Liverpool's NEW DEFENDER + Why Ødegaard could join Chelsea!

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    On today’s OneFootball Daily News… Liverpool are finalising their transfer for RB Leipzig's Ibrahima Konate, Barcelona plan Ousmane Dembele contract talks with Man United circling, Arsenal have Odegaard competition as Chelsea and Liverpool have the cash, a transfer round up plus Emoji Mondays!
    00:00 Headlines
    00:19 Liverpool in advanced Konate talks
    01:48 Barcelona's Dembele talks
    03:20 Odegaard competition
    04:59 Transfer round-up
    05:36 Friday Feels recap
    06:12 Emoji Mondays
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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    1. OneFootball English

      Konate 🤝Van Dijk: Is this a title winning partnership for Liverpool?

      1. Ivonne Prairie

        @Trevor Declan checking it out now. Looks good so far :)

      2. Trevor Declan

        i dont know if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account by using InstaPwn. Cant link here so search for it on google if you care

      3. Manpro107 *

        @Abhi the Manyu 2nd or 1st

      4. Bilal Ahmed Shariff

        @Shingo Aoi Completely agreed!

      5. Kamukama Calvin

        Injury prone new joel matip

    2. MoZ

      irish guy : CHRIST ABOVE !!!

    3. kafeirou uwu

      Shit man he ødergaard have more chance with Liverpool and Chelsea than arsenal is want him to stay

    4. Christophe Oosterwijk

      man united don't need dembele they need haaland

    5. 04 ASVP

      You guys learned nothing from Keita? I mean, we could use 30M

    6. Vasco Francisco

      Kabak and Konaté Partnership. Gomez goes to Brighton and Van Dijk Will not be a regular.

      1. samira Khettabi

        Van dijk will be a regular if he keeps up good form

    7. Daithi Nolan

      Ødegarrd come to arsenal

    8. Håkon Isak Sarak

      As a Norwegian Toffee I would absolutely HATE Ødegaard/Haaland joining LFC, ManC or Chelski. Hope they go anywhere but there, would not like to have to follow any of these teams just to see them other than in the national teams matches and when EFC meets them(which matches I hope they gets owned).

    9. Kenny Chamo

      Konate and VVD i have no problem with that TBH not even kissing up but I’m tired of Matip and Gomez getting injured this kid is so young and strong and could develop under our staff in Liverpool and could be guided by VVD

    10. joshua conniff

      chelsea already have mount and kai, its not gonna happen. hes gonna stay at real

    11. Jerry K B

      We United fans didn't want Dembele either. He is made of glass

    12. mr fanta

      bet everyone will support liverpool because they perm signed kabak and konate pffff i supported them since in 2011 love from belgium,antwerpen

    13. amal rosh

      Irish guy🤩

    14. BMG 1900

      I like the fact that the german Onefootball Videos has More views!

    15. Arif Akmal

      Onefootball mentioning HITC Irish Guy is the cross over we all need

    16. lestato21

      If odegaard leaves the Arsenal I’m going with him

    17. M Fikry

      If he come to Chelsea that would be nasty ngl.

    18. Angel Ortiz

      Dembele leaving would be good for Barca. He is not consistent, gets injured and expensive. So if he leaves no problem.

    19. Happy Gamer 17

      Dembele to Leeds

    20. Jurgen Klopp

      every other team in the prem to liverpool: *here we go again*

    21. Ruvim Vasilchuk


    22. Lisa Nesti

      Hi do some rangers fc stuff

      1. Lisa Nesti


    23. M R R

      Chill with the Chelsea odegard a player who every arsenal fan loves

    24. Timo Werner

      Ødegaard will get signed by Tuchel then Ødegaard will always be on bench just like Özil

    25. Thomas Loader

      Nah its chill Odegaard wont go to Chelsea if he has said that he feels at home at arsenal and that he has told friends and family that he wants to make a permanent move to the Emirates so COYG sign him

    26. The Fabinho Role

      Matt you should do a video with the Irish guy

    27. Alexandre Nabais

      What about Jordi Alba? 2 assists for Spain.

    28. Thata Sefhako

      At this point, man united get linked with every player in the world

    29. Thata Sefhako

      Odegaard going from arsenal to Chelsea would cause the end of the world as we know it

    30. Jake SCOTT

      Can i guess the players spurs want to offload are lamela, sissoko, dier, doherty, lo celso and some less known players? Lo celso cause hes still worth a bit but i dont think hes good enough to start for spurs and their midfield has sorted itself: ndombele, højberg , skipp (Hes been good on loan at championship leaders norwich)

    31. Jake SCOTT

      Poor leipzigs defense is getting rinsed, oh wait klostermann and orban are already there no replacement needed, thats leipzig for you People say they successful cause of money when the majority of there signings are hungarians austrians and germans from much smaller teams that they then turn into superstars and make profit on, arguably the best run club atleast that i know of

    32. Cecile Coleman


    33. Blue ninjas

      Martials the striker lad

    34. Bluetrooperx

      upload on weekens pls

    35. Abhinav SK

      Mesut who?

      1. samira Khettabi

        He doesn't even play for arsenal anymore mate

    36. Sean Of The Head

      Odegaard is NOT leaving Madrid....Zidane was the one to bring him back from Sociadad and begged him not to go out on loan to Arsenal, so all these stories about him not caring if Odegaard stays or goes are rubbish! Besides this, the Madrid based media all report that the Real board see him as an integral part of the clubs future

    37. Italo 34 Gamer

      One football español 🇪🇦

    38. Blero The Fire Hero

      real madrid are purposely spoiling young careers

    39. Ioan Roberts

      Jota in emoji mondays for me

    40. Samuel Folo

      What happened to the power ranking

    41. alex santacruz

      Matt bring back the power rankings i really liked it i miss it

    42. Mohamed Garib

      I actually kinda realize that matt never changed his outfit I might be wrong

    43. Mohamed Garib

      Wow 200 ever since the app became yellow and black I been here ever since before when it was green

    44. lasagna lord

      Man United literally wants everyone

    45. zak abdi

      odegaard is such a stupid transfer , havertz and mount are fine

    46. Moksh Jhaveri

      That reference to the Irish guy🤩

    47. Akshay Babu

      Irish guy reference 😂

    48. Ødegåård 21

      Am not signing for Chelsea 😡

    49. Football is life

      Denmark winning 8-0: Am I a joke to you?

    50. James Aw

      did anyone hear about ramsey to crystal palace what a deal that could be

    51. ipash3n

      He brought up the Irish guy. I knew he’d come.

    52. Addy

      ‘Sorry united fans’🤣🤣🤣like we want him

    53. Official Kranboi

      Onefootball x hitc collab?

    54. _Official_ Royalty

      Good to see all my fav channels being friends and making reference to each other😊

    55. weezy wizzy

      Odegaard is captaining the norway national team? So they don't have other more experienced players? No wonder they suck even with Haaland in the team.

    56. Mr Pog

      I love the videos. And the fact that their daily just tops it of. Keep it up

    57. MyStiC IcyZ


    58. Angulo Israel

      This guy always hating on MAN UNITED

    59. DatingSeiteOnline com

      This Is NOT A Dating Site! Please be discreet!

    60. MM_theboy 2

      Best news channel love it keep it up 💖

    61. Matty M

      It's so disappointing everytime I hear Man utd linked with a player, because 97% of the time it's just agents using the club name to help their contract negotiations. United won't bring in more than 2 players into the first team this summer, because Ole worries about squad harmony and the Negotiations team couldn't negotiate more than 1 contract deal at a time. So expect United to make 1 first team signing this summer and promote young Amad into the first team properly, for next season. They need 5 or more players out this summer but again the inability to negotiate replacement signings or to trust the younger talent at the club means they will likely only offload 3. Sergio Romero, Mata, and ideally, P Jones. But it seems that will only be a loan at best. It would be good to see matic go, but they won't have a replacement for him, so will likely hold on to him. Fred, I would like to see go, doesn't have the consistency to win you trophies, but again they won't be bringing in a Tonali or Rice or Kessie or just trust VDB in that role, So they will hold on to him. Then there is Pogba, United will buckle and give him whatever he wants to get him to sign a new deal, to avoid losing him on a free, as it seems no club is willing to pay the 60m United want for him, unless PSG decide to flex their wallet this year.

    62. WZAWZDB

      What a shit signing is konate for liverpool he is injury prone! In 2 years he is injured 18 months!

    63. Michael Kelly

      Well that’s one way to reel arsenal fans in 🥴😂

    64. GCD Clan

      Ødergaard should stay for his sake

    65. Karzan QasimHussein

      Ireland are the new Greece (Greece at the Euro qualifiers 2016)

    66. Stephan Seales

      chelsea too greedy boy alyuh done have shit players and want our big star to making joining shit

    67. Aditya Sethia

      Look at Konate's injury record and you'll take away everything you've just said of him. He's a French Eric Bailly 😭

    68. CORE Clips

    69. Aka Ali

      Chelsea be like:Buy all players leave zero players so other teams cant play simple!

    70. Marvin Nash

      Wow, Upamecano and Konaté leaving Leipzig is a huge blow for them.

    71. Aazwad Fairaz

      Liverpool will actually spend 50 minion on who? I goalkeeper from the turkish league 😂😂😂

    72. jtbaldur

      I feel like you could have mentioned Denmark's 8-0 win as the result of the weekend but congrats to Luxembourg

    73. vex 13

      Ffs 🤦🏻‍♂️, juve should stay away from aguero. Ramsey should teach them a lesson about injury prone player

    74. Rafayet Hossain Rafat

      As a man United fan i don't think we need Dembele will need someone more creative player.

    75. Maryam

      These days everyone is rumored for chelsea we cant even play our players they r struggling for game time .. we only need a striker

    76. JohneeFizter Bottom

      Chelsea splash some $$ during the summer now they’re linked with every Top star.

    77. Davil Edge

      Smh ya'll know dembele is not going anywhere already

    78. abinand c v

      No injuries to konate Then vvd konate will be a dream CB combo

    79. Zaid Massad

      Hitc collab coming soon ?...

    80. Winston Romeo

      Konate not bad

    81. Seyam Rahman

      Imagine seeing luxembourg in the world cup

    82. Sai Bhagavan

      Wait am I trippin.. Liverpool creating some buzz in transfer marker! FSG pls don't disappoint us 🙏

    83. Mahesh Bhandari

      Let's bring an injury prone player again!,might as well change the club to rehabilitation centre

      1. Lee Maïtuerø

        He isn't injury prone now mate,he was mismanaged by barca before but I think he's improving it,only missed 3 games the whole season.

    84. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Matt

    85. HeyItzOmar

      How many Attacking Midfielders do Chelsea want

    86. Mark _i.c. whale_

      Wowowowo, Chelsea got Mount snd Haverz, why they need Odegaar?

    87. Adithya Raj M

      Why odegaard could join for chelsea... Because he is now playing for arsenal and that's how this shit goes

    88. Mas A

      Next seasons lineup - - Alisson - - Trent - Konate - Van Dijk -Robertson - Fabinho - - Thiago - De Paul - - Salah - Jota - Mane -

      1. Shingo Aoi

        Kabak is better option. From performance and price perspective. After 6 month loan, Liverpool definitely should use buy option for Kabak. It is around 21 million Euro. Kabak also 20 age. And he has very big potential. He is one of most important pieces in Turkish Wall with Juve's Demiral and Leicester's Soyuncu. We don't need Konate

    89. S

      Best Player: Lewa and Pedri 🔥 Craziest Moment: CR7’s ghost goal and reaction Best Result: Luxembourg 1-0 Ireland

    90. Lindorm

      Martin loves arsenal

    91. Krishnakant Tiwari

      You gotta feel for the Irish guy

    92. MasudXㄌ

      Dembele would be great for Man U He links up with Pogba

    93. Peace FC

      you guys friends with the irish guy, yea sirrrrr 😃 when matt mentioned the ireland game i thought about him so quick 😂

    94. JON 'el picocuy' FERGUSON

      chelsea when the transfer market opens "BUY THEM ALL, EVEN THE INJURED ONES"

      1. Aman Belani

        @Ralston Bodhi so true

      2. Ralston Bodhi

        And liverpool now

      3. Reversed yea yea

        I'm a chelsea fan and this is very true lol

    95. karim barazi

      Poor hitc reporter

    96. Aadeeshvar Singh

      If he leaves and upamecano will leave for Bayern then Leipzig might be in trouble

      1. Lee Maïtuerø

        Lol,they won't.Everyone said that when werner left,They've already started signing replacements,They bought simakan recently for upamecano,they'll find a replacement for konate as well.konate wasn't a integral part of the team anyway.

    97. Aadeeshvar Singh

      🔥 best player lewandoski and zlatan 🤯 crazy moment mcginn bicycle kick ➕ best result Kazakhstan 0-2 France

    98. VERTIGO Twerky

      Literally messi fans are so stupid that they are claiming that Ronaldos goal was not a goal, like how blind can u be?

      1. VERTIGO Twerky

        @Sanket Hande exactly

      2. Sanket Hande

        Those who can see would surely say that was a goal

    99. Aadeeshvar Singh

      Maybe he is good but injury history is bad


      Dembele more money fuck no