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  1. Ibrahim Ali

    As a man u fan the mod should be mcsauce cdm, pogba pulling the strings and bruno running the attack all 3 of them would have top form qnd we would be title contenders imo

  2. Orane Parkinson

    400k is crazy. 400k in covid is just stupid.

  3. Toy Sentinals Official Channel

    nest stop wirral. me:ooo to go to man united nah they are worse than cork city

  4. Blessing Mabungu

    Matt bro just ask her out

  5. TheFloatBros

    Pogba getting paid that is a joke 150k player at best

  6. Ariurotl

    From a dark horse to a stuffed turkey.

  7. Muda Calvin

    My hope is Andre Silva signs for a better team, I'm sad Man U is not chasing him

  8. mistic-gamer

    where is mullers decision???????????

  9. Jason Kirby

    Happy to see Italy doing well. Spain has been crap so far. They should take up sowing because all they do is through passing to each other. 😒😒 sigh

  10. Yusuf I


  11. Ruatdika

    Phil have won champions league with bayern

  12. AJIN LAL

    20 Million for Aouar. Every top Champions League clubs 🙋‍♂️

  13. AJIN LAL

    Andre Silva will be playing in Europa League. Champions League clubs will be interested in Andre Silva and Aouar. How can Arsenal beat the elite clubs to sign them.

  14. Leon Lewald

    Gosens had not many games as LB for Germany and those weren't really good. He's a LWB

  15. Dimitri Passade

    Kanté deserves 1 million per week

  16. Ryan Yowell

    I don't speak Italian and I'm just an ignorant American, but does Locatelli's name not translate to "Crazy Phone"?! Someone of intelligence please, help me figure this out

  17. PRR Revanth Reddy

    Forget about europa league arsenal aren't even in the conference league why would andre silva sign for arsenal, he is underrated even though he scored more goals than haaland in bundesliga

  18. Samuel Mason

    Turkey really disappointed but this can be an experience for the youngsters in the team to reflect on and qualify for the WC

  19. God's Home

    Imagine One Football App with comment section.🤣🤣

  20. DuckInTheMud 10

    Barca can chase gosens all they want but can they afford him?

  21. Henny God

    Stop listing rumors about Arsenal, Kroenke don’t care about the club 🤣

  22. Luyandza Bavukile Dlamini


  23. Super Penguin 64

    Onana + aouar + good defenders + silva + good manager = champions league qualification Boom math for arsenal

    1. Faaris Omer

      Yeah,pretty much

  24. Đã khuất Hoàng

    Lol,when u play bad for 2 or 3 season and play good for 1 season United give u a expensive new contract,classic united

  25. Bob Roberts and Jim James -Barca, Soccer, and NBA

    Always surprised at how accurate these are

  26. Hammad Babukhan

    Love it but where are the time stamps goneeeeee?

  27. Thatoyaone Maphunye

    I don't think the fact that Willian went to Arsenal to win the UCL is not talked about enough

  28. notJAY

    that sunglass is green screen


    I also predicted Turkey were gonna qualify for knockout stages. I was very wrong but idk what went wrong

    1. Samuel Mason

      Same I think it has to do with Moral and tactics

  30. Brian Matenga

    Pogba: *signs a 400k a week contract* angry Graeme Souness noises

  31. Adon Saab

    Will one football ever do a behind the scenes video?

  32. Wan Anwar

    1:46 cringe!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. Peter Wade

    Frankfurt didn't make the champions league arsenal didn't make Europe

  34. Matty M

    Just a few days after being made to look like a chump by a Bristol City midfielder, Pogba gets an insane pay rise. 🙄

  35. Pritam Biswas

    2 days in a row we got to see 2 amazing matches in the Euros. Day before yesterday it was *Germany 4-2 Portugal* and yesterday it was *Switzerland 3-1 Turkey* Shaquiri's first goal against Turkey was another worldie!! Loved the attacking football both the teams played yesterday. Love watching powerful long range strikes from outside the box and there was quite a few of those in yesterday's match. Swiss goalkeeper *Yann Sommer* also made some fantastic saves. Turkey's only goal in this Euros came in yesterday's match and it was another special strike/goal. Overall a very enjoyable match.

  36. abdulrahman alali

    Hey Matt

  37. abdulrahman alali

    Hey Matt

  38. abdulrahman alali

    Hey Matt

  39. Little Germanicus

    Gli Azzurri 💙🇮🇹

  40. Nasif Tahmeed

    I singed gosens in soccer manager before he stunned fo germany cuz he is relly good before

  41. Narinder Pal Singh

    Indian football team should play lots of friendly international matches with pio nri players scoring winning ❤️👍✌️🙏🏽🇮🇳🌈💐

  42. United Hater

    Matt lowkey made a dig at asernal😂😂😂

  43. Robin Yangfo

    My gosh... Just sell pogba and use that money for another good transfer..damn this pogba saga..

  44. Jürgen Klopp

    All Because Of ME! BOOM!!

  45. mr makey mkay

    Nice background

  46. Yupp Dupp

    Matt Could u guys stay at Munich even after the Euros just for the View😂

  47. Jürgen Klopp

    Pogba we need you in Liverpool. MoSalah needs a new haircut!

    1. Kyle Mccabe

      You sure do BOOM haha

    2. MightyJo

      HA no

  48. Tlokomelo Nkosi

    "and this is the daily news" gets me all the time

  49. Akhil Sadasivam

    Locatelli scores Barca chases Locatelli Gosens scores Barca chases Gosens Then... Matt Frohlich scores Barca chases Matt Frohlich 😆😆😂😂

    1. MasudXㄌ


  50. Thomas

    Turkey surprised very many people 😂

  51. Yupp Dupp

    Atleast Van De Beek has something to be remembered for

  52. Horatio hornblower

    Pogbas not fitted for 4 years what'd changed?

  53. Adam

    I hope Gosens come to Barcelona

  54. MetalRocksMe \m/

    My daily needs

  55. Tehila Adetuberu

    5:11 looks so photoshopped😳

  56. Horatio hornblower

    Pogba Hahaha

  57. Rehan Hashem

    When are you guys going to go back to the regular schedule

  58. Anshuman Konar

    Barca are having the best transfer window despite their financial situation...Juan laporta is doing a phenomenal job❤️💙

    1. FM Stegen

      they spent 9m pounds so far, could buy more who knows or free transfers

    2. The Handsome Guardiola


    3. 118 Pratyush P Kurup

      @KI 6 true

    4. KI 6

      The transfer window didn’t started yet so you can’t say which team had the best transfer window

  59. 10 ASHHWIN 9C

    Am so happy this came , my day just went from -10 to +10 thx v much

  60. Darshan saini

    Can I get a heart plz

  61. Sanjith Keshavmurthy

    Why would use that photo for gosens he looks like he has seen a ghost on the pitch 😂

  62. Harry Harrington

    Man U are gonna regret it if they don’t sell Pogba and give him 400k a week.

    1. The Handsome Guardiola

      @logirex very good player who shows up once in 6 months

    2. logirex

      @Harry Harrington Saying 400k per week is nothing for Manchester United and Pogba is a very good player.

    3. Harry Harrington

      @logirex Are you trying to compare pogba to bale? When bale signed that contract he was in a different league to Pogba.

    4. logirex

      It is still not the €692,660 per week Bale is on 😉

  63. Sam Freeman

    Give Italy the trophy now

  64. Rehan Hashem

    Lots of renews and transfers next season will be decent, my prediction for the euros, Germany dissapoint, but make a 3rd place team to go through. France Spain, or low chance Slovakia to win it, Antoine greizman top scorer

    1. RpM_Jake

      Spain to win? You've gotta be joking me... I think there is a higher chance of Slovakia winning it...

    2. NvY_Wolf

      Ronaldo top scorer in my predictions

  65. King D.J. Spemce Da ONE ✌💙

    Pogba is going to be finished if he stays at Flopnited, he should go back to Juve or go to Real Madrid

    1. Very Honest Penandes and Varchester Penited fan

      As an honest Varchester Penited fan I agree

    2. The Handsome Guardiola

      He'll stay. He only cares about the money

    3. King D.J. Spemce Da ONE ✌💙

      @Christiano Pulinaldo lol, I need to go change my name 😅

    4. Christiano Pulinaldo

      Ok Spemce

  66. Dinesh Kumar

    Love u matt😍🙌

  67. Fasareste

    André Silva needs to be worth more than 34 million right? Right?

  68. Olerato Mokoka

    Hope barca can get rid of coutinho. He needs to show the world how good he actually is.

  69. Rahul Kandha V

    on time to watch the latest video

  70. Christophe Oosterwijk

    belgium through and hopefully england

  71. Manilo

    Did you know that the Algerian national team have a 27 unbeaten streak which means they have beaten the Ivory Coast for most games unbeaten and are also the 7th national team with the biggest unbeaten run ever

    1. Manilo

      @Filippo Tripiccione Tripiccione I think it was u21

    2. Filippo Tripiccione Tripiccione

      @Manilo wait does algeria have 2 national teams or they were simply playing a weakened squad?

    3. Manilo

      @Filippo Tripiccione Tripiccione it was the 2nd team

    4. Filippo Tripiccione Tripiccione

      I m a bit confused cause i vs found an article that says they are on a 27 games unbeaten streak currently but if i check the games they ve lost 12 games ago against morocco.

  72. Rehan Hashem

    Can we hear a bit about copa America

  73. PerfectDark

    Either Matt had a rough night or the current camera setup cant catch his enthuiasm as usual 😅