WORLD-CLASS potential transfer BARGAINS this summer!

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    Some HUGE names have just one year left on their contracts this summer, which means clubs have to either sweet talk their stars into staying or risk losing them for free the following summer. So, BARGAINS could be had in the 2021 transfer window as the likes of Juventus, PSG and Manchester United might want to cash in on Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe and Paul Pogba whilst they still can! Here are 10 world class footballers who could be great bargains this summer transfer window.
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    1. OneFootball English

      Who should be YOUR team's no.1 target from this list?

      1. festival of fifa

        Goretzka to Frankfurt

      2. Football Crazy with Sherif

        Liverpool DONT sell mo salah but sign mbappe or haaland

      3. Christophe Oosterwijk

        Declan Rice to United, Harry Kane to stay at Spurs and Memphis depay to barcelona should all happen this summer

      4. Aadeeshvar Singh

        @TheDA97 how many more strikers do they need won't he fit in our lineup we use a falser 9 too

      5. Vishwamitr Joshi

        my team is barca and from this i only want to renew dembele and fati contracts

    2. Christoffer Kirk

      kdb can do anything pogba can do and even more

    3. Shreyash Rout

      I don’t think a club will try to buy Ronaldo because of His old age and his high wages And also that the clubs that can afford Ronaldo are focusing to buy Mbappe and Haaland

    4. Ronaldo Studios

      Juv should keep Paulo and sell Cristiano

    5. Flxshyyy De0xi

      For the dybala and Ronaldo situation, I think I makes sense to focus on dybala and see how long ronaldo will stay for in a team focused on dybala as dybala has quite a bit longer in his career yet.

    6. D.Z. B1âçk

      There is a possibility Dembele will be sold but he has said on many occasions that he wants to stay but I don't see any possibilities of Fati being sold

    7. D.Z. B1âçk

      I don't think Leon Goretzka is leaving

    8. Sajjadu Zzaman

      what happened to pavard

    9. kadri erkal

      Keremereal 8

    10. Demon Overlord

      If Mbappe goes out on Free Transfer ik some big brain teams will go for him

    11. Rajakumar Loganathan

      Kinda disagree on Fati tho, with his current injury issues, he might not get the breakthrough he deserves and probably no club would go for him at this stage.

    12. the don pin

      U seem to know a lot about football what's his name uniddi for united

    13. Orane Parkinson

      If Matt thinks Barcelona is going to lose fati and dembele then this video is a day too late.

    14. Dave

      Messi runs his contract down at the end of each season. Ronaldo's contract is done at Juve, and MBappe is done at PSG. PSG should sell MBappe and: Neymar on the left, Messi on the right and ROnaldo through the middle. I wonder if they'd work in a team, and in the same dressing room, but PSG, please, just try it !!

    15. Zesmo

      Mans still talking about dybala being the future, when hes 27 now? i see where youre coming from tho, he will always seem like the young talent he was, since he never had that big big breakthrough on the international stage

    16. Thomas Blew

      Could we see a new Classico Haaland vs Mbappe clash?

    17. scot mac

      Juve should get rid of Pirlo Matt.

    18. Aniruddha Sharma

      keep up the good work

    19. Akhil Sadasivam

      Camavinga should go to PSG rather than going to Real Madrid. He can build a career just like Mbappe!!??

    20. Steven

      Fati ain’t leaving, his favorite players are literally Puyol, Xavi, and Valdes, he most likely wants to follow in their footsteps

      1. Cruz Florero

        @Bananmos nah, not happening

      2. Bananmos

        Haha naaahh he will leave

    21. Emmanuel Stephenson

      Dybala was the best player in Juve, they should have backed him especially after that game against Barca in UCL. He was just unbelievable. Backing him and putting players around him was the right thing to do for Juve to win the UCL but they went for Cristiano and look what it turned out to be.

    22. H don't sub

      Upamecano is actually going to Bayern Munich

    23. Arjun Sivakumar

      What about de bruyne ?

    24. Harsh Sharma

      Philippe Coutinho would be bargain for 35-40m cuz he was fire this season before the injury

    25. Alexander Lovegood

      Fati 1st needs to recover from his injury

    26. Mr xeenom

      Mcfred is really catching up. Thanks to TUS

    27. Benjamin Keller

      CR7 has to go to Leibzig to win the last Big4 hi hasn't won yet

    28. Mustafa Aziz

      Ansu hell na

    29. Alex Quintana


    30. Avinash Kommineni

      You brits and their bettings. You always "If I have to out my money on it".

    31. Yu Qi

      How about mbappe to monaco

    32. Filip Stefanović

      United should give Pogba a new contract

    33. Aazwad Fairaz

      Mbbape is staying at Paris because that's his home

    34. Jesus Alejandro Briceño Penoth

      I think Juve should sell Ramsey and Rabiot and bring Agüero and Sabitzer and the next season sell Ronaldo and play a 4-2-3-1

    35. scot mac

      Have you heard anything about Morrelos leaving Rangers mate?? If you have, who is it that it looks like he'll be going to and for how much??

    36. Ntsikelelo Mkalipi

      Ansu Fati isn't going ANYWHERE

    37. Oka Mayen

      If mbappe isn't sold this summer he will NEVER leave

    38. Farasat Ali

      Depay to Juventus


      If I was Woodward I would try to extend pogbas contract and sign sabitzer that would form an unbelievable trio of Bruno,pogba and sabitzer

      1. Denzel Kimani 11

        @Mr xeenom Ndidi.


        @Mr xeenom he is actually solid defensively and has a good pass on him but ideally we should sign him as a replacement when pogba leaves

      3. Mr xeenom

        @RASHFORD THE GOAT dude we need a cdm specialist in that midfield.. Because someone can fill a role doesn't mean he suits it..


        @Mr xeenom sabitzer plays cdm for leipzig sometimes but I presume you never watch him play

      5. Mr xeenom

        Unbelievable, because it's stupid. Who's the cdm??

    40. Gobe Baeletse

      Matt hitting the nail on the head. As a UTD supporter McFred ain’t gonna cut it if we want to get back challenging for trophies. Keep Paul , sell the dead wood and buy a midfielder that can provide the defensive cover that we have been lacking ever since Roy Keane left.

    41. Arman Hussain

      I don't want ifs buts and maybes I want absolutes

    42. Cormac Flynn

      Mctominay is good enough for united fred should be sold imho

    43. Mikail Omalar

      Great Video as always ❤️

    44. Pranav gaur

      This summer window is gonna be so so good🔥

    45. Alexandre Nabais

      Varane must keep??? In his prime??? WHAT??? He´s been so poor for the last 3/4 seasons!!!

      1. Revanth Rao

        Pretty much Sums up your football knowledge tbh, had two bad months at the start and flipflops like you jump on the hate bandwagon without even watching any games ffs. Ramos had been injured most of 2021 with Nacho along side Rafa has been Rock solid at the back.

    46. Fai_2nice

      Juve should swap with pogba

    47. Ríona Ní Shúilleabháin

      Where would we be without Matt and Angelina

    48. Tyrone Powell

      Paulo!! Go to Arsenal ⚽🙏💰💰💰💰💰🔥

    49. Syedmasroor19 Masroor719

      Yeah barcelona aren't going to sell fati if they did supporters would probably burn the camp nou to the ground

    50. David Garcia

      Mbappe wants to leave France due to the Media the summer. He could be tempted by Zidane and the french players in the team to link up. He has one contract left, his preferred destination will be Madrid. Madrid are looking to sell 6-7 players to free funds for Mbappe . Haaland Agent and Dad are currently in Madrid. His Agent wants him to join Madrid out of all the clubs. He already has a house in Spain.

    51. Drunken Clasher

      AFC international Player of the week kiran limbu 🤩😍 Wall of Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵

    52. Anirban Ray

      upamecano is already leaving

    53. Fahimuddin Sana

      Mbape and halland in realmadrid please

    54. King j

      If real is selling varane they are selling one of the potentially greatest defenders of all time.

    55. Akrit Pradhan

      8:41 Who is Fatu,Matt?😂

    56. Adam Hussain

      pogba is not world class

    57. P Hrishikesh

      Mino Raiola was in Barcelona and Madrid with Alf-Inge Haaland

    58. Nikunj Kansal

      Well im not believing you after your ig post

    59. Santiago Ch

      Goretzka is gonna stay, come on

    60. E Smith

      nice haircut Mat you look fresh.

    61. Jake SCOTT

      I think RB Leipzig is one of the best run teams in the world this season alongside bilbao, sociedad, aston villa, leicester etc Sure the money is a big factor in there success But: 85% of there signings are from small teams in smaller leagues, examples include youssuf poulsen, timo werner, marcel sabitzer, emil forsberg and peter gulacsi, all not very big players that leipzig have bought for cheap and developed into world stars, however poulsen is a one season wonder

    62. Sporting Director

      These would be real bargains...

    63. Jake SCOTT

      Sabitzer, milenkovic, ings to spurs? 🤞

    64. Jake SCOTT

      Can you imagine if covid never happened, real madrid would have mbappe, milinkovic savic, tecatito (jesus corona) david alaba (who they might get anyway) and camavinga

      1. Jake SCOTT

        @deepak iam thats cause they wouldnt need haland if they had mbappe

      2. deepak iam

        Good joke. U have forgotten to add hallund😆

    65. Nexim


    66. akawizard22

      I love pogba that man is insane

    67. Jake SCOTT

      Federico chiesa = world class

      1. Mason Mount


    68. MoGOAT #YNWA

      I don't get it is this an April Fool's prank

      1. MoGOAT #YNWA

        @OneFootball English IDK I guess it was just funny that all these WC players have contracts up next season, just clocked it

      2. OneFootball English

        Which bit??

    69. god is FAKE

      What's the point of winning everything with PSG in the farmers league.

    70. Projato Chakrabarti

      No Trim Niran should learn how to trim from Matt.

      1. Brawl Razorplayz


    71. Migas _25

      What about messi?

    72. Sarthak Upreti

      We Need A FAT Contract To Resign FATI

    73. H3NDR1K V2RK

      Personally I wouldn’t get rid of McTominay. He really has the heart of Man United

      1. Hox1nator 123

        Hes 100% not going as hes oles son

    74. Alex George

      Tbh, Barca can get 120-130 million for Dembele

      1. F D

        No they can not maby 50-60 mil max

    75. Ravi Ghadwal

      What about Messi for free

    76. Adi Mosaraf

      Mbappe will stay at PSG no doubt

    77. c D

      I'm a juventus fan but dybala ain't world class not even close

    78. INGRAO

      Dybala is going to be sold this summer especially after going to a party violating covid rules. 3 players could get banned or very minimum get a fine.

      1. TheDA97

        He will suit city perfectly then with Kyle walker

    79. Branko :D

      It would be really sad if dybala goes to spurs tbh

    80. Shivaan Soobrayan

      If sabitzer gos to united his stupid donny should be a lesson

    81. Ashis Bhowmick

      Yo Matt if you see this comment drop the onefootball merch for me

      1. OneFootball English

        Its available now!

    82. Harbans Kaur

      make juventus transfer list video for tomorrow

    83. Dhruv Mittal

      Great video matt, good of you to keep us informed!

    84. Elijah

      Dybala isn't leaving

      1. Paulo the Great


      2. Dexter Croal


    85. Honey Mango

      As a Chelsea fan we're buying all of them so I don't need to worry

      1. Alex C-H JA

        @Chaotic Stop you are deluded

      2. Chaotic Stop

        @Alex C-H JA they have a big chance every year

      3. sm

        @asheeron the best How’s your mum?

      4. asheeron the best

        How's Werner😂

      5. Alex C-H JA

        Nobody wants to go to Chelsea, they can’t offer trophies

    86. Ak 4T7

      The background is pale like Matt hair.😔

    87. Seyam Rahman

      Matt Upamecano already signed a predeal with bayern

    88. Dimitris G

      bayern will buy neuhauss either way

    89. Joe Champion

      Nothing better than when there’s 2 OneFootball videos in one day 🙌

      1. Egbert Crafton

        I'm waiting for no. 3


      There's no denying it OneFootball is so underated 😍😍💯💯🤩

      1. Rick Lopez

        @Subhroneel Banerjee lol

      2. Subhroneel Banerjee

        atleast they are far better than the ESPN clowns.

    91. Ahmed Mc

      Please give me a heart been here before the logo colour changed

      1. Mehrki Doom

        Ahmed what was the previous colour

    92. Ødegåård 21

      My top 3 summer 2021 transfer prediction Mbappe to Real Madrid Sancho to United Camavinga to Real Madrid

      1. Volume9nine

        I want Haaland to Real Madrid instead of Mbappe

      2. Xavier Memes

        @PES GAMER 2.0 oh really i thought cr7 was his idols

      3. aspebb

        If it weren't for the pandemic I would really agree with this, but everything seems a little unsure with the current finacial situation.

      4. PES GAMER 2.0

        Mbappe to Real Madrid has like 80% chances. Zidane is one of his idols. And even zidane wants mbappe to come to real. And mbappe wants to go there too.

    93. C5L1UM TV

      Raphael Varane has been linked with other clubs every year now, and nothing ever comes from it.

      1. HenSt1985

        Mainly because of his price tag.

    94. Amos S.T

      What about Messi?

    95. Debarshee Talukdar

      How about Dybala joining Spurs🤔

      1. Elijah

        L. O. L

    96. Sahoo Somansh

      I agree that United need to extend Pogba's contract and I think they know it too but the problem is whether Pogba is interested to sign.

    97. Joseph Wesenie

      Mbappe ..... bargain😂😂😂😂

    98. C5L1UM TV

      It honestly surprises me how no big clubs have tried signing Camavinga yet.

      1. Stefan Jakovljevic

        Actually as i know Real approached last summer but they asked for 70m that's probably the reason.


      This background is lit 🔥🔥🔥

      1. King Mania

        @NITZIA MORALES literally


        @Zidane HD okay

      3. Zidane HD

        Call the firemen, i think its on fire

      4. Dhruv Mittal

        Absolutely right

    100. Lul Mohamed

      Liverpool need to sign Ibrahim Kante