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  1. vaclav novak

    Favre as a maneger and my start 11 is : GK Dubravka RB maehle CB Anton CB schar LB Kostic CM Kessie CM Willock CAM Lingard LW Maximin ST Belotti RW Dembele...most of them was sign as free agents..maybe mathia ginter he will be free agent to

  2. Andrew Yates

    if liverpool got the pen then atleti should’ve had one i thought both of them were incredibly soft, diogo jota got away with doing the exact same thing but with his elbow

  3. Wayne Corbin

    Matt I think Nico Barella is in the top 5 best midfielders in the world right now

  4. abdirahman ahmed

    Bin salaam is maderer

  5. Luke Stephenson

    Rooney over one of the most successful managers of all Time

  6. sol porter

    Rogers already declined the job

  7. Goofy

    Conte should get in asap.he can get his favourite players and can build his team accordingly

  8. Bhavishya Yadav

    I don’t understand people’s opinion for Lampard. In his first year, he took Chelsea to finish in top 4 which was kind of an achievement and lost to Bayern in Champions league (which everyone did). Yes he got backed by a lot of money and he didn’t do really well, but he didn’t do that bad either. I think Chelsea were 5 or 6 points off the top 4 when he was sacked. And yes he benched some players like rudiger and Jorginho, but rudiger was playing shit at that time. And kante, pulisic, ziyech were injured. He helped players like mount and reece to grow so much. I personally feel Lampard would be a great choice.

  9. sol porter

    I think you've got it completely wrong, Eddie Howe would be their realistic best option

  10. HR19

    id have potter

  11. The Matts Channel

    Steven Gerrard is miles off being good enough to manage Liverpool

  12. Gila Bola

    Jadwal liga champions dini hari nanti lengkap dengan statistik 6 pertandingan terakhir

  13. Shashi vallabh

    They are in a relagation dog fight.....sam Allardyce to the rescueeeee!!!

  14. I AM Z.A.I.N

    REAL MADRID HAHAHAHAHa........ but in 2021

  15. Jack Nørdam Pedersen

    What about Ole Solskjaer - I think he will soon be available.

  16. Giokku

    Perhaps Christophe Galtier. He led Lille to the title last season, and this year Nice are alright at the moment.

  17. Abdul Bashir

    Liverpool ain’t favorite tho

  18. Tom Hilliam

    Looks like it'll be Fonseca

  19. Arfat Aslam

    The white shirt guy was the only one i agree with

  20. Shahed Ali

    Imagine one of the potential managers was one of the tier lists lol 😂

  21. LeopoldTestar

    Graham Potter is also linked with the job? What hapened with that??

  22. Victor Amogu

    well that was quick

  23. All ABOUT the Gaming

    Luck de jong 🤣🤣🤣

  24. CarZone Ltd.

    Newcastle should give it to Ole


    Do one about manu plz

  26. sol porter

    Why is pep the best manager? He's just not, just manages big teams and then only really did good with Barca who had basically the best squad ever

  27. Devraj Chandarana

    Hi andrew Robertson

  28. Maxime

    Favre, Rangnick, Conte woudl be the best options imo. They all shown they can develop a club to a greater level, are really good at planmign ahead for their prefered style, great on the trasnfer market

    1. Jean-paul Walters

      Conte won't go Newcastle, they're not the kind of team, for an instant success journey, like Man United or PSG, who have fairly experienced, to ageing squad, which would suit Conte's instant success

    2. Areeb Siddiqui

      Conte wants a team that can win right now. He isn't going to take over the 18th place club and build them up for the next 5 years when they're finally ready to challenge for trophies. Most likely Conte is waiting for the United or PSG job when they sack their managers.

  29. Akhilesh Kalase

    😂😂😂 Matt going pew pew pew🔫🔫

  30. Nightrain92

    Leipzig got robbed.... That Penalty was a joke

  31. RAMESH S

    Though Messi scored two goals and psg won i think overall Nkunku was the best player in creating more goal threats in that match...

  32. Praneet Sateesh

    Controversial Opinion : Gerrard is overrated as a manager. Hasn't managed in a top league yet and would struggle in the prem. Never did anything half decent in the Europa league with his 'invincible team'. Should manage in the championship or a top 5 league before jumping into the prem.

    1. Razvan Maz

      Agree with you on this one. Someone like Viera is actually better and has a more suited managerial career to become a top manager.

  33. Maxime

    How is Conte so low, he would be pefect if he wants to come

    1. MDAC1012

      He's in that category more because the likelihood of him coming is extremely low at this point. Conte is not taking over Newcastle while they are in the middle of a relegation battle.

    2. Razvan Maz

      Conte has proven he's a top manager but he has his issues. At this moment I don't see him wanting to come to Newcastle since the team is pretty poor. He could come in 2 years after an overhaul of the squad.

  34. Matthew Mutsai

    How is Mbappe not on this list ??? How is Ronaldo on it ?

  35. Sarthak Upreti

    Everything You Said About Eddie Howe Applies To Steve G

  36. Jesus Alejandro Briceño Penoth

    Vini's second goal remind me of CR7

  37. Matthew Mutsai

    This is my first time seeing Angelina. Your takes are NOT WORTH TAKING SERIOUSLY. ZERO CREDIBILITY

  38. Hasan Dadoush

    Even here DE JONG is getting trolled

  39. mustafa abdullahi

    Could you do united next?

  40. Spy _88

    Mourinho is best, why? When he battered Barcelona with Inter and won the UCL, he had a bang average squad with 3 or 4 stars, and he turned the rest of the squad into a good tactical side that can do all what is asked for. Now with the money for the transfer window, and with ASM, and perhaps discover a new talent at Newcastle, he will reach a very high position I'd say. It's just a great move since he'll be back at the EPL, and the squad improvements he'll do to suit his own tactics, he might be top notch for Newcastle. However logically speaking, he won't sign da ting for Newcastle, he is looking good with Roma at the moment, and I can't see a return to the Premier League this fast from Mourinho.

    1. Spy _88

      @Jean-paul Walters You opened my mind, that's great, thanks bud

    2. Jean-paul Walters

      Mourinho's not that kind of manager anymore, he needs an 11 of the best players, akin to what he had at RM, even his 1st 11 of his Chelsea 2nd stint side was decent, with experienced heads like Terry, Cech, Drogba, and have technical quality like Fabregas, Hazard, Costa (who was also a brute, who had technical ability), or have a RM team, (with prime Ronaldo, Alonso, Di Maria, Benzema, Marcelo, Higuain and Ramos), that's the kind of teams Mourinho has to manage to challenge for the league, like PSG, or Bayern Munich, for example, I don't think Roma is the kind of the team, as they don't have that individual quality, of the elite level, to win him games, and they're defensive thus far has been shocking in form, and man 4 man, aren't the level of (Terry, Ramos, Carvalho, Pepe, Samual) for example

  41. BC

    Please do one for Manchester united, for potential Olé replacements

    1. Rahul Kandha V

      Only if he leaves ,if you have heard his yesterday press conference , he was very confident about his job

  42. Fabulous K

    Going from dortmund to newcastle is a Jump? I hope you meant a jump down!

  43. Leon Don

    Alti Madrid manager ran away from kloop 😆😁

  44. Reza Esmaili

    Very good

  45. Vedapraveen M

    I think low would be a good option U know he's a wc winnet

  46. Falloutsteel117

    Steven Gerrard I think would be a great manager for Newcastle! But I've heard rumors of Erik Ten Hag becoming the manager and can see that being a great candidate as well!

  47. Sr. Brou

    Group B lol

  48. Nasim noor

    Conte is the first choice but he is too big name for the moment I think .but I would like to see Newcastle snatch up Bielsa and rebuild we all know he is the right man for the job regardless where leads sit at at the moment

    1. Jean-paul Walters

      Conte doesn't want Newcastle, according to reports, as he wants a team, that he can win the league in his first 2 years

  49. NORED123

    Finally someone sees that the referee was correct last night