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  1. Z Otter

    Football needs another Ajax CL win.

  2. light case

    Wan-Bissaka and Sancho- South London linkup

  3. Natsu Sasuke

    Right now Argentina has emiliano martinez who is the best goalkeeper of Argentina and winner of copa america

  4. Jabari Mawira

    Yes,funny. I see the last time ,"F**** you enter f****you!" Pathetic!!!

  5. Govind g

    Rashford got only 12 goals, are u sure

  6. Anand Chaudhary

    Wrong stat about rashford . You said 28 goals for Bruno which is in all competitions but only 12 for rashford which is only in PL. Rashford has 20 goals in all competitions. If we compare the stat compare it fairly.

  7. Katten messi

    Now i hate dortmond

  8. Dane Null

    Sancho will be another success story at united, after fernandes, but more needs to be done in midfield before united becomes a complete team. And the reins in the strikers position needs to be handed over to greenwood or to another striker (at the club or brought in from outside) in the 24-28 yo bracket that can relieve some concerns with having to depend too much on an aging cavani.

  9. Zakariya Yehya

    Matt! Come to Madrid

  10. pramendra parmar

    Please make your kit rating video matt and Angelina Your channel and app are the undisputed Best on FOOTBALL CONTENT👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🤗😍😍😍😍😍

  11. Lesego Segole

    No Cap 🧢 , Bryan Gil is a fresh player.

  12. niraj thapa chhetry

    People are just going to ignore why real Madrid extend his contract , what the reason might be.

  13. Aaden

    If sancho performs like he did in dortmund, iam sure he will be uniteds best player

    1. light case

      it was a farmers league, but he looks good, even in the Euros for the one game he played he looked solid

  14. Nag Ben

    Kelleher is underrated

  15. ltynt Darbi .

    We're is Ronaldo?

  16. Max McGee

    Your gonna put Chiellini in the team even though hr attempted to kill Saka

  17. archiewall16

    Why couldn’t he stay for longer? Already won a UCL.

  18. Michael Kebede

    Success from liverpool fans

  19. Michael Kebede

    They need more cdm

  20. zaddy gal

    Thomasshole : I've seen more interesting highlights than this match on Paul Pogba's hair 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥

  21. boss veron

    Whos suprise that ole reach bis Goal After 1year

  22. The Great Boomerang bro and his gang.

    1 5 and 10 is happend

  23. Miszlai Márkó

    The F1 refference... love it

  24. Ryan

    Kane : 2 Romero : 10 Ziyech : 4 Hazard: Probably 5 Alvarez: 7

  25. Rock Coach

    Funny how he actually signed for 73mil instead of 120mil

  26. Srijan Sinha

    Love this format!

  27. ChangeBunny

    why does no one in psg speak normally lol

  28. Simpa Baba Lawal

    3:52. Angelina, I’ve come THIS CLOSE 🤌🏾 to smashing the screen because of Martial 😭💔

  29. Mihail Mladenovski

    Thomiss muller was an euro 2020 meme

  30. AmsterdamPattayaThailand

    Great content but needed to mention Marco van Basten also

  31. ĐỨc Lê Hồng

    I like how Wenger and Arteta's TV is very much smaller than the others' 😂

  32. Asaf Mor

    3:04 ronaldo is an unbelievable talent

  33. John Howells


  34. Ryan Khosravi

    Sanche may flop remember those words

  35. Iram Hasnat

    Romero to Tottenham 10/10

  36. xe barley

    We’re driving got 27 goal contributions more than people like auba , mane and bardy

  37. Sandro Sompas

    Sancho will no shoot penalties😂

  38. Joseph White

    Next time make a video why Jadon Sancho might flop?

  39. Corey Cusack

    Where did pep go

  40. PgTrym91 On Social media

    the key reason is the RW not only goals and assist

  41. Tech in

    Whoever Man utd sign they'll never win PL if ole stays 😂.

  42. Akmal Kabeer

    Kane - 7 Romero - 9 Ziyech - 3 Hazard - 0 Alvarez / 5

  43. Nagina Arif

    Ronaldo predicted correctly

  44. Double Comics

    (I know I’m late) Liverpool:won league Also Liverpool:Loses to watford 3-0

  45. Pepper P

    You realise they are trying to replace bisakka

  46. PF96

    2:55 let’s just say Ole won that one..

  47. Lisa Lynskey0

    buy fifa 21


    You forgot minamino

  49. Ronal

    My Prediction: 1)City won't retain their title this time (they'll finish 2nd) 2) either Chelsea or Man Utd will be champions 3)We'll see a better finish for Arsenal and Totenham 4)Liverpool will finish 4th or 5th

  50. Michael Pilgrim

    Start your own channel

  51. Hmmmmmmm…

    Where can i get a cr7 statue

  52. Sandarsh Saxena

    West bengal is all of bengal😂😂

  53. Idhant Tickoo

    Kane - 5 Romero - 9 Ziyech - 7 Harazd- 3 Julian- 8 One Football - 100x100

  54. BubblegumZeus01

    Kane 6 Romero 8 Ziyech 2 Hazard 3 Álvarez 5

  55. Shashwat Gupta

    If by selling Kimpembe PSG gets the money to get Pogba and Theo then get him out

  56. RNG-Bananaツ


  57. Chaitanya Patki

    1:17 Gerard Pique and Shaqiri🤣🤣

  58. Haritashva Shrivastava

    I can tell Angelina is so gassed for the next season with the arrival of Jadon Sancho !!!!

  59. Legend Rayquaza

    Håland to Chelsea plz 🙏