Dembele to LEAVE Barcelona? + Bayern Munich plan PSG comeback!

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    On Today’s OneFootball Daily News…Ousmane Dembele uncertain on Barcelona future as Juventus could make a move, Rio Ferdinand has a plan for Man United if they don't sign Erling Haaland or Harry Kane, Bayern Munich plan a Champions League comeback against PSG, Sevilla’s title charge is on in La Liga and a transfer round up!
    0:00 Headlines
    0:20 Dembele to Juventus?
    2:11 Ferdinand's plan
    3:59 Champions League preview
    5:25 Sevilla's title charge
    6:49 Transfer/news round up
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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    1. OneFootball English

      Rank these Man United transfers in order of who is best for them: - Erling Haaland - Harry Kane - Dominic Calvert-Lewin

      1. Omar Amato



        Kane Halaand Calvert lewin

      3. Ryan Syed

        @Vedant Bhoite A-103 thank you for this nobel prize but its only because im in the philipines lol

      4. Christophe Oosterwijk

        a striker isn't going to change united's team it's the midfield and defense that's the problem not the striker position

      5. Kate Jagger

        Harry Kane Halland DCL

    2. Arivalaky Jeevathasan

      Man U please don’t spoil good players, you already forgot a lot of them

    3. Say no to super league

      Dembélé to leeds... Winchesterrr 😂

    4. Neymar Jr look Neymar jr Revenge

    5. enzo petris

      Matt be honest, do you think juventus could win the ucl in the next 5 years? with the likes of dybala(if he stays), chiesa, kulu, szcheszny(or someone else) , de ligt, demiral, cuadrado (maybe), arthur, bentancur, (maybe morata) and if we could sign aouar that would be perfect. (i wouldnt mind dembele either)

    6. Giannis Galanos

      Haaland: not being in the OneFootball thumbnail gave me free motivation to go score a hat-trick against City and knock them out the UCL😂😂

    7. y syed

      Ramadan mubarak everyone

    8. Mylo B

      I’m 100% sure Porto is gonna Qualify.

    9. Mustafa Abdul Sahib

      calvert-lewin is awesome especially his headers, but he is injured frequently

    10. ReviewEverything

      Lewandowski is returning to training to show Choupo Moting how to score

    11. Lazarus Israel

      And this is Daily News, classic

    12. Night King 48

      I wish for PSG to beat Bayern in their upcoming match, I’m hopeful and that would be amazing!

    13. Football Album

      VAR says Hand is offside like they will score with hand RIP Diego

    14. Football Album

      fedrico is doing pretty well in juve Maybe they might swipe dembele and fedrico

    15. Thomas Hall

      I want a team that has never won the Champions League to win it

    16. Thomas Hall

      Who I want to go through: PSG Porto Manchester City Real Madrid Who I think will go through: PSG Chelsea Manchester City Real Madrid

    17. Mfundo Maseko

      United could've stole Haaland at RB for £40m but thought the price was "too high" why in the blue hell will they cuff up £100+ now!?

    18. cian O'Mahony

      Prediction for Thursday vid: Title: Origi does it again

      1. cian O'Mahony

        @read this if u like men u might want to edit that

      2. read this if u like men

        If Liverpool comeback with Origi scoring the winner I'll shave my head


      Hope Chelsea get the job done

    20. Orane Parkinson

      Every summer: Dembele to leave Barca??

    21. Lewis Dutton

      Halland Kane Calvert Lewin

    22. Joe Champion

      Great vid mark 😉

    23. Not TheTerminator

      Matt the glowup is unreal🔥

    24. Aware Citizen

      As a Juventus fan the thumbnail haunted me like hell!!

    25. Jay Jay

      I’ll come back to this. Doubted Bayern last year and this year again. Matt never learns

      1. qw Li


      2. Big Baller

        I know bro he’s a hater.. he don’t like Bayern or something

    26. Melvin kizungu

      It would be good for Athletico to overcome the el Pupas curse

    27. Dimitris G

      When is the next quizze coming?

    28. Yahya Fares

      I'm a barca fan but laliga this year is just insane

    29. Tom Gibbons

      Calvert Lewin has a 4 year contract he wouldn’t be able to leave Everton

    30. Dante Ojediran


    31. FM Stegen

      Will psg go through? My money is on ManCity.....oh wrong answer

    32. Daniel Muniz

      Bayern would have to win 2-0 to go through correct? Or is it by more?

      1. FUT Acc

        Yes, they have to win at least by 2 goals or score at least 3 away goals.

    33. rajinder pandita

      dembele to juventus juve fans a injury prone guy we dont wanna spend money for him

    34. Davil Edge

      The deal is not going to happen its a different president smh open ur eyes!

    35. Izuna

      Can't wait Bayern out of champion league

      1. Monamela Mokhesi

        Same here

    36. Davil Edge

      This guys must be mad dembele is not going anywhere so idk what you taking about the news is inaccurate

      1. OneFootball English

        Never said he was, just talking about some of the news from the internet :) Here:

    37. Shaleen Dass

      Get Sancho/Leon Bailey, Rice/Zakaria, Kounde/Kounate/Milenkovic.

    38. Thamizh Paiyan

      I am a Barça fan and Iam glad if Dembele leaves... "Dembele is as useless as my dumbells"- Sir Angry Rantman

    39. Lior

      Kane has worse English than Messi if he stays at Tottenham

    40. MAN UTD FAN #28

      Who do you think will win La Liga OneFootball??

    41. João Farias

      03:30 - Are people feeding Cavani?

    42. Jay Cargill

      It’s funny how Bayern and Porto both made comebacks and have went through btw I posted this comment 7 hours before the games

      1. Jay Cargill

        @Abhinav Roy EAE20B003 emmmmmm hahahahaha

      2. Abhinav Roy EAE20B003

        Don't jinx it mate! 🙃

    43. Simba Harp

      Dembele shld leave Barca his very wasteful

    44. Gary 1142 EMS

      Dembele i am sorry whos that again? I didnt see him all season..

    45. Rafa Garcia

      I thought Martial would've been a world beater but damn. He is trash yo

    46. Bibhushan Rajthala

      VAR should be scraped next seaosn or atleast line thing whihc is just in PL

    47. Marri Teki

      Nice hairdo

    48. Aryan Arora

      Matt the daily news expert 🔥

    49. TaethatboyaRebel

      if PSG approach this game like they did that second leg against barca they’ll surely go out.

      1. Thijs Galmart

        Well they didn't

    50. Sankhadip Mazumder

      Just making a very wild statement , levy should try to sign Dembele if possible . Son Kane and Dembele trio will be something that could propel the club to top 4 .

      1. Sankhadip Mazumder

        @Vanaja Rampalli I don't think you really understand the economics behind club signing so I wouldn't get into that . Do check the Athletic video on how ronaldo was signed by juve and why it was a financial gain. Coming to goal contribution , the question isn't about who can score goals the question is about choice . If given a choice , a club can sign arguably the 2 best prospects of this decade why would a club just give that up without putting up a fight for it ?

      2. Vanaja Rampalli

        @Sankhadip Mazumder I mean someone like juve trusted and spent 130 million on a 33 year old Cristiano Ronaldo I know there was no financial crisis in 2018 and CR7 just has incredible fitness but yeah CR7 still scoring goals isn't he.

      3. Sankhadip Mazumder

        @Vanaja Rampalli well then lets see if any major European club is stupid enough to spend 100mil + for a 27 year old when they can buy 2 of the best superstars under 25 next season and that too in a severe financial crisis.

      4. Vanaja Rampalli

        @Sankhadip Mazumder kane is also one of the world's best you should not be surprised if someone buys him for 100 million.

      5. Sankhadip Mazumder

        @Vanaja Rampalli So who's gonna splash an excess of 100 mil for Kane ? No one , coz if someone has that amount of money now , they would prefer waiting and signing Haaland or Mbappe next season. I don't know where is this non sensical media frenzy coming from

    51. Gireesh Poudel

      Wishing happy new year (Nepalese) to all one football We are entering 2078 🕉️

    52. Walid Zerhouni

      Imagine if Seville fc won la Liga ..just amazing !

    53. simanu evalistus

      Fifa 22 is goin to be 🔥🔥due to this contracts expiring 😂😂

      1. simanu evalistus

        @read this if u like men 👊🔥

      2. read this if u like men

        Can't wait to bring mbappe to Ireland🇮🇪👊

    54. Mwinyi Ali

      One football 🔥🔥🔥🤩

    55. rakenbone


    56. Walid Zerhouni

      Interesting seeing rio's update on Dominic calvert after just watching his episode yesterday on Five with rio

    57. Marko Kungulovski

      Mention ibra drama. He got a red card bcs ref THOUGHT he heard ibra insulted him, but when they listened to the game they heard something else(not an insult) and after all of this ibra could have played the next match if the ref admitted his mistake in court or something like that but he didnt so now he wont play the match + he got a fee to pay bcs corrupted refs are allowed to do this. Referees should get replaced in order for the sport to get better


      This is biased! Will there be a one cricket English?

    59. Shane SY

      PSG 0-2 Bayern

      1. FUT Acc

        I think more like 1:3 or 2:4 however I believe Bayern will go through

    60. Allen Oommen

      Matt's prediction = James ward prowse's free kicks 👌

    61. Abhinav Rawat

      I don't understand how these man utd, man City and liverpool fans have audacity to make fun of timo werner when their own strikers are shit with 3-4 pl goals lmao. Man utd fans are so delusional and thank god they are in their caves.

    62. MB10

      Honestly barca should sell dembele so they can have money to buy a new CB

    63. Sharang Parekh

      Why aren’t there any new Q&A videos?

      1. Sharang Parekh

        @OneFootball English Hey Matt, fair enough. Hopefully we will see them soon! Keep up the great work, loving the content.

      2. OneFootball English

        Hey mate, Matt here, it got a little repetitive after a while so we are giving them a break for now :)

    64. Simphiwe Dhlomo

      Can i get a like from matt??

    65. Declan Nicholetos

      Came in at 55 mins

    66. nepalese sudents

      Dembele ko kam xaina we have grizzy messi ansu and braithe and trinco

    67. S

      You didn’t have to remind me of the fact that we could’ve had De Jong, Puig, Arthur, and Pedri at CAM. 🥲

    68. David-denzel Dwumah

      I still back bayern because I just have a feeling

    69. Vaishnav K

      Juventus have Chiesa and Kulusevski as wide players. Why would they need Dembele who is also injury prone? A striker and a CM/ACM is needed an a priority.

    70. HenSt1985

      Dembele could fit into ManUtd , as long as he can avoid injuries, he can be lethal on the wing.

      1. mustafa abdullahi #GLAZERSOUT saudisin

        No thx we want sancho

    71. Siegmund Gehrke

      Eat your world when Bayern go threw‼️

    72. Chap Chap

      4:48 Neymar actually does quite a bit defensively too tbf.

    73. Chap Chap

      Calvert-Lewin can get 30 goals a season if a lot of crosses to the box comes for him. If United are to buy Sancho and tell Sancho and Bruno to keep crossing to him, he will get 30 a season so that works tbh.

    74. David-denzel Dwumah

      The best football news channel

    75. M.I.X Best trio ever

      I really want Dembélé to reach the potential they projected him to have when Mbappé and G.Jesus were coming along but man Dembélé just frustrates me with his inconsistency

      1. M.I.X Best trio ever

        @mustafa abdullahi #GLAZERSOUT saudisin Bartomeu masterclass 😭😭👌🏾

      2. mustafa abdullahi #GLAZERSOUT saudisin

        You payed too much for him

      3. Csokops #glazersout

        he's overrated anyway

    76. Dinoco Blue

      “Bayern plan PSG comeback” well I mean Matt why would they plan a loss 😂

    77. The Pink Panther

      Hey matt what are the transfers you see happening for barcelona?

    78. Blero The Fire Hero

      I don't see sevilla winning the title

    79. Akshay Panwar

      To Onefootball community, we all love football and we should do our best to spread the message that racism is a serious problem

    80. Aditya Venkatesan

      Don't say Var is going worse , say Var is going worse and worse in the epl

    81. Sarp Coskun

      Leagues in Europe:have interesting title races Premier league: sells the league to city

      1. read this if u like men

        @Intel Sucks 💯

      2. João Farias

        @Intel Sucks Nobody here said they are farmers leagues.

      3. Intel Sucks

        Pl fanboys always say other leagues are farmers league when it's man city dominating for 4-5 years and then bottling UCL😂😂

      4. read this if u like men

        Premier league is a farmers league

      5. João Farias

        @Schwabeneskalation such a shit diss. You really have no idea 😂😂😂

    82. Peris Dalton

      Hey Matt, which teams do you think will make it to the semi-finals.I personally believe City,PSG and Chelsea,Real Madrid

    83. Wizard Wolf

      As an Atletico fan if Sevilla wins the league, I will 100% have a heart attack.

      1. jnwnkz04

        @Sarah Wiszk "sUcH a GlOrY hUnTeR" Why do you keep saying that to people🤦🏿‍♂️

      2. mustafa abdullahi #GLAZERSOUT saudisin

        @Sarah Wiszk stfu

      3. WorldWideFootball

        WWF Episode 9- European/Wknd aftermath, Predictions for this week via @ROfor

      4. FM Stegen

        Athletico Bottles the league as usual probably Real or Barca will win

      5. João Farias

        As a Real Madrid fan, I would be sad for not getting the second title in a row, but laughing for Atlético. hahahah

    84. Sarp Coskun

      The title: Bayern Munich plan PSG comeback Everyone:Wow, interesting Me:Were they not meant to

    85. Gunnin Sikka

      @ onefootball why does your app always underestimate real madrid in UCL forecast against Atlanta it said real will lose first leg then again they said real are gonna lose second leg against Liverpool they said real are gonna lose first leg and now against Liverpool they said real are gonna lose

    86. evan rai

      Dembele is still to learn Spanish, now to learn Italian! Don’t think that will be his cup of tea.

      1. enzo petris

        i think juve have less italian speakers than barcelona have spanish speakers.

    87. Hello My Friend

      Due to injuries Bayern might be knocked out.

      1. FUT Acc

        Goretzka, Coman, Boateng and Hernandez can all play

      2. Sanket Hande

        Hope they win

    88. Glerwin Kyle Mendina

      Part 2 of reacting to salty comments!! React to our comments in your video titled "This seasons MOST Overrated Players". You picked the wrong goalkeeper.... They said OVERRATED N for Neuer not N for Navas.... :)

      1. Shantanu Tikekar

        @Csokops #glazersout ya some people who dont watch bundesliga think neuer is overrated.They should check him out he is a beast unlike hilariously overrated allison.

      2. Csokops #glazersout

        not neuer. Allison is overrated and should have been in there. Don't disrespect Neuer he's one of the best keepers of all time

    89. Nikita Zaikin

      I hope dembele leave Barcelona we don't need a right winger when Barcelona needs strikers and he is not a striker and not a good one either not clinial enough he will be replaced by Memphis Depay and Trincao offcourse.

    90. Ezekiel Nduli

      Matt had a lot of coffee today.

      1. Owo Gai

        Just like everyday

    91. Nilesh Mehta

      I think Real or Barca will hardly drop points going forward, so Sevilla most probably will finish 4th

    92. Keith Van Wyk

      Ronaldo back to man united for a last ride before going to inter miami and then pulling a zlatan and coming back to europe probably inter or ac they love veterans.

    93. Rahul Kandha V

      Matt , I read a news that there could be a pogba Ronaldo swap . Are you feeling that this is possible?

      1. Rahul Kandha V

        @OneFootball English if it happens will it be good for man utd ?? At least temporarily...

      2. OneFootball English

        I dont think so

    94. Scarred Hunter Utd

      The best option for United is to sign Jadon Sancho and let Anto and Mason fight for the no.9.

      1. aa 12

        United cant afford Sancho tho and PSG are eyeing for Sancho if they lose Mbappe. Infact forget sancho, United need 2 decent CB and a CDM before even thinking of a striker. United should give cavani a contract extension and then buy 2 decent CB and a CDM as well as a CM. 4 positions to fill in before even thinking of buying a striker or winger.

    95. Tech in

      Manchester United going for Champions league 😂😂 . Nice one Matt .... , They are better in Europa ...

    96. clay jensen

      Hey Matt , how are doing ! Be happy mate . Because spurs gonna lose against city in final of carabao cup ...😂😂😂

    97. Soham Mhatre

      Bayern will win against PSG 4-1

    98. 7Traxx

      Your one stop shop for football news and stories. This is the Daily News!

    99. Kian Briers

      What about ødegard to Arsenal can I please have your opinion matt

    100. Oratile Menqe

      PSG are winning the UCL this season ❤💙🐐

      1. aa 12

        @Vicen yup we'll see.

      2. Vicen

        We'll see