De Gea’s ONLY option + Haaland’s Man City audition!

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    On Today’s OneFootball Daily News…Man United’s David de Gea offered out to clubs, Bayern Munich legend Jerome Boateng to leave, Haaland faces Man City audition in the Champions League, last nights footballing action including Barcelona’s win plus a transfer round up!
    0:00 Headlines
    0:18 David de Gea
    1:43 Boateng to leave Bayern
    3:10 Haaland's Man City audition
    5:16 Last night's football
    6:49 Transfer/news round up
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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    1. OneFootball English

      Who would be your no.1 for Man United?

      1. Illegal_kenyan alien

        Kyle walker

      2. Max Boschert

        Dean hendo

      3. Angela Murnane

        Me lol

      4. Dark_maniac2

        de gea why cause its not his fault the cbs should defend more

      5. Thata Sefhako

        @Dimitar Trajcevski let's goooo

    2. Spectraevil

      Did u guys even see Keylor Navas in Bayern vs PSG. PSG would be stupid if they rep[lace Navas with De Gea

    3. Avremi Swimmer

      Thh highest paid player is bale then De gea the De bruyne then Sterling

    4. Kalash Sharma

      Sell henderson with a buyback clause Best solution imo

    5. Dahlia Zakaria

      no Joa cancelo is the record sinning for city

    6. MYSTERY life

      Boateng was great but we all know we remember him for what Messi did to him. COMICAL

    7. Joseph Wesenie

      Man City's record signing is Dias for 70 million

    8. xd joeyy g

      and this is the daily news

    9. Swisherodocus

      Question 1: how much will Man City spend before getting banned? my money is on 5 BILLION Question 2: when will poor liverpool get more than 20m per season to spend from the club and not from transfers they sold that year? My money is on... wait im sorry the LFC owners have told me they "dont have enough money that i can use to bet". Sorry guys.

    10. Angela Murnane

      If psg signs de gea it will be a disgrace to keylor navas as he is unbelievable for psg

    11. João Farias

      04:52 - "It's a completely different game" Result: 3x1 again.

    12. Inderjit Singh

      Lets reach 1million subscriber

    13. Zayd Shamtally

      West ham turned Lingard into prime Ronaldo

    14. Berosar

      i feel like upamecano is a mistake on bayerns part

    15. israel mohammed

      liverpool 0 - real madrid 0

    16. Thata Sefhako

      As much as it hurts, we have to offload de gea. He is aging and has dropped in form meanwhile henderson is shining and is a future superstar and it's better we look at the future

    17. Thomas Le Damany

      I hope Haaland comes to Man.City. We'de be ruling england

    18. Tshepang Ntshala

      I think a speak for everyone when I say the history books will only remember Boateng for his One on One with Lionel Messi 😂😂

    19. Alexander Chronos

      Congratulations on the 200th video guys. Great channel and App all around. Cheers! 🥂

    20. Kimani Sinclair

      Messi Lingard😂🚀

    21. Luis Rodriguez

      Dortmund 2:1 Real Madrid 1:0

    22. Nandan Mukherjee

      Real Madrid - Liverpool draw City will win

    23. David Velasquez

      Come to west ham we are going to the champions league we need a keeper bc fabianski is 35 lower your wages and its a good deal lol

    24. Oluwaseun Dipo-Ogunleye

      200!!! Let's go Higher 🚀🍾 Congrats @onefootballenglish

    25. Davil Edge

      2 trebles? You mean one sextuple and a domestic treble

    26. Benjamin Haihambo

      Manchester City 4 - 2 Dortmund Real madrid 1 - 4 Liverpool

    27. Mr Neel

      🤔 MessiLingard or Lingardinho

    28. Denis Gheorghe

      Lingardinho proving them haters wrong!!!

    29. Evan Woodward

      Man City 4-2 Dortmund Real Madrid 1-2 Liverpool


      Matt talks so fast when he's saying "OneFootballism"😂 I can't even understand

    31. ROCKY. C. S

      I feel that real will lose 3-1

    32. Kyle Mccabe

      Great job on reaching 200 episodes


      Haaland doesn’t need to audition for city lol, in fact the teams are the ones who are auditioning for haaland

    34. Ahmed Basit

      4:00 It's not him, its Ruben Dias with 75mil.

    35. Duggy 1872

      Ibrahimovic going to play till he 50

    36. Snehajit Bhowmick

      Can we have an episode where Haaland or Mbappe is not featured? There are other prolific players who are not getting featured at all!

    37. Duggy 1872

      3.0 City 2.1 Liverpool

    38. Tic Tac Tech

      Liverpool 1 Real Madrid 0

    39. Benjamin Cook

      Diaz is the record signing

    40. in klopp we trust

      Why would psg want ddg when they have keylor navas?

    41. Jean-Paul Loh

      dortmund to beat city

    42. Jephter Oyaro

      City will win 2-0 over dortmund

    43. thrus shy

      Man city 2-2 Dortmund Real Madrid 1-2 Liverpool

    44. Jephter Oyaro

      My fav youtube channel❤❤

    45. Finn O'Reilly

      Are record signing is Ruben Dias for 80million euros.

    46. Anant Gupta

      Man City's record signing is Dias btw

    47. 01 Abhirup Dey 0905

      Messi lingardinho 🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂


      Already 200 episodes🤯 That flew by

    49. The legendary Sport: Football

      De gea after what’s he done for this team

    50. Daniel Natareno

      Btw great channel just to let you know but you ain’t gonna talk bout that screw job of a game last night of Barca I mean I’m still pissed lowkey as I’m a atlético Madrid fan so I’m pissed but what are your thoughts on the jordi Alba handball and red given when not a red and red being blind

    51. Baldino Salvador

      City have spent 946M euros since Guardiola took over

    52. Sisay Larcher

      liverpool and BVB will win

    53. Edward rokhum

      Man City 3-1 Dortmund Real Madrid 2-1 liverpool

    54. Adam Simpson

      OneFootball have embraced the Lingard meme

    55. Lol Gamer

      Do a video on which player would be Europe’s top 10 teams’ best transfer Considering finances Player fitting in the team And the best option Three different and one that takes all into account

    56. Sherif

      I don’t get why people are hell bent on replacing de Gea! Unlike outfield players, keepers literally get better with age. Van der Sar joined us 5 years older than de Gea is now, look what he did until 41. What, de Gea made mistakes? I bet anything Henderson will never be as good as de Gea and will make more mistakes on his off day. He’s just English, that’s the edge probably.

    57. Orane Parkinson

      How the hell did man u ever agree to paying de gea so much?? With those wages he'll never be sold

    58. harrison2010

      Why would they sell de gea Henderson been ok but there number 1 no chance maybe till another year

    59. Arsenal 2.0

      Messi lingard Matt 2021

    60. Higos Chan

      OGS knows how to treat a club legend better than this. Disrespectful to say the least

    61. keshab basnet

      man city2-0 Dortmond

    62. Nathan


    63. Joseph Kariuki

      City 3-1 dortmund

    64. Kushagra Misra

      4-1 Man City vs BVB 2-2 Liverpool FC vs Real Madrid 🔥

    65. Sujal Shrestha

      varane got covid so high chance liverpool will win

    66. Soham Phadke


    67. ThomasKLS

      I believe that Haaland is not even the type of striker that Pep imagines for his sides. Just pointing this out. But ultimately he is so damn good that he would take him anyway. I think though that Lautaro would fit his style a bit better but he is not as good as Haaland

    68. Litha Mpongoma

      Messi lingard 😂😂

    69. Future chef

      No one is talking about how dembele rescued Barça last night


      Lingard on 🔥

    71. J. Baker

      Varane is out after testing positive for Covid

    72. Lav Jyoti

      They've ( city ) spent a lot of money ridiculous amounts of time

    73. J. Baker

      Man city aren't signing Haaland watch!

    74. Aiboklang Kharhujon

      City saying they're not gonna sign a striker this summer, then boom they get Danny Ings on Deadline day, ballers.

    75. Cian Dolan

      My #1 for Man United would be Charles Itandje, since I'm a Liverpool fan, so I want United to fail.

    76. Daidi Fanta

      Haaland walked around our coloured badge in training while everyone else walked over it. I'm sure the media will make a big deal about this 🙄

    77. King Taf

      Real Madrid 2 liverpool 1 Manchester city 2 Dortmund 2

    78. Funny tf League of legend

      Man city be capping about not making moves for Haaland

    79. Adi V

      Varane is out with Covid

    80. Steven Wertyuiooo

      Navas is probably the best player of PSG right now... . It would be at the very least weird to do so

    81. Yoo Mike

      Haland 3-1 Mancity (name Mikesh)

    82. Kudzie Felix

      My predictions are; Man City 2-1 Dortmund, Real Madrid 3-0 Liverpool.

      1. Cian Dolan

        Varanë, Kroos and Ramos are all out. Liverpool will score.

    83. Séñør Tåçø

      Matt who do you think should be the #1 at OT and will spurs sign De Gea?

    84. Sporting Director

      Lingard went from a joke to the GOAT.

    85. rakenbone


    86. Vedant

      Real vs liv 1-3 Mci vs bvb 2-2

    87. FTS KING

      bale is the highest paid footballer in england $600,000

    88. MiNi

      Zlatan is Truly the Goat. 👊🏼😎

    89. The Asian Sensational F.C

      Degea doesn't suit psg and haaland aint going to Manchester city

    90. MiNi

      I hate to say this cos its City, but true dat Pep. 👊🏼 ..Now someone please explain that to 🤬Woodward! We need a CDM, CD and a RW!!

    91. Momodou Kujabi

      Karim benzema will score a goal today

    92. NBR X LØFT

      I’m a Manchester United fan . But know no one talking about west ham going into the UCL next season 👀

    93. BBG Football

      Congratulations on 200 days 😎

    94. Bilal Ahmed Shariff

      My predictions for tonight's CL action: Man City 1 - 2 BVB Real Madrid 0-1 Liverpool

    95. Magical Doggo kn

      Episode 200 already?

    96. Bilal Ahmed Shariff

      Matt, Angelina, Producer Ryan - congrats to all of you at Onefootball on reaching the double-ton mark! Your hard work is seriously appreciated!

      1. Mehrki Doom

        So glad Angelina is a united fan

    97. Pog Boy

      Good job on getting to episode 200#

    98. Fai_2nice

      I’m going to miss de gea, he’s the reason why I learned more to be a keeper

    99. nicas ralph

      Was here when it was 001, keep it up bro your heading for something great.