Angry Haaland fuels transfer rumours! + Record-breaking weekend of GOALS!!!

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    On Today's Daily News - A weekend full of goals as Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Ajax and PSG win big, Haaland in rage out as Dortmund drop points again, Juventus plan Moise Kean return, a news round up and Emoji Mondays!
    00:00 Intro
    03:34 Haaland RAGE
    05:35 Kean returns to Juve?
    07:25 News round-up
    08:12 Friday Feels re-cap
    08:37 Emoji Mondays
    Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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    1. OneFootball English

      EMOJI MONDAYS: Let us know yours below! 🔥Best Player: Lewandowski & Alba 🤯Crazy moment: Sevilla’s goalkeeper, Bono, grabs a 94th minute equaliser! +3️⃣Best Result: Juventus 0-1 Benevento

      1. Ewen Campbell


      2. Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm

        Best player messi Crazy moment gk goal Best result real Sociedad 1-6 Barcelona


        Best Player : Lewandowski and Alba Crazy Moment : Bono scored Best result : Juventus 0-1 Benevento

      4. Thiren Naidoo

        Hey my guess from Friday that city will win 2-0 against Everton was not mentioned

      5. Lovre Kovačić

        @MAN UTD FAN #28 😂😂😂

    2. PRanxter is Gaming

      Mino raiola is a problem

    3. PRanxter is Gaming

      Matt u hunk

    4. YBG

      It takes alot of gotta for a spurs fan to talk about an arsenal player...hats off matt

    5. Ryan Kroupa

      1:57 blursed arm

    6. BadBoy Coolio

      man-child is angry lol

    7. claymm

      1:39 odegaards arm man


      kean is looking great

    9. lonely sapien

      Did he forget the FA cup

    10. dobby gaming

      Good video

    11. Anurag Baruah

      Matt be like, there is carvert Lewin and richalison in Everton, so he won't start there, and Juve is a better option. How! Lmao, Juve have Ronaldo, Morata, dybala. He'll have to fight more here. One football logic too op👌🏻

    12. wxveyhugs

      1:42 Explain Odegard's special abilities?

    13. Abir

      Matt : Best player of the week , Robert Lewandowski Benzema : Allow me to introduce myself

    14. Abir

      When haaland said he considers Zlatan and Ronaldo as his role model , he didn't bluff lol. Jokes apart , if he isn't ensured CL game , he leaves ... it's that simple . He has already scored 20 goals in CL , on the path of becoming the next Mr. CL ... he wouldn't want UL

    15. J Breeze

      He just agreed to join city next summer. Fml 🤦‍♂️

      1. J Breeze

        @James Richard Haaland .

      2. James Richard


    16. urnansockwater

      Kean wont return due to his time in Italy as he was disgustingly abused for his skin colour and fans would be back next Season

    17. rdfgg gghvdf

      no lille lost

    18. Jolo Jordi

      0-0 Vitesse Willem II im Vitesse fan

    19. Kieran Carr

      H aaland to Leeds maybe??

    20. Cobra Kai Never Dies

      No reactions to the draw?

    21. Ak 4T7

      Spur fan say Matt is gr8😂

      1. Ak 4T7

        And who Silva. It's halland coz we can pay not like broke spur 😂

    22. Rajay Reid

      Who else noticed he said Man u vs Southhampton? Its Leicester vz Southampton

    23. Darth vader

      Love the channel

      1. Darth vader


      2. Darth vader


      3. Darth vader


    24. Finn Portlock

      Lewandowski’s record isn’t human

    25. Scygnius

      Am I the only one that thought Odegaard's arm looked funny at first 1:41

    26. faze fluffs


    27. faze fluffs

      K lol

    28. Onthatile Mashilo

      popular opinion: my guys/girls at the onefootball channel will get 1mil subs by the end of the year

    29. Shravan

      Videos from this channel make me happy

    30. HYSTERIA 0161

      I hope Haaland comes to Man City

    31. Dhanush SR

      The real emoji for everyone on Monday is 💩

    32. Jordan Wynne

      City will be unstoppable facts

    33. Aaliyan Pirbhai

      Who else wants the player power rankings back

    34. Masiha M.

      Frohlich means "Happy" in German : )

    35. alistair holmes

      You forgot to mention my comment "liverpool won't lose a game this weekend"

    36. ohid uddin

      *Upcoming el Classico would be lit*

    37. Agentutd

      Lewandowski deserves 2 ballon d'Ors 👏

    38. Michael Aresti

      bloody arsenal ruined my bet XD

    39. Raghav Naithani

      Complete episode

    40. PRO MODI JI

      I see the fifa curse coming

    41. Emmanuel Stephenson

      Frenkie De Jong is on some form.. Hope he gets the recognition he deserves. He has been one of if not the best midfielder this season.

      1. Pranav Arun

        @Emmanuel Stephenson kimmich is better and so is muller

      2. Emmanuel Stephenson

        @Sktkronos KDB for sure is on another level but he’s injured a lot. I don’t see a lot of others topping Frenkie atm. He’s so consistent and can fill in a lot of roles is good in front of goal as wel this season, he has sometimes struggled with his crosses but other than that he’s been amazing.

      3. Sktkronos

        The best in Barcelona Yeah sure. But in the world would be brain dead

    42. Jayata Steele

      We are happy for Suarez getting to 500 goals in his career

    43. Matty M

      OK, Rumours on De Gea to Real Madrid this summer united wiling to accept Martin Ødegaard in exchange. Madrid apparently only willing to offer Luka Jovic 😂

    44. Ed Chavez

      Think juventus have a buy back clause

    45. didhley cherenfant

      getting a like from one football will make me so happy and make my day


      Another great video matt Keep it up you legend

    47. Ayon Hazarika

      Why wont haaland be pissed.Dortmund has been woeful.Last season they pushed to the limit.This season its like they ll win against top teams and lose against botton teams.

    48. Callum Coman

      Just got a like from onefootball .😅

    49. Hotspur 23

      Tanganga and Rodon to save spurs defensive problems 🚀

    50. Alex R.

      Lets face it, if BVB lose on UCL spot for next season, M. Raiola will have a field day.

    51. Jefferson Ochoa

      🤯Lauriente Free Kick vs Nantes

    52. WUZZII _

      Jordi Alba still crap for me hate wen we (Real Madrid) playing against them and theirs a foul he always running off his mouth like bruh calm the fxck down❗️❗️

      1. WUZZII _

        Still will always be shii to me 😴

      2. Genius M

        ok.Cry more.U will feel happy

      3. Adam Winner

        You can't change the fact he was incredible yesterday, and he really improved after 2021

    53. lil GP

      1:41 I thought that his right hand was mutating


      Matt at 1.75× speed is awesome

    55. Thata Sefhako

      Correction: you said we beat leicester city but they actually beat us 3-1 😔

    56. Muhammed Ceesay

      Koeman is doing a great job

    57. Cormacfox_31

      Wait Leicester beat United not United beat Leicester 8:00

    58. Devon

      CCFC the team for me

    59. Nana Yaw

      Ronaldo and Haaland are carrying their teams for a short period and are crying. Messi has been doing this alone since 2018 and no team has depended on them one man than Barça has on Messi, that's why he's unique cos he won the Ballon dor carrying his team.

    60. Yahya Ajjawi

      I am not being biased but how did benzema not win best player come on matt

      1. Sktkronos

        Wanted to ask the same question. Don't get me wrong benzema was brilliant but lewandowski is just on another planet rn

      2. OneFootball English

        Well what did he do in your opinion that made his performance better than Lewandowski?

    61. Savage_Guava

      Anyone else who watches this while taking a poo

      1. Thomas Hall


    62. Schovanil

      Xabi Alonso new manager at Gladbach

    63. Frederick Capella

      Farmers league... I think it's safe to say Bayern will win the league again next season. What a surprise, don't understand how that league is even considered a top 5 league.

      1. Sktkronos

        So does every club. Also Dortmund does the same td

      2. Frederick Capella

        @Sktkronos dominance yea, buy every single decent player from every other team in the league. Thats called a monopoly haha

      3. Sktkronos

        @Frederick Capella yeah that's called dominance. By that logic Serie a is farmers, ligue 1 aswell and since la liga only has 2 clubs that win shit they are also farmers

      4. Frederick Capella

        @Schovanil not saying there isn't any great games in the league, but its bayern and then everyone else every single season...

      5. Schovanil

        @Frederick Capella that doesn't mean there is no good football played by other teams in the league. Except this season (strict schedule) the niveau is good. Bayern beat barca 8:2 in the CL semi final. They are from another planet. Of course they will win the league again. But i still enjoy watching bundesliga.

    64. mohammed hassan


    65. Thomas

      And then the English media say Harry Kane is the world’s best striker lol 😂🙄😪🤦🏾‍♂️

      1. Sktkronos

        He's def up there tho

    66. Ahmad Benjamin

      1:47 That's one very long hand 😂

    67. Milkorama

      8:05 Wait Southampton are playing Man UTD?

      1. 3 B D O

        @OneFootball English still needs correction :|

      2. OneFootball English

        Manchester United defeating Leicester City, not Manchester United defeated Leicester City!🤣🤣

    68. Bones

      8:05 Man utd didn’t defeat Leicester City 🤣🤣

      1. Narin Pratap

        @OneFootball English lol the wording is slightly ambiguous... but I get what you mean haha

      2. OneFootball English

        Manchester United defeating Leicester City, not Manchester United defeated Leicester City!

    69. Som Rai

      I am tried heat news about Haaland 😟

      1. Adam Winner

        Just like the sancho to man u, last year, it will be annoying after a month

    70. TOrens

      8:06 what is he saying lol😂

      1. TOrens

        @OneFootball English oh ok thanks👍

      2. OneFootball English

        Manchester United defeating Leicester City, not Manchester United defeated Leicester City!

    71. Akhil Sadasivam

      I want Kean to stay at PSG. He is playing so well, playing for PSG in UCL, he has scored crucial goals. I really want PSG to sign a permanent contract with Kean

      1. Football talks

        @MoGOAT #YNWA true

      2. MoGOAT #YNWA

        @Football talks blue shiite

      3. Football talks

        @JC MM nah I don't want Everton doing well I support LFC #YNWA

      4. Reece C

        Kean is no match against the goat marc albrighton

      5. Akhil Sadasivam

        @JC MM ah ☺👍got your opinion

    72. Wilkinson Mitchel


    73. Adnan Assaf

      I can't believe barca has extended their goal difference forca barca

      1. Job GG


    74. L. Cruz Goco

      Hi Onefootball English Really love your videos ❤️ I can get all the news of ⚽ Matt is BACK!!!!

    75. Luka Stupar

      8:05 didnt man utd lose???

      1. Luka Stupar

        @OneFootball English wow you replied

      2. OneFootball English

        Manchester United defeating Leicester City, not Manchester United defeated Leicester City!

    76. Draco 7x7x

      8:08 : Manchester United beating leister city?

      1. Draco 7x7x

        @OneFootball English Oh I see,my bad!!🙏

      2. OneFootball English

        Manchester United defeating Leicester City, not Manchester United defeated Leicester City!

    77. Venu Madhav

      8:04 , Southampton play against Manchester United who defeated Leicester City. Come on man get your news right.

      1. OneFootball English

        @Venu Madhav Haha it wasnt a grammar check, I was saying what I said, not correcting you! Listen closely to the video, I said 'defeating' :)

      2. Venu Madhav

        @OneFootball English Didn't ask for grammar check lol. Leicester won 3-1.

      3. OneFootball English

        Manchester United defeating Leicester City, not Manchester United defeated Leicester City!

    78. Hiếu Bùi Minh

      Being a Dortmund fan this season is just rather sad, at least league wise

    79. Akhil Roy

      Monday daily news are best Change my mind

    80. parshwa jani

      I wld love haaland to come to real madrid

      1. MSN

        He wil win ucl next season if He comes to barca

    81. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Matt

    82. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Matt

    83. Olumide Oluwakayode

      Papa Perez is learning german to say no to Lowy

      1. OneFootball English


    84. Caydin Van Rooy

      Moise kean are going to sign a permanent contract at psg

    85. Ole's at the plane


    86. Blake Birchall

      Matt stuff up in the fa cup

    87. durno

      Mat did you just said that southampton will face man utd beating leister city 8:05

      1. OneFootball English

        @durno I know.. thats why I said the Manchester United defeating Leicester City!

      2. durno

        Will it was Leicester who defeated man utd not man utd

      3. OneFootball English

        Manchester United defeating Leicester City ;)

    88. Ryan Andhee

      Moise Kean can't play for smaller clubs He's only a big club player😂😂😂

    89. Seyam Rahman

      Whats wrong with the Odegaard picture?

    90. Rayan Dozie

      haaland come to madrid

    91. Co Rayy

      8:08 Hold up

    92. kIMkLOz

      Can't wait for Matt to say INTER MILAN ARE SERIA A WINNERS! Haha Juve and Milan in da mud 😂😂😂

    93. Cyborg Eats Food ツ

      Haaland: is raging Also Haaland: scores a brace

    94. Yusuf Amir

      1:41 Odegard's arm.

    95. Micheal Johnson

      Mat you said Manchester United defeated liecester city

      1. OneFootball English

        Defeating ;)

    96. Ahnaf Wali

      600th like lessgoooo

    97. Keith

      Matt smoked the same thing the Chelsea admin smoked yesterday. Manchester beating Leicester? 😂😂😂😂

      1. Yusuf I

        @G A Who? u mean the Admin? He just posted a completely wrong lineup for a game haha

      2. G A

        @Yusuf I what did he say?

      3. Yusuf I

        @OneFootball English How didnt u realise it when editing Paddy haha

      4. Yusuf I

        @OneFootball English Ye. Did u see the CFC Admin? hahha

      5. OneFootball English

        Defeating haha not defeated

    98. ataladin 87

      Lucas Ocampos who scored and played in goal in a game stopping Dimitrovic scoring: I taught Bono

    99. Matty Jones

      Tottenham 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    100. Craig Fisher

      Southampton have earned themselves a tie against Leicester City not Man Utd lol oh dear...

      1. OneFootball English

        @Craig Fisher Check complete, I said what I said 🤣

      2. Craig Fisher

        @OneFootball English think VAR will have to check

      3. OneFootball English

        I said defeating, not defeated haha