How Cristiano Ronaldo can SIGN for Real Madrid this summer!

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    There's speculation that Cristiano Ronaldo could make a magical return to Real Madrid this summer from Juventus! We can't quite imagine the scenes at the Bernabeu if Ronaldo signs for Madrid again. But how can Zinedine Zidane persuade Cristiano to re-sign for Real Madrid? Here's five ways...
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    1. OneFootball English

      Ok, on a scale from 1-10 (10 being definite, 1 being no way) how likely is it that Cristiano Ronaldo goes back to Real Madrid?

      1. TheRealChampions TV


      2. samira Khettabi


      3. Reem Khalaf


      4. Dayren Pillay


      5. ifoni tulimaiau


    2. Mabila Ntobeko


    3. Aware Citizen

      3:26 Who all saw the charging of the cell phone 😂😂😂😂

    4. khaled aldoraee


    5. vaannebilim

      Nah we are ok without him

    6. crisplayer4

      I love how christiano says real Madrid

    7. kobi_carter880

      Do that and there best player Gareth bale doesn't play again

    8. gioyu comi

      it feels weird seeing Ronaldo in the Real jersey again

    9. Cian Oconnell


    10. dolita windo

      it feels weird seeing Ronaldo in the Real jersey again

      1. gioyu comi

        What is with hazard🤔??

    11. HeroGaming

      Ronaldo did deserve that prize modric got

    12. MessiMagisterial

      Remember when they said Ronaldo can play for any team XD

      1. dolita windo

        Refund it’s not his fault their shit it is ligit a 1 man team and he carries them to every win it’s like ronaldo at West Ham they would win the champions leayge would they

    13. sokin jon

      Did anyone notice that Ronaldo's battery was %120

    14. Davide

      Do it! I want my Juve back! 🙏🏼⚪️⚫️

    15. ayaan

      ballon dor 🤭😂

      1. sokin jon

        He won't.

    16. Orochiッ

      Suuu u l8r

    17. seiom jvony

      This brings back memories

    18. Rosy Lalruatfeli

      1 51 true

    19. Samuel Martinez

      No dont take bale

      1. seiom jvony

        Who's here after marcelo's comment on IG?

    20. Steve mwaura

      I'm going back to piamote calcio😂😂😂

    21. Mazovic Mazovic

      1:51 Really man


      I knew that after Ron listed all those (teams fans kit etc) he would say they have nothing to do with it 😅😅😅

    23. phoenix t

      I find it funny jokes

    24. Timothy van Ringelenstijn

      No. Its time to go back to england.

    25. Ventilator Mensch

      What is with hazard🤔??

    26. NJ10Jr King


    27. Lewis Bennett

      Refund it’s not his fault their shit it is ligit a 1 man team and he carries them to every win it’s like ronaldo at West Ham they would win the champions leayge would they

    28. Nour Elgamal

      Video suggestion you laugh you lose Premier league vs la liga with ronaldo and neymar

    29. Amr Blob

      I’m the 22k like I feel useful

    30. Nugget

      He won't.

    31. TY7 TY7


    32. Sandip Samajdar

      Sell that lame Hazard to Chelsea

    33. Hendrik Serrien

      HRM Hazard Ronaldo Mbappe That would be fire

    34. HB Club

      Who's here after marcelo's comment on IG?

    35. Danish Iqbal

      Where is the gofundme link ?? Imma donate

    36. Shijit Nair

      I secretly wished if CR7 went to Man Utd and Messi went to Man City ! Would have been fun. But Messi aint leaving Barca. He shouldnt..and he wont.

    37. So you're wrong

      442oons Ronaldo in a real kit brings back memories

    38. Salleh Kacak

      Cristiano Ronaldo is return to Real Madrid.

    39. Salleh Kacak

      Cristiano Ronaldo is return to Real Madrid.

    40. Louni Ath


    41. Aadil Shaikh

      Ronaldo is now nothing in football he can just score goals the real boss is messi who is helping his team in every situation

    42. Premier Sliced

      I can't be the only one who felt since typa satisfaction when Ronaldo said Modric didn't deserve his Ballon d'or

    43. איליי קיסוס

      Another way : ronaldo opens a onlyfans page

    44. Kunal Roy

      What is difference between 44toons and this

    45. Paladin

      isnt lyon worst than porto ? 2:40

    46. xuanbao Xb2103

      Nice video 🤣🤣🤣

    47. Class Party

      Who saw the 120%battery on CR7’s phone

    48. Brian Cook

      Should do one CR7 Return to Man United

    49. Vaibhav Tiwari

      Cash Injection wow

    50. Mostafa 3bdelaziz

      number 5 reminds me of fergani sassi and elzamalek

    51. 秒倒王偉哥

      Let’s see if Ron can steal Luka Modric’s ballon d’Or

    52. JEEtU


    53. mein name

      didn't Zidane win 3 ballon dors?

    54. Marcus Butler

      I would love to see Ron back at united fuck madrid

      1. someone

        we might even win the prem with him scoring 30 goals per season

    55. TheBicho CR7

      I'm down

    56. Juls Pijo

      Like ronaldo is actaully gonna come back he probaly isnt

    57. Marco1 Njie

      How generous of Messi.... Elclasicco was never the same

    58. ROBO karizma

      Man U

    59. Eshu Tandon

      The link isn't even here

    60. Seargeant Ikhlas

      messi goes to juve and cr7 goes to madrid lol

    61. Luan Boss

      plis cricitiano ronaldo plis pink

    62. Fabrizio Olcese

      Ronaldo making a patreon😂😂😂

    63. sk 87

      Owen has a beer belly 😂

    64. Fut Army

      And we thought there would never be any more Ronaldo v Messi... 🥰

    65. AmandaLorian?

      This is hilarious, because it has a drop of truth you know, that's what makes a joke the best


      What you on about hes coming to united

    67. Joseph Joestar

      1:49 Ronaldo have a point 😅

    68. Cristiano Ronaldo

      I know I have big heart but it doesn't make my chest bigger 😏

    69. Daniel Noah

      Fat Ronaldo 🤣

    70. Daniel Noah

      True about when he said about modric

    71. Daniel Noah

      Come back to Manchester United instead!🇳🇬

    72. Daniel Noah

      He should stay at Juventus

      1. someone

        no, he should go to Man Utd or PSG or Real. just away from that shit team

    73. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Zidane

    74. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Zidane

    75. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Cristiano Ronaldo

    76. pharoah P

      The ballon dor swap deal was the best

    77. Bennie Pimentel

      The youthful denim specifically level because violin gergely flash despite a gullible gusty icon. irate, bashful night

    78. mayank rahi

      I was sure he was gonna say ONLYfans account 😂😂😂

    79. Breathe Easily

      Dude is 36. I dont understamd why people think its a good idea.

    80. Football Penalty

      CR7 back to Real Madrid with these reason?

    81. Godzilla plays ,

      \l '

    82. Super G V2

      "When I bought this item you guaranteed it would win us a champions league trophy...and we couldn't even knock out Fc porto" 😂😂🤣🤣 im ded

    83. Yo_ItzChristian

      Messi plz don't leave barcaaaa

    84. Gamer Aziz

      ronaldo isnt going to real he si goiong to mu

    85. mohammad azmirli

      the best yt video i've seen in 2021...Lmao

    86. JLR Videos

      Messi vs Ronaldo 🥺

    87. Prometheus 1o

      The refund🤣🤣🤣😆

    88. MI Gamez

      Join united

    89. Jace

      The funniest video I've seen in a minute.

    90. Jizan Anwar

      The 2nd one🤣

    91. Sسپهر

      Please God its not really 😰😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    92. Smiling trashcan

      Remember ron and messi did a prank call on zizou and zz was so mad

    93. Vinnie08 Brand

      Watch Ronny leave juventus and win the champions League again

    94. RozyFly

      1:39 Piemonte Calcio 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    95. ayush agarwal

      Last one was hilarious

    96. Atuhaire Jonathan

      What if he goes back to real madrid and messi leaves barca😭😭😭😭👎👎👎👎

    97. Greenbraltar 69

      That feeling after seeing CR7 to Real Madrid shirt after 3 years

    98. Greenbraltar 69

      Everyone: Dean money is on Man city Dean: Sunderland

    99. Nacho Is Daddy

      well i guess Ronaldo got 8 ballon dors

    100. Iyanu Alabi

      Lol 😅🤣😅