Jose Mourinho's NEXT club!

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    The OneFootball x 442oons show returns with Jose Mourinho looking for a new job! After leaving Spurs, the former Man United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Porto and Inter Milan manager heads to Bayern Munich as they prepare for life without Hansi Flick, Barcelona to speak with Lionel Messi and much more!
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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    1. OneFootball English

      Where will Jose end up next?

      1. JTR1309


      2. Wolfplayz

        @Zero One i wrote that before is was announced for roma

      3. Sweatz


      4. Aerial


      5. Blue AS

        AS Roma

    2. svijet kockica

      Thomastiano mullernado

    3. Matthew Leonello

      Mourinho going Rip going to Roma

    4. Dark Sharingan

      whose here after he got appointed as romas manager

    5. Vũ Gia Long

      BVB 💛🖤

    6. Samuel Noel


    7. spaL

      its Roma ey?

    8. Kurt Buschtire

      Here when he signed with Roma

    9. yoface mnbbbvvcc

      As Roma

    10. Veni & Vasko

      He ended up in Roma there is where he end LMAO

    11. Just_Fab10

      He Went to Rome

    12. Exres トトロ

      2 weeks after: ROMA

      1. Exres トトロ

        @Fat Frank The Pe Teacher *triggered*

      2. Fat Frank The Pe Teacher

        Ruma shite

    13. Rodhgar alto

      and then there is Roma

    14. Dottor Piedi

      As roma...

    15. Riccardo Usai

      Who's here after Jose signed for AS Roma?

      1. MasudXㄌ


      2. AndreaLeo Strinati

        Meee forza Romaaaaa

    16. Tom Murchuis

      Who’s here when Jose has a job at AS ROMA

    17. Roko Matanović

      Who is here after mourinho signed for roma

      1. AndreaLeo Strinati


    18. Selloane Khumalo

      No one thought about roma

    19. AMN PLAYS

      Who's here after he joined Roma for three seasons ?

      1. AndreaLeo Strinati


    20. Max Carter

      Looks like he’s at Roma now

    21. Vikaas Anand

      wow.... he ended up in roma... lol

    22. Ulum Arcelio

      Mou for roma 👌

    23. Young Microwave

      It's Roma obviously

    24. Char_b7

      who’s here after he’s gone to roma

    25. Eric Ji

      Who's here after Roma confirmed Jose Mourinho to be their manager next season?

    26. Joshua George

      Welcome to AS Roma Jose

    27. Christian Lindby

      Daje Roma !!

    28. Monkii

      Who’s here after he signed to Roma lmao

    29. Francesco Mazzuca

      Mourinho OFFICIAL AS ROMA!!!!!

      1. Digott o


    30. Vien Lawrence Gabato

      Julian Nagelsmann was predicted square on!!!!

    31. Donjeta Latifi-Maliqi

      "*The Carabao Cup is like the World Cup*" Messi: *Flashbacks for Argentina* "Never heard of it..

    32. David Maahury

      3:22 He predicted it again...

    33. LM47

      His next club should be the retirement village.

    34. JOEL S M

      He literally predicted Julian Nagelsmann.

    35. Vibing on YT

      Imagine if they actually predict this again😂

    36. Mîkëy

      As a Dortmund fan, I believe the only thing preventing our success is a world class manager. I wud love it if he came to manage our team

      1. Fat Frank The Pe Teacher

        @Mîkëy Dortmund are shit at defense

      2. Mîkëy

        Too bad Dortmund only sign German Managers

    37. FibreJ0hn 141


    38. Ted Collins

      If Conte leaves Inter at the end of the season then he could return there

    39. Polo g

      Good vid

    40. 11 ELEVEN

      Thomastiano Monaldo XD

    41. Rextro

      This is like 442ons

    42. Hot Lava

      Ples arsenal

    43. Freak gamer

      Imagine mourinho the new manager of barca

    44. Jei Marbañiang

      Mourinho at Bayern Munich would be really fun😂. For majority of the match Lewandowski, Mueller as DMs, Sane and Gnabry as fullbacks and then boom Sane+Davies counterattack 🤯⚡

    45. Chaos Alli Lodi

      tbh carabao cup is a bigger trophy then a serie a ligue 1 and bundesliga title and even bigger than copa del rey

    46. sean winters playz

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he joined Arsenal just to fuck up spurs fans

    47. Soska Mesiha

      mourinho: what a waste of time celtic and valencia: let us introduce ourselves

    48. Im_KUN

      I think to MLS

    49. Yousuf and Zack

      1:15 looks like bruno fernandes with no beard

    50. Miedse Kadse

      As a BVB fan I'm having a hard time liking this video, but I still do😋

    51. Obed Letminthang

      Messi bragging about winning the Copa del rey has the same vibe as auba winning the FA cup, same thing 🤣🤣

      1. Haaduri A3

        After the copa final, every player wanted a picture with Messi. Even players from Atletic Bilbao

    52. Vineeth Kapala

      Imagine him being manager at Bayern!.

    53. Zuhayr Ahmed

      You:Jose Mourinho next club?? Me: Retire

    54. Lanky Lucas

      Would be happy if Messi knew who Spurs were

    55. Damianfurnullblast

      Jose should coach arsenal

    56. Arsene Whinger

      Messi: Roll up Roll up get the pic of my copa del rey You mean your "last" copa del rey

    57. itx 0213

      “I only manage big clubs” “And spurs” 💀💀

    58. Jesper Nielsen

      Messi: what’s the carabao cup? José: it’s one of the biggest trophies in world football Me: No it’s not

    59. Ben McNutt

      Introducing Juventus' new manager Jose Mourinho, I want the put the defense back into Turin. Mourinho stated when being unveiled in a press conference, and also to stop lukaku winning a league title

    60. Minh Le Hoang


    61. Ansh Malhotra

      But in all honesty, I can see him going to either Frankfurt or Union Berlin. These are the clubs and players who'd die for him.

    62. Tedros Mehari

      Pls saien in Liverpool pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

    63. Simon Pierre

      Juventus or real madrid if Zidane gets sacket

    64. JakeTheSnake Gaming11

      Thomas was pretending to be the CR7 version of Thomas. Which means he knows Ronaldo is good

    65. JakeTheSnake Gaming11

      I love Messi's voice. This is my fav 442oons vid in a longgg time

    66. Kuba Kokot

      2:30 ahahahahaash

    67. KeyPi PiKey

      Very good.😜👏

    68. Benedict Dsouza

      Jose Mourinho quit, anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

    69. Gro Patapouf

      He's done this time, completely done

    70. Hammod GamesXD

      Did he get saked or quit?

      1. Charles Leirman

        they say he got sacked because of the bad results, but many people are saying he actually quit bc of the ESL that was coming

    71. Ben K

      There is an ideal club for Jose Mourinho. FC Girondins de Bordeaux in France, dumped yesterday by his owner King Street Capital Management, they risk Bankruptcy. Jose may buy this historical club which exist since octobre 1881 to make it one of the best clubs in Europe.

    72. HC82

      stop stealing it from 442oons

    73. Yong Keong Ng

      He should try National Team. May be he can do an Otto Rehhagel.

    74. Rovan Jackson

      juve is his next club

    75. Ujang Ukardi

      So funny 😁

    76. Madhav's excellent show

      1:06 who is he doing a good job? He Kicked out Suarez

    77. malestar play

      Gracias 442oons por el video

    78. Trimanjot Singh

      Thomastiano mullernaldo😂

    79. Phạm Đức Sang

      Thomas Thiano Molonaldo?? Lol

    80. Dick Cheney

      Maurinho should consider coaching an African national team at AFCON or at the World cup. A team like Ghana comes to mind.

    81. starzone gamer

      Kerala blasters is his new club I'm sure👌👌👌👌

    82. Vaibhav Kumar

      Thomasthiano mulando😳🙌

    83. ༒ mukesh༒

      Well come to blasters

    84. xuanbao Xb2103

      Nice video 😮😮😮

    85. Alexander WALRAVEN

      Answer = Nothing

    86. ReputedTitan

      Jose has learnt Kane's language in his spurs stay 😂

    87. Advait 123

      Muller's laugh is a MASTERPIECE

    88. Arga Wibisono



      Mourinho at barca would be good choice

    90. Sashah Soheili


    91. Lauritz Fjeldstad

      I think hes done with football

    92. Diulo Ngambele

      I feel like he will go to Juve or another team in Italy

    93. Derrick G

      Surely he goes Portuguese national team

    94. Michael Cruz

      Damn imagine mourinho at atlético madrid

    95. Daniel Noah

      Hey Thomas a little Birdy told me you are looking for a new manager Thomas Muller : which birdy Jose : Twitter Thomas Muller: haha nice joke *Classic*

    96. Tony El Tarifi

      I knew Thomas Müller would hit his head.

    97. Petr Moravec

      Next job is Top Eleven and upgrade Messi and Ronaldo to 94 OVR. 😄 So he must knockout that douchebags from EA and Konami.

    98. ABM Legend

      It is him😂😂😂

    99. Harry McNeil


    100. roblox Barç