Man City begin TREBLE charge! + Juventus STAR to STAY?

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    On Today’s OneFootball Daily News…Man City start their treble charge with a 1-0 victory over Tottenham in the Carabao Cup Final, Alvaro Morata wants to stay at Juventus beyond the end of the season, there’s title chases galore with updates from La Liga, Ligue, Serie A and the Bundesliga, a transfer round up involving Premier league legends and Emoji Monday’s!
    0:00 Headlines
    0:19 Man City's treble charge
    2:24 Morata wants to stay at Juventus
    3:44 Title races across Europe heat up
    6:36 Transfer/news round up
    7:18 Friday Feels
    8:14 Emoji Monday
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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    1. OneFootball English

      Who was YOUR best player of the weekend and why?

      1. Victor Chad

        @Malisa Tenuta yea, have been watching on Flixzone for months myself :)

      2. Malisa Tenuta

        Pro tip: watch series on Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching a lot of movies lately.

      3. Tommy Foad


      4. clay jensen

        Alex Sandro

      5. Balaji Palaniappan

        Chris woid

    2. VnnXyz14

      Morata a Star? He's been Rubbish...

    3. krishna patel


    4. Marcela Almazan

      I have your app and I get all my soccer/football news

    5. NEYMAR Jr.

      PSG will win 3 - 1 against Manchester City (1st leg) . ALLEZ PSG!!!!!!

    6. White Strake

      City is all star team with all star budget they should win everything

    7. Freddie Cobb

      'England's best hope to bring the Euros home this summer' Jadon Sancho-🥺😖 what about meeeeee

    8. Alaa Kamal

      Chelsea will beat real Madrid 2-1

    9. Melvin Njoroge

      Nagelsmann to Bayern, confirmed by Fabrizio

    10. It`s Football

    11. H S.03

      liverpool 3-1 Manchester

    12. Andre Sichinga

      Matt your dumb if you think phoden is England's best hope and you emphasize city like they were prime barça

    13. MAN UTD FAN #28

      Matt on cam: *cool, calm, collected* Matt off cam: *smashes head on TV*

    14. Seyam Rahman

      Naggelsman agreed terms with Bayern, now all thats left is for Leipzig to accept the offer

    15. bob stone

      I think that Man city can't win the treble because the treble is the FA cup, the champions league, and the league. I don't think it's fair to replace one of those with the carabao cup

    16. Le Commissaire

      Matt is finally praising Foden 💙💙💙💙

    17. Christophe Oosterwijk

      if barcelona beat granada this thursday then they're top of the league

    18. Lord Voldemort

      My craziest moment is the st Johnstone goalkeeper scoring against rangers

    19. Ketil høyum iversen

      but never a treble.......

    20. Cormac Flynn

      Foden is soooo good honestly I dont know how people can compare him to dog shit like mount and maddison

    21. rocky1169pt

      Sporting CP were able to win vs Braga despite playing with a less player since the 17th minute. Had they lost and Porto wins today, Sporting would only have 1 more point than Porto and both teams will play vs Benfica away.

    22. August Thuesen

      Emoji mondays: Crazy moment: seing fans back in stadiums Best player: Alderweireld Best result: Mainz 2-1 Bayern

    23. spaghetti

      who else thinks this channel bad

    24. Joe Aniekan

      Foden Is good but Mount is better

    25. kadri erkal

      Kerem ereal 28

    26. Hancok

      Does Onefootball realise that it's not a proper treble if it doesn't contain the domestic national cup which is the FA Cup in this case? Domestic league cups only count towards a domestic treble, not a continental treble (but they do count towards a quadruple of course).

      1. OneFootball English

        Yes we do... thats why I said it wasnt the official one at the start ;)

    27. Finn Portlock

      Real Madrid have 71pts

      1. Finn Portlock

        @Micah Mokua They clearly have 71 pts

    28. Filz

      Morata has been more useful than ronaldo this season.

    29. Eyi's Channel

      Man Utd 0-0 Liverpool

    30. Rawad Fayad

      La liga is crazy rn

    31. Hillol Brahma

      dillusional matt Carabo cup n treble it doesn't count in treble

      1. Micah Mokua

        Treble from the dictionary means three stfu

    32. Dhruv Someshwar

      Kevin De Bruyne's vision in the Carabao Cup Final 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    33. scot mac

      Ajax=35 titles. Glasgow Rangers =55 titles. C'mon Ajax, keep up boys lol

    34. Pritam Biswas

      Carabao Cup = Man City Cup Carabao Cup has become Man City's personal property 😂 Hey Matt you predicted that Spurs will win a trophy this season in your season predictions video and in the comment section of that video I told you that no they're not going to win any trophy. Your team proved that I was right. Well it was not a hard prediction to make you know. Spurs did what Spurs always do. It was a ridiculous decision to sack Mourinho one week ahead of this Carabao Cup final.

    35. Mo street

      Hate city, love Foden

    36. Shamar bell

      @Matt doesn't have a epl team

    37. Shamar bell

      England can win world cup not next year however 2027

    38. Prosper Omiponle

      Atleti want Azpi? Hm, that’s interesting

    39. Han Solo

      These vids are the only good parts of Monday‘s

    40. S. Paul

      When Spurs lost the Leauge Cup Final after firing Mourinho six days before the final: 😢😢 ( We're looking at you Son) Jose after watching the final: 😂😂😂

    41. manLIKE drogba

      Azpi isn't going anywhere 🔒

    42. J K

      Its not a treble if you win the fucking Carabao Cup for fucks sake

    43. MAP Square

      Mark is salty cos spurs lost🤣🤣🤣


      7:51 did he say champions leauge race instead of the premier leauge. 😂

    45. Aadeeshvar Singh

      morata has reJuvenated at juventus

    46. Rehaan Ahmed

      Barca started 13th in the league and now has prolly the best chance to win the league...kudos to koeman...and also what a league man what a league

    47. Shishir Aravinda

      It's not so easy to beat psg

    48. soumik mukherjee

      Dude Matt are you gone loco that's not treble that's double charge besides oil FC will win the league t

    49. Sherrad GGMUFC

      Spurs are Spurs . Spurs winning a trophy is a oxymoron

    50. JohneeFizter Bottom

      7:25 Spicy Matt!! 🖤🤍🤎 👏🏼 😂😂👏🏼

    51. supra4lif3

      Treble? Lol

    52. Rozay

      I just love matt😌

    53. TCM City

      Laliga best league 2021 undoubtedly

    54. Natalio Gonzalez

      the super league was a way to stop the premier league from becoming the super league

    55. Carlyle Donelly

      Who can adrenal competition with Harry Maguire as your best defender why doing your English Pratts shut the f up you are not going to win nothing just accept that

      1. OneFootball English

        This is why England fans want to win so badly... because the salt from other fans will just be glorious haha

    56. The Making De Moi

      Liverpool has been such a disappointment this season.

    57. Brijesh patel

      Matt says he never seen a team dominating a tournament this hard (psg and bayern be like am I joke to u)

      1. Andrés Chechilnitzky

        Arsenal in the FA cup?

      2. Nirdesh Joshi

        I think you didn't closely listen to what he said. He said he has never seen a team dominate a competition in ENGLAND like this. 0:39

    58. JPFalcononor

      As an aside: It is nice to see a "youngish" guy wearing a watch......

    59. Nuclear Atoms

      I'm surprised Matt that you've managed to keep a smiley face in the intro after Spurs losing another final without scoring any goals again.

    60. Jainab Tumpa

      City won't win a proper treble

    61. Heena Vyas

      That Bilbao manager or Valverde would be perfect

    62. Nikita Zaikin

      Griezmann should have been in emoji monday not Chris wood who is that looser.

    63. ataladin 87

      Marcelino doing la Liga a favour again.


      @Matt is reading the spurs news and badmouthing spurs with a stone on his heart😂😂🤣

    65. ritoras r

      It's not a treble

    66. Ramsey Williams


    67. ELMI ABEAR

      Daniel Levi did the dumbest thing sacking Mourinho

    68. Sushant Khadka

      If rodgers manages spurs it would be a greater downgrade compared to the gerrad slip😂😂

    69. Richard Checkman

      Real Madrid have 71 points not 73 (as of Monday morning and Barca have one game in hand). #ViscaBarca

    70. Tiger516funny

      Best player: Chris Wood. Craziest moment: Daniel Ek's link up with Bergkamp, Viera and Henry in his takeover bid. Best result: honestly, I would go for Burnley's win. It was just so good

    71. James Atlas

      if Atletico do not win La liga they must sack Simeone

    72. kanak chauhan

      Which trophy did madrid win this season? Cdr won by Barcelona, laliga-? UCl-? So they haven't won anything

    73. Jadiel Vidal

      It was pretty much a given that Tottenham had no chance of winning it’s a win that we stayed 0-0 all the way to the 82 other than that all i saw was a team without their manager it was stupid to sack mou right before a final

    74. Asad Suleyman

      'Treble'🤣🤣 A treble may be not the real treble

    75. Agnibh Nandi


    76. Rocr Raxe

      Hi Onefootball . Nagelsman going to spurs is some how a downgrade from RB liepzig

    77. Samuel Mason

      Burak is so underrated as a baller playing at 35 who could play up to 40. Best free transfer this season

      1. Samuel Mason

        @Metin Batuhan YALCIN Oh wow, and he could have potentially play in the big leagues at least we he's doing well at Lille which brightens Turkish football

      2. Metin Batuhan YALCIN

        He made us (turkish fans) really proud. Every turkish fan thought that his career was over after he went to china.

    78. Furious Gamer

      Matt you praise Phil foden a little too much

      1. Furious Gamer

        @OneFootball English Please bring back the Q&A.

      2. Furious Gamer

        @OneFootball English Alright I agree with you, you made your case perfect

      3. OneFootball English

        @Furious Gamer I agree with this other comment above, there is no way those other 3 are close to Foden. Greenwood barely starts for United, Saka has never played in the UCL and Mount is doing very well, but not on Foden's level. That's not to say the other players cant also become great, but Foden really is on another level.

      4. Furious Gamer

        @Genius M #New Jesse lingard

      5. Furious Gamer

        @Genius M 😂😂 Bro you went too far and I rate the kid alot

    79. Economic Hub

      I swear sometimes I forget Matt is a Tottenham fan, so unbiased!

    80. SKB

      Its not a treble if u don't win the FA Cup. So get the facts right

      1. OneFootball English

        Treble means three, so yes it will be a treble (if they do it). The official 'treble' is just what we understand in the football world haha

    81. Satatya De

      Nope you are mistaken about the La Liga... Matt, It shows how less competitive La liga actually is. Even after so poor seasons by both Madrid as well as Barca, if they actually win the title then you can actually understand how less serious the rest of the title challengers are that they couldn't even grab the only chance of pushing aside the big guns and going for UCL spots.

      1. Satatya De

        @OneFootball English Oh yes, it is ...

      2. Genius M

        the premier league gets dominated by one or two teams every single season.The top 4 in the PL is usually clear from the rest(this season an exception).Yet when its Laliga,its poor competition.Makes no sense.

      3. OneFootball English

        Im not saying the quality, but for the pure excitement of having so many teams so close to each other with so few games left, its exciting

    82. Economic Hub

      Of course Arsenal wants Azpilicueta🤦🏾‍♂️another Chelsea has-been

    83. AsH NA-!R

      i like crona

    84. Par_zival8

      I wanna do you like watch of the game 😅😅

    85. Siddhanth B

      Well the so called farmers league- "Ligue-1" and "La Liga" is more entertaining this season than prem league. Wt u guys think 🤔?

    86. The Small Man

      Talking about Laliga the Europa LEAGUE race too‼️‼️

    87. Adi V

      Maybe sacking Jose 11 days before a final might not have been such a good idea...

      1. rocky1169pt

        Spurs just fired the only coach that beat Guardiola in a final... Need I say more?

    88. Farnoud Tavakoli

      Psg will knock out man city

    89. Nithin Bruce

      Do you think Liverpool could finish at top 4.matt!!!?

    90. Krishnakant Tiwari

      I do think that Liverpool will make it to the champions league places Chelsea are going to slip up due to fixture congestion and Liverpool might go perfect

    91. All Trending at princewill

      Why is everyone forgetting the super cup throphy

    92. Soumitra Tarafder

      I never thought i would hear Matt calling out my name for the correct prediction of Chelsea's win,it's an honour ❤️

      1. Soumitra Tarafder

        @OneFootball English yes mate, they might not have been scoring goals but defensively they are excellent unless they face West Brom 😅

      2. OneFootball English

        Its because this Chelsea agenda is in everyones head haha

    93. Demetres _77

      I am a barca fan. I have to see something like that since a long time ago. If we beat atleti I think we can win the double. But OMFG ITS STRESSFULL!!!!!!!!

    94. Nischal bhuju

      The OFFSIDE decision in Arsenal vs Everton was ridiculous 🤮😷

    95. Draco 7x7x

      My lifespan is being cut short thanks to Atletico every week. By the time,and if,they somehow win the title,I would have lost 20 good years. Ah my heart❤️. Though,they have been plagued by injuries,covid and other stuff,it's painful.

    96. Madders

      Matt you should pay more attention to the Portuguese league, Sporting was 1 man down at 18 minutes of the game and still manage to win against one of their rivals

      1. rocky1169pt

        Also felt it was weird he mentioned Ajax but not the Portuguese League, that's still competitive.

    97. Football Album

      i dont know why barca third they have more goal diffrence than madrid and both have same points

    98. Bilal Ahmed Shariff

      Haaland's brace this weekend was also incredible.....two great finishes and his superb sprint for that second goal - amazing stuff which meant that BVB now has a good chance of finishing in the Bundesliga top4!

    99. Football Album

      i think madrid 71

    100. Luis Godinho

      Atletico Madrid has 73 and Real Madrid has 71 points, they're are not tied in the first place as you mentioned ;) Barcelona and Real are the ones that are tied at this moment, Barça with one game behind Real and Atletico Madrid.