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  1. jan skarabot

    Juve contenders thats a joke right

  2. WJ Ang

    Man are you seriously picking Lloris instead of Mendy?


    CHELSEA FC 3-0

  4. GeTroy

    The 2nd predicted the future 💀

  5. Off The Line

    Spurs fan for sure

  6. Hamzah Ibrahim 3⃣7⃣


  7. Ashley Mabunda

    Have y'all been watching Bayern Munich????

  8. Keanry Abdurrahman Shiddiq

    Bale feed

  9. Chuck Meat

    The difference between Kane and Kante is the T in Kante stands for trophies

  10. English Patriot

    Bundesliga goals mean nothing, score in the prem or la liga if you want to be considered one of the best


    lol lloris for mandy LMAO

  12. Chisom

    Bro ur like the only one that said man city wont top their group but makes sense cuz ur a man u fan

  13. lavindu nimnaka

    Dinamo kyiw will play UCL knockouts and barcelona will play europa league 😉

  14. Darshan saini


  15. Shinyblox

    Imagine flexing that you have Ronaldo’s blood inside your body lol

  16. Doge

    And Harry Kane said that Chelsea will win 2-0 and that didn’t happen but forget the prediction , there was a mistake , the mistake was that he said 2-0 Chelsea but on the screen we all should of saw that it said Man City would win 2-0

  17. Doge

    Abraham got his prediction correct whilst Fernandes said Man City 0-1 Chelsea and Mount and that did happen but Mount got his prediction on him scoring wrong and Fernandes didn’t say anything on who would score in the game (just ignore the part where Fernandes said "and it will be Man City 0 Man United 2 in the 2022 final , both scored by me from the spot")

  18. computer programming

    This is sad 😭

  19. Royal Wolf

    Ofcourse the Europeans with there 13 qualifiers are getting salty when Asian and African teams will have more of a chance. You guys still haven’t lost the colonising spirit. 44 European countries 13 teams 54 African countries 5 teams?????

  20. Raph O9

    Mistake! When Kane said chelsea 2 man city 0 but you guys wrote man city 2 chelsea 0

  21. Jim Kumatia


  22. Petar Andonovski


  23. queen but uncrowned

    Not even a bayern fan, but for me bayern is simply the best

  24. DAVIT Khudaverdyan


  25. Pedro de Morais

    Spurs will stop Chelsea I’ll say 1-1 draw Juve will loose to Milan 3-2 and PSG will get a win agaisnt Lyon with Mbappe scoring and Messi getting an assist

  26. GameBros Ⓡ

    10:48 the best team on paper we have ever seen? These two idiots haven't got a clue about football. I could easily name 5 teams or more from the 2000's onwards alone that is superior to this PSG team (Arsenal 04, United 08, Barca 09, Inter 10, Barca 15, Real 17)

  27. itssteve

    Nico really put barca over city lmfao

  28. itssteve

    Bayern bruh

  29. itssteve

    Angie so passive aggressive lol

  30. Sumaiya Tasnim

    i guess only big brains can doubt about real madrid's ability🙂🙂

  31. Ibrahim Dahir

    benardo silva's shorts had 2 man city signs 00:35

  32. Joe 99

    I'm not being being biast but you're definitely wrong with 2 or 3 of these 😂😂😂

  33. Lclk


  34. Chicken Boy

    Why tf will you choose Romero over Azpi???


    Haaland voice is so perfect😅😅

  36. BruWy Games


  37. As'ad Hussein


  38. Sarp Coskun

    I agree with every one

  39. SL5 JeppskiGames

    Chelsea wins 3-0 Lukaku and Jorginho scores

  40. redstone tek_minecraft

    Fifa ratings Romero 78 Azpilacueta 83 Lol Matt's decisions have went crazy after his holiday

  41. Nischint Davada

    what shite was this

  42. hemant

    16:54 Ronaldo😌

  43. hemant

    How this guy is so wrong? 😐😐

  44. Sonny Dunn

    Coz wer just scouse ini

  45. Sparding Lyngdoh

    chealsea be like: SIKEEEE

  46. Raï Smallbones

    Mendy >> Lloris, Azpi >>> Romero, Kovacic>>> Højbjerg... Yeah Højbjerg played a good euro's, but for clubs, Azpi is clearly better Lukaku>>>Kane💙

  47. kamatmehbro

    Is he high? Half of those didn't make sense...

  48. Jean mauratille

    ?! This a Spurs channel?

  49. Stupid Baker

    442oons predicted lukaku's transfer

  50. Sobirjon Sayfullayev


  51. shaurya poddar

    Ronaldo got his wish

  52. Tulunadu bros

    He actually joined man united

  53. Dominator 6455

    It's tough but by the pattern imma go with kane

  54. Nicholas Tricarico

    Some time later: Jurgen: Oh, this is *Zenit St. Petersburg* and you want to buy Dejan Lovren.....FOR THE LAST GODDAMN TIME MILLY, I'M GOING TO BLOCK YOUR NUMB...oh, wait, this actually IS Zenit St. Petersburg. My apologies. ......How much are you offering?

  55. Sourav Gupta

    I would choose Chelsea reserve over spur

  56. Jacob Aung


    1. Jacob Aung

      3 04

  57. Viking-Roblox

    Everyone in the thumbnail has left Barca

  58. Login Online Cues

    Ever heard of Bayern Munich and lewandowski? back to your baseball and american football , buddies.

  59. Anvols

    Fun fact Foden lost the champions league finals and the euro finals while Jorginho wins the euro and champions league

  60. Leo Sattler

    James better than Trent 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  61. HarryHoo

    It's coming home it's coming home it's coming the Europa Confrence League is coming home

  62. maiko niinepuu

    Valencia to beat real madrid

  63. Ezana Gebrehiwot

    He predicted mnm😭

  64. Kevin Abarca

    How did they not mention Bayern Munich😭💀

  65. Patrick Dooley

    I can’t decide

  66. TheOneandOnly Legend

    Ligue 1 is not a top 5 league

  67. Kemit Oladuwa

    How do they all forget bayern

  68. Guy

    2:11 you actually got the finalists correct LOL

  69. Supernoob 2017

    son is literally the only one where chelsea dont win 100%

  70. Debarshee Talukdar

    Its without doubt The Harrykane of England 😂😂


    I think only son is ok rest all spurs player wrong

  72. A

    Well, as we know, all your idiotic predictions usually turn out to be false

  73. Silvie gracieuse