EPL big six QUIT Super League! + Bayern close in on Bundesliga title!

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    On Today’s OneFootball Daily News… More Super League madness as the Premier League sides - Man United, Man City, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal and Liverpool - drop out, Chelsea keep their top 4 dream going with a 0-0 draw v Brighton, Bayern Munich close in on their 9th Bundesliga title in a row with a 2-0 victory over Leverkusen, Spurs contact a potential Jose Mourinho replacement in the form of Athletic Bilbao’s Marcelino and a transfer round up including PSG and Manchester United transfer news.
    0:00 Headlines
    0:22 Super League clubs withdraw
    2:40 Chelsea enter the top four
    3:31 Bayern close in on the title
    4:04 Spurs contact Jose replacement
    4:58 Transfer/news round up
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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    1. OneFootball English

      Be honest, who saw this coming? 🤯😂

      1. Darius Cory

        @Damari Kade definitely, I have been using flixzone for years myself =)

      2. Damari Kade

        a tip: you can watch movies at Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching lots of of movies during the lockdown.

      3. Christophe Oosterwijk


      4. Ciaran Dowling

        I knew that it would never happen because it was going on for years

      5. Jiffin Johnson

        arsene wenger

    2. Michael Kebede

      No one

    3. Sean Of The Head

      I wouldn't call Perez the singular mastermind, he is rumoured to have been one of four Presidents/owners driving this forwards alongside those at Juventus, Liverpool and Manchester United Perez, being Perez though, just couldn't resist making himself President when an opportunity for power popped up 😂

    4. Ayan Abdi

      Football LIVES

    5. Random Clips

      Well done Chelsea fans

    6. Oscar

      The FA was sooo quick to start legal process over teams wanting to leave but racism they wait for what eaxctly? I think it is time to start fining clubs over racism comments from their players and let us ssee how quick this shit dies down

    7. The Highlight Stream

      Everyone associated with one football should be happy with football right now because they don’t have to speak about Mbappe and haaland for two weeks. New content

    8. Dj NIKS Fj

      Super league is dream league soccer

      1. Ozzzie


    9. Edmund Darkwa

      Can we all agree Chelsea play the most boring system in football

    10. chopdon TV


    11. S. Paul

      I don't want Woodard to leave. I like the lad😢😢

    12. Advait Parab

      Matt who do you want as the next tottenham manager? I would personally prefer nagelsmann

    13. Elrico Khairabeb

      It's over final put to bed ESL

    14. Purushothaman

      Looks like the Prem teams quit after realising that they might end up facing the 🐐 team Macclesfield Town in national league

    15. Sonnic gamer

      what took those billionares 6 MONTHS to make it took fans 48 HOURS to basically stop it shows how strong we can be if we stand together💪👏👊


      The beauty of football is back

    17. حساني

      Bayern winning the bundesliga...since when was that a news??

    18. Ivan Jardel

      Perez making us Real Madrid fans look bad 😤

    19. Da Bosss

      Why florentine perez is a genius 1. Scams 11 clubs into joining his league 2. Waits for them to panic and back out 3. Collects the money they pay for breaking their contract 4. Takes money back to Madrid and buys haaland mbappe and foden 5. Laughs at our stupidity

      1. Sahil Khatri

        that should be 10 clubs.......IT WAS LAPORTA WHO SCAMMMED HIM

    20. Ramsey Williams

      Matt you Guys should bring back the power ranking

    21. S

      Do Spurs want to lose a cup final with Marcelino too???

    22. S

      I just realized how plastic some Barca fans are. I never knew that only the English would stand up to it.

    23. Lwando Madikizela

      Just in: David Alaba joins Real Madrid on a five year deal. Ed Woodward resigns, Super League collapse and Chelsea drew against Brighton. Now we want the Glazers to sell up Manchester United. Bayern needs one more win to win their ninth straight title and Schalke are officially relegated with 4 games remaining. Who saw that coming? 😒😒😒 Thanks to all football fans across the world to end this Super League nonsense. Football is nothing without the fans.

    24. Tony S

      The super league will eventually happen the only reason it was cancelled is because of the fans. Eventually those same fans will be bored of UEFA and Fifa because of their immense greed and it will be all over

    25. James Kavese

      Ngl I'm a bit disappointed that Matt seems neutral about the Super League being implemented 🙁 like Matt I thought you were on our side mate like cmon the Super League sucks

    26. Capt. CoCo

      I love my club but a strong action is needed at this hour to all the clubs who once signed. I still feel they didn't held back because of fans but because they'll be thrown out pf their leagues, banned from nationals. Most top players will not join super league as they wants to represent their respective countries and Super League will be a flop without star players so its still the money for why they called off. Fans need to take this opportunity to throw away selfish greedy owners who doesn't have any respect for the fans and club's history

    27. Khandoker Samin Yasar

      Matt, Inter Milan, Juventus and Atletico has withdrawn as well see Sky Sports

    28. Sporting Director

      ESL collapsed faster than

    29. Sounak Bhattacharjee

      He said Ed "Woodwood"

    30. Kriss Haze

      I don't think punishing clubs is right in my opinion. They didn't break the rules as they didn't go through with it. Fans got what they wanted. Let's all just move on. Points reduction could cost club champions league place, cost money and then not be able to sign big names. A large fine maybe if you want to punish them. For me it's as you were and move on. Great content as always Mat and team, stay safe

    31. IE

      A competition where Spurs and Arsenal can't get relegated seems a third-rate competition. When I heard that Spurs and Arsenal couldn't get relegated, it's not going to go well.

    32. Nana Boadu

      I love your introduction Mark

    33. Geekx

      But wasn't it the managers and players who worked hard to get those points and it seems like the players and managers were against it it was the greedy business men who wanted the league if we take the clubs points we are just punishing the players and managers

    34. JzRBLX

      Super league is gonna ruin fotball😭

      1. OneFootball English

        It's not happening, didnt you watch the news? 😂

    35. Soumyadeep Saha

      if PSG manages to bring Hector Bellering back to his best form like Moise Kean, it will be brilliant

    36. Aadeeshvar Singh

      if this was all possible it was because of the fans protesting day and night hats off to them

    37. Kartik Tyagi

      Best news after such depressing 48 hrs.. Big up to Onefootball and all football fans #notosuperleague

    38. Bibhushan Rajthala

      1:37 i legit was thinking the same everyteam pulling out and they playing themselves lol

    39. Ruma Dey

      I think fa cup is coming to Chelsea 💙🐐💙🐐💙🐐🐐💙🐐


      Even though I’m a Bayern fan I’m very sad that schalke is getting relegated. They are a very big team in Germany with a lot of history so it’s sad that they are getting relegated 😢

      1. That One Piranha Plant

        As someone who supports a team in the PL, signing mustafi was always going to get you relegated sadly

    41. Sankhadip Mazumder

      I don't think we have heard the end of super league . This stance wont last very long , they have smelled blood. You see the relationship of top clubs and Uefa has taken a major set back , it won't be the same ever again. As time passes by more and more quarrels will take place

      1. Sankhadip Mazumder

        @Anush Ahmed looks like sky and bt sport's burner account 😂

      2. Anush Ahmed

        Ok boring

    42. Priya Singh

      Now finally Matt is so happy

    43. This Guy

      Nooo ed He was a legend in 442oons

    44. Yu Qi

      Tq matt for consistency

    45. Imaad On The Internet

      What about the teams who left the ECA

    46. Arnav Menon

      should super league go on or not

    47. Jalaj Rathour

      just think juve playing real madrid 38 times lol

    48. Aniruddha Sharma


      1. Aniruddha Sharma


      2. Manc Born

        But chelsea quit first

    49. Paraipan Sergiu

      Today,we the football fans, we got our biggest victory in football!!! Long live football!!! 💙💙💙

    50. Adnan Mahfuz

      Players fucking take a salary cut

      1. OneFootball English

        How comes?

    51. Tiger516funny

      The fans are winning, now to end this madness with the owners themselves.

    52. Adnan Mahfuz

      Perez ain't going to resign

    53. Han Solo

      I bet in a few years this whole ESL thing will start again.

      1. Zephyr

        I think the protests will be replicated to protest against the new ucl format

    54. Ashwinkumar M

      Great Debate????

    55. Bilal Ahmed Shariff

      Matt, it was good to see you and Angelina do the daily on alternate days....this doesn't mean *at all* that I don't like you but that idea was really good for me - Want to know why did that idea drop out?

      1. Bilal Ahmed Shariff

        @OneFootball English Ok👌

      2. OneFootball English

        Hey Bilal! We don't really have a normal schedule for when we alternate, just take each week as it comes :) Angelina also does a lot of the editing behind the scenes, which means I do the majority of the presenting :)

    56. Ra V BhUzel

      Why does nobody want Massimiliano Allegri?

    57. Shreyas Sankaran

      Lol Andrea Agnelli has had the ultimate "karma is a b*tch" moment. -Pushes for a reform in the CL -Resigns from the CL -Joins and launches ESL 2 days later -ESL collapses Now following on from ceferin's comments about him, it looks like he wont be joining back to the CL commitee So he has completely played himself.

    58. notJAY

      schalke joins esl!!!!

    59. Bilal Ahmed Shariff

      It's Wednesday - NO Great Debate, why??🤔🤔🧐

      1. Bilal Ahmed Shariff

        @OneFootball English Ok.... Is there a possibility that the Great Debate could come tomorrow?

      2. OneFootball English

        We had a little more things to focus on haha

    60. Vishark107

      Bruh the super League is already happening, the group stage is over and now the knockout stage has begun lmaooooo 😂😂

    61. SK - 08KJ 762349 Roberta Bondar PS

      PErsonaly I dont know why Barca are expected to leave ESL, i mean they are skint and need money. But they are thinking smart. UEFA will hopefully give them money to help with their 1.2 billion dollar debt, and maybe to use for their dream that wont happened: Resigning Messi(That might happened since they won COpa del rey but hey kets see at the end of the season)

    62. Bilal Ahmed Shariff

      Matt, who do you think is the favourite to takeover at Frankfurt; who are on the verge of returning to UCL after 61 years away?

    63. bill lempidakis

      Finally a proper hoodie

    64. Zayd Shamtally

      Thank you Chelsea fans

    65. Holly

      so news was that english clubs got MONEY from uefa to withdraw so ... thats a bitter aftertaste giving the richest club more money

    66. muhammad awais

      2:15 is it aren't gonna be or are gonna be? I am confused

    67. Andrea Bossi

      How will Real Madrid manage to buy players like Mbappe if they have debts of 900 million euros. Probably Perez wanted all the money from the super league to buy top players.

    68. Seyam Rahman

      Matt you do realize for leipzig fans to be upset they need to have fans in the first place right?

      1. OneFootball English


    69. SK - 08KJ 762349 Roberta Bondar PS

      Arsenal have made one of their best decisions to quit ESL, maybe to could be on to something in the future?

    70. D. BARTL

      Idk why there are always Nagelsmann roumors! He won't go to spurs, in hundred years not! He has a really good RBL team which could win BL in the next years, why should he swap this for spursy spurs?! And why should RBL let him go to FCB? If RBL want to hurt FCB and fight for the title, they won't give him away and the main thing is that he already said if Leipzig want him to stay then he will!

    71. Zohaib Bashir

      Still FSG out for me.The apology was kinda sincere but FSG has tried to raise Ticket prices and now wanted to play in a breakaway competition

    72. Seyam Rahman

      Pretty sure Juventus president resigned from his position too!

    73. Vannz

      The only reason PSG and Bayern Munich didn't consider joining ESL is they are already outplayed every club in their own league and if they join ESL there would be too much competition for them and it doesn't guarantee their win in it.

      1. Arne

        The only reason the other teams joined is because they spend more money than they earn year after year and use that money to get the best players from every other team... now they just noted their accounts are in big debt and they search a way to quickly regain more money without having to share anything with those stupid weaker teams (which sometimes even deny you success (money) in the Champions league). TLDR; the others only because of more money

    74. Ariv Yadav

      this is what happens when you make a WhatsApp group of ur class and everyone leaves

      1. Ariv Yadav

        thanks i never got so many likes before

    75. Name is just a name right?

      It’s sad seeing schalke relegated 😢😢

      1. Name is just a name right?

        @Keegan Mayers 😂 that’s probs the reason y I’m sad other than the history the club occupies cuz no one else volunteers to get destroyed like that

      2. Sanket Hande

        They should comeback stronger

      3. Keegan Mayers

        well destroying them 8-0 didn't help them start the season😂 not to mention you taking Manuel and goretzka from them

      4. a t

        It is sad to see bayren winning the league again

      5. FM Stegen

        so give em a win just one win 😂😂

    76. Savage Bruh

      Matt was so happy about the news so that why he posted the daily news late 😂

    77. MiNi

      As a Man United fan, I'd take relegation if it meant We get rid of the Glazers. We rebuilt after Munich, We can Rebuild again. 👊🏼✊🏼😎 #glazersout

      1. xXALLIGATORXx zz

        @Sherif we get the most revenue from shirt sales etc . We had 1 billion taken from us from those blood sucking leaches and were still 2nd in prem today even after they took over around 20yrs ago . Any other club would have gone to the championship but we are united . The biggest club in england .

      2. Nomeal Dawit Stefanos

        @Sherif have you not heard of Leicester city they was in league one in 2008 then 7-8 years later they won the league and are now regular top 4 contenders

      3. MiNi

        @Sherif We are Manchester United. Trust me, We can Rebuild.

    78. Aquila Rossa

      Jose to Celtic? At Man United he thought he was King Of The North, but now he might end up north of the wall with the Wildlings? Wow.

    79. Name is just a name right?

      1 more win then we win the title.

      1. Yousif Al Khafaji

        because u play in the farmers league

    80. Daniel William

      Yes,football lives forever

    81. Ntsakiso Chauke 9B

      The fans always win

    82. ritvik chauhan

      Spurs doing Spurs stuff hiering a man who's lost 2 finals in 14 days 😂

    83. Zaya

      Matt in 2022: "how spurs can win the premier league and ucl" Matt at the end of 2022: "spurs just sacked their manager, and we have top 5 managers that could be the right one🙂"

      1. Bharaneshen


    84. Kevilol Tsukru12

      Why do you add Ronaldo as a clickbait ....!!

      1. OneFootball English

        Why is it clickbait?

      2. Yousif Al Khafaji

        It’s not clickbait

    85. Game Time 4


    86. hythox

      perez now : all the teams left and really its no big deal, we will just create our own clubs to compete

    87. Frederick Capella

      Ha yes, bayern winning the league, much wow, much competition. I wonder who will win next season, lemme guess.....

    88. Akhil Sadasivam

      Madness man Madness!!!! Last 48 hours were iconic moments of pure madness

    89. KAN _07

      You speak so slow that I have to check every now and then if my playback speed is below 1x

    90. KAN _07

      Give up Juve and Real, the fans always win

    91. Mohammad zain gamer

      Yes Man united dropped out

    92. ISEN Verse

      Cr7 imagine him playing real madrid every match solo

    93. Jekabs Stirna

      How tf did you fit everything that happened yesterday (in those 2hours) in 5 min? So much happened, it's just crazy

      1. OneFootball English

        Its tough! Haha

      2. Sergiu 1

        Matt magic

    94. KAN _07

      Nice hair today

    95. Antonis Stam

      4 TO GO!

    96. KAN _07

      Fans save football, Agnelli and Woodward are out of work

    97. Glefser

      For Man Utd it must be nice to see Woodward resigning, unfortunately he was the wrong man to go, people like the Glazers are still there to ruin football adventually. The only thing that can save clubs from themselves are 50+1 owenrship imo. Atleast in that way, no filthy ritch scumbags can suddenly destroy your club.

    98. Nakshh Kohli

      European Shitty League

    99. Rohan Shinde

      I love how Matt used Ronaldo in the thumbnail for the views but didn't mention him once😂

      1. OneFootball English

        @Rohan Shinde 🤝

      2. Rohan Shinde

        @OneFootball English yep alright truce😂🤝

      3. OneFootball English

        @Rohan Shinde Haha that's true, but it was also chosen because Juventus are one of the teams remaining in the Super League

      4. Bilal Ahmed Shariff

        @Rohan Shinde Still, he did get mentioned - If you want to say that he should've talked more of CR7, then you should use other words for it

      5. Yousif Al Khafaji

        @Rohan Shinde u got wrecked by one football

    100. muhammad awais

      The drama in the last 48 hours is mind blowing!

      1. Yousif Al Khafaji

        @Jesus Palmerin super league

      2. Jesus Palmerin

        What drama?