How did Barcelona BOTTLE IT?! + Liverpool lead race for Donyell Malen

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    On Today’s OneFootball Daily News…Barcelona lost out on vital La Liga points last night as they lost 2-1 to Granada, meaning that Atletico Madrid maintain their spot at the top of the table, Liverpool are reportedly leading the race for PSV Eindhoven’s striker Donyell Malen, Tottenham continue their hunt for a new manager to replace Jose Mourinho, a transfer round up including Borussia Dortmund who could be interested in Brighton’s Ben White and Friday Feels including Manchester United who after their 6-2 win over Roma last night in the Europa League will face Liverpool this weekend.
    0:00 Headlines
    0:19 Barcelona lose vital points
    2:33 Liverpool want Malen
    4:17 Spurs continue their hunt for a manager
    6:00 Transfer/news round up
    6:59 Friday Feels
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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    1. OneFootball English

      FRIDAY FEELS: Let us know your predictions below! Here's Angelina's: Ranger 2-1 Celtic Man United 3-1 Liverpool Monaco 2-2 Lyon

      1. Le Maestro

        I predict a 3-0 victory to Rangers against Celtic A 2-1 victory to Man Utd against Liverpool And a 2-2 draw in the match between Monaco and Lyon

      2. Bentley Dean

        @Marvin Connor yea, I've been using flixzone for since december myself =)

      3. Marvin Connor

        a tip : you can watch series at Flixzone. I've been using it for watching all kinds of movies lately.

      4. BubblegumZeus01

        @Harsha Vardhan angelina does yes

      5. Jamal Farah

        Mohamed salah will score a brace in a thrilling 4- 2 Liverpool win

    2. Tarang

      Was she ever this harsh on Ole when his team bottled 3 semi finals in a single season?Koeman didn't get any player he wanted whereas Ole did and won nothing.

    3. Ryan's,p !qPollard 0

      Man until 1 Liverpool 3

    4. Bugs Bunny

      Utd 2-1 livarpool

    5. Aman Bisht

      Unpopular opinion . Mount is better than any other Wonderkid

    6. Henry Randall-Smith

      Liverpool 1-1 Man United Monaco 0-1 Lyon Ranger 2-1 Celtic

    7. kadri erkal

      Kerem ereal 2

    8. Ahmed J.

      Damn barça is so dumb

    9. Tigran Ter-Matevosyan

      Ranger 2-0 Celtic Man United 4-0 Liverpool Monaco 3-1 Lyon

    10. krishna patel


    11. SD_ Forrest

      I hate her voice and accent...😶😶

    12. 47_ ShuvankarBhowmick

      We badly need a Striker man!

    13. Jonathan Parra

      Man city 3 crystal palace 0

    14. Thabo Motaung

      Rangers 4-2 Celtic

    15. Thabo Motaung

      Man United 2-1 Liverpool

    16. Thabo Motaung

      Monaco 0-2 Lyon

    17. #EJ KING #

      Friday feel. Man u to lose 3-4 and Chelsea to win 3-0 also a hat trick from timo Werner

    18. Oscar R

      Angelina is actually improving and I don't mind if she continues hosting the channel. Anyways Rangers win 2-0 and man utd win 2-1

    19. HHMINGO5

      Manchester united 2 - 1 Liverpool

    20. HHMINGO5

      Rangers 2 - 1 celtic

    21. Egbert Crafton

      United 5-1 liverpool

    22. A A

      3-1 you know, i pray to allah shes wrong

    23. joshua kwami

      chelsea will beat fullam

    24. Zan Warren-Kazor

      In La Liga, they use Head-to-Head records instead of goal-difference. RM won both classicos, putting them above FCB.

    25. Just Fun

      United and Liverpool to draw 1-1 ☺


      Salah will score against Man utd

    27. Michael Kebede


    28. Dante Ojediran


    29. PL Is clearly the best

      Rangers 1-0 Celtic Man United 3-3 Liverpool Chelsea 2-0 Fulham

    30. live life on the gun side live life on the gun side

      Liverpool 5-0 Manchester United

    31. Rida Ramlawi

      Crystal Palace 1-3 Man City Elche 0-2 Atletico Madrid PSG 3-0 Lens Crotone 1-2 Inter Milan Chelsea 1-1 Fulham Dortmund 4-1 Holstein Kiel AC Milan 2-0 Benevento Real Madrid 1-0 Osasuna Rangers 2-2 Celtic Newcastle 1-1 Arsenal Man United 1-2 Liverpool Udinese 1-3 Juventus Spurs 2-0 Sheffield United Valencia 1-1 Barcelona

    32. Michelle Lawlor

      Rangers 0- Celtic 1 Manchester United 3-1 liverpool

    33. Dominik Kozela

      Firmino not Firminio

    34. Sean Of The Head

      How did they lose? Teams like Granada, Getafe, and Betis are seemingly always ruining peoples bets....they're banana skin teams

    35. Alan Ochanda

      Ranger 2 - 0 Celtic Man Utd 2 - 1 Liverpool Monaco 1 - 1 Lyon

    36. Majdy Danaf

      1:09 thank you angelina.. for saying what i’ve been thinking of for the last year ~a barca fan

    37. Jason Kirby

      Barcelona making it hard on purpose

    38. Boss Man

      Rangers 2-1 Celtic Manchester 2-0 Liverpool Monaco 1-0 Lyon

    39. Khushu

      My Friday Feels...🤔 Chelsea 7 Fulham 0 + Pulisic Masterclass🔥

    40. M&M

      Friday feels: Monaco 3 - 2 Lyon Manchester un. 4 - 2 Liverpool Leipzig 2 -0 Bremen Rangers 1 - 1 Celtic

    41. Rikith Abeysinghe

      rangers 1-2 celtic Man united 1-2 Liverpool Monaco 2-3 Lyon

    42. Xavier Calderon Jr

      In the big games against Grenada 💀

    43. Kuwii Sewell

      I want him to lose the title because he’s not play puig and I hate him for that

    44. Jøvãñ _dxñ

      Man utd gonna win 3-1 against liverpool

    45. Jøvãñ _dxñ

      Rangers gonna win 2-1 against celtic

    46. raunak b

      Celtics 1-0 win United will smash liverpool 0-0 🤣😂 Monaco 2-1 win

    47. Nisarg Gadhia

      Liverpool 0-1 Man UTD Monaco 2-1 Lyon

    48. Kitan Ajayi

      Friday Feels: Man Utd 2-2 Liverpool Rangers 1-2 Celtic Monaco 3-2 Lyon

    49. Abdurahman Wengi

      Chelsea fulham 3:0

    50. lochyes

      Oscar Mingueza was at fault for the Granada equalizer.

    51. B8T MAN

      Umtiti is most useless player in barca squad, during world cup he was lucky to have varane ,all this time in barca he was injured

    52. rafidannafi hossain

      where the hell is Matt?

    53. TSxSAMI


    54. 1056-Aniket Roy Banerjee

      Common man we cannot blame barca On the start of the season,being a barca fan I didn't expected that we would win a trophy But the team spirit right now gives too much hopes Even if we lose la liga....I wont get surprise....we just out turned our expectations

    55. Pho Noodle

      Liverpool 3-0 United Friday Feels

    56. Malang Colley

      Rengers to win 3_1 Man United 2-1 Monaco to win Barcelona to lose again

    57. Ankit

      Is Matt interviewing for the Spurs job?

    58. baba djigo

      2-0 Liverpool

    59. Josh Leckerman

      2-1 Rangers!!!

    60. Davor Buric

      You mentioned barca dont do well in big games, and ive been watching barca for years and do agree but one football doesnt really mention pep guardiolas man city and there champions league performances and big games

    61. Enow Clevis

      Real Madrid 3-1 osasuna Chelsea 2-0 fulham Manchester united 4-2 Liverpool Elche 1-1 Atletico Madrid

    62. Gilles Van Cauwenberge

      Brugge 1:2 Anderlecht

    63. RpM_Jake

      Friday feels: West Coast Eagles vs Fremantle Dockers: 79-62, if you know you know xD

    64. leonard kagiso

      I don't think Koeman is the right man to lead barcelona in the long-term

    65. Saiqa Liaqat

      Ur prediction for Liverpool v Man U is absaloutely wrong

    66. notJAY

      JOSE MOURINHO TO BARCELONA COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JOSE 2022 MAKE BARCELONA GREAT AGAIN

    67. Shreyash Sinha

      Tottenham is a pretty big step down for Ten Haag

    68. Anwar Taher Numan

      Imagine having messi dembele griezzman and struggling to compete with a 34 tr old defensive striker benzema who has been carrying reals attack alone

    69. Tanaka Ndlovu

      celtic 3 rangers 1 man u 4 liverpool 0 monaco 1 lyon 4


      Damn i was waiting for matts reaction on united 😅😅😅😅

      1. Emil Johansson


    71. CR7 The G.O.A.T

      Rangers 2-0 Celtic Goals- Morelos and Kent Man Utd 2-1 Liverpool Goals- Pogba, Greenwood, and Salah Monaco 2-1 Lyon Goals- Ben Yedder 2 goal and Depay

    72. Rohit Chahar

      A red card in the old fern derby Man Utd 1-2 Liverpool

    73. Kazoo

      Rangers 3-0 Celtic Man United 3-1 Liverpool Monaco 3-2 Lyon

    74. sergio aguero

      Friday feels Rangers 2-0 Celtic Man United 2-3 liverpool Monaco 1-1 lyon

    75. sergio aguero

      Question: Why dont premier league clubs have the champions league stars on their badge that clubs like Bayern, ajax etc

    76. Cristian Ochoa

      Rangers 2-0 Celtic Man Utd 4-1 Liverpool Monaco 3-3 Lyon

    77. Niamh Page

      Liverpool 1- 2 Man United

    78. Sporting Director

      Barcelona were so close but the race is not over yet

    79. ThewTube

      “Koeman is a talented manager” Everton fans, including me, are fuming

      1. Lars Jongma

        Yeah he reformed barca

    80. Reuben Rodrigues 07

      Liverpool will score first then man u will win in the second half with a brilliant performance

    81. Rawad Fayad

      Rangers win 3-1

    82. Athreya Vijay

      man united0-4liverpool might be wrong but also man united4-5liverpool ;)

    83. manLIKE drogba

      Barca should have won that game. The tactics were fine but the players just kept missing. Koeman wasn’t to blame.

    84. Fnsnddkdk

      Where do you guys get your informations from? I mean it’s unlucky timing that Ten Haag just signed a new deal but come on “he believes he’s ready to move on” is far away from the truth. That’s exactly the opposite of what just happened and I couldn’t find a single interview where he stated something like that. That was just a random made up assumption from whoever wrote the script and the worst part is, that u guys told this as if ten Haag said it himself.

    85. Parth Sinha

      I don't think Koeman shall be questioned in this case if Barcelona come back to the glory days under some other manager probably Koeman will be the reason because I am sure guys like Pedri trincao moriba will be a very critical part Koeman wasn't brought to the club as a trophy-winning manager

    86. Sia

      Ten Hag should be ruled out of the spurs manger options as he has signed a new Contract

    87. DW


    88. TP Sambo

      So man united come back from behind to win 6-2 isn't a headline 🥺😭I'm hurt

    89. Per Folkesson

      Funny Spurs are being linked to Ten Haag and Ragnick, I've been suggesting to Arsenal fans they should bring them both in as Manager and Sporting Director.

    90. Jesus Alejandro Briceño Penoth

      Sevilla wins, Juve wins and United wins

    91. The Divine J-Nine

      1-1 Celtic vs Rangers Man United 2-1 Liverpool Monaco 3-2 Lyon

    92. P😎

      But...all I hear when Angelina is presenting 😄

    93. Sourav Gupta

      Who's in your pfa Team of the year and Who's poty?

    94. Jesus Alejandro Briceño Penoth

      Ten Haag already sign a new contract for 2023

    95. cuthbert mcvane

      Rangers 1-1 Celtic Man United 2-1 Liverpool Monaco 2-1 Lyon

    96. Ian Cousins

      Chelsea will win over Fulham

    97. Everything Real Madrid

      Real Madrid are ahead on head to head record

    98. Yotaichio

      Sevilla to win the la liga !!

    99. Victor Babarinde

      Rangers to draw vs Celtic Man Utd 0-0 Liverpool Bremen 0-3 Leipzig

    100. kinggalexandre

      Love Angelina