Haaland has La Liga PLAN + Man City say NO to Messi!

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    On today’s OneFootball Daily News…Erling Haaland announces Dortmund intentions, Manchester City back down in the race for Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, there are goals galore in the World Cup Qualifiers as The Netherlands and Belgium run riot, a transfer round up and The Great Debate!
    0:00 Headlines
    0:20 Haaland's Dortmund intentions
    1:49 Man City out of Messi race
    2:48 World Cup Qualifiers
    4:24 Transfer/news roundup
    5:08 The Great Debate
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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    1. OneFootball English

      THE GREAT DEBATE: What will Haaland do next?

      1. THOMAS.MONTOYA-GOMEZ 103049

        @Samuel Tsigbey nope

      2. Samuel Tsigbey

        Erling Haaland wooow I think he goes to Real Madrid next. Speaking as a Barca fan.

      3. Aditya Chordia

        @THOMAS.MONTOYA-GOMEZ 103049 that's why they can come down to around 150 M, but the deal can't be done for just 50 M..

      4. THOMAS.MONTOYA-GOMEZ 103049

        @Aditya Chordia Laporta is great friends with Haaland’s agent Mino Riola so maybe they could work out a deal with Dortmund to lower the price a little

      5. THOMAS.MONTOYA-GOMEZ 103049

        @Aditya Chordia how about just sell Umtiti, Braithwaite, Coutinho, and Griezmann to different clubs for 50 million

    2. Amazinglif.e

      He will sign for chelsea

    3. rezy

      pep rlly dissin messi now huh

    4. senithu dharmasiri

      Haaland is gonna end up in Barca

    5. footballfanmsn

      haaland's dad is in Barseona

    6. HeistLX

      Messi was never going to leave. Anyone with common sense can see that


      umm i think barcelona will buy haaland

    8. Sachin Sampath

      He will go to Tottenham Hotspot

    9. Juan Carlos Ramirez-Caro

      I like how were all saying Haaland is going to big teams like Real or Manchester, but what if he goes to Bayern or Arsenal? , I dont think that would be bad for him. He would be smart climbing the stairs one step at a time. Im not an Arsenal or Bayern fan. But Bayern is the best team in the world currently. But I think he would not want to have high expectations. Thats bad luck not a curse ofcourse but coincedently players cpuld get injured as well. So I think he should have short contracts with different teams until he is comfterble among the biggest teams. And what I mean by Bayern I mean he would have an easier transfer since their system just makes players work fantastic not mattering their level I mean kust look at them.

    10. lonely sapien

      Singing for United

    11. Wayne Busette

      Michy should head back to Marseille in France

    12. Abiola Jimoh

      Messi said NO to Man City ***

    13. Damien Burke

      Stephan kenny is deserves better and it's the fai's fault and the players just dont give enough they just act as if they're gonna beat the teams with ease. The player with the most flair on our team is McLean/Robinson but they're useless

    14. attarkhan caponebiz

      ...haaland stay at dortmund r to real madrid, Messi to stay if aguero to barca.... Mbappe stay at psg.... Cr stay at juve... End.

    15. attarkhan caponebiz

      This news about haaland buy house at spain just hype up...i hope city looking for other plyrs, dont waste hundred mill for one plyr...

    16. Leon 's Account

      It would be a crying shame if Haaland ended up at a plastic club like city, but I sort of think him at Barça and Mbappe at Real isn't impossible..

    17. mein name

      Haaland and Mbappe to go to Madrid

    18. Duzzi Inter

      Jovic to Dortmund and Haaland to Real Madrid makes so much sense.

    19. Thomas Lupton

      Haaland will run down his contract and then join Leeds

    20. Edwin Bowah

      Dont halaand got a release clause for less

    21. Srikanth

      Literally everybody: who will be Aguero's replacement Meanwhile................. Sad gabreial Jesus noises😭😭

      1. Srikanth

        @Juan Carlos Ramirez-Caro feel bad for the lad but nowhere close to playing as a main cf

      2. Juan Carlos Ramirez-Caro

        More like " am I a Joke to you?"

    22. Evan D'cruz

      My plan for Real Madrid: Real Madrid should sell their players (worth about 100M) and sign haaland or mbappe (or both). We know that Raul and castilla are doing well(they won the youth League), I want Real to bring Raul as manager and he can promote some required players from his castilla team. Zidane should take some rest and become France manager after 2022 World Cup (Deschamps contract expires after WC) or after euro 2020 if France does bad at euros. And finally bring Benzema back to the france national team (if he is not at jail) Everyone is happy 😊❤️

    23. romeo masawi

      Can't go for a day without watching one football it's now in my DNA Romeo Masawi from Zim

    24. Yemmelaga

      Spanish outlets are apparently full of sh*t

    25. I Am Me

      Ahhh yes, the Erling Haaland daily news.

    26. — Ibrahim —

      aguero is such a premier league legend, sad to see him leave coming from a united fan wish him the best towards his future

    27. JasperRFC2011

      1 minute silence for AFTV Claude

    28. Edguin Manuel

      Haaland should stay one more year. He hasn’t perfected his game yet and we all want him to see him succeed and be an all time great. The pressure for playing at a top club is different to Dortmund no offense to them.

    29. Lamar Wright

      Matt what do you think about Japan dropping 14 nill?

    30. Frank

      i could see barca being a monster next season

    31. FanOfl4ndo Norri s

      great debate : VVV-Venlo B)

    32. Hope 777

      Man City just say no to Messi, because he wan't go to Man City. Messi want to stay in Barcelona. The Barca team is very good and there is no reason to leave anymore. Laporta is his new president and Messi like him a lot.

    33. ReZwäñ Dîptö

      Matt Frohlich Two words which are always misspelled in the auto-caption......

    34. Darsh Bakshi

      In all honesty, the fact remains that the one club that Haaland wants to go is Leeds and he has voiced that opinion. So I reckon that he would want to go to the Prem instead of La Liga to move towards that goal. What do you guys think?

    35. Mojiece

      All of these are wrong and clickbait

    36. Night King 48

      Now it’s either PSG or Barca, AWESOME!

    37. Sumit Shetty

      Messi should join Man City

    38. Steven Gordon

      I see him off to PSG. I don't think they'll sell either.

    39. Mustafa Marzooq

      I think Haaland is perfect for man utd. I believe he's young so this would be a great move for him as of right now. Maybe later in his career he could join real madrid or barcelona but to me man utd is best right now for him.

    40. Matty M

      Haaland will stay put this summer.

    41. Cade Lovell

      So mbappe will be staying if haaland goes Madrid right

    42. mariena hernandez

      I think Haaland will move to Real Madrid because lets be real Barcelona wont afford his wages.

    43. Tobz M

      Score, he will defo score next. That's all he can do🤣

    44. Daniel Godlive

      You’re wrong PSG, Chelsea and Man City can afford it. Chelsea have many assets within the team and loan players to sell and generate funds. The owner can inject funds like £80-100m of his own personal money while the club covers the rest.

    45. aa 12

      City better sign Haaland since Aguero left :(

    46. Hayden Lucas

      Is Matt a road man


      The original news


      Its not that he is joining the spain national team??? How does him buying a house in spain matter... if he buys a house in seville and joins barca??? Obviously not right.. so he should buy a house in that particular city then it becomes a matter of specation todays press!!!!😁😁😁😆😆😆

      1. Lungelo Kubheka

        The house he bought is not even in Barcelona or Madrid

    49. Christian Devera

      Maybe messi will go to paris if man city wouldn’t get him

    50. Clapzz On YT

      I think Haaland will follow in CR7 footsteps because he does Ronaldo exercises. so I think Haaland move to Real Madrid

    51. hjalte

      Not even gonna mention denmark Winning 8-0?

      1. Lungelo Kubheka

        I know right. So many teams won by big margins

    52. Mageid Hassan

      If he stayed in durtmond the next season I can see him joining bayern munich because that's what classic Bundesliga plyers end up with 🚶🏽‍♂️

    53. Suvankar Sarkar

      Haland will join chelsea..mark my words..

    54. Oliver Elvis

      Fake news all the time onefootball App why 🤔🤔

    55. rafidannafi hossain

      Matt can Haaland join Chelsea by any chance because they got the money, and also it might also solve Chelsea's Timo Werner & Kai Havertz problem as Haaland is from the Bundesliga league?

    56. Sbonelo Dlongolo

      I still believe Lautaro Martinez would be a perfect Aguero replacement

    57. Rubio

      I think if City wins the League and the CL he will come and then later maybe to Real.

    58. Sporting Director

      Imagine if Barcelona somehow signed Haaland and Mbappe. They would tear up Europe...

    59. Jayata Steele

      This man forget Chelsea can afford Haaland

    60. Luca Milani

      R. I. P Claude Callegari of AFTV

    61. Never Spoken

      English U 21 will now be unbeatable mark my words

    62. Steven Roilos

      What do you mean City said no to Messi. Yesterday you did a video with the A factor and Pep put the golden bazzer to Messi😂😂😂😂😂😂( You are the best transfer news channel btw)

    63. Dung alex Bach

      Seven years ago, Tito Villanova sacrificed himself and got Leo to stay. Hopefully someone else gets him to stay now

    64. Low Fat M16

      The Messi story is not true its fake the journalist quoted saying City has withdrawn from the Messi interest has denied he ever even wrote it.

      1. Gokul Kanna

        link please

      2. Mann Gaur


    65. AJ

      Mbappe to Real madrid haaland to Barcelona

    66. simanu evalistus

      Im proud to announce tht HITC has declared interest in coaching the national team 😂😂

    67. Harish

      Haaland will join man city or Chelsea he'll definitely go to Premier league

      1. Lungelo Kubheka

        @MightyStevey - my reasons would be city don't need to sell players to get the funds for Haaland, they're literally a walking bank!! Plus with Aguero leaving it means they need a new world class striker and Haaland makes sense Barca can only get Haaland if they sell almost half of their squad and that would include some of their highly rated young players... and I don't think Dortmund or Riola would wait for Barca to gather the funds with Man City willing to buy him in cash

      2. MightyStevey -

        @Lungelo Kubheka yes

      3. MightyStevey -

        @Lungelo Kubheka yes

      4. Lungelo Kubheka

        @MightyStevey - no

      5. MightyStevey -

        Haaland is coming to LA liga to Barcelona

    68. olayinka odunsi

      If City gets Halaand. He is going nowhere after bro. Players don't leave City like that. At least 10 years stay.

    69. _Official_ Royalty

      The clubs they go to depends on who makes the first move, if haaland goes to Barca... Mbappe will go to Madrid if he goes to Madrid I think Mbappe will go to Barca Or vice versa

      1. Lungelo Kubheka

        If I'm breaking it down, Real really want Mbappe and can't afford to get both so I think they'll buy Mbappe. Barca are in a position where they have to get a lot of players out of the club before they can sell, so it's unlikely for Haaland to wait for them to get rid of all those players. The only realistic option for him this summer would be Man City. They just let go of Aguero so that means they'll be in the market for a world class striker, and they're pretty much the only club who can afford to pay that amount in cash rn. So Haaland to City for me

      2. Arkadeep Dasgupta

        Mbappe wont go to Barca considering what he said to Jordi Alba😂😂😂

    70. Angelo Assaf

      Matt.... Why didnt you talk about japan winning 14-0

    71. Schovanil

      Every video is about Haaland its so annoying. I hope he will stay at Dortmund one year more that would be so funny.

    72. The Person

      He's very Intelligent In his decisions taking small steps to make sure he doesn't flop and jump to early, I think he's going to be joining Real Madrid or Barca if they have a miracle, City, and chelsea those are the clubs I see him taking the next step in his career with

    73. _Official_ Royalty

      Lets talk about Minamino and Japan 😅

    74. Amir Vargas

      my man said "Donny van de Beak"

    75. Abir

      It's very obvious , Halaand is the next Mr. Champions League , the one who can topple Cristiano's tally and Real Madrid is Champions League merchant . They are meant to be together , I would be surprised if Halaand chooses some other club tbh . Going by Halaand's approach toward football , I think money isn't everything for him , he wants recognition , fame , records . So Madrid makes sense

      1. Saaish 10

        10000000000000% FACTS

      2. Hala Juventus Y nada mas

        💯💯💯💯 who the fuck are city compared to Madrid or Barca once pep leaves will players be that intrigued to play for city?? They haven’t even made a ucl final and are favorites over Bayern Madrid liverpool psg🥴🥴🥴🥴but but his dad played fir city yeah like 20 years ago when they were shit and tbh if his dad played for city back then he was probably shit

    76. Killian Reynolds

      The messi article is fake if you see esteemed kompany vid the journalist who is named on it didn’t write it

      1. Mann Gaur


    77. Simon Eresungûû

      haaland will go to barcelona becos the remour of mbappe goingto real and the two heroes can play on the same team.

    78. Z Therapist

      Man City should sign up for Origi

    79. Adrian Wills

      Harry Kane to Man City, Erling Haaland to Chelsea, Sergio Aguero to Barca and Lukaku to Real Madrid or PSG!?!

    80. Agada Kamsi

      nice cut Matt

    81. Advay S

      Imo Haaland stays at Dortmund for another season because I don't think anyone is paying 180 million. However if Dortmund don't play in the champions league next season, I think Dortmund will accept somewhere around 120 million for him. Now, he can move to any club in Europe. I genuinely think that Madrid are going to go for Mbappe rather than Haaland. He won't go to Germany, France or Italy. So it's either the premier league or Barcelona. My guess would be he goes to either man City in the summer or stays at Dortmund for one more year

    82. Abir

      City should try to sign Jovic or lautaro .. both are very similar to Aguero's playing style . Out of jovic and lautaro , the former one will be available at discount as Madrid must be trying to cut off some amount from their wage bill and salvage fair share of transfer value. Only jovic or lautaro would not be enough .. they might need another secondary striker and dybala might be the ans to it .

      1. Lungelo Kubheka

        @Abir Fine. P.S This is probably the only debate I ever had on ROfor that didn't end in people calling each other names, I really enjoyed it 😂😂

      2. Abir

        @Lungelo Kubheka lets agree to disagree

      3. Lungelo Kubheka

        @Abir Like u said, Haaland doesn't play for the money... And out of the two clubs, City is the only one with a clear project... a project that doesn't need rebuilding. Obviously if Haaland goes to City he'll win trophies every season and with him in the team City's chances of winning the UCL will triple... that to me sounds like a good enough reason to move I'm not saying he'll never join Madrid but I don't think he'll join any time soon... Maybe when he's 25/26

      4. Abir

        @Lungelo Kubheka every fan can dream but not all dreams are realistic. Mbappe was never made Madrid's first choice , never has perez expressed his desire to sign him . This whole thing is media frenzy , coz he's a ronaldo fanboy and he once did trial for madrid at 11 or 12 ... It doesn't mean anything , so did neymar jr but he never played for Madrid. City might need a striker but that doesn't mean Halaand has to join them , he doesn't care much about money like Mbappe ... On a wild thought city might sign Mbappe if they accept his 30mil + year wages but never Halaand

      5. Lungelo Kubheka

        @Abir so Madrid fans are entitled to dream but City fans can't 🤦🏾‍♂️... Honestly, even if Dortmund finished in the top 4 it'd be near impossible them to keep Haaland, considering his talent... Madrid made Mbappe their first choice because Benzema is still a beast in front of goal and they can't afford both this summer. City literally need a world class striker and that's exactly what Haaland is. If being realistic makes me deluded then it's fine but at least I'm not in denial about how the transfer market works... Everything right now points Haaland going to city

    83. henny g

      He will go the Barcelona he would play with messi

    84. sam3806

      Make more sense Lukaku or Lauturo Martinez to Man City than any club not wait for Haaland release clause activate.

    85. Mr Neel

      Nobody cannot be Pele Nobody cannot be Maradona And nobody cannot be Messi and Ronaldo Legend always be legend

    86. Julian Calderon-Diaz

      I say chelsea buy erling for 130 million and then 4 years later chelsea sell him to barcelona for 210 million

    87. Nilesh Mehta

      Mbappe and haaland would never want to play in the same team and I personally think Real Madrid prefer Mbappe. Haaland will end up either at Man City or Barcelona

    88. Aditya Talati

      Last time i was this early ..tottenham were still in eurpean tournament

    89. Cian Dolan

      I predicted a 6-0 win for the Netherlands over Gibraltar. Depay can piss off with that 7th goal. 😂😂

    90. Ronaldo is the Portuguese James McClean

      We are so shite

    91. Aniket Bhoite

      . Lewandowski injured....😑😑...man is very unlucky

      1. Shreyash **

        RIP Lewandowski !!!

    92. TCM City

      If halaand goes to Madrid so Mbappe to barca?

    93. Adam

      He should go to Barcelona becouse Messi, Fati,Haaland

    94. Fai_2nice

      What if aguero and Neymar, go to Barca. Greizman would for sure have to leave because of funds

    95. Aaron Murray

      Petition for one football to bring back the power rankings videos ⚽🏅

    96. Matthew Clifford

      Can you please give us the actual sources instead of saying "a source from spain"

    97. Tomás Monteiro

      I think Man City


      Haaland go to City or Madrid

    99. Dev Maibam

      Matt what is reaction if Kane leaves ur club Spurs n join rival city

    100. Draco 7x7x

      Whoever predicted that Japan will win 14-0 are not human.