Haaland wants INSANE money + Man United start Varane transfer talks!

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    On Today’s OneFootball Daily News…Arsenal set up a reunion with Villarreal manager Unai Emery in the Europa League after a 4-0 victory against Slavia Prague, Man United will face Roma, Haaland’s insane wage demands put him out of the reach of Real Madrid and PSG, Man United transfer talks with Real Madrid’s Raphael Varane could start soon, a transfer round up including Barcelona selling Samuel Umtiti, plus Friday Feels!
    0:00 Headlines
    0:19 Europa League latest
    3:19 Haaland's demands
    5:59 Man United want Varane
    8:04 Transfer/news round up
    8:40 Friday Feels
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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    1. OneFootball English

      FRIDAY FEELS: Let us know your predictions below! Here are Matt’s: Man City 2-1 Chelsea Athletic Bilbao 0-1 Barcelona Wolfsburg 2-1 Bayern

      1. Danny Marshall

        @Jedidiah Rocco Yup, I have been using flixzone for years myself :)

      2. Jedidiah Rocco

        Pro tip: watch movies on Flixzone. Been using them for watching a lot of movies recently.



      4. Jochem Dekkers

        @GODSON it's just a prediction 🤣

      5. GODSON

        @Theo play Sappho perfect🙏🙏🎉🎉🎉👍👍👍

    2. Hassan Ali

      OneFootball should actually be a news channel-

    3. Theo play Sappho

      We all now that Messi will stay at Barca its his club of life and he is a fan of Barca so he can buy Barca one day 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    4. korvenDavid

      Last final United atended was against chelsea in the Fa Cup not in the Europa league final

    5. Keshal Pathak

      Real will drop points this week

    6. Eseh Francis Morara

      Despite being talented, Haaland can't demand that sought of money after just 2 years, and he's just 20 years old so imagine when he has to renew his contract, he would demand 50 mill or something. This is all without considering the fact that his dad want 20 million when he's not his agent. Then there's also Mino Raiola to deal with 🤦‍♂️

    7. Trym Main Channel Eldby

      it's raiola's idea im sure of

    8. Trym Main Channel Eldby

      a bit under 300k ? I would say 175 -250 k

    9. Salma Baharoon


    10. Aryan Singh

      we can't help a man if he is forcing a move to man united from real madrid

    11. Leon Dawes

      This has to be his agent. Haaland can’t be demanding this

    12. stamped metal sword

      Haaland wants huge wages and he in goal drought?

    13. Soki Krong

      Varane should be kept.

    14. Soki Krong

      I gv you a dislike just for dirty trick of emery reunion. 😒

    15. kinggalexandre

      Real Madrid in the best world where they both win UCL and La Liga could... Sign: Alaba (on a free) Konate Camavinga Haaland (in a swap deal for Hazard or Varane) Ronaldo (for cheap) Mbappé (swap deal with Vini or wait for contract to expire) Bring back Odegaard permanently Sell: Isco, Marcelo, Hazard, Diaz, Vini, Bale, Ceballos, Mayoral, Diaz, Vallejo, Jovic Resign: Ramos, Benzema, Vazquez

    16. Jayden Jones

      Arsenal 4-0 fullum

      1. Fuck liverpool f.c I love liverpool fútbol club


    17. ace 113

      1 million a week what a joke ..

    18. N T

      This boy doesn’t deserve 700k a week. Hell nah. 400k max. We need a salary cap like in the NBA.

    19. Daniel Nyathi

      Man United reached the 2018 FA Cup final. That is the latest final, not the Europa league one

    20. JJ bossa1

      Aubameyang is going to do a drogba🤣🤣

    21. Akhil J

      Everton 2-2 Spurs

    22. Alan Ochanda

      #fridayfeels Man city 1 - 2 Chelsea Athletic Bilbao 0 - 2 Barcelona Wolfsburg 2 - 2 Bayern

    23. Michael ツ

      Prediction: Rangers 2-1 Celtic

    24. Vivek

      What has haland achieved for asking that much wages. Just hyping a player can't be a reason for paying him that much wages.

    25. Nishan Acharya

      I think the reason Varane wants to leave is that he's won everything at Real Madrid and now he wants to do it somewhere else. If his transfer rumors are true. I don't see any other reasons.

    26. Fahad Daniyal

      Madrid should sign De ligt if Varane leaves Edit : & if Ramos also then Koulibaly.

    27. Deepak Sharma

      I'm a big fan of Haaland but asking for that much money is ridiculous. People might just move on from to pick other talents other than him.

    28. Tony Manjaly

      Athletico 1 -2 FcBarcelona And messi will score❤💙

    29. Elite saint

      Football is different

    30. #EJ KING #

      Bayern to win 3-0 and Chelsea to win 3-1 also Barcelona to loss

    31. simanu evalistus

      Im starting to wonder wat riola's net worth is🤔😂😂

    32. Steve Laurent

      Mino Raiola is a piece of work!! Alright

    33. IrishClient

      No im a united fan i dontvwant varane cuz hell orange link to gomez and pope

    34. live life on the gun side live life on the gun side

      Liverpool 5-0 Leeds United

    35. Atılay Helvacı


    36. Vicio27 aspro

      Hey Matt, nice hair! 🇮🇹

    37. Jashim Jamaludheen K

      Man City 2-3 Chelsea, Athletic Bilbao 2-1 Barcelona,

    38. Nicholas Qangiso

      We don't know why Real Madrid is doing this 😫

    39. Danush Pasupathi

      We don't want varane to leave... Seriously don't know what's making him thinking about leaving 😐

    40. Oka Mayen

      0.0 man city chelsea

    41. Stefan Jakovljevic

      Matt honestly as Madrid fan i think if Ramos don't want to take what club proposes he should go no need to overspend on old players, with all respect to what he did for us as fans and the club. Varane situation is so weird to me and i don't understand why would he want to leave. I say that if he does not want to renew his contract we sell him and get more money for Mbappe transfer. Nacho is great and always has been i really respect him and i wouldn't mind him starting. If Varane renews i think there is no space for Militao, except if he could be used on the right, with Alaba hopfully coming and his versatility in my opinion great signing and should be good squad addition. Marcelo needs to go and 1/2 CB's in my opinion.

    42. Tanaka Ndlovu

      chelsea 2 - Man city 1 newcastle 0-westham 2 arsenal 3- fulham 1

    43. Raynardo Knight

      FRIDAY FEELS: Man City 1-0 Chelsea Athletic Bilbao 0-3 Barcelona Wolfsburg 0-0 Bayern

    44. Mnikelo Mkwa

      Pulisic will destroy man city by scoring a brace

    45. Alex Sandford

      Ruh immagine pl Varane on fut

    46. Shreyash Paudyal

      Friday feels Man city 2-1 Chelsea Barcelona 3-1 Bilbao

    47. Ronald Fernandes

      Mino Raiola gonna destroy his career... Haaland is gonna be that blood sucking leech that'll get the club to bankruptcy and however good he plays club would want to get rid of him

    48. Rishi Kamath

      35 million salary!? Let Haaland stew at 5th place unambitious Dortmund till 2024. Then he'll be paying others to let him play for them.

    49. Rishi Kamath

      2:10 - United also reached the 2018 FA Cup final, which they lost to Conte's Chelsea.

    50. FM Stegen

      Barcelona will win 2-1

    51. Night King 48

      Loving the daily videos, keep ‘em up!

    52. Jamal Sadiq

      Man City 1-1 Chelsea PENALTIES Chelsea win

    53. Chi Larsen

      Matt today is my birthday 🎂.....please shout me out next video, it would make my day 💙

    54. Suryakant Panda

      as a real madrid fan i think, Madrid didnt know just yet how good there defenders were, they probably thought that militao isnt good as he think he was when they were buying them, and nacho has losen his edge, But now they just cant decide what to do!!, as they have agreed for alaba !!!

    55. Brownie Bear

      The last final United reached was FA Cup against Chelsea in 2018 not the UEL in 2017

    56. madnimessi

      Would love varane at United

    57. Daddy

      Mbappe salary is big Becouse he won World Cup idiot Haaland

    58. Adam Simpson

      Varane is unlikely to come to United, we've heard the same thing for five years. You'd think the media would've gotten board of it by now.

    59. Semilore_ J

      Matt: neymar is on 35 million euros per week Me: *mini heart attack *

    60. K2NL Football

      3-1 City, 2-1 Barca, 2-1 Bayern

    61. Rishab Bantiya

      I hope haaland Sacks Riaola

    62. Tomb 7

      Man City 3-2 Foden to score

    63. sol porter

      City and Chelsea to go to penalties

    64. Bro Mania

      Barcelona 2 - Athletic Bilbao 1 Man ctit 1 -chelsea 1 Wolfsburg 0 bayern 2

    65. adriano van wyk

      Mbappe have won more than Haaland, this so crazy...if he wants 2 have that demand than he must move to a bigger club and improve himself more

    66. Soumyadeep Saha

      If Haaland demands this ridiculous wages. He will at BVB for another season and above that if some club signs him at that price won't win UCL bcs other clubs will be much better in overall

    67. AJIN LAL

      As a United fan I will definitely take Varane to partner Maguire.

    68. Jason Kirby

      Varane should stay at Madrid. He would be reducing his ambition by stepping down to a side like Manchester United. 🙄😒

    69. David Gerges

      The reason we want Varane to go is to clear up money for Mbappe and because his defensive IQ is dreadful, he has cost us multiple games. That being said he is still an amazing defender and we do need a replacement.

    70. Jason Kirby

      Rise now Rome the eternal City and Bury Manchester United. 😬😎 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    71. Brandon Grieder

      Man City will win 2-0. Barca will win 3-2.

    72. Rida Ramlawi

      Wolfsburg 0-2 Bayern Chelsea 2-1 Man City Athletic Club 1-3 Barcelona AC Milan 1-0 Genoa PSG 4-1 Saint-Etienne Arsenal 2-1 Fulham Atalanta 1-1 Juventus Atletico Madrid 2-1 Eibar Man United 2-0 Burnley Napoli 2-2 Inter Milan Getafe 1-2 Real Madrid

    73. JN H

      Chelsea wins 2-1

    74. Daniel Natareno

      Fa cup:Man city 3 Chelsea 1. Copa del Rey final:Barca 2 Athletic Bilbao 0

    75. Noob Streamer

      Greenwood will score a hat-trick.😉

    76. Sean Of The Head

      Varane to United has been rumoured for longer than Bale was linked to United, so I wouldn't bank on it....he could definitely do better than them

    77. Adrian G

      Nobody should sign him he is to greedy

    78. blazehaze

      im your host onefootballer you are the matt frohlichs

    79. Vendetta Youth

      Chelsea Win 2-0....Matt remember that💙🇯🇲💙

    80. kuchki clan

      Manchester City 2 - Chelsea 2 De bruyne to score for City Mount to score for Chelsea

    81. Cianjj007

      As a United fan I would love varane to sign for us he is actually a United fan

    82. Jacob Sampson

      Chelsea 2-1 City

    83. Noelle Francisco

      Erling Haaland is great but these demands are fecked

    84. Aaron Vandenbulcke

      Arsenal 3 - Fulham 0

    85. D

      750k? I know he’s good but that’s stupid money. No one will buy him.

    86. Donovan Tembo

      barca to win 2 nil

    87. Victor

      imagine Utd get Sancho Varane and Ramos 🤯🤯🤯

    88. Donovan Tembo

      chelsea to win 2-1

    89. Edwin Bowah

      Chelsea beat city last year at Wembley

      1. Obe Aryant

        @Edwin Bowah when though can't recall

      2. Edwin Bowah

        @Pradeep Kumar yeah I just realized

      3. Pradeep Kumar

        @Edwin Bowah mate that was Arsenal who eliminated Man City.....

      4. Edwin Bowah

        @Obe Aryant stupid, the FA cup last year before they lost to arsenal

      5. Obe Aryant

        That was Stanford bridge mate

    90. Josh Costigan

      It's more Varane has won everything he can with us, he wants a new challenge. We know how to deal with egos, so we don't want to fight Varane to stay. Possibility of signing Alaba too. Cash in on Varane early.

    91. Ranbir Thadani

      City 3-1 Chelsea

    92. Aliyu Mohammed

      Man City 1-3 Chelsea Atletico Bilbao 0-2 Barcelona Wolfsburg 1-2 Bayern Munich

    93. young_range007

      Varane panics under pressure from strikers and militau is better just needs more game time

    94. Giovanni Lopez

      Chelsea 2-1 Man city Goals by Tammy Abraham, Timo Werner, and Gabriel Jesus


      No one will pay him this much of amount...such stupidity by the agent will ruin him

    96. Nishkal Narine1

      i hate that we arent trying to renew varanes contract... imo alaba wont be an upgrade

      1. James Gayfer

        I prefer alaba to varane

    97. ashwin vinu

      I feel like havertz is better than Haaland just my opinion

      1. Omar El Farissi

        As a utd fan he is play him as a striker he would score ton of goals

    98. Taim Allah Bassoiny

      City 3-1 chelsea

    99. Noah Tabensky

      Friday feels: burnley will win 2-1 against man united

    100. Vedant Gupta

      Messi doesn't have 700k/week. Mino Raiola is smoking sisha with Erling