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  1. Adithya Naidu

    5:05 I think you meant Maarten Stekelenburg


    pepe is not that bad now

  3. Carl Binns

    Not every foul is a card ... football getting so soft

  4. BalkanMontero

    I think it was deliberate, the flick of the hand seemed intentional and i cant figure out why otherwise u would flick your hand like that

  5. Crimson

    Messi Lingardinho

  6. Domenic

    Basically ibrahimovic was disputing a foul and what I read is that he said something that in Italian sounds like bastard but it wasn’t actually. The ref thought he said bastard so he gave a red

  7. K B

    Mesut Ozil's laugh is the funniest ever

  8. Karina Hernandez


  9. Tarek

    Where did u talk good about 1.FC Köln?

  10. Richard Stocker

    Then when premier league football return he had a good game against arsenal the had a stinker against real Madrid then scored a beauty against Aston villa

  11. Kenzo

    Messi to PSG ! :)

  12. Kenzo

    Messi to PSG ! :)

  13. Viktor Gustavsson

    Im kinda happy Barca lost cause that means the title race will be way more entertaining

  14. Kenzo

    Messi to PSG ! :)

  15. Sirk

    maybe bc its a rivalry, not some manchester derby where they end the game hugging

  16. Gene Quagmire

    6:05 El Clasico is just a modern front for a very old political and identity clash. It's way deeper than football.

  17. Gene Quagmire

    Pedri became a Bayern legend when I signed him in my last FM save. Good shout.

  18. Gene Quagmire

    1:53 It also didn't contribute to him getting space really, he had already beaten Son and Son was trying to hold him back.

  19. Peter Anderson

    well done. But C'mon... Ingolstadt and Wolfsburg 😂😂😂

  20. Ganpat Dhuri

    Messi Lingardinho

  21. Aaron Neblett

    Navas? That guy is underrated.

  22. Lesedi

    "Felleini to Totenham, absolute nonsense!"😂😂😂💔

  23. It's about time I stop watching football

    Juventus and psg 😭

  24. Noah Nash

    Klopp will never be the bayern manager

  25. Mr.pigeon man

    Anyone try to ring the number the yam vertogan gave to erikson

  26. Christophe Oosterwijk

    Son was racially abused online which just made it worse for Tottenham. This type of utter shit has got to stop and there will be a solution to it best player - messi lingard stuart dallas crazy moment - zlatan red card best result - barcelona 1-2 real madrid

  27. Orlando Begaj


  28. Mr. Wiktor

    VAR cannot be used, according to the FA rules, to give yellow cards which is bullshit because United got a card exactly that way this season already. A yellow card cannot be issued if a referee plays advantage or allows quick restart as well. No wonder English referees don't get asked to the UCL

  29. Joe Champion

    The foul wasn’t initially given and VAR can only award red cards, not yellows.

  30. scot mac

    Klopp isn't German, he's Scottish mate.

  31. scot mac

    Matt, is that Barcas new strip for next season????

  32. Sterling Hutton

    Madrid winning once they keep buying refs and var. Just like in el classico.

  33. Soumya Saha

    Italian refrees are basically nothing but cheats.

  34. LilTone 97

    Bale I’m just here to trigger madrid fans

  35. Omarie Nelson

    As a Man United fan I'm really happy for Lingard even tho he's playing for West Ham.

  36. Ike Osborne

    another anti-barca video 🙌🙌one football

  37. rdfgg gghvdf

    The racial abuse that happened to Son was a disgrace 😐

  38. Elster 999

    I don’t support man united but mason greenwood was exceptional, he got 20 minutes to play and got and assist and goal in that time to win and they won 3-1. Why do people call him overrated again?

  39. Thomas Hall

    9:43 ‘Messi Lingard’ Nice play on words. Was that on purpose or was it just a slip of the tongue?

  40. Adithya Naidu

    0:23 Navas is the guy that won 3 UCLs IN A ROW WITH REAL If anything this guy is overrated. I think Navas would be very happy for us backing him in the comment section had he come to watch this vid

  41. Clem Goh

    VAR can't give yellow which is why he couldn't have been sent off for 2nd yellow. VAR can give straight red though

  42. DaMb3ast 117

    I liked everything that Matt had to say about El Classico. The man understands everything from how the game went to how fans comment and complain in social media. It was a sensational game with all the injuries and the type of weather.

  43. Robin Yangfo

    Tch...i was waiting for matt reaction since iam a man united fan..hihihi..great vids btw..

  44. Aditya Srivastava

    Barca fans are only knows to say that referees are bribed by real

  45. Kanios #10

    Now no chance Real madrid ? so stupid asnwer XD hala madrid

  46. Bruno Fernandes

    Not a foul but IF it is, then it’s a second yellow. VAR is so crap and inconsistent!

  47. Muntahim Mamun

    Navas on list!!! Where is your football sense!

  48. Abood 230

    Who’s here after Phil foden is the best player at city rn

  49. Hugh Rabbett

    He low-key kinda looks like Ali-A

  50. Hugh Rabbett

    He low-key kinda looks like Ali-A

  51. Subhan Qureshi

    To be honest united should look at some of these players because it won't be easy to sign kane or haaland. 1) Dusan Vlahovic - Fiorentina. 2) Sasa kaladjzic - Stuttgart 3) Patson daka - Rb salzburg 4) Gerrard moreno - Villareal 5) Andre Silva - Frankfurt

  52. Mo Hart

    I'm sorry but Pedri had a poor game

  53. Feboss 1246

    Player of the week should've been Stuart Dallas

  54. Jason Kirby

    4:11 2013 all over again. Hoping either Koman or Simeone lifts the trophy 😶

    1. Galactico 999

      Nope, no way

  55. xuanbao Xb2103

    Nice video 🤣🤣🤣

  56. Ugoh Charles

    Son a whole soldier can't stand a little tickle in the face, can he even stand a bullet

  57. Nefe Jefia

    Matt putting down Braithwaite was definitely funny 😂


    The difference with lamela against arsenal was lamela looked directly at teirney and then stuck his arm out