Foden sets up Man City v PSG CLASH + Pogba SIGNS new deal!

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    On Today’s OneFootball Daily News…The UCL semi finals are set as Phil Foden helps Man City through to a tie with PSG and Liverpool crash out, meaning Real Madrid will take on Chelsea, Liverpool plan Camavinga swoop after the Rennes midfielder refuses new contract, Pogba signs new deal that will see an Amazon documentary made about his life, UEFA let themselves down again and a transfer round up including the future of Bayern Munich coach Hansi Flick and Bernd Leno!
    00:00 Headlines
    00:19 UCL semi finals
    03:48 Liverpool in Camavinga swoop
    05:49 Pogba signs deal!
    07:06 UEFA reaction
    09:04 Transfer round-up
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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    1. OneFootball English

      Who do you think will make it to the Champions League final?

      1. Scorpio

        PSG V REAL

      2. matthew jones

        PSG - Madrid

      3. Football Fever

        Barcelona wild card 😂😂😂😂😂

      4. Jonathan L


      5. ImaRicardo Fortes


    2. scot mac

      Man City v PSG should be called Oil Cashico. ⛽👳‍♂️💵

    3. scot mac

      I've always thought Courtois wasn't good enough for Real, but he proves me wrong week in, week out.🙌🏟️⚽📆

    4. sourav deb

      Season after after referees decision doomed city bt nobody utters a word In one match decisions go their way... And everyone shouting their lungs out Disgusting

    5. Astral Flame

      Uefa is corrupted

    6. Astral Flame

      Kudela should get a year ban

    7. semeon

      Psg vs chelsea final😬

    8. wxveyhugs


    9. Balamurali Kumaresan

      Being an lfc fan, I didn't wanted to watch this video, but that pogba clickbait was outrageous🤕😷

    10. Shammah Hills

      6:28 the first time I heard Matt swear

    11. md zahid

      Chelsea doesn’t even get a mentioned smh

    12. Reyaan Chopra

      The penalty was fine

    13. Arnav Shingote

      Matt why do think about the Jose saga going on at spurs , with such continuous poor form .And so many managers being linked to spurs for the managerial position next season from - sari , Naglesman, nuno , Brendan Rogers etc . Whom do you see replacing Jose or the board will give him another season ???

    14. Egbert Crafton

      One football just gathered up a tonne of United fans so easily 😟

    15. cap fifa

      All english final

    16. Jack Crowe

      Pogba will tear it up on Amazon Prime FC🔥🔥🔥

    17. Freddie Cobb

      real madrid 2-1 Chelsea (Madrid at home) Chelsea 1-0 (Chelsea at home)

    18. Chi Larsen

      Matt please shout me out next vid as my birthday gift, its gonna make my day its in the 16th April

    19. Christopher Wilson

      Chelsea vs PSG in the champions league final

    20. Farhad Noor

      Come on city

    21. Bhavishya Yadav

      The punishment for racially abusing a fellow player should be 1 year ban with 6 months jail with 1 year salary as fine. Plus the club needs to be fined as well.

    22. Tafari Imara

      UEFA are ok with racism. Very sad.

    23. Lewis Mwai Hinga

      Tf matt....

    24. エドソンEdson

      Camavinga should go to lyon or a medium/big club

    25. Mans Larsson

      Man City vs PSG I think will go to pens and I’m a city fan

    26. chandan gowda

      What a hell u just talked about shitty 0-0 game about 3 min and u talked about wonderful mcibvb game just 50 sec used foden as cover and just talked about 10sec

    27. Young Fizz

      I bag Chelsea to win

    28. amma shaji

      PSG Vs bayern munich it was a long week

    29. Moritz Linke

      Why whyyyyyyy I was so happy about the pogba deal

    30. Joshua Page

      Liverpools front three needs a change most change after 3 years in the epl

    31. Moa Deme

      chelsea vs city

    32. Andy O'tam

      Lmao man utd fans have been clickbaited

    33. Ogha123

      Real Madrid vs Man city in the final

    34. Daniel Pronk

      Man city vs Chelsea

    35. Viktor Zámarský

      It's ridiculous. There is no evidence for the racial abuse and yet Kúdela gets 10 game ban. And Roofe who fractured Kolář's head and Kamara who assaulted Kúdela gets together 7 games... It's incredible that physical assault and purposeful potential career ending challenge is punished lesser, then two words no one can prove... It's a sad sad moment. Good thing is that next time we now that we will kick the shit out of them. Will only get 3 games👍

    36. rishi teja

      bruh clickbait

    37. HighJackAttack

      Your totalitarian english imperial genes are showing matty boy

    38. Jad Ghanem

      we got click-baited by one football ! ☹ THE END IS NEAR !!

    39. NEW GAMER

      Liverpool should have played Origi😁

    40. Rishi Rohith

      i thought poba signed a new deal with man u y matt yyyyyyyyy?

    41. Shaun Reegan

      Oil cashico hmmmmm seems interesting.

    42. ROCKY. C. S

      "that is up there" 😂😂🤣

    43. Ursula Wilson

      You got my pogba hopes up😡

    44. Giovanni Giano

      A 10 game ban is more than enough, he didn’t kill anyone, he just said some words

      1. Giovanni Giano

        @Wayne Osoro no i am not racist

      2. Wayne Osoro

        Now you are racistv


      Looking forward to the clash against Chelsea vs real Madrid , hazard coming home

    46. Zuha Ansari

      No chelsea will lose . Real has the referees in thwir back

    47. Dante Ojediran

      Call me deluded cuz I’m a city fan but it did hit Emre Can’s arm and I think it’s should have been a penalty

    48. Daniel

      In my school people are calling city vs psg “El CASHico the battle of oil money”

      1. scot mac

        Classic mate, classic

      2. Aryaman Prajin

        And yet, nobody's gonna wanna miss that tie smh

      3. Tax Evader22


      4. zak abdi

        Oil plastico

      5. Rehan

        In my they are calling it El Plastico

    49. Aarif 138

      Oil classico 🤣🤣

    50. Mo street

      Bert leno is a top tier goal keeper he just plays for arsneal

    51. Nduvho Phophi

      "Look at the way his TV is positioned at his house, he definitely wants to leave Man United" 😹 😹 😹

    52. Idan Giloh

      Real are not a team this year in a million years who deserve the champions league this season

    53. worldclass

      PSG vs Manchester City The Abu Dhabi

    54. Idan Giloh

      Real lucky af first Atalanta then a really poor season team Liverpool then Chelsea not city or psg or Bayern

    55. wouter van gils

      Sorry, but assaulting someone in the tunnel is in my eyes way worse than racial abusing with words. Racist exist, don't lower yourself to their standards.

    56. Lamar Wright

      What a performance from Phil foden the kid is a world class player at such a young age.

    57. Shane Justin Barte

      You really got me with the title there Matt!!!!

    58. Cobain ke

      I think the penalty against Can was payback for conspiracy against spurs

    59. Gó Martins

      I said some stupid shit ignore it please

      1. OneFootball English

        That happened Tuesday night, so we talked about it on yesterday's news 😜

    60. AREAJR

      Manchester City

    61. Alex Quintana

      Young people why is man city vs psg called oil classico

    62. JohnSmithKing

      Kudela = 2y ban minimum.

    63. Alva calderon


    64. Josh Julye

      u make no sense liverpool played exceptional last night they were creating chances, getting behind defenders ,they just couldnt finish it off.....overall this the best we have seen liverpool play all what your saying doesnt make sense as everyone played well on the team

      1. OneFootball English

        Thats what I said, they were wasteful

    65. KafuiOl

      I dont think uefa cared and would have done anything without puplic pressure

    66. Nightmare _

      Semi Final: Abu Dhabi vs Dubai

    67. LightningFN

      Prediction PARC DE PRICE 2-1 ETHIAD 2-1 EXTRA Time 115 min winner Mahrez Stamford Bridge 1-1 BERNABEU 2-1

    68. amari baxter

      Why is no one talking about the foden goal

    69. Zohaib Bashir

      What should the match be called B/W PSG and City Oil Classico? Or El Plastico

    70. Sanav S

      Would love a early view heart on my comment please😁

    71. NBR X LØFT

      Is it true Uefa will lose aggregate next season ?

    72. Sujal Shrestha

      psg vs real in the final mbappe brilliance will decide the game against city

    73. Odibud Jr

      Man.U to win today 2-0 over Granada

    74. Rafa Garcia

      I love Madrid but I would love to see this chelsea team win it.

    75. Le Commissaire

      Matt your opinion on foden!

      1. Le Commissaire

        @OneFootball English HE HAS ONLY GONE AND DONE ITTT

      2. OneFootball English

        Fantastic talent, such an amazing player to watch!

    76. Harley Burgin

      Belligham goal should have counted , and it was a penalty anyone else agree

    77. Kimani Mitchell

      The pogba bait caught me like a fish 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    78. Undisputed ERA Uncensored

      Best Camavinga go to Bayern out of all the others

    79. i dont like dragon ball GT

      i think this is the end of the good jurgen klopp liverpool era

    80. Blero The Fire Hero

      The last city made it to the semis the game was extremely boring and the tie was decided by a fluky own goal

    81. I’m Legit Subbbing To Everyone Who Subbs To Me

      Imagen Jones,Fab,Camavinga

    82. Luka Kohek

      My friends used to call it El plastico 🤦‍♂️

    83. Ankush Banasure

      I watched a live match on my TV after around 1.5 years Yesterday PSG vs Bayern nd Bayern were definitely missing Robert Lewangoalski in that match nd Liverpool were missing so many great chances due to the Beast of Belgium in Real i.e. Courtois nd Nacho was good in the defence today!⚽🥅👍💯💪😀

    84. Shem Torome

      Graeme Souness will have a field day with Pogba's Documentary

    85. Jelani Wilson

      It did hit Can head first but I think they gave it because his hand was in an unnatural position

    86. Gman Manager

      Real Madrid

    87. zavb9ss

      City and real madrid for me

    88. Cormac Flynn

      Bellingham goal was cool but godess was better plus soooooo many decisions in the ucl have gone againstead city so they deserved it

    89. Jano Jansen van Vuuren

      Cheslea vs PSG/Man City Final...can't decide between PSG AND City

    90. Tumgalat Maisahi

      Absolutely disgraceful by uefa

    91. Tyrone Francis

      PSG vs Manchester city Oil classio 😂😂😂

    92. Eoin McEvoy

      Dislikeed the video because you click baited me😐

    93. Sia

      96 Never Forgotten 😞🕯️

    94. Rahul Kandha V

      The clickbait really drove me as a man utd fan

    95. Tanish Sakla

      pogba c lickbait

    96. Parth Sinha

      Tbh in last night's match I agree with the penalty Emre can while clearing the ball with his head put his arms in the way in a very unnatural position The point of whether it was intentional or not can be definetely made but then it was not a natural clearance obstructed by an arm On first instance it looked as though he'll get away with it but then after looking constantly I think it was a sort of 70 30 fair decision

    97. Joe Champion

      Bring thibaut back to the bridge 😭

    98. Seb Horton

      Oil classico, or the human rights abuse derby, or the sportswashing/softpower rivalry - You take your pick

    99. DuckInTheMud 10

      Dear Emre Can, I love you Thx

      1. Shammah Hills

        Don't you love Phil foden more

      2. Ephraim Soucyie

        Man city is the best team this season......

    100. Aditya Choudhury

      Omg, what a clickbait😭😭😭😭. Why would u do this to me?😭 It's all upto Pogba tbh. We need to respect his decision.