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  1. abdulrahman alali

    Hey Angelina

  2. kinggalexandre

    Love Angelina

  3. Shakibul Hasan

    where is matts? i miss his voice

  4. Abhishek Virmani

    Sevilla 2-1 Real

  5. Abhishek Virmani

    Barca 4-2 Atletico

  6. Nuclear Atoms

    I'll take Raul instead of Allegri because he will u understand the our way of playing the game. But of course I would still love Zidane to stay at the club.

  7. ShahZaib Khan

    Pretty sure robin gosens is gonna start on the left back position.

  8. Dowin Elliot

    My Friday Feel: Atletico Madrid to beat Barcelona 2-0... and Marcos Llorente would get on the scoresheet Sevilla to beat Real Madrid 2-1, with Benzema getting on the scoresheet.

  9. Jishnu S

    3-1 Man City


    Watching barca become a retirement home is disappointing

  11. Ledu

    Stones is crap without dias

  12. Amma Konadu

    Angelina looks beautiful

  13. Everest Skills ziyech22

    3-1 for cyti sterling will score Barca 1 - athletico 1 Messi to score and Luis Suarez to score

  14. Aarav Reddy

    Seems Emery is the king of Europa

  15. Farrel Amal

    Manchester City 0-1 Chelsea Atletico Madrid 1-1 Barcelona Real Madrid 2-1 Sevilla

  16. Everest Skills ziyech22

    3-1 for man cyti and sterling to score

  17. Tony S

    Zidane has done an amazing job at real madrid they would never win all they have the past few years without him

  18. Satoshi Nakedmoto

    ManCity 2-2 Chelsea Barcelona 2-1 AthMadrid

  19. Sajay greatone tv

    Man city 0 - 2 chelsea

  20. clemens

    Borna sosa start auf links😅

  21. Rafty Daft

    Predictions Chelsea to draw Barca to win And Real to win


    OneFootball is like my morning 🌄 cup of coffee ☕☕



  24. Hayden Phillips

    Barcelona 0-1 atletico Real Madrid 1-1 Sevilla Man City 3-0 Chelsea

  25. Marlos Nick

    Juventus 2 ac Milan 3

  26. Marlos Nick

    Real Madrid 1 Sevilla 2

  27. Marlos Nick

    Barcelona 2 Atletico Madrid 1

  28. Eduardo Atiencie

    #Hazardout NOW!!!!!!!!!

  29. dhayanandh

    Angelina hosts : 😁😁 But it's now Wednesday : 😱😱

  30. Marlos Nick

    Man city 2 :0 Chelsea


    You just hate real Madrid

  32. Darshan saini

    Where is Matt

  33. Dilligaf/BayernForLife

    You choosing Werner over Gnabry is the biggest joke of the day everything els i agree with

  34. Silvi Çela

    Friday feels Barcelona 3-0 Atletico Man City 2-0 Chelsea Sevilla 1-0 Real Madrid

  35. S. Paul

    Arsenal needed just one goal. JUST ONE!! AND WHAT THEY DO??!!? THEY 🍾 IT UP. THAT'S NORMALLY SPURS JOB. ARTETA, YOU HAVE GOT TO GO. IM SORRY, I JUST CAN'T ANYMORE. GET OUT OUT, AND NEVER COME BACK!!! Barcelona 2-0 Atlético Madrid Manchester City 1-1 Chelsea

  36. Sankhadip Mazumder

    The only concern that zidane has and had raised is that the board is not aligning signings according to his plans and tactics. As a manger he has the full right to demand for the same . I doubt there's any manager in top European comp that has taken his team till CL semis and a chance to win the league with such a slim squad . Just look over to Anfield and witness the disaster klopp is in ....

  37. Jashim Jamaludheen K

    manchester city 1 - 2 Chelsea, Barcelona 2 - 3 Atlético Madrid, Real Madrid 2 - 0 Sevilla, Rennes 2 - 1 PSG, Lens 0 - 2 Lille

  38. Pablo Samanez

    Where is Matt?

  39. Jason Whittaker

    PREDICTION Real Madrid 2-0 Sevilla. Madrid always come strong when it matters most, well except against Chelsea of course. Barcelona 2-2Athletico De Madrid Man city 0 - 2 Chelsea

  40. Tom Christmas

    Man City 3 - 1 Chelsea

  41. AMXHD


  42. Vinay Singh

    Hello Angelina ❤! This girl got good predictions.

  43. Alister Tixeira

    where is matt?

  44. 9D Mohak Jain

    barca would win against atleti 2:2 and real would dominate sevilla 3:0

  45. 9D Mohak Jain

    man city would draw chelsea 0:0

  46. PrO GAME

    Of course my name is of course because of course my parent decided it of course why not of course its a nice name of couse you might think something else but of course i dont care of course

  47. amin bensaci

    3-1 to Sevilla against real

  48. Yupp Dupp

    What happened to Matt? Austria travel?

  49. Swapneel Gupta

    Man City 1 - 2 Chelsea Barcelona 1 - 0 Atletico Madrid Real Madrid 1 - 1 Sevilla

  50. notJAY

    i am a chelsea fan but i really think arteta should stay

  51. Nguyen Gia luong

    Why pulisic is number 22 ?

  52. Ashish Chauhan

    man c 0-0 chelsea barca 1-0 atleti real 1-0 sevilla

  53. Sathvic Sharma

    My predictions are: Chelsea 0 Man city 2 Barcelona 2 Atletico Madrid 1 Real Madrid 3 Sevilla 1

  54. Karun Bhai

    never click so fast

  55. K Sabin Kush


  56. Raja Muhammad Huzefa

    my friday feels are barca 2 - 1 atletico real madrid 2 - 2 sevilla antoine griezmann and messi will score for barca and suarez will score a goal for atleti karim benzema will get a brace and en nesry and rakatic will score a goal each


    City 1 chelsea 3 Barca 4 atleti 2 Sevilla 5 real 3

  58. Isaac

    Where’s emi

  59. Matthew Kiptoo

    Who noticed oblak's Jersey changed for Green to yellow

  60. Blocksters Inc

    Who does Matt support? I haven’t heard his voice for 5 days! Where is Matt!!!

  61. Tanaka Ndlovu

    chelsea 2 man city 1 barca 3 athletico 1 real madrid 0 sevilla 2 man 4 aston villa 1

  62. S

    Friday Feels: Man City 2-1 Chelsea (unless the pitch gets stormed 🤣🤣🤣) Barca 2-2 Atletico Leipzig 2-1 Dortmund

    1. Abhishek Gadag

      You mean 2-1 for CHELS?

  63. Monsterkiller

    Arsenal need to change their owners before there manager, that is for the fans to decide

  64. Nathan

    My team for the Euros 4-2-3-1 Neuer Halstenberg-Ginter Hummels-Klostermann Goretzka-Kimmich Sane- Muller- Gnabry Werner Bench: Ter Stegen Kroos Rudiger Havertz Wirtz Schultz Gosens Reus Tah Kehrer Dahoud