Barcelona offer NEW Messi contract + MORE Super League REACTION!

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    On Today’s OneFootball Daily News… There’s trouble for the 12 European Super League clubs as UEFA, The EPL, La Liga and Serie A look in sanctions for those who wanted to leave, Real Madrid keep their title hopes alive with a 3-0 victory, There’s a new Barcelona contract on the table for Lionel Messi, David Alaba agrees his Bayern Munich switch to Real Madrid and a transfer round up!
    00:00 Headlines
    00:19 European Super League sanctions
    01:41 Real Madrid's La Liga hopes!
    05:14 Messi new deal
    06:31 Alaba to Real Madrid
    07:56 Transfer round up
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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    1. OneFootball English

      So it turns out one of the OneFootball computers also wanted to do it's own thing, causing today's delay in the DAILY NEWS upload! 😂 We're so sorry for making you wait, thank you for all your support!

      1. Ene Nõlvak-Donohoe

        It's no problem at all, thanks for what you guys do👍

      2. CWE

        Im in a different time zone so it was actually a good time for me lol

      3. Nikita Zaikin

        I highly dought Matt that Real Madrid will be title contenders for La Liga title this season no chance Matt they are out of La Liga title race the got a draw agianst Getafe they should have lost insted of an draw.

      4. One_Thunder_Gamer


      5. I play stuff

        Yeah I Was confused but still I'm ready!

    2. Gene Quagmire

      I'd just like to say your logo is actually quite clever. That's nice design work.

    3. Nasim noor

      La liga will be sorted on last week where madrid plays sevilla and barca plays athletico untill then it's all may be

    4. Le Commissaire

      City fan here Stones red was well deserved, not even second thoughts. High foot✔ Reckless challenge ✔ Need for the challenge.....not sure but it was a clear red BTW MATT WHY DIDNT YOU MENTION HOW GOOD PHIL FODEN WAS YESTERDAY!!!!!

    5. MrGonetopot

      Real Madrid the game is dying. Real Madrid also paying players 300k+ a week Instead of creating super leagues maybe pay the player a sustainable decent wage instead of obscenes amounts of money

    6. Sibusiso Dlamini

      Where can I get onefootball merch? I like that hoodie

    7. Erbi & Ajsi

      Come in albania and vote LSI

    8. Emmanuel Dominic

      its a late challenge by stones, i think thats why saw red

    9. James Dean

      One football gives me betting company vibes

    10. simanu evalistus

      I feel for willian😂😂💀

    11. Michael Kebede

      It ok

    12. Seyam Rahman

      Hate how while everyone was furious about the esl, UEFA decided they would announce a super league of their own in the form of UCL reforms

    13. scot mac

      So Willian is going to play until he's 50yrs old?? That's commitment for you. Would Alaba leave on a free?????

    14. Juan Diego Muñoz Prieto

      Los hilos del sacó caen justo sobre la T de ONE FOOtBall

    15. Naveen venkat

      new transition, lit

    16. arjun nair

      Gonna come back to bite you if arsenal manage to win the europa league

    17. Sean Of The Head

      Florentino Perez is a nut job 🙄 There is a reason the announcement of an ESL came immediately after the Real Madrid presidential elections (of which he stood unopposed) and that's because, for all their flaws, he knew that he couldn't get this passed his team or his fans, let alone the rest of Europe Sure enough, he's been called a bond villain and a mob boss by his own supporters and several players in his squad have been caught liking posts against the ESL online He won't survive this

    18. Andzani Madiga

      "Not throwing any shade here, but that might be quite some time"

    19. Bhavyen Patel

      The new glitchy video transition is great!

    20. mohamed himeur

      you must enjoy Benzema now before the time passes and you're gone, as for Benz, he's eternal

    21. indian outlook

      The new transition is horrible. Go back to the old one....

    22. Capt. CoCo

      Bruno and Pogba has developed good friendship

    23. Amal Jani

      What if a 15 point deduction were given to the esl teams. Sevilla would be top of the la Liga . Atalanta would top serie a. Man city would lead the prem by 6 points with liester West ham and Everton in the top 4 with arsenal in 17th. Wouldn't this be a good lesson to the so called European giants

    24. Salman Khalid

      i dont think stones deserved to get a red card.

    25. Sponk

      The new song and intro tho 🥴

    26. Xavier Calderon Jr

      So basically since poor Real Madrid doesn't have money, they find it ok to create a league that benefits them and fuck the other teams And fanboys love this team 💀

    27. JohneeFizter Bottom

      Funny how “furious” “disgusted” the so call fans & EUFA but are still going through with the games & the “fans” are still going to watch the games & EUFA still needs that television $$!! Buncha pussies!

    28. AJIN LAL

      Andre Silva will be playing Champions League next season how will he move to Dortmund who will be in Europa League next season. Sounds ridiculous.

    29. Devansh Sampat

      Being a man city it wasn't a red , but on a second look ya it did look like 1 for stones

    30. Matthew Dale

      You need to talk about the new Champions League Swiss Model

    31. Nevalth

      If Messi signs another contract with that commercial club... That would be disappointing

    32. ITZ HENRY

      Im sure there has been fights longer than the esl🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    33. Sibo Niso

      How did the Premier League start?

    34. Alfie M

      8:43 - spurs fan

    35. Éilís Ryan

      Anyone else notice at the end of the intro it said news news

    36. Sujal Shrestha

      alaba and kundo to real ramos to psg varane to man united

    37. Ragib Shaikh

      No Messi is not close to signing the new deal. He has asked his father who is also his agent to not hear any offers as he solely wants to focus only on league title and doesn't want any distractions.

    38. Cool Josh and Cool Pheba

      Karim is better than Haaland

    39. Inside Soccer

      4:53 he wasn’t going for the ball

    40. Wilson seur

      Liam cooper's red card against man city was an exact replica of what stones did

    41. Marvin Nash

      Real Madrid is broke Perez: Football is dying LMAO

      1. Xavier Calderon Jr


    42. Seshie Nathan Ziddah

      Ngl, the video quality and editing for this is sweet

    43. logan w2s

      in leeds vs man city cooper got red card for the same thing despite getting the ball first . if that is a red this is a red too

    44. Vitesh Kumar

      It was a Red Card for Stones, almost the same thing happened with Gabriel against leeds. I know he is banned for 3 matchs and city gonna face Tottenham, Chelsea and Leicester I guess. I'm confident laporte and dias will be good in next 3 match.

    45. Barcelona forever

      barcelona vs getafe is worth jumping out of a air plane don't y'all agree!!

    46. Manolo 9Eleven

      Football won't die, Spanish clubs will die...

    47. Yotaichio


    48. Kalash Sharma

      But what about UEFA making champions league a super league of their own

    49. Zion Moore

      Keep up the videos I love it ❤#halamadrid

    50. Armaan Firoz

      Hey Matt do you think if Real Madrid win the Champions league, they might get the funds to buy Mbappe or Haaland?

      1. BeerLicious

        Winning UCLs doesn't give enough money but others things do . There's a reason teams let their star players go sometimes because they need money or they can't fulfil their salary requirements . Look at Alaba , Cristiano & Others. These teams won the UCL but couldn't hold on their players because players wanted more salary. Salary is what people don't take into account when sayin abt expenses. Manchester City pays De Bruyne lower than what Bale earns & he's the highest Paid player in city. Some teams take care of Transfer fee & some abt salary. Getting Mbappe or Halaand is even hard coz they want amazing salaries + their huge fee.

    51. Shivaan Soobrayan

      That was not a red card for me to be honest

    52. pavan vamsi

      Eh Matt. Inter trusting conteand getting results is not proof that a manager will succeed. It's just that Conte is great.

      1. OneFootball English

        What I mean is, that managers CAN succeed when trusted, because some aren't trusted in the first place. But agree Conte is brilliant

    53. AJD

      You guys should make video with your opinion regarding ESL. Maybe even read some of viewers' comments.

    54. Sanad Sunnuqrot

      Should Ryan Mason still be playing football ? He’s only 29. Can someone tell me what happened to him !!!

      1. Sanad Sunnuqrot

        @OneFootball English Got it. Thanks

      2. OneFootball English

        He had to retire a few years ago after suffering a fractured skull in a match.

    55. Dhruv Someshwar

      The new intro and new transitions are pleasing to the eyes... thanks to the editor who's worked so hard for 212 daily news videos!!!!

    56. Sankhadip Mazumder

      When perez said "If clubs don't make more money they will die" he didn't just refer to Real Madrid . Of course his first priority will be Real Madrid , however , he indirectly pointed towards all the big clubs not under the cover of oil money or speaking in Man City's language "external sponsorship funds" . Clubs solely depended on the revenue from football and it's derivatives like TV , Merchandise , Competition winning money are hurt the most coz not only do they have to pay huge paychecks , they are also not making comparable revenue even though they are the one's who bring the most revenue to UEFA . Perez isn't wrong , just take a glance at Paris , when the world was crumbling under financial debt and players had to take pay cut , PSG was still paying those humongous paychecks , where do you think that amount of money comes from ? I get that Perez kinda gives a Mafia vibe lol ... but he does have a point , it's just that he was too pissed to articulate it enough. Also let's acknowledge it , Oil money has ruined football . The Neymar deal literally shook the stable transfer market . Pep puts finger on 4-5 defenders in a single season and he gets it without getting into ffp trouble. It's all there , the more oil money is funneled into football , the more damaging it will be to the Solidarity of football which UEFA seems to rant all the time but never enact on it. On a flip side UEFA has now introduced 36 teams with some additional "exhibition" matches for CL . Just think about it , how long will the players of top clubs rest after a tiresome season ? may be 3 weeks at max. Just coz it's done by the UEFA cartel , it's all happy and dandy. In my opinion it's an extortion of human resource and PL is practicing it now but it's all cool coz apparently it aligns with "Tradition" .

      1. Sanket Hande

        @Sankhadip Mazumder just tell me last player before upamecano. And BVB buys more than Bayern but no one talks about them. And the main point why don't then other team or players decide not to join Bayern after all it's their decision

      2. Sankhadip Mazumder

        @Sanket Hande dude I dont want to spend time pointing names .. let's just agree to disagree

      3. Sanket Hande

        @Sankhadip Mazumder before upamecano and about nagelsmann is not done deal. Bayern wouldn't go with less experienced coach , he is good but definitely not Bayern's level

      4. Sankhadip Mazumder

        @Sanket Hande lol .. upamecano is a done deal . On top of it they will be very likely signing Nagelsmann as the replacement for flick . Who is the coach of RB leipzig and which happens to be the 2nd best team of bundesliga and not to mention Upamecano who's arguably Bundesliga's best defender. Dude do you even watch football or just pretend to be all woke just like that 😂

      5. Sanket Hande

        @Sankhadip Mazumder tell me last player from Bundesliga who joined Bayern

    57. BackwardDuckAntics

      Willian I won't leave arsenal until I win something YEAR 2057- wait a little bit till I win something

      1. BackwardDuckAntics

        @Hadi Boi thanks sorry I forgot

      2. Hadi Boi


    58. Daddy

      Messi should sign contract after 8 matches

    59. Matty M

      Giving a player €400,000 per week, then claiming that your club is struggling for money, is everything that is wrong with football.

      1. Matty M

        @Nahiyan Mahmud it's all crazy money though. A person could retire very happy after about 10 days and never need to worry about money again.

      2. Nahiyan Mahmud

        @Matty M oops my bad,i thought you were mentioning messi,just forgot that amount of salary

      3. Matty M

        @Nahiyan Mahmud 🤣 didn't mention Messi, I think you were replying to another comment. He's reportedly on more than double the 400,000 David Alaba is joining the apparently broke Real Madrid for. 😳

      4. Nahiyan Mahmud

        that contact was before they made coutinho,grieezmanns worthless signing when club was great financially,it was offered to messi he took it.

    60. J Simm

      It’s a red🤷🏽‍♂️

    61. Bilal Ahmed Shariff

      Brilliant rabona assist from Di Maria yesterday - Who else, other than me, remembers LewanGOALski's marvellous Rabona assist to Muller on the opening day of the current Bundesliga season?

      1. Gene Quagmire

        Nope, no idea. *rolls eyes*

      2. Joseph Fayek

        @Taz Pius it was Muller's foot (he volleyed it)

      3. Taz Pius

        Yep, the outrageous rabona from the right side of the box onto Miller's head

    62. Manash Shrestha

      Its a great week for culers ... copa del rey on sunday and extension of messi's contract today

    63. Nikita Zaikin

      Sevilla will bottle every matchday in La Liga idiot team.

      1. Nikita Zaikin

        @OneFootball English Not very long Matt your tottenham hotspurs will lose and get bathered bt man City whos laughing now.😂😂😂😂

      2. OneFootball English

        @Nikita Zaikin I was joking haha I mean it's no disgrace to lose to Barcelona! Why will they bottle the games? I mean they made it this far without bottling... infact they are above Barcelona right? 😂

      3. Nikita Zaikin

        @OneFootball English Yes man thank you they don't have any good players especilly after Sevilla lost twice against Barcelona away and at home.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      4. OneFootball English

        That's a reasonable, well balanced opinion 😂

    64. Boya Taluk

      Barca will win Laliga

    65. 漢字カイオケン

      The editing is sick

    66. Aarav Reddy

      Messi won't sign.

    67. Ramsey Williams


    68. Rahul Kandha V

      Matt what are you thinking about varane to man utd . Will it happen ??

      1. leon muller


      2. Trizepticon Gamer


    69. Jadiel Vidal

      If matt ever leaves for a super news youtube channel we riot to get him back

    70. Failure to launch

      Love the new Editing.. Looks slick and futuristic Matt

    71. Sarah Naffin

      Cooper got the same the week before.

    72. Andre Young

      Matt is looking like De Gea

    73. Kingpee Prints

      Wow, William really Knows how to dream😂😂

    74. cuthbert mcvane

      what do you'll think the big 6 should get - A points deduction at the end of the season.(A) - A points deduction at the start of the season.(B)

      1. A4

        Start of the season, because the season is done and dusted with right now

    75. Abdullah Sacranie

      what about konate's move to Liverpool is it official

    76. Daniel Gomes

      Can you please make a esl reaction video and compare it with the UCL 2024 format? Would love to know ur opinion and how different they are

    77. Michael Ndhlukula

      looks like willian will be staying at arsenal for the rest of his life

    78. Pixo Matu

      Did anyone notice the different transitions?

    79. Klemen

      Fun fact: Agnelli actually supported the idea of the ESL and even lied to Čeferin about it. When the latter found out and tried to call him, Agnelli didnt respond. #Agnelliout

      1. Eavy Eavy

        He is the one that doesnt want league Champions from 2nd rate country to do upset over big clubs

      2. Klemen

        @Dexter Croal 🤦‍♂️

      3. Dexter Croal

        He's a fucking genius!!

      4. kendrick6740

        Lol don’t forget, Agnelli is also the godfather to Ceferin’s daughter, so they’re way closer as friends than just colleagues.

    80. Football is life

      I love the new transition🤩

    81. JJJ

      No One Literally No one.. _Matt is the Only Host Who says Sevilla has a Chance to win La Liga_

    82. Darshan saini

      It's not daily news in the video it says news news 😂😂

      1. Darshan saini

        @OneFootball English at 0:18

      2. Darshan saini

        @OneFootball English at the starting when the screen display daily news in a cuboid

      3. OneFootball English


    83. N H

      English fans are true hypocrites, decrying the super league but at the same time asking their clubs to make masssive transfers and allowing themselves to be squeezed for every penny they have by the Permier League. They are no better than Real Madrid or Barca fans to be honest. As a German fan go ahead and ridicule Florentino Perez but the Premier League is just the same as Perez.

    84. Around The World With Football

      Barcelona offer NEW Messi(collado) contract or Barcelona offer Messi New contract ?

      1. Adam Winner

        Ffs when will people stop comparing every 19 years old kid to messi

    85. Tiger516funny

      I look forward to Perez getting a b*****king if Real Madrid get to the final ... in the country he was slagging off a few days ago.

    86. Nathan

      Let the entertainment continue

    87. Wazih Sharar Ihsaas

      The editor of the video is really making sure we notice that he/she learned a new transition

      1. Micah Mokua

        @Gene Quagmire Niran?

      2. Gene Quagmire

        star wipe! least they don't do that modern style where you cut off words randomly in the editing and shit (Hi, Niran!)

      3. Wazih Sharar Ihsaas

        Yet here we are mate

      4. Micah Mokua

        Ikr I never knew someone would comment about it

    88. John Mwangi

      Finally my daily dose is here

    89. Tachang Tado


    90. Coastal

      Real Madrid fan here was never disappointed with Perez before this, he wasnt like your Glazed doughnut or donkey Kroenke but he did care for the club (atleast we thought) but now that has gone straight down the toilet, 1 decision can change so much opinion piss off Florentino, we loved you some much before but now you are putting are club in the mud I really wanted the election to go down this year (before super league was announced) because even if he won atleast he would happen to have some opposition (opposition backed down again and Perez became President for 4 elections straight) no opposition begins a dictatorship

    91. bill lempidakis

      What the f*** are you wearing inside the hoodie Matt⁉️🤣🤣

      1. OneFootball English

        A t shirt...

    92. YT_ Xoblsburg

      'That might be some time' facts 😂😂😂

    93. Dante Ojediran

      Recomendation for a comment section debate: What number is the most legendary, for example nr10 cuz of Messi or be 7 cuz of CR7

      1. Dante Ojediran

        @024_Swapnil Gohil 😈

      2. 024_Swapnil Gohil

        Some people just like to watch the world burn

      3. Hadi Boi


    94. ISEN Verse

      I hope folerntina pères gets fired stupid esl creator

    95. The Asian Sensational F.C

      Sad i hope barca sign someone quality this summer after missing out on alaba

      1. Hadi Boi

        We don’t want to play him those wages

    96. Juanes wedsuhx

      Always looking forward for Onefootball news in the morning. 🤗

    97. Patsoccer010

      I don’t actually think I’ve missed a OneFootball daily news vid

    98. James Ryan

      Stones red card is the same as coopers when they played leeds

    99. Satadal Sen

      Stones made a really dangerous tackle. Had it hit the knee directly and not from the side, it would have been like the one Keane did to Alf Hinge Haaland.

    100. Sailesh Mahesh

      is it just me or are the transitions different?