Mainz Man City 3-0 Spurs/Man City 1-2 Spurs

      1. Vance George

        @Guillermina Levering trying it out now. Looks great so far :)

      2. Marcus Wesley

        Well matt ur predictions haven't gone as planned so far 😂😂💔

      3. Guillermina Levering

        dont know if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram account by using Instaplekt. Find it on google xD

      4. CC 1234

        Jlingz scores West Ham 2-2 Chelsea Spurs 2-4 City

      5. Daniel Mokwena

        West Ham 2 - 1 Chelsea Man City 2 - 1 Spurs

    2. vamshi Krishna

      araujo mingueza frenkie dest pedri ansu trincao ilaix riqui dembele future of barcelona

    3. Umair Naushad

      You forgot roses derby

    4. ambesh karanjit

      matt praising Barca and youngsters which is well deserved made me happy

    5. daan

      united should try to buy kante


      I am not doing Friday feels Because it become f***ing disgrace I tell 4-0 to barca last week & what they see is shit..

      1. OneFootball English

        ?? We said before, we can't read out every correct one. There's no need to be rude 😐

    7. Philips Jr.

      Hey Mark Lewandowski is apparently fit and is only 5 goals away from potentially breaking Gerd Muller's record of 40 goals in a single Bundesliga season Think he can do it?

    8. Juan Kitshoff


    9. Taff Zizi

      Talent wise Pogba is the best midfielder in the EPL

    10. Sohaib Sana'an

      Friday Feels : 1- Atletico to drop points 2- Real to drop points ( as you can guess yes I am a Barcelona fan )


      Matt trying to win back the Giroud fans HAHA

    12. Jason Antonio Fernandez

      Shieeet - that Messi stat !? Visca el Barca 🤫

    13. biggy martial

      Arsenal 0-1 Everton

    14. Swisherodocus

      You missed Cavani in list of great strikers over 30. Other than that I think u got all that I can think of off the top of my head but yeah props to Zlatan he's goated 🐐

    15. Brandon Grieder

      West Ham will 3-2. City win 3-1.

    16. Recky

      Hlozek 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    17. Mnikelo Mkwa

      Son will score against city

    18. Michael Kebede

      City to lose

    19. live life on the gun side live life on the gun side

      Liverpool 5-0 Newcastle United


      I'm saying Kai Havertz will get on the score sheet for the game against West Ham

    21. BrianneBritt Irubor

      9:28 well said Matt,well said💖

    22. Mohammad Sanaj

      Barcelona must sign Marco Senesi and Lisandro Martinez

    23. Richard B

      British premier league might work add rangers and celtic have 4 religations with top 2 from championship plus play off winner and champ from Scotland

    24. Captain Awesome

      I am going for a 4-0 city win.

    25. KunAguero Era

      Did Messi play in the prem? No he wouldn’t even score 10 goals. Danny Ings is clear

    26. Ryan Aka Tu 43

      Friday feels Chelsea 4-1 west ham Bayern win the Bundesliga Kai Havertz with a brace

    27. Aamina Mahmoud

      West ham United 0 Chelsea 2 Tottenham 1 Man city 4

    28. Tanaka Ndlovu

      west 2 chelsea 1 spurs 3 city 1 rashford will score 2 goals

    29. K1NG-RETRO

      Predictions Man Udt win 3-1 over leeds. NewCastle United 2-1 over liverpool. West ham 2-1 over Chelsea

    30. Abel Makori

      Messi will win the Ballod'or this season

    31. Adam Simpson

      Also Barca are 99% bringing in Eric Garcia, so that's another body at CB, meaning they're probably gonna sell someone

    32. Kris Gordon

      I'm sorry, but Pogba needs to go. He will do better elsewhere, in a new environment, with a new manager and fanbase. They haven't been able to get it out of him for 5 years!!!!! It's not going to happen!

    33. Sumit Swain

      Tottenham to win the final 2-0 #coys

    34. Ian Cousins

      Chelsea still do if you are over 30 you don't get more than one

    35. cool srk

      I somehow get the feeling. Spurs will win. Maybe due to the bounce a team gets after a new manager comes in.

    36. Rida Ramlawi

      Arsenal 2-1 Everton Liverpool 3-0 Newcastle Mainz 1-4 Bayern Wolfsburg 0-2 Dort Metz 0-4 PSG West Ham 2-2 Chelsea Real Madrid 1-1 Real Betis Fiorentina 1-2 Juventus Inter Milan 2-0 Hellas Verona Leeds United 1-1 Man United Villareal 1-2 Barcelona Man City 0-1 Spurs Athletic Club 0-2 Atletico Madrid

    37. Adam Hassan

      Leeds 1 United 2

    38. Banathey Manuga

      Man City 2-0 win Foden will win

    39. Half Skull

      7 games in the top 5 leagues have at least 5 goals

    40. Sebastian Ruiz

      I think man city will win 4-1 against Spurs

    41. Benjamin Amudoaghan

      Friday feels: West Ham 1-2 Chelsea Man City 2-0 Spurs/Man City 0-1 Spurs Musiala on the scoresheet.

    42. Nights Dzn

      Uhhh Paul pogba saga?

    43. Jashim Jamaludheen K

      Man City 1-2 Spurs, villarreal 2 - 0 barca, real madrid 4 - 0 real betis, lazio 3 - 2 AC milan, leeds 1 - 2 man utd


      Manchester City: 3 Spurs: 1 for the carabao cup

    45. noizi99

      I don’t understand this why when benzema gets 2 goals and assist great game from him but when Messi does the same it’s like oh my god he is insane. No hate towards Messi love that man just a little confused.

    46. Mangesh Kamble

      Chelsea 2-0 West Ham

    47. Prathmesh Bojalwar

      Bayern gonna win the title with muller on the scoresheet

    48. Football Maniac

      Barcelona will win

    49. Football Album

      zenit might be involved with umtiti

    50. shady Brian

      City will beat Spurs

    51. Nefe Jefia

      Eric Choupo-Messi

    52. Yaseen Kalam

      Pogba is sick

    53. FP

      5:52 how dare he violate king kazu like that

    54. Rohit Chahar

      Spurs will finally win a cup (in penalties) And I'm an Arsenal fan of course

    55. Rawad Fayad

      I want Spurs to win but I know city will win

    56. Thomas Lupton

      Leeds win 3-2 against Manchester



    58. ConorsClips

      Day 1 of asking for power rankings back

    59. viju1984

      Chelsea win 3-1 Bayern lose 1-2 City 5-1 Spurs

    60. itlhatswe Sabone

      West Ham 2 - 1 CHELSEA BAYERN 3 - 0 MITZ CITY 3 - 2 SPURS

    61. jj Waring

      Chelsea to win 2-1 and Lingard to score for West Ham

    62. Nikhil Shaji

      What is the Staring Song Name??

    63. Arjun Giridhar

      Thank you for talking about Barca!

    64. Mohammed Sherjil

      West ham 2 - Chelsea 0 Spurs 2- 1 city

    65. Saddik Simanto

      Where is copa del ray video bro 😣😣😣😣 from bangladesh

    66. PenguinGames TV

      West hampions league? You know, hampions? Heh heh

    67. Damario Rhoomes

      Are you guys going to talk about ronaldo decline or nah, he's still scoring but I really don't think he's doing so well

    68. Muhammad Shahzeb Ali

      Eric Garcia also on the cards and Balde barca B LB getting promotion next season signs look brighter and brighter for Barcelona but they should work on their attack a proper number 9 would be great Rafa Mir is cheaper option and can a future star

    69. D1nesh._22

      Summer coming up Matt *Time to talk about Sancho to United again every day*

    70. Kurt Boodoosingh

      The 2015GOAT is back

    71. Manolo 9Eleven

      Of course it's in less games than the ones in the English League. LaLiga is a farmer's League ,that's y CR7 has more goals than games but failed to reach 100EPL goals in 3+ seasons

    72. jtbaldur

      Friday Feels: 1) West Ham will have a 2 goal lead at some point during the game 2) Spurs will score but Man City will win

    73. Adrian McLean

      Westham 1-2 Chelsea

    74. S

      West Ham 2-2 Chelsea Bayern 4-1 Mainz Barcelona 3-0 Villarreal

    75. Antonis Stam

      West Ham 1-0 Chealsea man city spurs 4-1

    76. Sankhadip Mazumder

      I like how Barcelona is returning to their tested formula (Hope they keep it alive). On a surprising note , Real Madrid have shifted their policy too . Antonio Blanco is their recent finding and he's a beast , just 20 years of age and impressive positioning , body strength and array of passing .

    77. S

      He needed to talk about Getafe’s own goal.

    78. Magoti ya Jogoo

      2-1 FOR CHELSEA

    79. FTB_786

      Return of player rankings???

    80. arthur choolwe mwiinga

      Spurs beat city 3:2

    81. ritvik chauhan

      United wins against Leeds Greenwood scores

    82. Rawad Fayad

      One football here baby

    83. Tris0nla

      im late :/

    84. Cen_tah_ree

      Friday feels , west ham to beat chelsea Tottenham to win first trophy

    85. Fahad Daniyal

      Stick with your Heart Matt 🤣❤️👍 Don't worry you Have Bale 🔥

    86. ShahZaib Khan

      Celtic and rangers in the premier league. Fuck yes

    87. Sebastien Knight

      Chelsea and West ham will draw 2-2

    88. Tiger516funny

      Friday feels: 1. Arsenal to have a Kroenke out protest later. 2. Perez to announce he's trying to save football yet again.

      1. I hala madrid

        @Faisal alshaya u see Spanish football is dying Who the hell watches la liga When u can watch the pl

      2. Faisal alshaya

        @Seetharama Shetty no he isnt he is destroying it coming from a real fan

      3. Seetharama Shetty

        He's saving football SPANISH FOOTBALL

    89. Aparna DESHPANDE

      Spurs 2 - City 1

    90. noor yahya

      You don’t how, but they’ll win 😂😂

    91. Arun Moorthy

      Modric is 35. But he plays like he has the legs of a 20-year old that he makes you forget his age.

      1. Micah Mokua

        @M1st4rE1it3 he said play like not he is 20 years old is grammar to hard for y'all?

      2. M1st4rE1it3

        @Micah Mokua stop trying to start beef out of nothing, have some respect

      3. M1st4rE1it3

        @Micah Mokua what makes him play like a 20 year old then, because when people say that, they refer to their physical ability and not technical ability obviously because when you age you loose pace

      4. Hadi Boi

        As a Barca fan he destroyed Barca’s midfield

      5. Micah Mokua

        @M1st4rE1it3 he said he plays like he has guess we know you're the dumb one here

    92. Young Joon Kim

      2-1 Spurs Sunday

    93. rickey don

      No bad comments please guys

    94. FM Stegen

      Messi is really honest and humble

    95. Sam

      What about DVB

    96. Ganpat Dhuri

      British Super league 😂

    97. Miguel Addison

      5:52 King kAzU

    98. Cristian Estrada

      Matt are you and Dean (442oons) bros?

      1. Cristian Estrada

        @OneFootball English Oh okay thanks 😊

      2. OneFootball English

        Nope haha

    99. Meme Nation

      Ac Milan did not offer Zlatan a contract extension... Zlatan offered Ac Milan a contract extension.

    100. Yu Qi

      U just a great tott fan