Haaland’s next stop: Liverpool + Ramos NIGHTMARE injury!

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    On today’s OneFootball Daily News…The battle for Erling Haaland continues as Barcelona and Real Madrid hold transfer talks before Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp ponders bid for Lyon’s Memphis Depay, RB Leipzig exodus could continue as Nkunku is linked with Arsenal move, a transfer round-up including Sergio Ramos injury nightmare, plus Friday Feels!
    0:00 Headlines
    0:19 Haggling for Haaland
    2:08 Liverpool want Depay
    3:42 RB Leipzig's exodus
    5:35 Transfer/news round up
    6:35 Friday Feels
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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    1. OneFootball English

      FRIDAY FEELS: Let us know your predictions below! Here are Matt’s: Copa Del Rey Final: Athletic Bilbao 1-0 Real Sociedad Leicester 2-1 Man City Leipzig 1-3 Bayern

      1. James Martin

        At least two man utd academy graduates to score

      2. ThewTube

        Everton will beat Crystal Palace 2-0

      3. Dharmadev Patel

        Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool. Jota scores at least 1 goal

      4. Bilal Asad

        @Bilal Ahmed Shariff you got Lille right 👍

      5. Brad T

        Leicester 0-3 city

    2. Faizan Mudassar

      Id probably sell bobby or mane

    3. Kapilksi

      Depay for Salah 😂😂😂 pandemic geetin in ur head bro

    4. mohd razan

      Matt PSG’s 5 main squad players are injured (or COVID 19 effected)why is that not included in the video veratti, Leandro, florenzi, kurzava, icardi,

    5. Jackson Scott

      Why you not sell firmino he’s played trash all year and all season

    6. Obssa Degefu

      Haaland won't sign to Liverpool They already have Jota and Firmino and Haaland can't play in wing. City are the best option for Haaland

    7. Delano Jones

      Depay is more of a Striker than a winger, I don't think klopp will risk it. Sell Firmino keep Salah sign Depay

    8. Dxaxn_clp Blox-ton.

      With the Copa Del Ray you got the scores right but not the team who scored it.

    9. HHMINGO5

      NOOO why is ramos injuried, now salah cant get revenge😂

    10. Jason Irwin

      I can see us beat these scumbags come on the pool 🔴🔴

    11. FootBits League

      Arsenal 3 Liverpool 2 Another game in the prem

    12. Sheffield Steelers


    13. george nevitt

      Never sell mo

    14. Faiza Farah

      Yes ramos is injured the champions league is liverpool's jk i hope ramos a speedy recovery and a good career

    15. Samrat Dutta

      Sarah will be happy. Nobody will break his hand now.

    16. kadri erkal

      Keremereal 9

    17. Adam Hassan

      I’m Egyptian and I’m salahs biggest fan where ever he goes I go even if he goes to China 🇪🇬

    18. 9c kanish.k

      Friday feels: Thomas muller to score against rb leipzig man city to win against leicester city and keep a clean sheet

    19. Selma Svensson

      I dont want Salah to leave❤️😭

    20. Sisay Larcher

      Athletic Bilbao 3-2 Real Sociedad Leicester City 2-4 Man City Leipzig 2-1 Bayern

    21. HKT48 James Milner

      Here are my Predictions: Copa Del Rey 19-20: ATH 2-1 SOC La Liga: SEV 2-3 ATLETI, ATH 1-0 SOC EPL: Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal, Leeds 2-0 Sheffield United, NUTD 1-2 Spurs Serie A: Juve 2-0 Torino, Bolongna 0-3 Inter Ligue 1: PSG 3-2 Lille, OL 4-0 Lens, OM 1-0 Dijon Bundesliga: BVB 2-2 Frankfurt, FC Bayern 3-1 RB Leipzig, B04 2-0 Schalke, Union 2-1 Hertha I do hope any of them will be read on Monday.

    22. Wesley Shongwe

      Man United in for Zaniolo would be such an under the radar move. 💯🔥

    23. Kushagra Kunal

      Leipzig 3-1 Bayern Foxes 1-0 city

    24. Mzamo Gagai

      Of course mino riola will make a show

    25. Utkarsh Singh

      #fridayfeels Dortmund 3 : 2 Frankfurt Bayern 2 : 2 Leipzig Though its Saturday morning here😅

    26. Indrajeet Chavan

      Sociedad win 2-1 to Bilbao Man City 3-1 Leicester

    27. Tom Christmas

      I think Leicester are going to win 3-1 against Man City

    28. D22 23

      You forgot to mention that man city could afford haaland too, not only bankrupt barça and real shitdrid

    29. Christy R

      Losing Mo Salah and replacing him with a free signing of Memphis Depay is good business!? If your agenda is to feed the shareholders enormous profits at the expense of the club, then yes😖🤯

    30. ThomasKLS

      So you're telling me that Nkunku will chose Conference League with Arsenal over Champions League with Leipzig? LOL never

    31. Charles Sena Amoatey

      Memphis played for United

    32. Lemar Drummond

      Take him Liverpool

    33. Bryce Clay

      Friday Feels: Man City to beat Leicester Leipzig lose to Bayern Arsenal beat Liverpool

    34. Spidy Fans

      Arsenal 1 -Liverpool 1

    35. Ian Cousins

      Chelsea will win 3 over west bram

    36. neville Mbulawa

      Liverpool 2-1

    37. neville Mbulawa

      Chelsea 3-0

    38. J. Baker

      Roman Abramovich will just fly Mino and Haalands dad to his new Yacht and write them a Check 😂

    39. kareem

      Athletic bilbao 3-1 real Leicester 1-2 man city Leipzig 2-2 bayern

    40. Mugisha Bob Jacob

      Arsenal 3 - 1 win over Liverpool

    41. hards lewy006

      Leicester city 4-2 Man City Athletic Bilbao 2-2 real sociedad Leipzig 5-3 Bayern

    42. JJ Alexander

      i would sell mane and keep salah ..... get depay play cf and jota on the left

    43. Rikith Abeysinghe

      sell salah and im gonna jump

    44. Rida Ramlawi

      AC Milan 2-1 Sampadoria Chelsea 2-0 West Brom Dortmund 3-1 Frankfurt Real Madrid 1-0 Eibar PSG 4-2 Lille Torino 1-2 Juventus Leicester 1-1 Man City Leipzig 2-2 Bayern Bologna 0-2 Inter Arsenal 1-3 Liverpool Newcastle 1-1 Spurs Man United 0-0 Brighton Sevilla 2-2 Atletico Madrid

    45. Tommy TwoShot

      Friday feels is kind of pointless tbh

    46. Tamara Pekelman

      Athletic Bilbao 1-1 Real Sociedad (Bilbao win 4-2 on pens) Leicester 1-3 Man City Leipzig 3-4 Bayern

    47. Ishraq Arif

      As a liverpool fan, I think Haaland is considerable as Salah's replacement...But Depay instead of Salah? Deal's off

    48. greedyabu

      Matt u forgoy that liverpool got 520 million investing owners?

    49. Barcelona Power

      Great video hope barca buys him

    50. Le Commissaire

      FRIDAY FEELS!! A win for Man City but Vardy to bag himself a goal

    51. Tom Fifa Clips

      you got april fooled by man city hahah

    52. HYSTERIA 0161

      Stop listening to bull excrement that Mino Raiola vomits out of his face hole he lies so much to create buzz he's doing the rounds to try and back city into a corner and force them to pay an ungodly amount of money to him.

    53. Thor

      You'd have to mental to go to Barca or Real at such a young age because if you don't hit the ground running, it's a possible career wrecker. At United and Chelsea, there's too much uncertainty. I recon Haaland's dad will want his son to develop further under the tutelage of either Klopp or Guardiola.

    54. INFO Playz

      Who is your favorite Daily news speakers

    55. Haraldr Haldefjürd

      Feeling sorry for Ramos being injured.... the irony

    56. Mr Velic

      Barcelona didnt pay debt for Coutinho, but want to buy Haaland, are they stupid or something

    57. Mr Neel

      Haaland don't want to go to Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United This mean only Manchester City Barcelona Real Madrid Have chance to sign him

    58. semeon

      Depay love united too much he wouldn't go to liverpool

    59. Cricket Keeda

      Depay for Salah? What are u smoking

    60. jay ndege

      Plot twist: I think Matt is a secret Arsenal fan😏

    61. Fahad Daniyal

      No We Don't Want Depay at all ! We want only Haaland.

    62. Football Album

      if all leave from leaipzig they might become Ajax

    63. Laxmi shre

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    64. Sporting Director


    65. Abel Siji

      Why would nkunku swap champions League for a club that might not even be in the Europa League next season

    66. KD

      Depay in for salah😂😂😂😂 U joking😂😂😂😂😂😂 My god

    67. Nishant Naik

      Liverpool getting Haaland LOL

    68. Killen Kgwarae

      Mbappe and Konate to Liverpool!!

    69. Muhammad Usman

      Matt is so anti barca

    70. George Marin

      Leicester 2-5 Man City

    71. Ahmed Basit

      My prediction Bayern 2-1 Leipzig

    72. Sachin Chittoor

      Arsenal 1 - 3 Liverpool

    73. faizal mustafa

      You want to know what Liverpool fans think, well we want FSGOUT

    74. _Official_ Royalty

      Bilbao to win 2 straight titles...love it😅 Leipzig will win and open the title race

    75. Myron Kasirivu

      Why not firmino play as as CAM

    76. Jack Price

      Friday Feels: Leicester 0-2 Man City Bayern 1-1 Leipzig arsenal 3-1 liverpool

    77. Samuel Carter

      I can't believe how happy Moh Salah is 😂😂

    78. Jake Robinson

      Ieanacho will score againts Man City

    79. Edwin Bowah

      Halaand is now more of a demand than mbappe

    80. Jarred Gounden

      Monday episode needs to be over 10 minutes!!!

    81. Suhail Shubrati

      I think liverpool may be able to beat arsenal and may be able to attain a clean sheet

    82. sumedh kulkarni

      Leicester 1-3 man city Leipzig 0-2 Bayern

    83. sergio aguero

      Friday feels Athletico Bilbao 2-0 real sociedad Leicester 0-2 man city Leipzig 2-4 bayern

    84. ierbutza21

      Depay on a free but im not sold on him just yet or buy Neto and get Elliott back would be my Liverpool move going forward also just me but buy Berge(or whatever his name is) from sheffield as a backup option for fabinho,and one random name J W P from southampton to have a Hendo replacement plus his freekicks ,realistic targets.

    85. Dipen pandit

      I have a feeling that the Sancho senario may be repeated this season with Dortmund demanding €180m

    86. Matty M

      Sneaking that Zaniolo to united rumour in there mate 🤣 First I've heard of it, would be an amazing signing, can't see it happening.

    87. nye etches

      arsenal 2-1 liverpool liecester1-3 man city bayern munich 2-2 rb leipzig

    88. Sameh

      Looks like god accepted salahs prayers to save him from ramos🤣🤣

    89. gz jr

      Arsenal will beat liverpool by 3 goals to 1

    90. Nakshh Kohli

      United will win 2-1... hopefully

      1. Nakshh Kohli

        let’s go i guessed it!!

    91. Jason Whittaker

      MC 2 - LC 0 Bayern 1- Leipzig 1 CFC 4 - WBA 0 Juve 2 - Torino 0


      Bayern 3-2 Leipzig Leicester 0-2 man city Bilbao 2 -1 sociedad

    93. Luke streeter - Strong

      Ramos would’ve dislocated salahs arm and cheat too

    94. Nawaz Khan

      What about a double swap deal between griezman and coutinho for Milan skriniar and lukaku/lautaro

    95. Taha Khandwala

      Manchester United to win 3-1 . Rashford will be on the scoresheet


      Barca needs inexperienced halland for huge money but they don't need experienced Aguero as a free transfer ***So you have chosen death***


        @Sanket Hande Messi and Ronaldo are even older and still they are the best

      2. Sanket Hande

        @REUBEN GEORGY Neymar's younger


        @Sanket Hande So is neymar every second every minute every hour every day every week every month every year every decade every century and every millenial

      4. Sanket Hande

        @REUBEN GEORGY ya but still Aguero is getting older


        So does AGUERO!!!!

    97. Shree 5 Studios

      Depay to Anfield Make it happen He'll get to play with van dijk his close friend And also the attacking 3 can rotate without dropping any quality But salah to spain no no no He needs to stay

      1. samira Khettabi

        Salah and mane have been linked with real madrid and barca for years and nothing happened and this year and next they will be aiming for other players like mbappe haaland camavinga etc its BS

    98. Gerardo Simental

      Matt must be crazy to think Leicester have a chance against City hahah

    99. zDxcky

      ramos injured..... yes

    100. Adityam Raj

      Matlab kuch bhi