Barcelona CAN sign Haaland + Spurs NIGHTMARE!

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    On today’s OneFootball Daily News, Spurs were stunned as they exited the Europa League although there were wins for the likes of Manchester United thanks to a Paul Pogba goal, it seems like Barcelona could be able to sign Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland, Sevilla are planning a replacement for Jules Kounde, a transfer round up plus this week’s Friday Feels!
    0:00 Introduction
    0:20 Europa League latest
    3:02 Haaland to Barcelona
    4:35 Sevilla’s replacement for Kounde
    5:48 Transfer/news round up
    6:24 Friday Feels
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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    Audio: Audio Networks

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    1. OneFootball English

      FRIDAY FEELS: Let us know your predictions below! Here are Matt’s: Celtic 2-1 Rangers Lyon 2-3 PSG Swansea v Cardiff - Two Red Cards

      1. The Asian Sensational F.C

        Leicester 1-2 utd Sociedad 2-3 Barcelona Celtic 2-1 rangers

      2. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 14

        @TheRealNubNub DX that's never going to happen Arsenal losses 4-2 to West Ham

      3. Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm

        Bayern 3-1 Stuttgart Celtic 0-2 rangers Chelsea 2-0 Sheffield United

      4. GAMEPLAY MM

        Celtic 0-2 Rangers PSG 3-1 Lyon Swansea vs Cardiff 6 yellow cards


        Celtic 0-2 Rangers Lyon 2-1 PSG Everton 0-3 Manchester City AS Roma 1-1 Napoli Swansea v Cardiff - No Red Cards

    2. Rickard Bergquist

      Mino Raiola and Erling Haaland's dad arrive in Barcelona right now. Let's see what is happening maybe a transfer to Barcelona.

    3. Samuel Akin

      Imagine if Porto won the champions league


      spurs are taking a down step

    5. Myles Jackson

      Im first to comment

    6. Sam Harding

      The amount of assists messi would get with haaland up front would be insane!

    7. vamshi Krishna

      haaland to barca

    8. The Asian Sensational F.C

      Yes laporta and tusquets sign haaland

    9. Avii Tiwari

      But Haaland is a good player from BvB, isn't he supposed to be signed by Bayern as always?

    10. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 14

      Lyon 2-2 PSG Everton 1-2 Manchester city Leicester City 1-2 Man U Celtic 1-2 Rangers Please name me if I get one of these right

    11. Alex Craven

      Barca will sign haland

    12. FFE Football For Everyone

      Lyon1-PSG2 Cardiff0-Swanse2

    13. Daniel choi

      matt's eyes look pissed

    14. Ahmed Basit

      Lyon 3-2 PSG

    15. Tax Evader22

      Wow. I get my phone taken away for a day and immediately see Spurs got knocked out. Actually impressive that they bottled that

    16. DSR Gamer

      Man City will beat Dortmund

    17. adam ammach

      But if haaland signed for barca they have to focus on him not only messi

    18. Anant Gupta

      U just love to see Matt and not Angelina 😂

    19. Abhinav Rawat

      Mourinho should leave premiere league.

    20. Ruruzegreat

      Literally only came for Matt’s reaction to the Spurs loss - watched the whole thing

    21. Bryce Clay

      Friday Feels ManCity beat Everton in FA cup PSG beat Lyon

    22. Farrel Amal

      Celtic 1-1 Rangers Lyon 1-3 PSG

    23. HenSt1985

      instead of going for superstar signing, Barcelona should focus on restructuring the club and squad. selling some overpaid players, regenerating the squad, return the academy and B-Team to its original function... and so on.

    24. Nigha Hussain

      lyon0-1psg celtic0-2rangers

    25. NIKOLAI More

      Do you guys think kounde would end up at Liverpool?? But I'm a barca fan and know that's never happening for kounde to come to us😂

    26. Ivan Perus

      Love the vid but I have to say that it wasn't only that Spurs played bad I mean they rly did not play at their level but you didn't even congratulate Dinamo on how they played those 3 goals would beat any team in that game.

    27. Croissant Power

      Celtic 0-0 Rangers Lyon 0-2 PSG Swansea 1-0 Cardiff

    28. madnimessi

      rate matt, great at doing his job! Keep it up

    29. Peter Wade

      I would say city vs Dortmund would be a great game

    30. Noah Hughes

      3-1 rangers

    31. beggus neggus

      big man matt

    32. Dawson Will

      Everton 1-3 Man City

    33. Malaki Manka

      Two red cards😭😂😂

    34. lucatancredi mirabello

      celtic to win 2-0 to Rangers

    35. Favour

      Barca to win Messi would score again Atletico will drop more points Leeds will beat Fulham 2-1

    36. Sanad Sunnuqrot

      Celtic 2 - 2 Rangers

    37. Vishal Aditya

      Bayern will win 4-1

    38. Lord Voldemort

      Celtic 0-2 rangers Lyon 2-2 PSG Swansea 0-1 cardiff My Friday fells

    39. j pounds

      Losing at home to back their way into the QF is peak Arsenal

    40. taranjot singh

      Swansea is going to win 2 1

    41. taranjot singh

      Psg is going to win 3 2

    42. Kingemojitv 1

      Prediction: Arsenal to draw with West Ham 1-1

    43. Sir Chonk

      The dislikes are the spurs locker room

    44. dobby gaming

      Good video keep it up


      4 days ago: Haaland might join Man City 3 days ago : might join Man United 2 days ago : might join Chelsea Today : barca

      1. samira Khettabi

        Tomorrow:Sunderland will sign haaland

    46. shari sarks

      *”this is the thing u need.”* ” - * *”Am I right?”* "5:05" *垃圾。* *Lord*

    47. Kuro

      Imagine Ronaldo go back to Real Madrid and they also sign Mbappe then Barcelona sign Haaland imagine the El Clasico

    48. Matteo_XZ

      Matt ate his words... he said Dinamo wouldn’t make this miracle

    49. Jason M

      If Barca can reduce their wage bill they can sign Haaland? Messi to stay? JOKES! IF they let Messi leave then yeah they could possibly sign Haaland. It's unlikely though.

    50. Luke Whittaker

      Spurs fans what are we saying about mourinhos football? My own opinion is that mourinho got the players he wanted and they underperformed ,I think we should give him until the end of the season and see if he does do anything

    51. MalcBdP

      Psg will come 2:1

    52. Banathey Manuga

      2-0 to Rangers

    53. Mr Orib MD

      Gg to Man Utd despite you lot did 3 handballs

    54. Shahed Ali

      Idk man if Haaland goes to Barcelona I can see him end up like Zlatan when he signed. Imagine how there was an Eto Zlatan swap It's a Griezmann Haaland swap this time hmmm

    55. lonely sapien

      I think Kounde is a good signing for Man U.

    56. Jashim Jamaludheen K

      Real Sociedad 3-1 Barcalona(Barcalona get a red card), Lyon 2-1 PSG, Celta Vigo 0-4 Real Mardid(Ramos Penalty)

    57. Shiraz Hassan

      I'm not familiar with France but aren't Lyon and Paris separate cities? So it won't be a derby, right?

    58. Lior

      Bro WTF in my country the media just posted Haaland's agent confirmed he wants to move to Real, then you give me Barça?? Man that's annoying

      1. SM-YS stan

        Which country

    59. Maryann Reyes

      The automatic car july punch because bandana muhly head mid a squeamish laugh. tawdry, enormous alarm

    60. square


    61. Jamie pretty

      UNOFFICIAL Manila/Philippines Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Club fb group shared

    62. BS Pppp

      Swansea 1-0 Cardiff

    63. Hashir Jamal

      Only real OneFootball watche4s would only know that Matt is a Tottenham fan

    64. Utsav Basu

      Chelsea will win Ucl

    65. sergio aguero

      Friday feels Celtic 0-2 rangers Lyon 3-2 PSG Swansea 2-2 Cardiff

    66. Cameron Noel

      Liverpool gunna shock the world

    67. 3pajk1

      I am from Croatia and felt a little disrespected that u didnt mention one saves of Livakovic, hat trick of Orsic and didnt even mention name of club Dinamo Zagreb...

    68. Parag Shende

      Haaland to Barca is unlikely cause Barca will need to sell Messi to reduce wage bill which is quite unlikely as Messi is Barcas prodigal son

    69. Rida Ramlawi

      Celtic 1-2 Rangers Lyon 1-3 PSG Swansea 1-0 Cardiff

    70. Joe Aniekan

      I'm so sorry matt Good luck next time 🖒

    71. PES PLEB

      I feel for Matt, as a spurs fan it truely pains us that we lost from 2-0 to 3-0

    72. ValcanoPLAYZ

      I think rangers win 4-0

    73. Sporting Director

      If Barcelona got a loan from the bank and signed Haaland they would be able to repay the loan and have some profit because of the massive revenue that would be generated by the merchandise sales.

    74. Petar Tepuš

      Matt, althoug you are a spurs fan you should have given some praise to dinamo, as they were the better side in the end

    75. Free Talking

      You said rumours at the and of the game between Rangers and Slavia, certainly I don't know why they exist, but why do you ask? Are you certain you don't know why?? 😊 Matt, I am following the Channel since 2018, I watch it every single day and I admire your presentations, let those things be special for other channels to remind on those rumours

    76. Majdy Danaf

      As a barça fan.. to give griezmann(30 years old) 375k/week for no good return...give them to haaland who is 20 years old, and will actually DESERVE that money. Easy choice

    77. Ujjwal Singh

      Barcelona 3 vs sociedad 0

    78. Zakaria Ben brik

      Another great videp

    79. ArelosStudios

      “ Hey Mino It’s me your boi erling , get me a move to Barcelona ASAP” huh dean’s predictions are actually real!

    80. ZiyaOkut82

      Professionalism at best from Matt

    81. TrawlrZ

      Celtic 0-2 Rangers and a red card Lyon 1-3 PSG Swansea 2-1 Cardiff

    82. Only MC

      I love to Matt have a rant (I would) definitely love to hear what his thoughts are.

    83. D1nesh._22

      "positive news" me who supports Milan Such pain

    84. Branko :D

      Dele alli should have signed for psg

    85. Victor Babarinde

      Celtic 0-1 Rangers Lyon 0-2 PSG Fernandes to score a penalty vs Leicester

    86. Taha Khandwala

      Man u 5-1 leicester city

    87. Adam Hassan

      Lyon 2 PSG 2

    88. SleepingSnorlax29

      Okay, Lets say Ramos and Varane both sign for others, What about a Pau Torres & Kounde Defence?

    89. SOUVIK Roy

      Where is the one football studio in Berlin ?? I wanna meet Matt (poor matt 😭) Love from Frankfurt ❤️

    90. Shuma Atiqunnassa

      Matt mustve rageeed like helllll

    91. Adam Simpson

      Matt jinxed it a few days ago when he said it's unlikely that Dinamo's caretaker manger could mastermind a comeback against Spurs


      spurs have no trophy? 🤯 OMG!!!

    93. Nishant Naik

      Fact that barca can pay 100 mil someone 🤣🤣

    94. Ha Kr

      Haaland wont leave this summer He will next summer to man city mark my words

    95. Raddle Bat

      Petition for a matt reaction video to spurs loss against dinamo zagreb

    96. Eyal Akshlomo

      4-1 bayer-Stuttgart

    97. heretustay

      spurs just need to give up already.

    98. Arun Khatiwada

      It's not spurs stunned it's you matt


      Celtic 1 -1 rangers Spurs loosing against aston villa Psg will draw the derby Swansea win against Cardiff city

    100. Rrezart Rexhepi

      I am a Bayern fan and i am stressed PSG scare me and city after if we win

      1. leon muller

        Psg will beat your bayern .