Man United NEED Bruno Fernandes's help + Man City & Barça BATTLE!

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    On today’s OneFootball Daily News... Man United need Bruno’s help with a new transfer, A two way battle for Juventus' Adrien Rabiot could be on the cards, the latest from WC qualifying including Gundogan, Watkins and Morata scoring, a transfer round up and Friday Feels!
    00:00 Headlines
    00:18 Man United chase Neto
    01:56 Who will sign Rabiot?
    03:51 Gundogan scores again!
    04:59 Transfer Round-Up
    05:39 Friday Feels
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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    1. OneFootball English

      FRIDAY FEELS: Let us know your predictions below! Here are Matt’s: Zlatan to score v Kosovo Immobile to score v Bulgaria Joao Felix to score v Serbia

      1. Alessandro Torre

        Belotti to score

      2. Waffle Gaming

        Sancho is clearly going Manchester they need a RM or RW I’m sure he will go there and seeing how pogba and David de gea earned from Manchester he will clearly go to Manchester

      3. Abad Ahmad Toor

        CR7 to score a brace vs serbia Zlatan to score a kulusevski assisted goal vs kosovo Chiesa and immobile to score vs Bulgaria

      4. Hazza Bowdini

        Zlatan 0 goals Immobile 2 goal Felix 0 goals

      5. Just Kick

        England 5 - 0 Albania Zlatan Brace v Kosovo Serbia 1 - 3 Portugal With Ronaldo, Jota and Pedro Neto To Score

    2. Pravin Thangarajah

      Piemonto Calcio looks a bit weird in this vid

    3. SwamiDraws

      Why can’t city stop chasing us Barça fan💙❤️

    4. Abad Ahmad Toor

      CR7 to score a brace vs serbia Zlatan to score a kulusevski assisted goal vs kosovo Chiesa and immobile to score vs Bulgaria

    5. zak abdi

      Barcelona would now have a 3rd greizmann lookalike lol

    6. among us

      Put some respect on Rodri's name

    7. SindSim cZ

      What about Souček’s hattrick😇🔥

    8. Fatin Huruglica

      Kosova will draw 1-1

    9. Alexandre Nabais

      Matt knows how to make me laugh xD. There is more chance of my grandmother coming back from the ashes than Felix scoring a goal.

    10. Lord Voldemort

      Friday feels: Sweden 4-2 Kosovo (zlatan to score twice) Italy 3-0 Bulgaria Portugal 5-1 Serbia (Ronaldo to score a hat-trick)

    11. United Hater

      😅rabiot was in the city academy

    12. Luis Messi jr

      I rather take isak than Silva.....

    13. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 14

      Joao Felix and Cristiano to score

    14. Assasin Creed Illyria

      Friday feels: 🇽🇰 Kosovo 2 - 0 Sweden 🇸🇪 muriqi and zeneli with the goals and halimi and celina with the assists

    15. Balthazar Werner

      Switzerland to win 3-1

    16. Jarle Malmin

      what is funny... People actually think Barcelona will be getting anyone... The club is broke.

    17. Peace FC

      kind of surprising to me that Rabiot more physical than Rodri looking at their physiques i would guess that Rodri more physical and also the fact that Rodri used to play for ATLETICO MADRID

    18. Cruz Florero

      No fucking way we want Rabiot again. I thought Bartomeu left...

    19. Luca Milani

      I know he conceded 5 but can we talk about how good the San Marino keeper was

    20. Blero The Fire Hero

      Real Madrid are so selfish They are not using Dani Ceballos or Martin Odegaard but they still refuse to give them to Arsenal permanently

    21. Ahmat Perçuku

      Are we talking about the same i think we are talking about?

    22. Ahmed Basit

      And this is the daily news!! Never gets old

    23. Fraser Richardson

      I don’t understand these constant transfers for Rabiot, everyone wants him until he’s on their team😂

    24. Adithya V

      If United aren't the only team in for Neto, we can forget about him because we never compete with anyone when it comes to transfers?

    25. Samuel Mason

      Abeerden got promoted to the Premier League

    26. Avi Sinha

      Time flies one football changes

    27. Jake SCOTT

      Top 5 underrated players 1, duvan zapata 2: nicolo zaniolo 3. Domenico beradi 4. Andre silva 5. Filip kostic

    28. Jake SCOTT

      Anyone gonna talk about how juventus want to offload lots of players such as bentancur dybala, rabiot and they want to sign milik, gosens, morata, chiesa, beradi and locatelli

    29. Agent MrBeast

      Matt, Aberdeen aren't in the Premier League 😂😂😂

    30. sergio aguero

      Friday feels Sweden 4-2 Kosovo Italy 3-1 Bulgaria Portugal 2-0 serbia

    31. FiliX JunioR


    32. Azhar Hoosain Taliep

      Aberdeen is not in the premier league

    33. Rida Ramlawi

      Netherlands 4-1 Latvia Czech Republic 1-2 Belgium Serbia 0-1 Portugal Kazakhstan 0-2 France Albania 1-2 England Bulgaria 1-3 Italy Romania 0-2 Germany

    34. Mikail Omalar


    35. Madan Siwakoti

      But why Barca for Rabiot.. We are better with our own products

    36. Kairi HD

      Rabiot will be a terrible buy , and pjanic should have played more

    37. Collin Bain

      Raphina > Neto and Rabiot is OVERRATED!!!

    38. J. Baker

      No mention of 3 Chelsea players providing 3 assist in the first half which should've been 6

    39. Victor Babarinde

      Czech 0-3 Belgium Benin 0-2 Nigeria Haaland to score vs Turkey

    40. Night King 48

      Man city recruiting rabiot as a more physical alternative to Rodri? Funny, cuz according to FIFA, Rodri has 1 more physical

    41. JohnSmithKing

      Pedro neto is nowhere near the quality of Sancho. This from a Portuguese.

    42. Ruruzegreat

      Petition for @OneFootball English to make a second channel - TWOFootballEnglish where we see Matt and Angelina do other things - like playing video games like FIFA or other stuff

    43. Sporting Director


    44. Sia

      Lord Lingard had a great game yesterday and let his understudies Take the spotlight

    45. Farrel Amal

      Zlatan to score against Kosovo Werner to score against Romania Ronaldo to score against Serbia

    46. Dante Ojediran

      Had a math test today and it was really hard so there’s no better feeling than just coming home, relaxing and watching today’s daily news🔥

    47. Rohan Rawat Class-12A RN-26

      Matt change your hairstyle

    48. Cormac Flynn

      City dont need another cm. someone would have to be sold to give rabiot minutes

    49. Sabin Basnet

      are you the one from CW series Superman and Lois

    50. Zesmo

      Hi Matt, i was wondering how many club "descriptions" you can name (e.g. FC, Sporting, United). I think it also suits the content(challenges) you guys have been doing recently. I dont know how far ahead you produce your content, but it seems like the international break is a good opportunity to fill in with a couple of challenges

    51. UCL Core

    52. _Official_ Royalty

      Cristiano and Bernardo Silva scores, Italy winning 1 nil

    53. Ishan Lahiri

      Comparing rabiot to busquets reminds me of drogba’s famous words.

      1. T A

        Truly is a fucking disgrace

    54. Athreya Vijay

      Daily news is my favourite show in ROfor.because this show gets published at tea time. In India approx 5:50 to 6:00 pm I could see it with my daily cup of coffee.and Matt saying the news makes it the best.

    55. João Farias

      Have Van de Beek retired?

    56. SkySan

      Barça already have a great talent in Moriba so I don't think we necessarily need to go out and buy someone like Rabiot

      1. artearmy

        @Daniel Naidoo rabiot is garbage

      2. Daniel Naidoo

        Yeah... Plus laporta has been talking a lot about promoting from within rather than buying. Plus if juventus are looking for money... Im sure city can out bid barca

      3. j. l

        This is fake

      4. FM Stegen

        thats a crazy rumour tho

    57. SkySan

      Kimmich was brilliant yesterday!

    58. Josef 03

      Matt: * Stops sentence* also Matt: *CLICKE TONGUE*

    59. Abhinav Jha

      My man forgot to mention Sergino Dest's screamer.

    60. Joel Dowuona Otoo

      Forget come to liverpool Neto,just look at Jota

    61. tintinsimon

      That Poland jersey is beautifully simple and timeless

    62. Alex R.

      Naah, Neto is way too cheap for ManU. Not their transfer policy.

    63. Koshish Gurung

      Maat Do a video on wired transfer of all time🥺

    64. Alasdair Hood

      Happy that Scotland were able to salvage a point. We needed to pick something up last night we're battling with Austria for that World Cup playoff spot. Austria looked pretty comfortable at points. We struggled to handle that 6:7 striker at times. Ref was crap, however, 2 big decisions in either box probably even itself out.

    65. Mohammad zain gamer

      Norway will win against Turkey 3-2 and hope Pedro neto can come to United

      1. Mohammad zain gamer

        @leon muller you're swearing anyways little Smelly Werewolf

      2. Mohammad zain gamer

        @leon muller stop it

      3. leon muller

        Idiot turkey will smash norway by 7-0 .

    66. Shanno B11

      Where is angelina’s video on real madrid’s next striker 😞

    67. worldclass

      Friday feel South Africa 2 - 0 Sudan Please pit more effort into the women's game and African players in the app it's really sad not to know the stats for female players.

    68. Krish

      When didn’t united not need Bruno’s help ?

    69. Zayd Shamtally

      Gundogan is secretly a striker

    70. Chewy Suarez

      Spain got robbed!

    71. Dmitry Zabloing

      Zlatan will have a hat-trick against Kosovo

    72. Vaibhav Dangayach

      Harry Kane is going to score for England

    73. JDL GAMING

      Rabiot to barca😅😅

    74. Charlie Nolan

      Imagine what would happen if Bruno got injured

    75. Fasi Ahmed

      If City Completes the Octaple this year Gundogan deserves ballon d'or, Period.

    76. George Marin

      USA | 3 Northern Ireland | 1

    77. Nikolay Pozharevski

      Here are my friday feels England are going to defeat Albania by 3 goals Italy will defeat Bulgaria with a Ciro Immobile brace And finally, Bruno Fernandes will make a goal contribution against Serbia

    78. Damien Burke

      Josh Cullen to get motm and Callum Robinson to score vs Luxemburg

    79. Soccerfax

      Lewandowski brace

    80. Rafa Garcia

      Matt is too excited about Pedro Neto 😂🤣😂

      1. Nick


    81. Nile Lewis

      Man UTD doesn't need neto they have rashford,greenwood,diallo,james,shoretire and facundo pellistri on loan

    82. Lon German


    83. Irene Brown


    84. Ali Baqar Shah

      Why tf barca want another CM

    85. NoobPlays

      Thus is full of fake news... I just watch coz it's entertaining 😂

      1. FTW W

        How is it fake please explain

    86. j pounds

      Started watching these about a year ago when lockdowns started. Haven’t missed one yet. Thanks Matt and Co. !

    87. Luca Shapiro

      Can I get my first like?

    88. Aomine Daiki

      Why tf can’t Utd focus on improving their defence and look for a replacement DM

    89. Yahya Ajjawi

      My dad took my phone because he said that I was addicted to the videos and that I just keep on scrolling on the app

    90. diego gonzalez

      Never liked Rabiot. I feel like he just doesn’t fit in juventus. Maybe he will do better for another club.

    91. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Matt

    92. destiny freeman

      We dont need rabiot, I would rather take Reid from Fulham or jwp.

    93. jay patel

      I loved a girl She loved me back Didn't propose on time She went with someone else 😭

      1. jay patel

        @Lee Henry doesn't work that way in India,it's not common here😭

      2. jay patel

        @Chewy Suarez sed lyf

      3. jay patel

        @e MUSIC yup

      4. Lee Henry

        Get that cherry popped!

      5. Chewy Suarez

        arre Bhai kat Gaya tera too😭😭

    94. Axel Gonzalez

      Pedri, De Jong and Moriba can do the job that Rabiot would do at the club much better without needing to spend any money

    95. Elaine Nagle

      ireland 3 0 v luxenburg

    96. David-denzel Dwumah

      Wait on the onefootball app it said haaland release clause is 154 million but if UEFA stop the financial rule then PSG could by haaland then

    97. Anders Folmer Buhelt

      "as I am your host Matt (don't know how to spell your last name), you are the OneFootballers and this is the daily news" is my favorite sentence

      1. OneFootball English

        Haha my name pops up on screen when I say that 😅

    98. Nate

      Barça would never sign a player like Rabiot, especially under Laporta's management. No way

    99. Alister Bedindang

      Manchester city allergic to Striker

    100. Othniel k

      Man united should prioritise a cb or cf before they look at neto cause bruh we need to fix our consistency