Lukaku to RETURN to Chelsea? + How Man City STUNNED PSG!

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    On today's OneFootball Daily News... Chelsea could look to former player, Inter Milan's Romelu Lukaku, as they think about offloading Tammy Abraham; Manchester City perform a stunning second half comeback in Paris as they beat PSG 2-1; Real Madrid eye two new defenders in Pau Torres and Jules Kounde; and RB Leipzig take a step closer to replacing Julian Naglesmann with Salzburg's Jesse Marsch.
    0:00 Headlines
    0:19 Lukaku to Chelsea
    1:56 Man City's stunning comeback
    4:16 Real Madrid targets
    6:53 RB Leipzig's new manager
    #ManCity #Lukaku #UCL
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    1. OneFootball English

      Would Lukaku be making a mistake leaving Inter Milan to come back to the EPL?

      1. Taff Zizi


      2. Silas Armani

        @Remy Ariel yup, been using flixzone for since december myself :)

      3. Remy Ariel

        A tip: you can watch series on flixzone. I've been using it for watching lots of of movies lately.

      4. 90 Bins

        @Ruben Dias he did for Everton. That Lukaku was something else.

      5. Ruben Dias

        No why would he leave when he is in the best form he can't even perform in epl

    2. Tsolwane Katlego

      I already see Tammy Abraham being super successful elsewhere and chelsea wanting to sign him back....remember this

    3. BopTheWop

      I doubt he’ll want to leave, the only way he does is if inter want to sell him. And again I have a hard time believing after winning a scudetto with inter that both sides will want to say bye.

    4. Rohith Raman

      Please come back to Chelsea Romelu I am sure that guy who rejected you has gone now

    5. S Kiran

      Props to Onefootball hosts to remain unbiased while presenting this content

    6. Louis Roberts

      I miss mark 😭

    7. Lawson Jeffrey

      Henny kane

    8. Mark Hugelier

      Lukaku said if Conte stays at inter milan he stays at inter milan

    9. Pavan Krishna

      Look at the grin on angelina while saying bruno would like to coach united someday lol

    10. Shams Imam

      Real Madrid should sign only Alaba, Eder Militao and Alaba as starters and Victor Chust as well as Nacho as back ups

    11. Habeeb Mohamed

      mourinho should go to the isl

    12. Dastivo

      is it only me but one football app having issues

    13. Michael Kebede


    14. J. Baker

      Werner has not been a disaster he has 22 G/a this season which is more than most more established premier league players

    15. White Strake

      03:26 a true man united fan saying this what a disgrace

    16. One_Thunder_Gamer

      Man city were the same as the first half, psg just played worse. Don't get me wrong, man City played well in either halfs, but psg was almost perfect during the first 30-45 minutes

    17. Alana Branch

      i am a chelsea fan and i lave lukaku

    18. Jason Kirby

      The Bottlers Derby. Poch sure knows how to bottle it🤣🤣 City vs Madrid final.

    19. Jason Kirby

      Lukaku should stay. This is his best club and he is soaring.

    20. Puf Dublin

      So informative, put in a fun way, amazing app with stats of your favourite players what else do you need

    21. Simon

      8:36 Daniel who? 🙄

    22. Alessandro Franchi

      Inter received an offer for Romelu from Man City. The response? A big fat NO. Why should they accept Chelsea's?

    23. shady Brian

      I told you City will prove you wrong

    24. ismail ismail

      What team does she support?

    25. Theo Samuels

      Even tho Timo don't score He does so much more work off the ball and is doing twice as good as what morata was doing Also Timo has 20 g/a, most from a Chelsea player, make of that what you will

    26. ExecutionerYt 96

      Jules kounde 🇫🇷 and pau torres 🇪🇸 would literally be the perfect replacement for varane 🇫🇷 and ramos 🇪🇸

    27. Sean Of The Head

      "Let's hope Manchester City can continue that" Erm, how about no 😂

    28. _Official_ Royalty

      Dybala to athleti ...nope

    29. Le Commissaire

      Angelina is the most unbiased United fan I know. A United fan but praises City when they play well instead of saying their opponent were shit or unlucky. Absolutely love her💙

      1. Arc 547

        @Typical Hobo she has said many times

      2. Henrik

        @Typical Hobo “United Fan“ is her role

      3. Typical Hobo

        Who said she supports united 💀💀

    30. Le Commissaire

      Man City💙💙

    31. kinggalexandre

      Love Angelina

    32. MasudXㄌ

      City were lucky

    33. Abdullah Sacranie

      Love the content

    34. Now DailyGFU

      Her opinions... fml

    35. Vivek Thakur

      Matt Foley please

    36. steppa beckford

      Why don't chelsea develop Tammy abraham instead of trying to buy the perfect team ????

    37. The Asian Sensational F.C

      Psg team selection really messed them out

    38. Zesmo

      I think Lukaku isnt going anywhere soon. Hes playing the most successful football in his career, both on a personal and club level. Next season Inter will be challenging in the Champions league and he can really prove himself. Also his stay in the prem hasnt been successful. The only reason for him to go there, would be to "prove everyone wrong" plus cash

    39. Dhruv Someshwar

      The editor forgot to add the "Transfer News and Roundup" time stamp 😅... I guess its okay once in a while when you and your team are so damn good 😉👍🏼👍🏼

    40. Silent Viper

      PSG comback??? how likely do you guys think it is? PSG has very good away record in UCL this season. man 1-3, barca 1-4, bayern 2 - 3.

    41. S. Paul

      KDB's goal deserves a Puskas award

    42. JohnSmithKing

      Bôt !

    43. Lindokuhle Ngcamu

      Sustribe to one football

    44. Hima Mummithi

      I always fail to understand how onefootball keep up with all things going on in the football world. Amazing work!! Keep it up.

    45. Lamar Wright

      Ruben dias is such a beast at 23, kept big names quite.

      1. Aezaz Sheikh C1 Blue

        @Ruben Dias hey your a legend

      2. read this if u like men

        He made Stones capable of being good at football which is his greatest achievement

      3. Ruben Dias

        Thank you are you a city fan

    46. Bilal Ahmed Shariff

      Angelina, I think you and Matt should make a video in which you rate all these transfers (I mean which ones are realistic and which are just rumours, in your opinon) being linked to the top clubs in Europe. Its upto you who you consider as the top clubs! Thank you.

    47. Bilal Ahmed Shariff

      PSG have never been good in home leg of their UCL knockout ties this season. Drew 1-1 with Barca, lost 1-0 to Bayern, lost 2-1 to City - I kinda expected this. They do all damage in away legs, won 4-1 against Barca, and won against Bayern 3-2. So I still think this is anybody's game. What do you think, Angelina?

    48. ronald arshley

      onefootball you should give Mahrez his praises,it was a well taken free kick don’t point at the defenders of PSG

    49. Marvin Nash

      Pep will overthink the second leg. Maybe play Gündogan as central defender and Sterling as goalkeeper.

    50. Jokubas

      You bastards stop stalking Koundé

    51. Kgosi Pelekekae

      Onefootball > sky sports

    52. Richie Ramos

      Inter cant sell lukaku and they haven't finish pay man utd for him


      Has chelsea ever resigned a player they let go? Conte wanted lukaku at Chelsea but the board wouldn't let it happen. Pretty sure declan rice was from Chelsea academy and they wouldn't let frank sign him too

    54. ITZ HENRY

      Leaving inter at the top of his form is just the biggest mistake he can make

    55. Dein Biologischer Vater

      Now I know why they bought alaba. They need a new leftback. It's either that or the bench for alaba

    56. Y Y

      Veratti laying on the floor is not a bad thing. Its smart just bcs they conceded doesnt mean you have to bash them. If he blocked a freekick like that you would be sucking him off so shut up.

    57. Lorenzo Pippia

      If you want Romelu, you need to make an offer of at least 170 million euros. Otherwise he is not going anywhere 🖤💙

      1. 024_Swapnil Gohil

        Yeah right😂😂😂

      2. Jason Kirby

        @Vishnu Vibez The Golden age Crew

      3. Vishnu Vibez

        @Jason Kirby which transfer team?

      4. Jason Kirby

        @Vishnu Vibez I forgot the Transfer team didnt go to math school😒

      5. Vishnu Vibez

        Lol inter is asking 90m for him

    58. Sherrad GGMUFC

      Miss Kelly

    59. AJD

      Angelina has really weird opinions. 27 goals in 40 is "absolutely phenomenal"? A bit overstating. PSG deserved to be punished because of that wall? 😂😂 Oh my calm the hell down

    60. Lior

      Who is better? Giroud or Lukaku?

    61. Josiah Lara

      Remember psg scored 2 goals in 4 minutes last season in the quarter finals we surely can do it in 90 minutes and hopefully mbappe comes to the next game 🕳🚶🏿

      1. Kylian S

        Obviously he will Man City will think he’s off form and bam hattrick

    62. Cormac Flynn

      Why does she always say from the player

    63. Tanaka Mtetwa

      i am just waiting every moment, for you to say but(booot) and you always make my day ,enjoy yo day as well

    64. Aidan Todd

      Why are people acting like city winning was an upset. Those teams are pretty evenly matched.

    65. Dajay Lavish

      Tbh i don't like when this lady talk about my club

    66. Ryan Sookram

      Anjalina i thought da first half was 50 50 how can u say psg dominate da first half what game u looking at

    67. Jiffin Johnson

      what did Angelina say for Ralph Hassenhuttl?

    68. Alena Dizdarevic

      Well, at this point Marsh has already been confirmed as the news Leipzig coach

    69. B2leave

      It's incredible to see how many Premier League teams need a main striker: Man City, Man United, Chelsea, and maybe even Liverpool. At the same time, at least two of them have been quite successful without one this season. And aside from Kane, all of the best one's aren't in the Premier League right now. We might see quite a lot of money getting transferred out of the Premier League this summer.

    70. rickey don

      Can it be a English champions league final

    71. 5iveatc

      If the free kick taker was C.Ronaldo or legend R.Carlos or Gerard, i would also let the ball go through. But Mahrez`s shot, they didn't even need to protect their bal*s :D It's a disgrace, its a fu**ing disgrace :D

    72. Aakash Kumar

      Jorge de frutos was sold to Levante he isn't a madrid player (partly owned but not full rights)

    73. Chavello Sabajo

      YO Angelina has really improved 💪🏾💪🏾👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

    74. Keegan Moraes

      I was really confused when Veratti was on the floor it looked like he was sleeping

    75. Thapedi M

      This notion that Werner is a flop is crazy hey. Honestly.

    76. K Sabin Kush

      Torres is a left sided centre back

    77. Bianca Mullner

      Back to back Angelina Days!

    78. Arpit Mandhotra

      6:56 RB Leipzig *******

    79. Kingpee Prints

      Guys, what if I tell you there is a real bender, and I'm not talking Avatar. Check Kevin Debruyne's goal against PSG.

    80. Prakhar Patel

      Here is a video idea: During UCL week, you guys should make two dedicated videos each for two matchdays, just talking about the UCL matches. Just putting this idea out there!

    81. Mo Mo

      Love u onefootball 👍👍

    82. tintinsimon

      As a Belgian Red Devils supporter, I hope Lukaku stays at Inter where he is thriving as a player and human being. He just looks too good in that jersey - Forza Inter

      1. ELMI ABEAR

        I really want Tammy to flourish in chelsea but sadly,it looks like he is going to leave

    83. Kevin Lock

      1.8 billion not sure it's enough 2 billion is the number I think with the emerates

    84. Ethan Hendricks

      First time watching a video, always love to see ladies that know their stuff, simply brilliant

    85. Jake Robinson

      Big up @AK

    86. Yu Qi

      Try to bind ur hair ,look more confident though

    87. Tejas

      I will bite my tongue if Lukaku accepts or Chelsea offers him a deal

    88. Marcus Mourgelakis

      Onefootball always their when you need them love this channel

    89. Paraipan Sergiu

      Honestly i would rather try to get Aguero instead of Lukaku.

      1. VRXT Gaming

        No no fuxk no Chelsea kill all the stickers they sign

    90. Dilip Francis

      Love the video but please speak a bit slower Angelina, I'm struggling to keep up xD

    91. vincent zhou

      BOLINGOLI You can do alot of things but you cant stop the shine

    92. Ajith Prasad

      if man city do put a good perfprmance : praising them to the sky if chelsea put a good performance : not even a single mention why ?????

    93. Human Beings R Thinking Beings

      PSG kept hacking City players legs UEFA puppet Referee turned blind eye until leg broke

      1. Genius M

        @Divenaldo Penaldo bruh y do u hate CR7 and Mbappe so so much?The more u hate then the more angry u become.I hav been a Messi fan forever but u hav to respect Cristiano for keeping upto that level all these years.Cmon man

      2. Divenaldo Penaldo

        @Satyam Singh pessi had 3 ballon d'or at his age. Cry

      3. Satyam Singh

        @Divenaldo Penaldo You are clearly a messi fan.....hope he got out of kante's pocket.... And same bumbappe kept whole barca defence in his pocket.... And pessi was just crying in corner

      4. The selim add

        @Divenaldo Penaldo good one better than any st in the prem

      5. Divenaldo Penaldo

        Bumbappe Bumbappe ( missing) Traits: jogging offside,diving, Hobby: playing in farmer's league Most likely to be: near the penalty box Last seen: ruben Diaz's pocket

    94. Lucian Viusencu

      Please STOP using “but” that much in a sentence!

    95. Human Beings R Thinking Beings

      Man City vs UEFA VARcical Decisions loading

      1. S Kiran

        Right like Dortmund got robbed in the first leg

    96. Steve Joyis

      The Sky rescues the Sky Blues... As the pitch became watery, accurate passing became an important factor.

      1. shobhit jha

        You're sounding like Klopp 😂

      2. Banana Duck

        For the first half

      3. Banana Duck

        It was raining heavily for around an hour before kickoff, so the pitch was already very wet

      4. Genius M

        uhhh ok.

      5. AbdulHayee Muneeb

        U look wired

    97. Mohammad zain gamer

      Good video

    98. Brendan Mendes

      Honestly Angelina is like a dull ***** speaking.. Matt brings the energy he’s the best!!

    99. Thabang More

      Isn't Alaba to Real confirmed already?

    100. Sia

      Timo Werner being the Top goal scorer and assister for Chelsea is very scary, his first season and he's already carrying Chelsea

      1. Naruto uzumaki

        @Nabster Gaming bro i never said he's bad..... I just said mount is Chelsea's best player

      2. Ethan Salins

        He gets to much hate I think next season he'll turn things around

      3. Nabster Gaming

        @Naruto uzumaki but werner hasn't been bad he has been unlucky but its his first season plus there is a pandemic also

      4. Naruto uzumaki

        @Nabster Gaming stats doesn't tell everything........look at Chelsea games.....mount has been excellent and the best player for Chelsea this season hands down......

      5. Nabster Gaming

        It hasn't been his best season but he has got quality